Thursday, February 28, 2013

Facts About Cannabis And Queen Victoria

A Physician From Queen Victoria’s Time Writes The Facts About Cannabis

It was not uncommon for people in the 19th century to use cannabis for medical purposes, such as rheumatism and muscle spasms.  According to some writings that one of Queen Victoria’s physician left, they even gave the queen some cannabis to ease her from the pains that her menstrual period caused her.  The records show that it was the syringe’s invention what would later stop the widespread medicinal use of cannabis and these are some facts about cannabis that have really changed the world.

In 1890, Queen Victoria was in charge of the English monarchy and her doctor was Sir J. Russel Reynolds.  There is proof that Sir Russel recommended cannabis to the queen, in order to control her menstrual cramps and to alleviate her pain during those days.

If you can find a copy an 1890 English journal named “The Lancet”, you can read about Sir Russel’s recommendations to the queen and this was the most prestigious and professional medical journal at the time.  This is one of the phrases that Sir Russel wrote about cannabis in this journal, “When pure and administered carefully, cannabis is one of the most valuable medicines we possess.”

The Real Facts About Cannabis

Not only was cannabis useful for Queen Victoria, but it is also very useful to millions of people today. If this herb is so helpful and the facts about cannabis prove that it does more good than bad, why should it be kept from the hands of those patients and why is anyone to be told what they can and cannot consume. If this is supposed to be a free world, why should we not be allowed to consume this herb that grows on its own and that has been consumed by our ancestors for millennia?

At Zip420, we do not believe that this herb should be prohibited for medicinal or recreational purposes and just as Queen Victoria once used it to forget about her menstrual cramps, people should be able to use it for alleviating nauseas, muscle pain and other illnesses.

Scientists are now discovering many facts about cannabis and it is now obvious that this herb is more beneficial than harmful, which is why several States in the US have already changed their view on it and why so many countries are now accepting cannabis openly.

The Facts About Cannabis Prove The This Herb Is Beneficial

Not only did Sir Russel notice the benefits of medical cannabis back in 1890, but there are also millions of other physicians and scientists who believe and have found that cannabis is in fact beneficial for our health in many ways.

New studies will take place in the future and they will show us more about what cannabis can do for us and why it should not be prohibited to anybody in this world. Please remember to share and like these facts about cannabis and to join our club to the right, so we can keep you informed.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Of The Best Marijuana Movies

A List Of Some Of The Best Marijuana Movies

In this article, I am going to tell you about five of the best marijuana movies, according to me and soon, I will publish another list. These movies have made me laughed and others have changed my point of view about cannabis, but I assure you that all of them are very good. 

So if you have some free time this week, sit on your couch, grab some munchies and watch some of the movies I am going to mention here.

The Best Marijuana Movies List

  • Harold and Kumar - It first started with "Harold and Kumar go to White Castle", which is an excellent movie and will make you laugh a lot. The scene with Kumar and the Mary Jane bag is simply hilarious and you will surely enjoy it a lot. Then "Harold and Kumar go to Guantanamo Bay was released and it is also a very funny movie to watch. The scene with George Bush is awesome and makes the movie worth watching. This trilogy ends with "A very Harold and Kumar Christmas", which is also very good and is even available in 3D.
  • Smiley Face - If you like comedies, you will certainly enjoy Smiley Face. Here you will see how a young actress changes her life after she eats a brownie with cannibis and all of the things she does will make you laugh. 
  • Up in Smoke - This is simply a movie that you must watch, if you enjoy cannabis, as it is a classic and it features Cheech and Chong, who are two very famous characters from the 70s. Although this is an old movie, it will still make you laugh a lot.
  • Half Baked - This is another of the best marijuana movies and although it is also a little old, it is now being considered as a Zip420 classic. This movie is really and it has some great scenes. Even if some of the things the characters get involved in, are really dumb, they will surely make you have a good time and smile.
  • How High - This is also a great movie and the way the two characters get through Harvard, shows how cannabis can actually be combined with a productive life. This is a great comedy, but it also shows some facts about cannabis, which makes this movie worth watching for sure.

Stay Tuned For More Of The Best Marijuana Movies

Zip420 is all about cannabis and I hope that you enjoy the movies I mentioned above. Soon I will create another list including more movies and I will also create one about great TV series or shows related to marijuana and that are great to watch too. Please remember to share and like this article and to visit again, to stay informed about medicinal and recreational cannabis news. You can also join our club to the right, so we can tell you more about the best marijuana movies ever and to keep you informed about interesting things.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Cannabis Documentary About Canada

Watch This Cannabis Documentary About The Herb In Canada

According to police enforcers in the beautiful country of Canada, there is now at least one growing operation, within every few households and cannabis growing is now gaining popularity in most parts of this country. Although there are still many people who are not in favor of legalizing the herb or do not want to see it in their neighborhoods, there are now also many who favor it and who are growing it on a regular basis.

There is no doubt about the benefits of medical cannabis, but in Canada it has already gone further than that. People are growing it outdoors, indoors and in almost any place that they can.  Former politicians in Canada are also growing the herb and whether they are doing it for medical, recreational or industrial purposes, it is obvious that millions of people want the legalization of cannabis to take place.

