Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fountain Hills Finally Gets Their Medical Marijuana Dispensary

A New Medical Marijuana Dispensary

It has been around 11 months, since the State of Arizona in the US, awarded licenses to businesses and entrepreneurs who want to open their own medical marijuana dispensary and today, the first dispensary has opened in Fountain Hills.

Just as the Town Code established, there is a uniformed security guard at the front door of this dispensary and inspectors have completed their routines, in order to get the dispensary’s security cameras working and filming everything that goes on there.  This will guarantee that people without permission, will not have access to some of the restricted areas inside the dispensary and it will also help to make this business a lot more professional.  Bulletproof glass, has also been installed inside this building, which is meant to protect against any armed robberies and other crimes. 

According to Doug Shaugnessy, who is the manager of this medical marijuana dispensary in Fountain Hills, the bulletproof glass and other security standards, were copied from those standards that banks follow and he believes this will really help to protect the dispensary and its patients. 

The New Medical Marijuana Dispensary

The name that was given to this new medical marijuana dispensary in Fountain Hills is, “Nature’s AZ Medicines” and they are certain that no illegal marijuana trading will come from them.  They are working hard on how to monitor the people that will be buying cannabis from them and they will keep patient records completely sealed, so nobody else has access to their personal information. 

Joe Rodriguez, who is the Maricopa County Sheriff Captain, stated that they are not going to be paying any special attention to this new medical cannabis dispensary and this proves how authorities and the government are now more open to these types of businesses.  “We do not get involved in the operations of the business, nor can we target the customers as they leave there.  I am aware of the security procedures that are in place with the facility. Otherwise, it will be business as usual for us”, stated Rodriguez.

It was back in 2010, when the people of Arizona voted on legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes and they won by a very short margin.  Since then, there have been many discussions, as to how the medical marijuana dispensaries should operate within the State and this is the main reason why, it took so long for the first medical cannabis dispensary to open its doors in Fountain Hills. 

Every Town Should Have Their Own Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Just like many cities in the US and around the world, every town should have its own medical marijuana dispensary, as this will benefit a lot of people and will also help to reduce criminal activity related to this herb. 

It is time for the world to realize that cannabis is a medicine and that prohibiting people from consuming this herb, is simply not the way to go.  Please remember to share and like this blog post and to subscribe to the free Zip 420 newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right.   We will tell you more about medical marijuana dispensary operations and how this herb is being legalized around the world.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Marijuana Activist

Become A Marijuana Activist

Today, there are plenty of people who are in favor of legalizing cannabis worldwide and if you are not yet a marijuana activist, you should certainly become one right now.  If we do not do anything to help promote the legalization of this herb, we will never see it legalized and this is something that we simply cannot live with. 

Canada is known for its approval of cannabis and there are many activists there too.  One of them is Justin Trudeau, who is a Liberal Leader and has been criticized a lot recently, as he publicly stated that he believes marijuana is “no worse” than smoking or drinking alcohol.  At Zip 420, we have said this several times and we completely agree with Trudeau on this.  People, who consume cannabis, are no crazier than the millions of alcoholics and cigarette smokers out there, which is why Trudeau should be listened and we should all fight to legalize this herb. 

You Can Help If You Are A Marijuana Activist

There are still many people doubting the benefits of marijuana and there are people like Wayne Hindmarsh, who is a toxicology professor at the University of Toronto and states that there are still many things to answer about marijuana and its controversies.   There are also doctors and specialists like Dr. Pamela Squire from Vancouver, who believe that marijuana does provide a lot of medical benefits and that this herb is essential for some pain treatment cases. 

If you still do not know about the medical benefits of cannabis, here is a short list of what you can achieve, by consuming this herb:
  • ·         Helps relieve pain
  • ·         Stimulates appetite
  • ·         Control nausea and vomiting
  • ·         It does not create addiction

These benefits, are not only helpful for those people who are sick, but they can also benefit common folks, who simply want to enhance their lives and want to enjoy their time even more. 

Even if many medical benefits of marijuana have been identified today, there are still skeptics, who state that this herb is not safe enough and that it can cause us some harm.  Hindmarsh added, “I think we all agree that it relaxes the individual. There is substantial evidence that the plant can take the edge off stress and anxiety. “ 

According to Squire, “the problem with post-traumatic stress disorder is every time you have a nightmare or flashback, it’s as if that flashback or nightmare helps to cement the memory in and it looks like marijuana interferes with that.”   If this is true, then marijuana can provide even more benefits for us and this is why people like Trudeau, have decided to become a marijuana activist and help promote the legalization of this herb. 

