Monday, March 31, 2014

Will Alaska Legalize Marijuana This Summer?

Alaska May Legalize Marijuana Very Soon

It will be on August 19 of this year, when voters in Alaska, will get the chance to give their vote for statewide elections and other things as well.  One of the things they will be voting on that day, will be if Alaska becomes the third US State to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.  

According to some poll results by the Alaska State House of Representatives, there are at least 8% more people, who want marijuana legalized in this State, than the people who feel should remain illegal.  More democrats and younger people, are the ones who are supporting cannabis legalization in Alaska and there are many Republicans and people over 45, who are still against this new marijuana bill.  

At the moment, Alaska residents do not face any penalties, if they keep their marijuana consumption within their home or property, but people can be placed in jail for possession and consumption of cannabis outside their homes.  

The new marijuana legalization proposition, would allow people to posses cannabis statewide and it would also help for the future commercialization of this herb.  People who are not older than 21 years of age, will not be able to purchase or consume cannabis legally and there will also be a $50 tax over every cannabis related transaction.  

While the State of Alaska, is still not certain about how much money they will generate through this, there are many people who are feeling very positive about it and who believe that legalization is just around the corner.  Bill Fikes, who is the owner of Alaska Hemp, told the Alaska Dispatch, "I just think marijuana is going to revolutionize things in Alaska, as much as oil ever did.  The prospect for jobs and new business start-ups is phenomenal.  All Alaskans should be excited about it."

Ethan Nadelmann, who is a marijuana legalization activist, stated "If you think about it, who has the best access to marijuana in America? It's teenagers.  Who had the best access 10 years ago? Teenagers.  There's three national surveys where teens say it is easier to buy marijuana than alcohol.  If ever there was an indictment of failure of current marijuana policies, that's it." 

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Colorado Works To Teach People About Marijuana

A New Education Campaign In Colorado About Marijuana

Because Colorado is one of the places were cannabis is now legal for both medicinal and recreational purposes, its authorities have decided that they also need to teach people more about this herb and this is exactly what they are doing right now.  It has now been four months, since marijuana was made legal in the state of Colorado and information about this herb, must be made available to the public.  

The state of Colorado, is also working on an ad campaign, which will work towards teaching people that driving while high, is not the best choice.  A new website, has also been created by the state of Colorado and it is meant to help people answer some of their questions about legalized cannabis, such as impact on our health and some local regulations.  

At you can also find some of the latest resources and information about how much money cannabis is generating in Colorado, transportation of the herb, education about marijuana, the environment and some human services.  

Dr. Larry Wolk, who is the executive director and chief medical officer at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, stated "State agencies worked together to develop this website as a reliable resource for parents, consumers, tourists and others who want the facts about marijuana's health effects and the laws in Colorado."

Some of the ads being used in the driving while high campaign, say "Grilling high is now legal. Driving to get the propane you forgot isn't."  Authorities are trying to use some humor in these ads and they are certainly doing a great job at it.  

It is nice that the State of Colorado has created this information website about marijuana and we are certain that it will help to make the legalization of cannabis much simpler on everybody.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about this new cannabis related website in Colorado and to keep promoting the legalization of this herb.  Don't forget to sign up for our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right, so we can send you more information about marijuana and keep you informed about the legalization of this herb.

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lawmakers Pass Medical Marijuana Bill In Alabama

Alabama Has Accepted A New Medical Marijuana Bill

The marijuana legalization revolution is still going on and we are seeing achievements almost every single day.  Now, the lawmakers in the State of Alabama, have decided to pass a new medical marijuana bill, which will definitely help to raise awareness about the benefits of this herb and allow other areas of the world, to legalize cannabis too.  

It was a unanimous decision at the Alabama legislature and this new bill, will now head out to Governor Robert Bentley, who has already talked about his support towards this cause and it is very likely that the bill will become a reality in the next couple of weeks.  

This new medical marijuana bill in Alabama, will allow people to buy prescribed medical grade cannabis, CBD or an extract that is non-intoxicating and even some cannabidoil.  It was back in 1972, when Congress decided to ban cannabis oil, as they believed that it had no medical benefits, but today, there are plenty of scientific and medical studies, which prove that this oil and herb, have tons of medical benefits and that they are useful for treating conditions such as seizures and many more.  At the moment, 20 States of the US, have now legalized medical marijuana and its oil extract, which is excellent news for all of us.  