It is said that at least 20000 people who live in British Columbia grow their own cannabis and it is also believed that many of them grow it to make some money out of it. Some people believe that cannabis is already part of their town’s culture and when they look at what their ancestors used cannabis for, they are more than certain that marijuana should still be part of their lives.

This Cannabis Documentary Shows The Truth

In the cannabis documentary that you can watch below, (which was not uploaded to YouTube by Zip420 and we do not know the person who did), you can see how the ex mayor of Forks,Canada, admitted that he liked smoking cannabis every now and then, which caused him to lose the next elections that he was part of.

The cannabis documentary also shows what the current laws on Cannabis are doing to Canada’s and the world’s security, as there are now many gangs, police enforcers and users who have to be armed in order to protect themselves.  As cannabis growing operations get more sophisticated, the people who operate them also get more worried about their security and they try to protect them in any way that they can.

Cannabis is a very large business and as long as people consume it, there will be someone selling it. According to some of the people in the video, there are only two groups of people who win with the current cannabis laws and those are the organized crime groups and their lawyers. The taxpayers are the people that lose with the current cannabis laws, as we have to keep jails functioning, pay for law enforcement and more.

Watch This Cannabis Documentary And Learn 

After watching the video, you will see what is happening in Canada and what could happen if the legalization of cannabis would take place. In the video you will see some people who are selling the herb underground and you will see what some cops think about it and how they are not keeping the law as much as they used to in the past. Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can see this cannabis documentary and learn more about the herb. 

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Willie Nelson Is Part Of The Famous Marijuana Smokers Club

One Of The Top Famous Marijuana Smokers

Willie Nelson is without a doubt, one of the most iconic, influencing and popular artists in the music industry. He has been awarded ten Grammys and he has also helped a lot of people throughout his career. Not only is he a great singer and artist, but Willie has also recently written a book about his life, which is titled "Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die." We all know about Willie's ideas on cannabis and this is why at Zip420, we recognize him as one of the famous marijuana smokers. 

Most people know that Willie's favorite pastime or hobby is to smoke marijuana and he has made it public many times. Last November, Willie appeared in the "Piers Morgan Show" and he had an amazing interview. As soon as the interview started, Willie was asked a question, which almost noboody expected. The host asked Willie if he had smoked cannabis right before the show and if he was in his typical haze state. Willie did not hesitate to answer and he even said that he might of had smoke some cannabis earlier that morning, but that he did not recall it pretty well, as he made a small joke about short term memory loss.

This was only one of the times that Willie has talked about cannabis in public and he even talked about some of his famous friends, with whom he smokes cannabis together with, many times per year.

Revelations Of Famous Marijuana Smokers

During that interview, Willie, who has created more than 60 studio albums and is a famous country music star, also commented about some of the people that he smokes cannabis with and he told the public a great story about him and famous rapper Snoop Dogg. According to Willie, he was once in the city of Amsterdam, when he received a call from his close friend Snoop Dogg, with whom he smokes cannabis on a regular basis and talked about recording a song together.

Willie said in the interview, that when Snoop Dogg found out he was in Amsterdam, Snoop took the first plane that he could and met his friend in the Neatherlands.  They both then spent a few days relaxing, smoking cannabis and recording a new song together. This is certainly a good story about two of the most famous marijuana smokers ever and it also shows how cannabis has helped, this two very different artists to work together.

Famous Marijuana Smokers And Common People Do Not Need To Visit Amsterdam To Smoke Cannabis Anymore

Just like Willie Nelson said in his interview last November, things will be changing for everyone who smokes cannabis, as it will no longer be necessary to travel all of the way to Amsterdam to have a little fun. Because, several States in the US have now legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes, cannabis enthusiasts no longer have to travel long distances to smoke a joint and this is just what Willie Nelson said. Now, according to Willie, we can all now go to Colorado and have some fun, as cannabis laws have changed in that State and you can smoke cannabis even if you are a tourist.

Please remember to share and like this article and to join our club to the right. We will keep you informed about the most recent cannabis news around the world and what some of the famous marijuana smokers do.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Largest Cannabis Shop Yet

Seattle Gets A Super Cannabis Shop

The beautiful city of Seattle is now home to possibly the largest cannabis shop yet. It is located in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood and it is just like walking in to one of the large Whole Foods supermarkets that are around the city.

This shop has been named “Green Ambrosia” and it was opened last week. It is without a doubt the largest medical cannabis dispensary and according to its owner, it will change how cannabis is perceived in this city and all over the world. The shop was able to open its doors because Initiative 502 was accepted last year and it helps to regulate marijuana for recreational use, within the State of Washington.

Many people speculate that this is how other cannabis shops will look in the future and a lot is expected from Green Ambrosia. The owner of this super shop is Dante Jones and he stated that even though his business has been operating since 2011, they had not been able to open a storefront until last week, which is certainly one of the most important goals that they had.