It is time for the world to realize, that marijuana is really not worse than alcohol or tobacco and that prohibition simply does not work.  Please share and like this blog post, by clicking the buttons below and remember to leave us your email in the box to the right, so we can send you the Zip 420 newsletter and tell you more about how to become a marijuana activist today. 

Become A Marijuana Activist And Change The World 

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Cannabis Tea Can Reduce Inflammation

Drink Cannabis Tea And Stay Healthy

Cannabis has a lot of benefits for our bodies and whether you want to admit it or not, there are now millions of people around the world, who are consuming this herb for medicinal purposes and who are having great results.  As you may already know, cannabis can be either smoked or eaten, but you probably did not know that you can also make some cannabis tea and that it can also be a great way to reduce inflammation and other illnesses. Crohn’s disease is one of the toughest illnesses that anyone can suffer from and as you can probably imagine, there are already some patients with this disease, who are benefiting from cannabis and so could you.  

According to some experts, our bodies have an endocannabinoid system, which requires a high amount of cannabinoids and these can only be found in the marijuana plant.  These experts, have also found out that the largest concentration of endocannabinoid receptors, is located in our large intestines, which is why providing these receptors with more cannabis, can help to reduce inflammation and to control Crohn’s disease. 

The Benefits Of Cannabis Tea

Medicating with cannabis can be hard for some people sometimes, which is why finding the right strains or marijuana edibles, is essential for getting the most benefits out of this plant.  Drinking cannabis tea is an excellent way to medicate with this herb, because it does not get you as stoned as smoking or eating this herb and you can even drink it in public, without anyone knowing that you are medicating at all. 

Below, I am going to provide you a cannabis tea recipe, which I got from Ladybud.  They always have some interesting marijuana recipes and the one below, will surely help to keep your inflammation levels down and make you feel better too. 

Cannabis Tea Recipe
Dried ginger-tumeric tea, brewed and iced1 oz. dried cannabis “trim” (1/8 ounce if using whole buds)1/4 cup coconut oilwaterGrind the cannabis in a food processor. Melt the coconut oil in the microwave and pour over the buds. Toss until well coated. Pour boiling water over the mixture, cover and let it sit awhile. Go out and run errands, go to work, whatever.Strain the mixture into a pitcher through a cheesecloth, wring out the remaining fluid from the leaves. Add in iced tea, put in large pitcher and stash in refrigerator. That’s it”

Make Yourself Some Cannabis Tea Today

As you can see, there is really not much to making yourself a cup of cannabis tea and this is why you should try it right now.  If you are suffering from Crohn’s Disease or any other illness that causes inflammation, you can be certain that this tea will help and that you will feel a lot better soon. 

Please remember to click all share and like buttons on the bottom of this post and to leave us your email in the box to the right, so we can send you more interesting news about cannabis and other marijuana recipes, which will help you to lead a better life.  

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bongs In Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 Will Have Lots Of Marijuana

We have already talked about the possibility of some video games allowing its characters to smoke marijuana and Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of them.  While Zip 420 does not promote the illegal trade of cannabis or promotes criminal activity, we sure like playing this type of video games and we do not believe there is anything wrong with them, if people remember to follow their conscience and identify right from wrong.  

As we talked about in one of our previous blog posts, GTA 5 will most likely allow players to light up a joint and even show some of the effects of cannabis on the character.  While there are still some skeptics about this, it is obvious that cannabis will be a major topic in this video game, as the new wallpapers, now show some bongs in them.  

The New Grand Theft Auto 5 Wallpapers Have Bongs In Them

The GTA 5 website, recently released a whole new collection of wallpapers for its new video game and they are certainly astonishing.  While they do feature criminal activity and some illegal objects, the art is something to admire and the bongs are really just part of a normal setting in most of today's world.

Bongs, are now one of the most popular methods for consuming cannabis and if Grand Theft Auto 5 is going to feature some marijuana smoking, it should certainly have some of these water pipes, as more people are using them every day.  

Because the legalization of cannabis is taking place all over the world, it is now possible for video games like Grand Theft Auto 5, to include these sorts of things in them and this is also one of the main features that has made them so popular.  Allowing players to have video game characters that are closer to reality, simply makes the game better and there is no doubt that GTA 5 is going to be another great hit.  