This new medical marijuana bill in Alabama, is known as Carly's Law, as it was first developed in order to help young children, who were suffering from some tough seizures and some neurological disorders.  It was Carly's parents, who first appealed to Mike Ball, who is  Republican State Representative and who was also sponsoring the bill. They also contacted the governor, who was in complete favor of the bill and said that he would sign it, if he was given the chance.  

Jena Dalton, who is a resident of Madison, said "It's like a miracle.  This does not happen in Alabama.  We are the most conservative State." The new medical cannabis bill, will also come with a $1 million funding for neurology research of cannabidoil, at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, which is certainly great news too.  David Standaert, who is part of the UAB's Department of Neurology stated, "UAB will undertake research into the mechanisms underlying cannabidoil  to learn more about its function and effect on seizures."

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There Is Now A Cryptocurrency For Marijuana

New Cryptocurrencies For Purchasing Marijuana

Most of us have heard about BitCoin and other of the cryptocurrencies that are being created worldwide, but you may not have heard about the two new cryptocurrencies, which are focused on allowing people to purchase marijuana securely, whether it is legal or not.  

Security and safety, is one of the main concerns and promises from these cryptocurrency developers and some believe that they may have some effect on the continuous drug war, which appears to have no positive results anywhere in the world.  

The names of these cryptocurrencies are: PotCoins and DopeCoin, which are perfect for promoting their marijuana related goals.  They are definintely the first cryptocurrencies meant solely for the drug marketplace and this is great news for everyone who consumes marijuana, as traditional banks have not yet allowed people to freely do marijuana transactions with their funds and this is why these is great news for the cannabis industry.  

Goals Of These Marijuana Cryptocurrencies

Potcoin's goal is to focuses on helping people who already live in a US State that has legalized marijuana for either recreational or medical purposes.  DopeCoin, has a little different goal in mind, as they are planning to focus on the legal and illegal marijuana markets out there.  

"Mr. Jones", which is an alias for one of PotCoin developers, stated that they are focusing on being accepted by some of the legal marijuana markets out there, like the people who grow and sell marijuana in Colorado, Vancouver, Washington and even in some of the coffee shops in Amsterdam.  April will bring a cryptocurrency convention in New York and this is when the two developers of PotCoin, plan to make their venture public.  

DopeCoin's developer, "Dopey", stated that they are planning to help people buy marijuana legally or illegally online.  They plan to be the cryptocurrency for sites like Silk Road and  Dopey's exact words were, "We're the bad boys of cryptocurrency.  I would never advocate illegal drug use or any illegal activity to do with this currency.  This is a digital currency, created by the people, for the people and what the people do with it has the same consequences and responsibilities that they would have for the American dollar."   

Benefits Of These Marijuana Cryptocurrencies

While some people may think of these digital currencies as scams or something not useful at all, they might actually benefit the entire world and change the way we look at drugs once and for all.  Because marijuana is still not legal in most countries and traditional banks are still not working with some of the legal marijuana markets out there, these cryptocurrencies may offer the entire industry a new method for completing their transactions and allowing these businesses to grow.  

Digital currencies, will also add security to marijuana dispensaries, as they would not have to handle any cash and they would not be susceptible to robberies and other criminal activity.  Please remember to share and like this blog post and to subscribe to our free newsletter to the right.  

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Visiting Amsterdam Coffee Shops

Cannabis At Amsterdam Coffee Shops

After many years of smoking cannabis, I finally got to visit Amsterdam and this is the reason why I 
had not posted anything during the last few days. I know that my trip to Amsterdam may not be 
of much interest to many of you, but I want to tell you about the coffee shops that I got a chance 
to visit and what I think of them. 

I only spent four days in Amsterdam, but it was definitely an experience that I will never forget and 
something that I had to scratch from my bucket list. I had heard and read so many stories about 
the coffee shops and cannabis in Amsterdam that I just had to see them for myself. 