A Cannabis Shop Were You Will Find Everything

Even if there are still some restrictions as to how much marijuana a cannabis shop can sell or have in its store at a certain time, Green Ambrosia is offering a large selection of cannabis and it is surely going to be changing everyone’s perspective about this herb.

Store owners like Jones, are still not certain about how some of the licenses will be operating for the business that will be offering different types of cannabis products, but they are certain that some regulations will be released very soon and that these are going to be more than fair.

Jones also stated that they are getting ready for when these new licenses and regulations are made public, which is why they are confident that their business will continue to operate successfully. There are now several forums being held publicly, in order to determine how recreational cannabis should be licensed and the results will surely not take very long. Even if some are still in doubt about these new regulations and federal law is not yet accepting cannabis in all of the country, Washington State is going to demonstrate to the world what could be different when cannabis is accepted widely.

Cannabis Shop Will Soon In Every City Of The World

Here at ZIP420, we believe that the legalization of cannabis will take place all over the world soon and that Washington, as well as Colorado, will show us the road. New changes are happening all of the time and it is finally time for the entire world to accept marijuana, as it is not dangerous and it does help a lot of people.
One day, cannabis will be legal and the world will be different. Don't forget to join our club to the right and to please share and like this article, so that others can learn about the largest cannabis shop in Seattle and how things are going to change all around the world. 
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Bill For the Legalization Of Cannabis In Maine

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Soon To Come To Maine

It was last Thursday, when some of the politicians in Maine, decided to unveil a bill about the legalization of cannabis and it includes allowing it for recreational purposes within the State. The bill was proposed by Republican Diana Russell and it was also sponsored by Republican Aron Libby. If this bill is to be accepted it will certainly change the State, as it would no longer penalize people for the possession of cannabis and there would be several businesses selling the herb.

It was during a press conference that Russell and some other politicians stated that they believe the current laws about cannabis are only sending people to prison, who are really not criminals and are doing nothing more than medicating themselves or using it as entertainment, just like millions of people do with alcohol every day.  Russell also said that the current laws on cannabis are not allowing the government to benefit from taxes and to earn millions of dollars.

According to Russell, if Maine would accept the legalization of cannabis and would tax it, they would get around $13 million per year, which she believes should be used for the State’s General Fund, as it is where funding for public education and almost all social service funds come from. She also stated the rest of the money should help to keep the bill or new law, that it should be used for creating prevention and substance abuse programs, as well as for doing more studies on the benefits of cannabis.

The Legalization Of Cannabis In One More State

Maine already has its own medicinal cannabis dispensaries and they have had no problems with them, since medicinal cannabis was accepted in the State. Now, Russell and many people believe that this new bill can finally be accepted and to make cannabis or recreational purposes accepted here.  This is exactly what Russell had to say “We have proven here in Maine that this can be done for medicinal purposes and it’s now time to institute that same strict regulatory infrastructure for responsible adult recreational consumers.”

A similar bill was rejecting last year in Maine, but now many are confident that there will be enough votes to get this new bill accepted.  Russell proposal includes allowing people who are over 21 years of age to grow no more than six cannabis plants indoors. She also stated that adults could give the herb to other adults, without charging them anything and without being penalized for anything. The bill would also allow the herb to be smoked anywhere and the Department of Administrative and Financial Services would be in charge of the licenses for cannabis dispensaries, growing businesses, product manufacturing and test labs.

Support The Legalization Of Cannabis

It is time for cannabis to become legal everywhere, as it is helpful for many and it can also be fun. Please remember to share this article about the legalization of cannabis and to like it too.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

What? Investment Opportunities In Cannabis?

Read AboutSome Investment Opportunities In Cannabis

Believe it or not, there are now several investment opportunities that involve cannabis and even if it is still not accepted publicly in most of the world and the US government still bans it, there is an American green rush going on right now and you could be profiting from it, if you make the right decisions.

If you invest in stocks, you will certainly know what penny stocks are and if you don’t, it would be a good idea to do a little research about them, if you want to take advantage of the opportunities that I am going to tell you about here.

Thanks to some US State laws, it is now legal to invest in some companies that are involved in the medicinal marijuana industry and here are three that are rising quite fast.

ThreeInvestment Opportunities Related To Cannabis

  • ·         Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCPINK: MJNA) - This is a company involved in the medical marijuana industry and hemp for industrial purposes. This company is already offering different types of services, products and technologies, which are based on the cannabis and hemp plant. It has had a couple of good days in the market this past week and I am pretty sure that its stocks will keep rising as time goes by.

  • ·         GreenGro Technologies, Inc (OTCPINK: GRNH) – This is another company that might interest you, although it has nothing to do with medicinal marijuana or the hemp for industrial purposes industries. GreenGro Technologies is a company that provides agricultural systems, which are based on scientific knowledge and also provides some of the latest technologies in the industry. It has all different types of customers and it is one of the companies that many investors are now looking at, since the American green rush started.  This company’s stocks are also rising quite fast and it would be a good idea to invest in them, before their price is too high for you.
  • ·         Transbyte Corp. (OCTPINK: ERBB) – This company is known worldwide for being one of the largest and most marijuana dispensary brands. It offers a wide variety of medical marijuana products and other types of services as well. It is one of the largest organic product promoters in the world and it is certainly one of the companies that have gained the most popularity in recent times.  Investing in this company is probably the least risky opportunity of these three companies, as it is already known worldwide and it has a real extensive product catalog. It also has other projects for the future and they are one of the best investment opportunities in the cannabis industry.