Don't forget to click the share and like buttons on the bottom of this blog post, so that more people can look at these pictures and realize that video games are now featuring cannabis related stuff more every day.  It is time to end cannabis prohibition and this is the sort of thing that is going to help us achieve it.  You can also subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will keep you informed about the latest cannabis related news.  

Grand Theft Auto 5 Will Help To Promote Cannabis Legalization

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Health Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

Some More Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

At Zip 420, we have been spreading the word, about the many medical and recreational benefits that cannabis has, butmost people don't know about the benefits of hemp seeds and this is why I am writing this blog post for you.  As we have stated in the past, eating cannabis edibles, is an excellent way to benefit from this herb, but if you eat some hemp seeds, you will also improve your health and this is why many people are doing it now. 

There are plenty of recipes, which can be prepared with hemp seeds and because these are now being legalized in many parts of the world, we might be able to have these seeds on our food plates very soon. For thousands of years, people have been using hemp and now we can improve our health, by simply eating the adding this plant's seeds to our foods.  

How To Get The Benefits Of Hemp Seeds

As said before, there are many ways to benefit from both hemp and cannabis, which is why I am going to tell you about the different benefits of hemp seeds and let you make your own decision about this herb.  While some might think that there are not many benefits from this plant, the truth is that there are plenty and that this is why we cannot ignore this plant anymore.  According to Yahoo, these are some of the benefits of eating hemp seeds:

  • A 1.5-tablespoon serving of hemp seeds contains five grams of protein, 86 milligrams of magnesium, 10 percent daily value of iron, 1245 milligrams of Omega-3 fatty acids and 436 milligrams of Omega-6 fatty acids!
  • One of the Omega-6 acids, gamma linolenic acid (or GLA), is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory hormones that support a healthy metabolism and good skin, hair and nails.
  • Like flaxseeds, hemp seeds contain all ten of the essential amino acids
  • It's protein source is much more digestible than others, and won't leave you feeling bloated.
  • Hemp seeds contain anti-aging antioxidants such as vitamin E.
  • They're also rich in other minerals such as zinc and phosphorus.
As you can see these are some health benefits, which we cannot ignore and this is why we must all try to make hemp and cannabis legal around the world.  The scientific proof is there and if we do not do anything about the current prohibitionist laws, we will never have the world that we all deserve.  

Don't forget to share and like this blog post, so that more people can learn about the benefits of hemp seeds and what they can do with them.  If you want to learn more about this plant and some delicious recipes that include THC, you should leave us your email in the box to the right, so we can send you our free newsletter and keep you informed about all this.  

The Benefits Of Hemp Seeds Are Real 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mangoes Can Give You A Longer Marijuana High

Prolong Your Marijuana High With Mangoes

As you already know, more people are less concerned about the effects of cannabis and millions now realize that consuming marijuana is far less dangerous than consuming alcohol or tobacco.  According to NORML, at least 100 million Americans have consumed this herb and the number is only growing, as time goes by.  Studies have also proven that alcohol and tobacco related deaths, are a lot higher than marijuana related deaths, as there has never been a single death directly caused by cannabis. 

These are the main reasons why cannabis consumption is on a rise and why more people are looking for ways to prolong their marijuana high as well.  There are plenty of stories and myths out there, about ways to increase the potency of your cannabis, but few may actually know that mangoes are an effective way to do this and that many people are already using this fruit to do so. 

A Better Marijuana High With Mangoes

According to the Berkeley Patients Care Collective, mangoes contain a high level of vitamin A and they also contain a chemical named myrcene, which gives them their unique smell and which is also a chemical that can be found in the marijuana plant.  They also found out, that consuming a mango either before or after consuming cannabis, can increase your marijuana high, as the chemicals that are found in this fruit, will enter your bloodstream and they will interact with the THC that you consume. 

It is now believed, that consuming a mango before you consume cannabis, can really increase your high and it will also make it last longer.  This can be of great help for medical cannabis patients, as this will allow them to consume the herb less and only use it, if they are really not feeling good. 

Those who enjoy consuming marijuana for recreational purposes can also benefit from eating a mango before smoking or eating this herb, because the marijuana high will be much better and the sensation that you will get is definitely something worth experiencing. 

