Monday, April 15, 2013

Are You Interested In Becoming A Medical Marijuana Entrepreneur?

Nevada Will Open The First Medical Marijuana School

Today I bring you some interesting news, as it is certainly not always that you will read about a new type of school opening and this should really change what the world thinks about marijuana. Nevada will be the first state to open a medical marijuana school, which will help people to learn more about this plant, how it can be used as a medicine and how to manage their own marijuana dispensary. So, if you want to become an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, this school might be one of the things you might want to consider getting in to.

The Cannabis Career Institute is responsible for creating this unique school and it will be named the “Budtender School”. There will be a workshop, which will be able to fit up to 40 students and the classes will take place in Henderson on Saturdays.  Robert Calkin, who is the Institute’s founder said this school is meant to teach everyone who want to become an entrepreneur about the marijuana business in medicine and that their courses would include topics such as how to legally start growing marijuana and use it to bake brownies, cakes and cookies. 

It will now be possible for this school to open, as the state of Nevada is now thinking about accepting a bill, which will give way for medical marijuana dispensaries, after the people of the state had accepted this, 13 years ago. It was just last Thursday, when the Senate Judiciary Committee approved this unanimously and now only some regulations need to be established for cannabis dispensaries to start operating legally within the state.

This Medical Marijuana School Will Help People To Learn The Business Of Ganja

“It’s coming,” Calkin said to the Las Vegas Sun reporter. “Nevada has always been cutting-edge socially and politically. It was ahead of other states on gambling and prostitution, and (marijuana) is a lot less problematic. Nevada appears to be on the cusp of approving it,” continued saying Calkin to the press.
The Budtender School has already held several workshops teaching the same things in other states of the US and there are already more than 1500 people who have a diploma from this school.  According to Calkin and other experts, a marijuana dispensary can earn around $250000 per year, which is certainly a good amount of money.

Calkin also stated, “It’s quite a challenge to open a dispensary that meets all the legal criteria, but it’ll be pretty lucrative for whoever has the skills and it’s definitely going to be a boom to the economy here.”
The seminar that the Budtender School offers on Saturday’s will cost $249 and students will be able to learn from some of the most renowned medical marijuana experts, as well as receive some valuable textbooks and other useful information.

The Medical Marijuana School Should Operate Everywhere

This school will certainly help people to learn more about the medical benefits of marijuana and how to make a successful business out of providing this herb to people who really need it. Just as Calkin said, starting your own business is not an easy task to do and if you are thinking of getting into the marijuana dispensary business, the Budtender School should really help you to get started.

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