TheCannabis Industry Will Provide More Investment Opportunities Soon

As cannabis laws keep changing and medicinal cannabis is being accepted in more parts of the world, the investment opportunities in the cannabis industry will keep growing and you could certainly be a part of them. Please remember to share this article, to like this article and to join our club at the right, so that we can keep you informed about interesting things.  You can also take a look at some of the new vaporizers that we have in our ads; some have special discounts!

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Former US Attorney Now Favors Medical Marij

This Is Only One Story About The Benefits Of Medical Marij

The benefits of cannabis, marijuana, ganja, Mary Jane or however you want to call this herb are now being publicly attested by many people and even important ones. There is now no doubt, about the benefits of medical marij and how it can help to keep pain at very low levels, how it can make nausea go away and how it can relieve people from other types of suffering.  

Many are still skeptical about the benefit of medicinal cannabis and what it can do for some people, but there are now many important politicians, medical experts, scientists and patients who are testifying to these benefits publicly and one of them is former US Attorney Mel McDonald.  This man was a in President Ronald Reagan’s campaign against drugs and he is now accepting the benefits of medicinal cannabis and even making statements in public.

Although his story is very sad and we hope that his son does feel better, his story is worth telling and this is exactly what happened.

It was on August 8, 1997 when McDonald’s stepson suffered a terrible accident. He was playing with his go-pad and when he tried crossing the street riding on it, he was hit by a vehicle that was passing by. The boy has suffered many medical problems since then and these include epilepsies, seizures and nausea almost all the time. The boy also went from 180 pounds to 119 and had lost his appetite entirely.

A friend of the boy, decided to offer him some marijuana one day and since then his life has been very different.  The exact words of Mel were “With all of the medicines that we’ve used since 1997, not one has ever been able to solve the problem of the deep and acute nausea other than marijuana. Do not criminalize people that desperately need medicine to help them eat and remain alive. Don’t criminalize it and force people like my wife to go underground and to commit crimes to spare the life of her son. “

Here is a video that I found in YouTube (Not made by Zip420), which shows an interview of the former US Attorney talking about the topic.

The Former Attorney Had Even More To Say About Medical Marij

Just like McDonald’s poor stepson, there are also other who benefit a lot from cannabis and the stories about medical marij are now endless. The former US Attorney had even more to say about his thoughts on medicinal cannabis and the Huffington Post made it public recently: 
Marijuana is the one plant out there that solves enormous problems for people with not only a seizure disorder like my son, but also with cancer and other illness. What I’ve tried to do is become a vocal proponent that this is not contrived. You don’t have to be riding a skateboard with long hair and be a hippy to realize that there are genuine people that need this. And people that take efforts to block it…are just wrong!

Please share and like this article about medical marij and subscribe to our club to the right, so we can keep you informed about interesting things.
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bob Marley Marijuana Idol!

The Bob Marley Marijuana Tradition Is Still Alive

Bob Marley was definitely one of the most famous cannabis smokers of all time and not only did he love to smoke the herb, but he was also an activist and talked about marijuana in public, during a time when most people discouraged the use of this herb.  The Bob Marley marijuana movement is not over and even though he is not with us anymore, his music and thoughts are still influencing many.

In this post, you will be able to read and watch a short interview about what Bob Marley thought and what he hoped for.

Most of you probably did not know that Bob Marley’s real name was Nesta Robert Marley and that he was born on February 6, 1945. He was a singer from Jamaica, who also composed his own music and wrote his own songs.

Bob Marley was born in a small town named Nine Mile, Jamaica and had a normal youth, but some strong problems with his racial identity. This was a problem for him all throughout his life, yet he was able to succeed and to become one of the most famous artists of all times. He is also one of the most famous cannabis smokers and that is why he deserves a place in our blog.

Other Facts About The Bob Marley Marijuana Movement

Bob Marley was also known for being part of the Rastafari movement in Jamaica at those times, which tried to implement or make reggae more popular around the world. (They surely did a great job at it!) Thanks to the Bob Marley marijuana movement and the Rastafari movement were able to reach the world and international music scene very fast and they are still famous today.

Few of you might know, that Bob Marley was also a father and that he had in fact, several children. This famous cannabis smoker had three children with his wife Rita, he also adopted two children that his wife had before meeting him and he even had other children with some unknown women.

Overall, Bob Marley was a great figure and he certainly had many great beliefs. His death on May 11, 1981 was very sad, as he was only 36 years old and still had many things to do in life. Bob Marley’s funeral took place on May 21, 1981 as his body was taken from Miami to Jamaica. The world would be different, if Bob Marley was still alive!

The Bob Marley Marijuana Interview

I found the following video on YouTube (I have no idea who the person who uploaded it is) and I thought it was worth posting it here.  It is an interview that Bob Marley had and it shows exactly what he thinks about marijuana and smoking the herb.