Whether you are satisfied with the high that you get when you consume marijuana or not, you should definitely try eating a mango before smoking or eating this herb, as you will feel something different and if you like cannabis as much as true Zip 420 followers do, you will surely enjoy this tip a lot. 

Please remember to click the like and share buttons on the bottom of this blog post, so that more people can know about this marijuana high increasing tip and have a better time consuming this herb.  Also, don’t forget to leave us your email in the box to the right, so we can send you the free Zip 420 newsletter and so you can learn more about the legalization of marijuana worldwide.  

Eat A Mango And Prolong Your Marijuana High

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marijuana Seeds Are Now Growing In Gottingen

Gottingen’s Marijuana Seeds Are Now Becoming Plants

As I wrote about, in my Germinating Cannabis Seeds blog post a few days ago, the city of Gottingen in Germany, is experiencing a unique kind of protest and at Zip 420, we are very happy about it.   An activist group, by the name of “A Few Autonomous Flower Children” has decided to fight the current cannabis laws in their country, by sowing marijuana seeds in public parks and letting them grow.  This protest, is supposed to fight the “demonization of marijuana” and it is meant to change the current prohibitionist laws. 

According to some sources, the cannabis seeds that were planted by this pro-drug reform group are now starting to grow and some are already showing some leaves.  “We can’t set eyes on this useful and beautiful plant because it’s absolutely forbidden in Germany to grow it,” stated “Der Spiegel”, which is one of Europe’s most famous weekly magazines.

People Support Sowing Marijuana Seeds

Many would think, that the pro-drug reform group that is operating in Gottingen would not have any people to back them up, but the reality is that there are millions of people backing them around the world and that even large organization like the United Press International group and Germany’s Green Party are supporting them.  

This helps prove, that people are looking to get marijuana legalized around the world and that many are doing everything that is in their power to achieve it.  During 2012, a marijuana legalization poll in Germany, released some amazing results, as it showed that at least 152000 Germans are now in favor of legalizing this herb and that many are willing to do anything it takes for accomplishing this. 

Although, it is currently not legal, to consume or be in possession of marijuana in Germany, there are very small penalties and consequences for those who are found carrying small quantities of cannabis, which can be proven is meant for personal consumption and this means that not many see this as a crime anymore. 

While some German cities are stricter about consuming marijuana than others, there are no doubts about people being less worried about their children being exposed to this plant and this is why marijuana reform laws are sure to happen one day. 

Some police officers are already trying to look for the people responsible of sowing these marijuana seeds in Gottingen and they are trying to use some of the pictures that have been made public, to identify these people and were the plants are growing.  While they have in fact taken down seventy marijuana plants already, it will certainly be impossible for them to take down all the plants that this group sowed and this German city will surely have some free pot for some soon. 

Don’t forget to click some of the share and like buttons at the bottom of this blog post and to subscribe to the free Zip 420 newsletter, by entering your email in the box to the right.  We want to promote the legalization of marijuana worldwide and we could certainly use some help. 

Sowing Marijuana Seeds Is The First Step Towards Legalization

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Eight US States Are Now Allowing People To Start Growing Hemp

Growing Hemp Is A Great Way To Improve Our Industries

Just like marijuana is a great medicine, it can also be used for industrial purposes and there are now some States in the US, which are allowing their citizens to start growing hemp and to produce certain products with it.  In the past, our ancestors built lots of things from the marijuana plant and there is really no reason why we should not be doing it today.  Hemp is a very durable material and the best part about this, is that hemp is organic and it is much safer for our environment. 

Not only is this safer than other of the products that we have in the market today, but it could also help millions of farmers around the world, to make a good living and to forget about their low incomes forever.   Just as marijuana is being legalized for medicine and recreational purposes, there are millions of people out there, who are activists for the legalization of hemp and there are plenty of good reasons for our government to allow this. 

Vermont Is One Of The States That Now Allows Growing Hemp

As said above, there are now eight US States that are allowing their farmers to start growing hemp on their land, but there are still some problems about this, as Federal Laws, still prohibit this and farmers in these states could be in danger of losing their land. There are 19 US States which have passed hemp legislation, but only nine of them are now allowing their citizens to produce this plant and of those, only eight have their own rules about this. 

The United States once promoted growing hemp in their territory and products like rope and fabrics were some of its main opportunities. Today, we could manufacture tons of different hemp products, as we have better technology and know more about how to make plant matter into useful things.   

