Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Legalization Of Cannabis

Legalization Of Cannabis

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Needed Now More Than Ever

There is no doubt that the current drug on wars is failing and that cannabis is now one of the most used illicit drugs in the world. In Mexico the war on drugs has brought an unprecedented amount of violence and it really does not seem to be ending any time soon. Even when you see federal police and soldiers in most cities of the country, trying to protect its citizens from criminals, is nearly impossible. The legalization of cannabis will certainly help to reduce this violence and it is time for the governments of the world to admit this.

During his presidency, the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, gave a speech at the United Nations in New York, where he stated that new laws about drugs must be established, as the violence that Mexico and other countries are experiencing,only keeps getting worse. It is obvious that the current war on drugs, especially against cannabis, is not working and that some real changes need to be done soon.

Making cannabis legal could be the answer to many of the problems that some countries of the world are experiencing right now. Most of the violence that we see today, is due to drug trafficking and black market trading. By legalizing cannabis, (which has been proven is not as harmful as any of the other drugs that are being consumed today), the profits that criminal organizations make would be decreased, the governments would have control of the establishments that could sell cannabis, they could tax these businesses and people would also experiment less with other drugs, as it has been proven in some countries of the world, like Portugal, Netherlands and Uruguay.

Cannabis is not really dangerous and if you watch some of the videos that we have posted in this blog, you will learn a lot about what cannabis has meant to our world, what it means to today and what it will mean some day.

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Very Close

It is really not going to take much longer for the world to see the legalization of cannabis, as many world leaders are already talking about it in public and cannabis is being accepted by more people everyday too. Several countries have already decriminalized cannabis and there are some that already consider it normal and have no problem with people using it.

As long as cannabis continues to be illegal, people will fight over the power to control its sales, as it means billions of US Dollars every year. The reality is that cannabis should not be illegal. It was used by our ancestors and it is nothing more than a plant. There is no reason why somebody should tell others how to live their life and if somebody wants to consume cannabis with recreational purposes, they should have the opportunity to do so.

Some States in the United States of America, which is the "world's super power", have already accepted cannabis for recreational purposes and many others have accepted medicinal cannabis for quite some time now. Colorado and Washington are the two American States that recently changed their policies on cannabis and they are certainly going to set an example for the rest of the country and the world.

Soon we will start seeing the benefits of having cannabis decriminalized and more people will start accepting that this supposed drug is no more dangerous than eating a pumpkin pie. Cannabis does not make you do crazy things!

The legalization of cannabis will happen very soon and I hope to see it in my lifetime. Everything points to it and this is why we should all join the cause and vote in favor of changing the laws about cannabis.

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