Please remember to share and like this article, as well as the blog and to subscribe to our club to the right. We will keep you informed about the Bob Marley marijuana movement and about other cool things. 

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Government Of Uruguay Recommends Eating Marijuana

Eating Marijuana Is A Great Idea!

Uruguay is one of the countries that have almost accomplished the legalization of cannabis and most of its residents are in favor of legalizing it. The Government of Uruguay is looking to legalize marijuana, as they believe it is a great strategy for lowering violence and other crimes.  Now, government officials in this country are launching a campaign to alert its citizens about the benefits of eating cannabis and smoking it with a water pipe, rather than smoking it in a normal joint.

Julio Calzada, who is the General National Drug Secretary in Uruguay, stated to the press that the government is trying let its citizens know about the risks of smoking cannabis and that they are trying to minimize them, just like it is done with tobacco and alcohol.

He also stated that it is the government’s job to launch these health campaigns and to let everyone know about the different risks or benefits of certain substances, in this case cannabis.  Calzada also stated that the government does not promote consuming substances that are a risk factor to someone’s health, but that they do inform about the least risky methods of consuming them.

Calzada also talked about the risks of smoking cannabis, which are similar to smoking tobacco, as it can affect the lungs and that this is why the Government of Uruguay recommends eating marijuana or smoking it in a water pipe, to prevent some of the risks.  Another Uruguayan government official, Jose Mujica, stated that he believed the government should give away marijuana for free, as this would stop any trafficking and would lower criminal rates as well.

Eating Marijuana Is Not Only Healthier, It Is Delicious Too!

Just like the Government of Uruguay recommends its people to consume cannabis orally instead of inhaling it, I also recommend it and there are millions of experts that do so too.  Eating marijuana can be a lot healthier than smoking it and even though, cannabis is not nearly as harmful as tobacco or other drugs, prevention will always be the best road.

Medical studies have now proven that consuming marijuana in brownies, lollipops, candy, cakes, ice cream, meatloaf and other foods, is a lot healthier than smoking it and that it can also increase the effects of marijuana in your body, as well as the time that they last.

When you eat food that has THC or marijuana in it, you will most likely enjoy it a lot and after a few minutes you will start feeling its effects. People who don’t like smoking or who are concerned about their health, should consider this the next time you want to smoke some cannabis, as it is healthier and delicious too.

Eating Marijuana Is Recommended For Medicinal AndRecreational Use

So if you are a fan of smoking cannabis or you do it for medicinal purposes, you should really consider eating it instead, as you will prevent your lungs from filling with smoke and other health problems.  Please remember to share/like this article and to join our club to the right, so that we can send you some of the best eating marijuana recipes out there.

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Can You Imagine What Marijuana Tourism Will Do?

Colorado May Now Accept Marijuana Tourism

Yesterday, a state task force in Colorado made a recommendation to start regulating cannabis for tourism, since the herb has already been made legal by residents of the State last year.  If this new recommendation is accepted, Colorado might be one of the first places in the US to admit marijuana tourism and this means that the legalization of cannabis is a lot closer than we think.

 Even if many people in the State are considering to accept regulating cannabis for tourists, they are still think about those regulations and it would be important for the State’s authorities to remember tourists that they cannot take any marijuana back home, which is why some signs in airports and at the State’s borders are being considered.

The Colorado’s marijuana task force has had several meetings, to try and come up with new regulations, after marijuana was made legal by voters in the State, even though the herb is still illegal according to federal law.  The task force has come up with some ideas and one of them is to accept marijuana tourism, since the constitutional amendment on marijuana, states that any person who is over 21 years of age can use the herb and it does not say anything about being available only for Colorado residents. This means, that lawmakers could agree on the herb being freely available to tourists in Colorado and that they could also smoke it freely.

Still Some Things To Settle, Before We See Marijuana Tourism In Colorado

According to Rep. Dan Pabon, who is a Denver Democrat, allowing only Colorado residents to use marijuana, would create a black market and this is certainly something that nobody wants.

There are still some decisions to be made, as some believe that traffickers would take advantage of these new laws, to get marijuana to other States in the US, which is why they are still trying to decide how to prevent this from happening and how to protect the State’s borders.

Growing cannabis in Colorado is also accepted now, but there are still some skeptics who think that the marijuana gardens should have more than a chain around them, to prevent children from having access to them and seeing the plants.

The public use of cannabis is still one of the important topics about this new recommendation, as some believe that cannabis smokers should only smoke the herb inside a house, while others believe that they should be able to smoke it on their porch, if they so want to.  If someone is allowed to drink a beer on their porch or backyard, we should also be allowed to smoke a joint on our porch or backyard. After all, it is our house and it is our life.

Colorado’s Marijuana Tourism Story, May Start After February 28th

The task force has until Feb 28th for recommending their new regulations, if you want to stay informed about this and other cannabis news, subscribe to our club to the right and please remember to share and like this article. Marijuana tourism may occur within a few weeks and the legalization of cannabis is closer than ever.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Marijuana Controversy In Massachusetts

One Day There Will Be No Marijuana Controversy!