Scientific studies and other works have proven that hemp is one of the best opportunities for our industry and environment today, which is why we all need to fight for its legalization, if we want to change our world and live in a nicer place. 

Legalizing hemp and marijuana worldwide, will bring changes that we could never had imagined and there is no doubt that we will have a safer place to live as well.  Fighting organized crime and arresting people for growing a plant that they use for either medicine, recreation or to build things, is not working at all and our penitentiary systems are a proof of that. 

It is time for people to start growing hemp in their lands and if they want to use marijuana for recreational or medicinal purposes, they should also be able to grow it.  Please remember to like and share this article and to subscribe to the free Zip 420 mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. 

Start Growing Hemp And Make A Difference

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Germinating Cannabis Seeds

People Want To Start Germinating Cannabis Seeds

There are now millions of marijuana activists around the world and we all have our own personal way, of helping promote the legalization of cannabis were we live.  Some people protest against prohibitionist laws, by marching and telling others the benefits of legalizing cannabis worldwide. There are others who become activists and give out speeches to masses, helping to gather more people for our cause and there are even some who are protesting by germinating cannabis seeds and planting them in public parks. 

The people of the city of Gottingen, in Germany, have finally had enough about prohibitionist laws and they have decided to sow marijuana seeds all over their city, in order to get others to realize that there is nothing wrong with having this herb around. 

Not only are the people from Gottingen, using their public parks to grow marijuana now, but they are also doing it in their home, in pots and in their gardens.  This proves, how the majority of people  around the world, are now interested in getting this herb legalized and what some activists are capable of doing, when they have had enough of dumb prohibitionist laws.

We Should All Start Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Just as the people in Gottingen, everyone who believes that marijuana needs to be legalized, should start germinating their own marijuana seeds, as this will give the non-activists an idea of what this herb really is. 
Most of the people who are against regulating cannabis around the world, have really no good arguments and most know nothing about the benefits of this herb.  Many people are still under the impression that cannabis is a dangerous drug and that it can lead to people committing crimes and acting crazy, which is a total lie.     

The protest in Gottingen really proves the fact, that people are now in favor of legalizing marijuana and that fewer people are now afraid of germinating cannabis seeds.  If activists in Germany are already protesting this way, there is really nothing stopping other activists from doing the same thing and if you are really serious about legalizing marijuana and are not afraid of getting caught sowing these seeds, this might also be a good way for you to take action and help to get cannabis legalized worldwide. 

Germinating Cannabis Seeds Should Be Legal Now

Whether you like it or not, cannabis will be legal one day and we are certainly getting closer to it, than ever.  Millions of people are now trying to get their local marijuana laws changed and it will not be long, until every country changes their point of view. 

The germinating cannabis seeds in public grounds example that the people of Gottingen have given us, is a great example of what liberty means and there really shouldn’t be anyone with the power to prohibit this herb to others. 

It is time to legalize marijuana worldwide, which is why at Zip 420, we ask you to please share and like this article, so that more people can know about this protest in Germany and help to legalize this herb.  You can also join our free mailing list, by typing in your email in the box to the right and we will send you some interesting information about marijuana as well.  

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dumb Rules About Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana Edibles Laws Need To Be Changed Too

There are now places where producing food that is made with cannabis is not a problem, but there are still some places, where you could get into some serious trouble if you get caught with some of these products and this is why the marijuana edibles laws need to be changed now. 

Michigan is one of the US States, which is changing its cannabis laws, but they still have some issues with making edibles from marijuana and this is something that we need to change, in order for the legalization of this plant, to really take place. 

According to the Michigan Court of Appeals, your legal status will depend on what type of marijuana you use to create these edibles, as they have established some really dumb rules about this and this is something that we are not in favor of here at Zip 420.  The Michigan Court of Appeals states, that dried useable flower matter is protected by the Medical Marijuana Act, but that if you use cannabutter or a concentrate from those flowers to create marijuana edibles, you could get yourself in some serious trouble. 

This certainly makes no sense at all and if you are confused, you are certainly not the only one.  Many States in the US and countries of the world, still have some very confusing laws about cannabis and if they do not do something about this soon, more people will fall under the impression that our governments have no idea what they are doing and that they are only making their mistakes worse. 

