Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

Learn More About Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

At Zip 420, we not only fight for cannabis legalization worldwide, but we also want to teach everyone a bit more about this herb, its benefits and what it can do for all of us.  Today, we want to tell you more about marijuana use during pregnancy and we want to clear the smoke about this.  

There are studies related to cannabis use during pregnancy, since the 1960's and this means that there is now plenty of useful and reliable information about this.  Some people state, that these studies cannot be trusted completely, as some women may of have lied or not told the entire truth, about how much marijuana they consumed or if they tried other drugs during their pregnancy, but most experts and professionals, now believe that there is not an association with marijuana use and birth defects.  

In one of the largest studies, at least 12800 women were interviewed and analyzed after pregnancy and the statistics proved that there is no relation between using marijuana during pregnancy and birth defects.  This is certainly great news and it also proves that cannabis is not as dangerous as alcohol, tobacco or other substances out there.  

It is important to note, that using cannabis during pregnancy is certainly not recommended, as it does come with some risks, such as lower birth weight and growth restriction, especially in those women who keep smoking marijuana in the final stages of pregnancy or over do it.  

There are still studies going on about this and scientists are trying to find out if exposing embryos or unborn children to cannabis, is dangerous in the long term or not.  Some studies claim that children who were exposed to marijuana before being born, have some problems learning, concentrating and are a bit more irritable, but there is still not much proof about this and there is proof that this happens to children, even if they were not exposed to cannabis before they were born.  

Overall, it can be said that marijuana use during pregnancy is not as dangerous as other drugs, but that it does have some risks, so it is better if future mothers try to not consume cannabis while they are pregnant or at least not use it as much or as frequently.  

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cannabiscoin: A Cryptocurrency Based On Cannabis

Is Cannabiscoin The Future?

We have recently been talking about cryptocurrencies and especially about Potcoin in this blog and today we want to tell you about another marijuana related virtual coin, which goes by the name of Cannabiscoin.  

This virtual currency, is very special as every coin is said to be equal to a gram of CANNdy.  According to Cannabiscoin.net, "CANNdy is a supply of meds that consists of strains grown specifically for CannabisCoin purchases and/or strains that can be purchased at the rate of 1 Cannabis Coin (CANN) to approx. 1 GRAM of medication."  This means that this cryptocurrency is very different from the rest, as it will actually be worth something that we can touch and feel.  Not only that, but it will be worth real grams of marijuana!

Cannabiscoin was created as a payment solution for medical marijuana dispensaries, cannabis retailers, marijuana merchants, marijuana growers and more.  This cryptocurrency, is based on the Bitcoin protocol, but it is slightly different, as mining these coins, does not require very expensive hardware.  

Cannabiscoin, is also part of the Yes We Cann Movement, which "is about medical marijuana dispensaries and shop owners that participate in providing safe, affordable, and quality medicine utilizing CannabisCoin as payment. This movement is a way for dispensaries and shop owners to show their appreciation to their patients by donating some medication into the “CANNdy” inventory."  As said above, some marijuana growers are also now focusing on a special strain just for CANNdy inventory and this is surely going to increase the price of Cannabiscoin in the future.  

This virtual coin, will be a great decentralized solution, which is also fast, secure, simple and legal. It will remove third parties from transactions between medical marijuana patients, growers and dispensaries.  It will also reduce expenses and costs for everyone in the market and this is why its price has been rising, since it was released less than a year ago.  

There will only be 92000000 Cannabiscoin available, which makes them very interesting and a good investment too.  So if you still haven't got your hands on some cryptocurrency, it is time for you to try Cannabiscoin and start earning some CANNdy.  

To learn more about Cannabiscoin and how to get some, you can visit Cannabiscoin.net or join the community at https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=827998 or at http://www.reddit.com/r/cannabiscoins

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Try Your Luck At Potcoin Lotto

Take Advantage Of Potcoin Lotto

We have already talked about Potcoin before and if you are still not into this cryptocurrency, it is time for you to do so, because you can take advantage of many different promotions related to cannabis or marijuana.  

Today, we want to tell you a little more about Potcoin and how you can get your hands on a lot of them, without really spending much!  There is a new opportunity called Potcoin Lotto and it is basically a lottery were the jackpot is made out of Potcoins. 

The good thing is that you can buy your Potcoin Lottery tickets with either Potcoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocoins, which will make it easy for anyone to try their luck at Potcoin Lotto and maybe win a huge jackpot.  You can buy a Potcoin Lotto ticket for as low as $0.10, which is certainly a great deal for an opportunity to earn a lot of Potcoins.  

Every person has the option to buy up to ten Potcoin Lottery ticket, in order to have more chances of winning the jackpot and the winner or winners, will be notified via Reddit @ reddit/r/Potcoin.  The winner or winners, will be selected based on the UK National Lottery results of every Saturday, which will make Potcoin Lotto legit and safe.  The winning Potcoin Lottery tickets, will be those that match the bonus ball on the UK National Lottery.  

The results will be found on the Potcon Lotto website and at their Reddit channel too.  

So if you like cannabis and you also like to gamble a bit, playing this lottery might be a great opportunity for you.  The jackpot winner will add a lot of Potcoins to their wallet and this person could be you, if you buy some Potcoin Lotto tickets soon!

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