The new medical marijuana law around the world, are creating a huge controversy, as they are being accepted by different States, even when the federal government does not accept the use of cannabis for either medical or recreational use.  There is a marijuana controversy going on right now in Massachusetts, as they are having this exact problem with their laws on medical cannabis and have to fight against the federal laws, which have been prohibiting cannabis for around 75 years now.

Now, this problem could really become serious in this American State, as a large number of people could end up losing their jobs, if they consume cannabis for medicinal purposes.  According to some experts, people who are currently using cannabis for some health benefits in the State of Massachusetts, could lose their jobs, especially if they are doctors or employees at a company that requires them to report, if they are consuming any drugs.

Another example of people who are in danger of losing their jobs if they consume cannabis are transportation workers, as they need to tell their employers when they are consuming a prescription drug or an over the counter medicine. This could definitely affect their careers and many could end up bankrupt, if something is not done about this now.

According to the experts, there is also a marijuana controversy in the Police departments of Massachusetts, as sometimes their officers have problems deciding whether to apply the federal or State laws, when it comes to marijuana possession, although most of the time, federal law wins.  Experts have also commented on the use of medical marijuana for police officers and they say that this is simply out of the question. According to others, no cop should be under the influence of cannabis while they are on the job and many believe that they should not be driving or handling guns either.

Marijuana Controversy Is Close To An Ending

The State of Massachusetts is also having a discussion on whether it should grant medical marijuana patients gun licenses or not, as some believe that someone who possesses marijuana should not be allowed to own a gun at the same time.  The question comes, when an applicant declares that they are a medical marijuana patient, but are not allowed to posses this substance according to federal law.

Some residents of Massachusetts, argue that they should take a look at what Oregon is doing, as their State Supreme Court ruled that no sheriff or police departments has the authority to deny a weapon permit to an applicant, only because they are also declaring that they use medical marijuana. This is happening right now, even if the US Supreme Court declined the Oregon case hearing and federal law, still bans the possession of marijuana and guns.

Let’s End The Marijuana Controversy

More people now accept the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes and we should also allow it for recreational purposes, as it does less harm and would benefit the world in many ways.  Please remember to share and like the article and to register to our club so that we can tell you about other cool things. Let’s end the marijuana controversy now.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

A Cannabis Documentary That Will Open Your Eyes

Watch This Cannabis Documentary

It has been a while since I uploaded any videos or documentaries to the blog, so I think it is about time. The cannabis documentary that I am going to share with you, will teach you more about the use of cannabis as medicine and it will also inform you about what others are doing to help the legalization of cannabis to take place.

The documentary lasts almost an hour, so you better make some time to watch or just watch it tonight before you go to bed. The video was uploaded to YouTube and I found it a couple of days ago. I felt that it would be a good idea to share it with you here and I really hope that you watch it. If you like smoking pot and you like it a lot, you will certainly enjoy this documentary very much too.

This Cannabis Documentary Will Teach You Something

When you watch the cannabis documentary, you will hear people talking about the benefits of medical marijuana, you will see some of the events thst have taken place around the world to promote cannabis and you will also hear people give out their opinions about legalizing this herb. The documentary was filmed very well and you will not get bored when you watch it.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nederland Is Taking First Steps Towards The Legalization Of Cannabis

The Legalization Of Cannabis Will Happen One Day And Soon!

The small town of Nederland, Colorado might be the first to regulate cannabis in America and make it very similar to alcohol.  This 1500 citizen hippie town is trying to pass an ordinance that will accept the legalization of cannabis and that will change America forever.

According to Rico Colibri, who is known for supporting cannabis, said in an interview by CBS, “The ordinance will regulate marijuana establishments in a fashion similar to alcohol and there’s different licenses proposed in the Constitution.  Colibri has been living in Nederland since January and he believes that once Amendment 64 is passed, the small Colorado town will look a lot more like the Netherlands.  I certainly want to see this happen and according to some of the people in the town and even its Mayor, it is very likely that the Amendment will pass, as the town is mostly all in favor of cannabis use, for both medical and recreational use.  

Will NederlandTake The Next Step For The Legalization Of Cannabis?

The ordinance is planned to sell cannabis, only to those people who are of age and there would be certain establishments that would be allowed to do so.  The Mayor of the town, Joe Gierlach said that they are going to have a meeting on Feb 26th and that it is then when they will be deciding what to do about the process in this ordinance. The Mayor will be meeting with his board of trustees and many of the people in this town are very optimistic about it.

The ordinance only requires 90 signatures in order to be accepted, but the goal is to get 420. Once the minimum signatures have been collected and the town has accepted the ordinance, it might also have to be placed in the town’s next voting ballot.

Colibri also thinks that because the town of Nederland has a small population, it will be extremely easy to collect all of the signatures that we need for the legalization of cannabis to take place in this small town of America.  Nederland’s Mayor said that it is just part of their culture and that he hopes the entire town can come to an agreement, as to how the recreational use of cannabis should be handled there.