Before I left, I did a little research and found that it is not legal for anyone to smoke cannabis on 
the streets or outside coffee shops, (unless they are at their home). There were some bars, which 
had their smoke rooms and allow people to have a joint or two, but the coffee shops, do not sell 
any alcohol and it is usually not a good idea to ask for a beer or some wine. 

I stayed at Quentin Hotel, which was okay for sleeping and I did not spend too much time there, 
other than showering and sleeping. As soon as I arrived, I asked the lady at the front desk, which 
coffee shop was the closest and she said gave me the directions to a Bulldog Coffee Shop, which 
was only a block or two away. When I arrived there, I could smell the amazing cannabis coming 
from inside and the tables that are located outside. 

I went in and ordered four pre-rolled joints. The small cigarette type box had the word “Reefers” 
written on it and the Amsterdam XXX symbol. I lit the first one and had not smoked more than 
half, when I started feeling its effect. It was something that I had not felt in a long while. (It might 
have been because I had not smoked in a few days). This coffee shop is very nice. It has some nice 
decoration and I really enjoyed how the lady bartenders treated me.

I also liked a coffee shop named Betty Boop. It was very modern looking and it had some very nice 
decoration, related to this cartoon character. I ordered one weed joint and one weed with has 
joint and also smoked a few hits from a bong. I also enjoyed this coffee shop a lot and I am not 
certain if the Bulldog or this one was my favorite one. 

I also visited a couple of other coffee shops in Amsterdam. Their names are “Feels Good” and 
“La Tertulia”. The first one had some amazing pre-rolled joint and at the second one I ate a weed 
brownie, which was very tasty and I also smoked a joint from the four that I had bought at the 
Bulldog. These two coffee shops, had some old decoration and were not very nice at all, but the 
people there were very nice and I had a good time smoking there. 

After tasting the cannabis in these Amsterdam coffee shops and some others, I can say that 
anyone who enjoys consuming cannabis has to visit this amazing city at least once. I will definitely 
try to go back one day and I am very happy that I was finally able to visit some of the coffee shops 
in Amsterdam. 

Hope you enjoyed my story and I will continue publishing some interesting news about marijuana 
and other things related to this fabulous herb. If you want to receive more information from Zip 
420, feel free to sign up to our newsletter to the right and we will make sure that you get more 
information directly in your inbox.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour

Promoting Medical Marijuana With The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour

This will be the third year, that the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour will take place in Spain and it will surely be a very exciting event, just as it has been in past years.  The tour is 365 km long and it will be through the Mediterranean coastline.  The tour will start in Onda, which is a small town located in the Castellon region of Spain and it will end in Barcelona.  

When Spring comes, 40 cyclists will be participating in this tour and they will try to raise awareness about medical cannabis, which is currently one of the most talked about topics worldwide.  Luc Krol, who is the founder of Paradise Seeds, a business that is based in Amsterdam, has been working hard since the beginning of The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour, to get as much attention and funds, to keep studying and promoting the legalization of this herb.  

In 2013, the tour was able to raise 50000 euros, which was donated for research studies, led by some doctors from the Complutense University of Madrid.  Krol, now hopes to raise at least 100000 euros, during the 2014 Medical Cannabis Bike Tour and he plans to achieve this, by some donations and sponsorships.  

As said above, the tour will end in Barcelona, but it will do so, during Spannabis, which is a very popular marijuana festival and is sure to be fantastic too.  Rebecca Kelley, who will be one of the participants in the tour, stated "I am really excited to ride in the tour.  This is a great opportunity to show the world that medical cannabis is legitimate and should be explored as a viable treatment for diseases like cancer.  This tour is also a fantastic way to show that cannabis consumers can be athletes.  Stereotypes about marijuana lovers mean that athletes who partake tend to face a lot of flack by mainstream audiences.  I'm so happy that cannabactivism is really branching out with active, creative efforts like this one."

Please share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about The Medical Cannabis Bike Tour, which is taking place during March 2014 in Spain.  It will be a great event and we really hope that they are able to raise the funds that they have established in their goals.  You can also subscribe to our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will keep you informed about cannabis.

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