Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Next Decade Will Turn Marijuana Into The Single Best Investment Idea

Todd Harrison's Opinion On Marijuana Being The Best Investment Idea

Marijuana is becoming more popular every day and today, investors are certain that it will play a very important factor in the next decade.  Todd Harrison, who is the CEO and founder of Minyanville, a financial media company on the web, believes marijuana "will be the single best investment idea for the next ten years."

He also thinks that the legalization of cannabis will take in more States of the US, because they will need to get more taxes.  He talked about the $134 million that cannabis legalization can generate for the State of Colorado during the next fiscal year and he said that this is barely the beginning.  

Harrison called Colorado, the "litmus test", as he believes this is going to help the entire legalization of cannabis and that it is only the first step, towards out main goal.  Harrison also mentioned that legalizing marijuana, would lower some crime rates and the prison populations will return to a normal level as well.  

The New York Times, also published a report, stating that at least half of the States in the US, are thinking about legalizing marijuana, either for medicinal or recreational purposes.  This only shows how the efforts for legalizing this herb are taking effect and are finally yielding some positive results.  

Experts believe that the legal marijuana market, will grow at least 60% in 2014, generating more than $2 billion, instead of the $1.44 billion, which it has generated in previous years.  While Wall Street is still not involved in the marijuana market, people like Harrison and other investors, are now certain that it will some day become part of it and that it will be one of the best investments in the near future.  

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jamaica May Be Legalizing Marijuana Soon Too!

Marijuana May Become Legal In Jamaica

While many people believe that marijuana is completely legal in Jamaica, the truth is that millions of people from this country, are arrested every year for possessing this herb and even some tourists have been jailed for this.  Now, some of the government officials in Jamaica, are looking to decriminalize the use of cannabis and they are doing this for several reasons.  

Philip Paulwell, who is the energy minister and is also one of the leaders in Jamaica's government business in parliament, stated that he will work on decriminalizing the possession of small amounts of cannabis on the island and that he expects to have some positive results by the end of the year.  

Making marijuana legal in Jamaica, would immediately cut down the number of criminal cases related to this herb, which can sometimes reach as many as one million per  week.  Legalizing cannabis on this Caribbean island, would also make it easier for tourists to consume some cannabis here, without having to worry about the police or being arrested.   

Marijuana legalization proposals in Jamaica, has been mentioned here since 2001 and there is even a National Commission on Ganja, which is working towards getting this done.  The Cannabis Future Growers and Producers Association, was also created this past month and there is also a plan, to launch a commercial medical marijuana business by December.  

A Little More About Marijuana In Jamaica

Marijuana or ganja, as most people know cannabis in Jamaica, can be found for less than five dollars an ounce here, which is why this island has a very long history with this herb.  It was in 1913, when the cultivation and import of marijuana became illegal here, but there are still some senior citizens, who remember when marijuana was sold in Jamaica as a cure for everything.  

During the 1970s and 1980s, there were several studies and projects, about the medicinal uses of marijuana and they really helped the world to learn more about this herb.  Local authorities in Jamaica, have some tolerance towards small  amounts of cannabis and not all ganja users are arrested or prosecuted, but those who are, really suffer the consequences and have problems later in life.  

Having a criminal record in Jamaica, can affect people's lives, because they have problems finding a job or even getting a visa to travel outside the country.  This is why, legalizing marijuana in Jamaica, is a great idea and many citizens of this island, would vote in  favor of doing so.  

Ending cannabis prohibition in Jamaica, would also allow courts and police officers, to have more time to work on other cases and to solve other problems.   While the new proposals, will still not allow people to grow or trade marijuana in very large quantities, many people will benefit from them and Jamaica will become a friendlier place for cannabis users.  

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Leftist Mexican Politics Continue To Move Towards Marijuana Legalization

Mexican Leftist Party Is Proposing A Medical Marijuana Bill

It was just a few weeks ago, that some leftist politicians in Mexico, stated that they wanted to increase the minimum marijuana possession from 5 grams, to 30 and now they are proposing a new medical marijuana bill.  This is happening, just after countries like the United States and Uruguay, are changing their laws on cannabis and proves that other countries are looking towards ending marijuana prohibition once and for all. 

Mexico has been under war for several years now and leftist politicians believe that this newly proposed bill, will help to solve some of the security problems, that are affecting many States now.  They stated that this is a new approach, towards legalizing cannabis in Mexico and they believe it should be accepted soon.  

This new medical marijuana bill, is only one of the many efforts, that the leftist political party in Mexico, has tried over the past few years.  Because 20 States of the US, have already legalized this herb for either medicinal or recreational purposes, leftist politicians in Mexico believe that they must follow their lead and end prohibition as well.  

Another bill, to make marijuana sales in Mexico City legal, is also on its way and it is estimated to be made public in March.  If these bills are accepted in the Mexican capital, it is very likely that other States will follow too and things may change here radically, very soon.  