TheLegalization Of Cannabis In Nederland Will Increase Tourism

Just like Amsterdam and other cities that have accepted or have a high tolerance for cannabis smokers, when this ordinance is accepted in this small, yet very beautiful Colorado town, tourism will increase dramatically and this will bring more profits to local businesses.

The acceptance of this ordinance will also help to boost up the economy of the town of Nederland and to provide a better way of life for its residents. Please help to raise awareness about what is going on, by sharing and liking the article. The legalization of cannabis will take place one day, join our club at the right and we'll let you know about cool things!

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

It’s Like Having A Real Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Your Phone

A Mobile Medical Marijuana Dispensary

If you smoke medical cannabis and live in one of States that allow it, you can now make use of an incredible resource, to learn more about the cannabis strains that are in your local medical marijuana dispensary, what they can do for you and more. The site I am talking about is and it is really amazing.

Here you will be able to explore some of the most common cannabis strains and even some of the most unique ones. You will be able to read an interesting review about each one of them and they have even integrated a rating system, which categorizes cannabis strains into good or bad.

Leafly now has their own mobile apps and you can find them in the Android Market and Apple Store. This makes it extremely easy to discover new cannabis strains on the go and it also helps patients to decide, which the best strain for them is.

One of the featured cannabis strains at the moment is, “Diablo” and according to its review, it has a THC content of more than 20%. I would certainly love to have some of that right now! This strain currently has a 7.9 rating, but after reading some of the reviews, I am pretty sure that it is a great cannabis strain.

Places WereYou Can Find A Medical Marijuana Dispensary

After searching for the cannabis strains that you like the most, you can easily use the app or normal website to search for the closest medical marijuana dispensary and because there are now so many locations shown in Leafly, you will have no problem finding one.

Today, you can use this service to find cannabis dispensaries in California, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, Maine, Michigan, Nevada, Rhode Island and many more.  There are cannabis dispensaries from all the major cities in these States, like Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle and others.

After you have browse through the cannabis strains and found a local medical cannabis dispensary, you can your favorite cannabis strains to your shopping list, so that you don’t forget to buy them when you are at the dispensary.

MoreFeatures For Your Mobile Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Besides the things I mentioned above, having the Leafly app installed in your mobile device or tablet, will also allow you to create personal journal entries, which you can use to note some of the things that you have liked about certain cannabis strains and to keep a close record of your results.

Overall, this service is very useful and if you are a medical cannabis patient, you will surely find a great use for it. We all get confused with so many medical cannabis strains out there and Leafly has just made it easier to learn what each of the strains does and how it tastes.

I am simply loving Leafly’s Android App and if you appreciate medical cannabis, please help by sharing and liking this post, so that more people can find out about this medical marijuana dispensary service.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis

Know More About The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis

Nobody should have to suffer from an illness or disease and this is why we strongly believe that medical cannabis should be allowed everywhere. There are really many positive medical benefits of cannabis and if people can live a better life with it, why is it still illegal? Many medical studies, have now proven that cannabis does help people who suffer from some types of cancer, leuchemia and other diseases; so why does anyone have the right to stop them from feeling better? Why are they not allowing sick people to feel better and to lead a happier life? We really believe that is in an outrage and this why the legalization of cannabis has to take place soon.

Some parts of the United States, like California, Colorado and Washington, have already allowed medical cannabis within their borders and this has helped millions already. There are also several countries in Europe, which have already passed laws to accept medical cannabis and the results have been better than expected. The most recent one is the Czech Republic, which just accepted the use of cannabis for medical purposes last week and will surely start seeing some important changes soon.

The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis Are Real

It is time for everyone to accept that the prohibition of cannabis was a big mistake and that both medical and recretional use of cannabis, should be legalized right now. People who are really suffering are capable of feeling better and sometimes even getting cured when they smoke cannabis for medicinal puposes. The cannabis dispensaries that provide the cannabis to patients, help the community by paying taxes and these bring in some outrageous sums. Crime will also drop once medical and recretional cannabis are legal, just like it has been proven in some parts of the world.

These are benefits that the legalization of cannabis would bring for the entire world, but the medical benefits of cannabis are even greater. Scientists are barely realizing all of the things that cannabis can do for us and because there are now more technological advances in medicine, I have no doubts that there will be more scientific facts about how cannabis can help people with certain disease and how it is not nearly as dangerous as other drugs, like alcohol and tobacco.

In this blog, we have added some documentaries from National Geographic, which talk about how medicinal and recretional cannabis are really beneficial to society.  They show some interesting facts about cannabis history, its prohibition, its benefits and a lot of opinons about why this herb should become legal now. Experts around the world, agree about how cannabis can help certain people and it is time for everyone to admit that cannabis is not a drug and that it will be consume wether it is legal or not. So, why not make cannabis legal and let others live a happy life?