Marijuana Edibles Should Be Allowed Everywhere

As we know, marijuana can be used as a medicine in many cases and sometimes, it is much better for patients to consume marijuana by eating it, than it is for them to consume it as a joint or in a pipe.  If our governments do not start to update the current laws on marijuana, illegal markets will continue to flourish and our communities will only worsen, as they have been doing for more than a few decades now. 

Many are not satisfied with the way Michigan is handling their new medical marijuana act and this is why we need to protest, in order to achieve the real legalization of cannabis around the world.  There is no point in being allowed to consume marijuana for medicinal purposes, if you are not going to be able to consume it as an edible and this is why we encourage you all to share and like this blog post, so that more people can help us to legalize this herb and to really make a change around the world. 

Also, don’t forget to register for our free mailing list, by simple typing in your email in the box to the right and we will make sure that you receive more interesting information about marijuana and what we are all doing to legalize this herb around the world. 

Marijuana Edibles Need To Be Legalized Today

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Parents Are In Favor Of Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing Marijuana Is The Right Choice

Believe it or not, a survey that was just released yesterday is stating that there is a large number of parents in the US, who are in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes and that there are many who want this herb legalized for recreational use as well.  The survey was conducted by “The Partnership at”, which is sort of an unexpected thing, as they usually do not publish information about people wanting to legalize cannabis or the benefits of this herb. 

The survey has the title of “Marijuana: It’s Legal, Now What?” and this was also a surprise to many, as no one was expecting this association to publish this work.  The authors of this survey wrote, “With marijuana now legal for recreational use in Colorado and Washington State, for medical use in 18 states and the District of Columbia, and effectively decriminalized in 14 states, it’s clear that society’s approach to marijuana is changing dramatically.”

These words prove what we have been saying here at Zip 420 for a while and it is obvious that the majority of Americans and people around the world now want to legalize marijuana at all costs.

The Survey Results Prove That People Are Thinking About Legalizing Marijuana

As stated above, the majority of people are now in favor of having cannabis legalized and the results in this survey are really amazing.  At least 70% of the people, who answered this survey, stated that they are in favor of legalizing this herb and 52% percent of them were in favor of decriminalizing it as well.  Another amazing result that this survey gave to us is that 42% of participants are also in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational use, which is certainly a very large number and it will help us to make new reforms around the world. 

The number of participants in this survey was 1603 adults and according to the authors, at least 1200 of them are parents, who have children between the ages of 10 and 19.  This proves that the majority of parents are now less concerned about their children being exposed to cannabis and that they are now seeing the reality about this herb. 

Tom Angell, who is the chairman and also the founder of the organization called “Marijuana Majority”, stated “This is a classic repositioning move from advocates who know they’ve badly lost an argument with the American people.  It’s great to see the Partnership conceding that marijuana legalization is no longer a matter of if and that the key question now is how marijuana will be regulated in the post-prohibition era.”

Legalizing Marijuana Is A Battle That We Are Winning

This is not the first survey that shows the people’s support for the legalization of cannabis and this is why we can say that we are winning the war.  Don’t forget to share and like this article, so that more people can now about this survey and what people think about legalizing marijuana all over the world.  You should also sign up for our free mailing list, by leaving us your email to the right and we will send you some useful information about marijuana.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

John Hanger Wants To Legalize Weed

A Candidate For Governor Wants To Legalize Weed

There are now many politicians who are favoring the legalization of weed and the candidate for governor of Pennsylvania is one of them.  If John Hanger becomes governor, he will certainly impose new laws about this herb and this is why everyone who supports the legalization of cannabis should help him as well.  

If we legalize weed one state and country at a time, we will soon have legal cannabis worldwide and this is something that we really want at Zip 420.  More people are now accepting this herb and if the future governors of our states are now accepting it too, there is really no reason why it will not be legalized very soon.

Hanger has given some very good points about why marijuana should be legalized and they include reducing police costs, creating funds for other institutes and much more.  One of the things that he said was, right now, Pennsylvania is spending $325 million a year processing non-violent people through our criminal justice system for the offense of possessing marijuana." 

These are certainly very high figures and there are plenty of other reasons why this herb should be legalized here and all over the world.  Please remember to share and like this post, so that others can know about John Hanger's ideas and what he wants to do if he becomes governor in a few weeks.  You should also subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more information about cannabis and what other people are doing to try and get this herb legalized all over the world.  

