Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Medical Marijuana Laws In Australia

Australia Is Making Some Changes To Its Medical Marijuana Laws

It will be this next Friday, when a parliamentary committee inquiry from New South Wales in Australia, will present its results and opinions about changing the current medical marijuana laws in this region of the world and it is very possible that this herb might be legalized on this date.

The local government of New South Wales and other Australian authorities, held many meetings and hearings throughout the month of March and prior months, which will certainly lead to a wiser decision about legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes here and many are certain that the results that will be announced on Friday will be positive for all of us who support the legalization of cannabis around the world.

MS patients are amongst the people who are most interested in legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes in New South Wales, as this herb helps to alleviate the pain that they suffer from this disease, which makes their muscles very stiff and is certainly something very hard to live with. At the moment, some of these patients are getting their medicine from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which is an Australian company that has registered the Sativex brand in this country, which is an alternative to cannabis, but does not work as good as the natural herb does.

Sativex is still on a clinical trial period and if medical marijuana laws are changed on Friday, this trial will surely end or lose importance, as MS patients and other people who can benefit from this herb, will have the opportunity to ease their pains with the real stuff.

Australians Want Medical Marijuana Laws Approved

As you can imagine, there are plenty of people in Australia and New South Wales, who are in total favor of the legalization of cannabis and this will surely help to have a positive result on Friday. While there are many opinions about how this herb should be legalized in Australia and other parts of the world, there is no doubt that it would really help us all. Lesley Brydon, who is the chief executive of Pain Australia, also believes that this herb needs to be legalized for medicinal purposes, but is not in favor of selling it in a bud form. Layney believes that the herb should be sold in a spray or pill form, as this will allow patients to control the amounts of cannabis that they consume, which is something that cannot be done when you smoke this herb or eat it, according to some.

Cancer Voices, is another advocacy group in favor of the legalization of cannabis and they want this herb legalized because they know that it can help patients with cancer to overcome vomiting and nausea that is caused by certain treatments and medications.

Friday Is An Important Day For Medical Marijuana Laws In Australia

As you can see, there are plenty of people who want marijuana legalized around the world and it is more than obvious that it does help patients who suffer from certain diseases. If New South Wales decides to approve marijuana for medicinal purposes on Friday, it will join Canada, Israel, New Zealand, 14 countries in Europe and 18 States in the US, which have already legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes and this proves that we will see medical marijuana approved all over the world very soon.

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