Help Promote The Medical Benefits Of Cannabis

If you want a more detailed and professional point of view about what cannabis can do for people, you can look at some of the videos that we have added in the Cannabis Documentaries label of this blog or you can simply search Google and find what millions of experts have to say about this. Here at Zip420, we believe that the medical benefits of cannabis should not be taken away from anyone and this why we support the legalization of cannabis.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Famous Marijuana Smokers

Snoop Dogg Is In The Famous Marijuana Smokers List

There are many celebrities who have openly admitted that they smoke cannabis and that they love it. One of the most famous marijuana smokers of our time is without a doubt Snoop Dogg and here I will tell you a little more about his life.

Since the early 90s, Snoop Dogg, has been influencing people around the world and today, he is known as one of the best rappers and is definitely one of the most popular celebrities out there. His music has been heard by millions and many of his first songs are still being played on the radio.  So keep on reading and learn more about Snoop Dogg and his life.

Something that you probably did not know about this rapper, is that he recently changed his name to Snoop Lion, while he was in Jamaica recording “Reincarnated”, which is a music album that has reggae and Rastafarian styles. It is certainly an original album and something that many Snoop Dogg fans were not expecting.

Snoop Lion Is One Of Our Favorite Famous Marijuana Smokers

Because his lifestyle is very different from that of other celebrities and because he has created such a cultural consciousness about cannabis, Snoop Lion earns our respect and is ranked amongst one of the top famous marijuana smokers of all time.

We still remember his first album “Doggystyle” and believe that it is truly one of the best rap albums ever.  Not only has he created great music, but he has also appeared in some great television shows and movies as well. Snoop Lion is one of the most popular celebrities of our times and he has certainly influenced a lot of people over the years.

We also like Snoop Lion because he once declared that he smokes cannabis at least 81 times a day and that he will not stop smoking the herb, as he loves it very much.  He has never been shy about declaring his love for cannabis and this is why we believe he is worthy of mentioning.

Snoop Lion has also declared to the press, that he smokes cannabis with his eldest son Corde and that he believes that his helps them to be closer. Families that smoke together, have more chances of staying together according to some people and Snoop Lion certainly believes so.

Famous Marijuana Smokers Want It Legalized

Like many other people who smoke cannabis, Snoop Lion has also made it public that he wants the legalization of cannabis to occur one of these days and that he strongly believes it will help our world. His exact words were “Just like alcohol and prohibition, it’s a business! Alcohol was legalized so it could be taxed. And alcohol and tobacco kill. If you legalize marijuana, it’ll save lives and will put more money in the financial side, so why not?”

Please share this post and like, as just like many other famous marijuana smokers, Snoop Lion is in favor of the legalization of cannabis and this is why Zip420 loves him.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why Are There So Many Cannabis Strains

Know Your Cannabis Strains

As you may already know there are several types of cannabis out there and these are called cannabis strains. These are basically the names that plant growers give to their cannabis plants and unlike common horticulture, cannabis growers rarely give their plants their own name, as growing this plant is still an underground activity. 

I want to share with you something that I know about the different strains of cannabis that I have tried and I also want to tell you about some of the other ones out there and what you can expect from them. So keep on reading, follow us on Twitter @Zip_420 or subscribe to our cannabis club on the right, so we can keep you informed about the latest in cannabis news, trends and more.

The Popular Cannabis Strains

As said above, cannabis growers do not name their plants after them, because this is still considered an underground activity and it would not be convenient for them in any way. This is why, most of the cannabis strains that we know today, have very unique names and why some are based on the smell, look or feel of the plant.

Those cannabis plants that have a strong smell or that have a unique smell to them, get categorized under the skunk type of cannabis and these are certainly very good to smoke. Other cannabis plants, get the name of Blueberry and this is due to the fact that they do have a sort of blueberry smell. This strain is believed to have been started in Hawaii, which is an excellent region for growing cannabis and other plants as well.

There are even some strains that have been named after the famous Star Wars movies and these are also quite interesting to smoke. Skywalker OG is one of the most popular ones and it also has a distinct smell and causes some magnificent effects. If you are ever offored some Skywalker OG, you should really give it a try, as you will not regret it and you will remember it for the rest of your life. These are only a few strains of cannabis, but there are already many more out there, which are really great and are worth smoking.

Even if some of the strains have stupid names or sound like something that you would never want to try, you can be certain that you will get a buzz from them and that you will love many of them. Trying new strains every now and then is an excellent idea, but you must be careful with those cannabis dispensaries that just use a popular strain name to sell some of their lower quality cannabis.

How Are Cannabis Strains Created

If you have no idea how the different strains of cannabis are created, the following sentences will give you a better idea. Creating a new strain of cannabis is not that hard, as it is very similar to dog breeding and you will get better as you go. When breeding dogs, you basically choose the same breeds, if you want to get puppies that are almost the same as their parents and you choose different breeds when you want to get all different kinds of puppies that do not look the alike or even act the same.

This is basically the same when you are trying to create a new strain of cannabis, as you can get almost the same plants if you breed one single strain of cannabis and you can get very different plants, if you select several strains of cannabis. 

Please remember to share and like our posts and to leave us your comments.Hopefully this information has helped you to know more about the difference in cannabis strains that are available for us today and you can make a better decision the next time you are thinking of smoking or growing some cannabis. (Remember its an underground activity)