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Medical Marijuana Laws Need To Be Overlooked By Feds

Governments Need To Change Medical Marijuana Laws

As we all know, there is a huge movement going on, trying to get cannabis legalized all over the world and we are certainly getting closer every single day. Today, there are now many countries that are looking into changing their medical marijuana laws and the US is one of them.  The State of Connecticut is one of the US States that is already on its way to legalizing this herb and its citizens are already asking the feds, to leave them alone and to allow them to use cannabis as medicine. 

It will be next month, when this State, will vote on these regulation and if the legislative committee accepts them, people who really need this herb, will finally have access to it and will be able to change their lives for good.  Some of the doctors in this State, have already certified over 650 patients for consuming marijuana as a medicine and some ideas for growing this herb, have already been proposed in Watertown and Middletown. 

Feds Need To Forget About Medical Marijuana Laws

Because the US Federal Government still has marijuana classified as an illegal drug, it has been very difficult for the people of Connecticut and other States to consume this herb for medicinal purposes and this is why we should all try to help the legalization of this plant, to finally become a reality.

The leaders in Connecticut have already established certain regulations, which they believe will help people who need marijuana as a medicine and that it will also help to control this herb, from being consumed by underage people or those who only want to use it as a recreation. 

Here at Zip 420, we believe that it is time for the US Federal Government and other countries of the world, to admit that it is time to change our medical marijuana laws, as this is the only option that will help us all.  Even if governments decide to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, we will all be in a better world, as many crimes will stop and people all over the world will have access to a herb, which has a lot of benefits and can help our lives in many ways. 

Whether you like it or not, US States like Connecticut, Colorado and Washington, are already making a difference in our world and it is only a matter of time, until others follow their lead and until we start seeing more cannabis dispensaries worldwide.  If you are in favor of legalizing marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, you should really sign up for our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will keep you informed about the latest medical marijuana laws and what people are doing to get this herb legalized around the world. 

Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about what Connecticut and other parts of the world are doing to get this herb legalized and to let everyone know, that we are closer to legalization than we think.  

Let's Change All Medical Marijuana Laws Around The World

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Cheech & Chong Have An Amazing Animated Movie

Cheech & Chong Are Simply Great

If you love marijuana as much as I do and as much as all Zip 420 members do, you will surely enjoy watching Cheech & Chong's animated movie, which is very funny and will allow you to have a great time.  The  movie may not have the most modern graphics and it might be considered outdated by some, but the fact is that the story is quite good and that it is simply a classic that you must watch.  Those who have watched Cheech & Chong in the past, will surely have an excellent idea of the type of humor to expect in this animated movie and if you have never seen this duo in action before, it is certainly time for you to do so.

The animated movie, is filled with 70s humor and music from the time, which makes it very good to watch.  If you like marijuana and want to laugh a while, then this is certainly the movie for you.  Cheech & Chong go in another of their adventures, but as they have never been seen before.  The cartoon characters, are really well made and when you see them, you can immediately identify which of them is Cheech and which of them is Chong. Their real voices were also used for this animated movie, which makes it a lot more real and a lot funnier too. 

Cheech & Chong Are Part Of The Marijuana Culture

Whether we like it or not, Cheech & Chong are now part of the marijuana culture that we live today and their movies have been making people laugh for years.  If you like cannabis as much as we do and just want to have some fun, this comedy movie is what you should be watching.  Although some people may not like how Cheech & Chong act or how they make stoners look, the fact is that they are only acting and their main goal is to make people laugh.

Those who consume marijuana, know that we don't all act this way and this is why we must remember that Cheech & Chong are just comedy actors and according to me, they are some of the best.  So if you are just looking for a good time while you are stoned, this animated movie and all the work that these actors have created is for you.  Their humor is simply fantastic and the way that they talk, will put a smile on any one's face for sure.

You can find this Cheech & Chong movie and other great cannabis related stuff at the Zip 420 Amazon Store, which is why you should visit it today. Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can find out about this animated movie and so we can promote the legalization of marijuana all over the world as well.  You can also subscribe to our mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and you will receive more information about marijuana and about what people are doing with this herb. 

Cheech & Chong Are More Than Funny

Saturday, July 13, 2013

New Markets For Marijuana In Colorado

People Want Marijuana In Colorado

Almost all of us know that cannabis has been legalized in the State of Colorado, but what few of you may know is, that there are still some legal things going on and that some entrepreneurs are trying to make this herb, easier to purchase.  