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In Florida

Legislators Introduce A Medical Marijuana Bill In Florida

The legalization of cannabis, is now happening in many places of the world and today, legislators in Florida, decided to surprise many people, with the introduction of a medical marijuana bill.  There were several identical bills introduced this Monday in Florida and they are all meant to help make medical cannabis legal during 2014. 
Senators Joe Saunders and Jeff Clemens, who are both democrats, even decided to bring several of their family members and patients that they know, to the bill's unveiling, which proved that there is nothing radical about making this herb legal once again. 
The legislators, decided to unveil this new medical marijuana bill, before some constitutional amendments are made public next November.  This measure, should help to legalize medical cannabis in the State of Florida and it may happen, sooner than we all expected.

Interesting Medical Marijuana Bill In Florida

Cathy Jordan, who is the President of the Florida Cannabis Action Network, said "this bill puts patients before politics."  While the bill, would have some very strict regulations statewide and would allow doctors, to prescribe this herb to patients who have conditions such as HIV, cancer and ALS, it is certainly a huge step towards the ending of cannabis prohibition. 
Both houses of the State Legislature, received a copy of the proposed medical marijuana bill and according to some experts, this will help the bill to get accepted.  The amendment was also accepted by the Florida Supreme Court and if during the November poll, more than 50% of voters approve the bill, it will get accepted. 
According to some polls in the State, it is very likely that the bill is accepted and this means that the US may soon have another medical marijuana State.  Let's hope that this bill is accepted next November and that patients can finally have access to this herb.  Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can read about this new medical marijuana bill in Florida and to help make it a reality. 

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Friday, February 7, 2014

President Of Uruguay Is Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize For Legalizing Cannabis

A Nobel Peace Prize For Legalizing Cannabis

We have talked about Uruguay's recent marijuana legalization and how important this will be, for legalizing this herb all over the world.  Now, the President of Uruguay, who made this happen, is being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, as this is certainly an accomplishment, which will solve many of the current problems that the world has. 
The Drugs Peace Institute, which has backed President Mujica's decision on legalizing marijuana for more than two years now, is also supporting his nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize this year, as are many of his followers and fellow politicians. 
According to the Drugs Peace Institute, the decision of legalizing cannabis in Uruguay is, "a symbol of hand outstretched, of a new era in a divided world." The Dutch NGO, also commented about this on their website and they stated, "It is a promise to bridge the gap between defiant marijuana consumers and the prohibiting society.  Hopefully, the start of the acceptance of this consumption by society and the concomitant development of understanding of its use as a natural medicine, historically used for spiritual liberation, might initiate a process of healing in a world, very confused and deeply divided, over its religious legacy."
President Mujica, decided to accept these new marijuana laws in Uruguay, because he believes this is an excellent way to stop the illegal drugs trade in this country and other parts of the world.  He believes criminal activity will drop and that many people will benefit from this new legal herbal medicine. 
It is great news that President Mujica is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize this year and if he wins this award, marijuana legalization will surely continue to take place in other countries of the world.  Let's all support President Mujica and his decision to make marijuana legal in Uruguay, as this is the first step, towards making other countries and presidents, understand that this is the only way to solve many of the problems that our society currently has. 
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Cannabis University In Florida

Florida Will Have A Cannabis University

What was once the Garcia Y Vega Cigar Factory, located in West Tampa Bay, Florida, will now become a Cannabis  University.  This 131 year old building will now be the first medical marijuana education facility in the State of Florida and it is all thanks to a man named Jeremy Bufford.  

Bufford, is planning to hire some marijuana growers, some professional botanists, some experienced researchers, lab technicians,  security personnel and other people, to help him start the Cannabis University.  Florida may soon legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes and if this happens, Bufford, wants to be ready for it.  

Bufford's exact words about what his university will be offering were, "This is a month long course that will deep  dive into cannabis from historical, legal, botanical and a pharmacological  perspective." This is sure  to be a very helpful course, for anyone who want to learn more about marijuana or want to get involved in this upcoming industry.  

People Are Already Signing Up For The Cannabis University

Even if it sounds unreal, some people are already signing up for the university and many are already considering it too.  Rachelle Roach, is one of the people, who will be part of this university's first class.   She is amazed by some of the information about cannabis and she has already achieved a master's degree on nutrition as well.  According to Roach, "marijuana is a plant that has a lot of healing properties and nutrients.  We believe this industry will be mainstream in the next 5 to 10 years."

Bufford also made comments about the cannabis industry and he said, "we know that the opportunities for the medical marijuana industry in 2015 and beyond are life changing.  Not just for the patients we're going  to be assisting, but also the economic support impact it will bring to the area."

The medical cannabis amendment in Florida, is still around 10 months away from now, but there are lots of hopes on it being approved and making medical marijuana legal in the State.  We need to keep promoting the legalization of cannabis worldwide and we can only do it, if you help us by sharing and liking this article and blog.  

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