There are people like, Justin Hartfield, who is the CEO of a service that reviews some of the medical marijuana dispensaries in the city of Boulder and other places of Colorado, but now he is concentrating in trying to convince authorities to allow people to establish marijuana farmer markets, as he believes that this is the best way to sell marijuana in Colorado and also the best way for people to get the freshest herb.   

"I got news for you: Marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is no longer a drug in sense. It is a plant. It is a commodity. There's no reason not to allow trade in it openly," stated Hartfield to the press.  Although, cannabis is still not legalized under federal law, the state of Colorado has already accepted this herb and now, it is up to entrepreneurs like Hartfield to find the best way to sell their product.  

Marijuana In Colorado, Should Be Sold In Farmers Market

Just as Hartfield said, now you can buy marijuana in Colorado, without being pursued by the state's law and this is why it should be sold in farmer markets, just as any other agricultural products are being sold there. Imagine if we could all go to our local market and find some fresh cannabis buds.  It would certainly reduce organize crime in many cities of the world and it would also make it easier for medical marijuana patients, to find what they need.  

Even if this may not sound like a good idea to everyone, the truth is that cannabis is nothing more than a plant and it should be sold as other plants are sold, as it does not cause any harm to our bodies and more medical studies are proving this every day. 

According to Hartfield, "it really is very similar to any other organic market, the only difference is this plant has certain peculiarities that, say, a tomato does not. Boulder has a rich history of organic markets, and Boulder is also a city in a State where cannabis is legal. It just makes sense."  

Follow The Latest News About Marijuana In Colorado

Here at Zip 420, we will always try to keep you informed about the latest news about cannabis and what people are doing to get this plant, legalized all over the world.  Just as Mr. Hartfield is fighting to sell marijuana in Colorado, the way that he thinks its best, we should all fight for promoting the legalization of this plant and one day it will be achieved worldwide.  

Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that we can help get marijuana legalized everywhere and to open up some farmer markets that sell this herb.  Just as Mr. Hartfield says, this makes a lot of sense and we are pretty sure that this will happen one day.  You can also subscribe to our mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more information about marijuana in Colorado and how this herb is being legalized around the world.  

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Landlord Allows Tenants To Smoke Marijuana

You Can Now Smoke Marijuana Legally In Some Places

Reforms and changes about cannabis are being made worldwide and now that many places are allowing its people to smoke marijuana, things are beginning to look a lot brighter for all of us.  Now, there are even some landlords, who allow their tenants to smoke this herb and this proves how there are plenty of people out there, who believe that cannabis should be legalized and that there is really nothing wrong with consuming it. 

The myths about marijuana being an extremely dangerous drug are being proven wrong by scientific studies and by people who consume this herb on a regular basis. The facts are showing that cannabis is not as dangerous as some of our ancestors said and this is why Zip 420 is trying to promote the legalization of this herb worldwide. 

A Landlord From Washington Allows Tenants To Smoke Marijuana

As you may already know, the State of Washington in the US has legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use and now there are some landlords, who are allowing its tenants to smoke marijuana in their rentals and this is proof of how cannabis is being consumed by more people every day. 

Jon Adams is a landlord in Spokane Valley in Washington State and he announced in one of the local news that he will allow the people living in his property to smoke pot, as he believes that there is nothing wrong with it and that this will cause no harm to anyone.  Adams also stated that he is only going with the trend and his exact words were, “It basically says that although we don’t condone its use, we do not discriminate against marijuana use in our units.”

According to Adams, it will be a lot better to have people smoking marijuana in his building, instead of drinking all of the time, as he believes that alcohol can be a lot more dangerous than marijuana and I also believe that he is right. 

Tyson Taylor is one of the people who lives in Adams building and he has stated that he has not found any problems coming from this, which is why he is a supporter of Adams decision.  “I think it’s great that Jon made the policy, you know? It’s just not good to be out here yelling and fighting when you could be smoking a bowl and just sitting and chilling”, said Taylor. 

More Landlords Should Let Their Tenants Smoke Marijuana

If more landlords begin to allow their tenants to consume cannabis freely in their buildings, we will soon start to see a change in our communities and we will certainly have more peace.  It is now known that people who smoke marijuana, are not going to do many crazy things and that we do tend to be more relaxed, which means that problems will be reduced and everyone will have a nicer time. 

Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to our mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right.  We will make sure that you receive some interesting information about cannabis and the legalization of this herb.  

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