Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cannabis Coffee In Your Home

Marijuana High With Coffee

Have you ever smoked marijuana and drank a cup of coffee?  In my opinion, it is one of the best combinations that you can make in this world and if you haven't tried it, you really should.

Today, we want to tell you about a new coffee product, which might be in the market real soon and that it is going to have some cannabis too.  Believe it or not, there is now a coffee company, which is looking into creating a cannabis infused coffee, which you can prepare right in your kitchen.  

CannTrust, is a Canadian medical marijuana producer and they have now invented a coffee pod, which is called Canncup.  Just like other pods in the market, you will have the option to choose between tea, coffee or chocolate, but these will be special pods, as they will contain dried cannabis.  

According to Eric Paul, who is the CEO of CannTrust, you will be able to put one of these pods in your coffee brewing machine and it will brew a very tasty and hot drink, which will have "a standardized dose of medical marijuana".

The pod will cost around $3 to $4, which is what a high quality brand coffee goes for and CannTrust is already working towards establishing some business relationships with US businesses that are already in the pot pods industry.  

CannTrust has also applied for a license, which will allow them to produce and sell these cannabis pods to medical cannabis users in Canada.  According to Paul, "we are ready to go, other than the fact we need approval from Health Canada."

Hopefully this Canadian company will get its license soon, so it can start selling cannabis pods to medical marijuana patients in Canada and maybe one day to people all over the world.  Please share and like this post, to let others know about the new marijuana pods that will be in the market soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rihanna May Get Her Own Cannabis Line

Celebs Get Involved In The Marijuana Industry

At Zip 420, we have written about Rihanna's love for cannabis before and today we want to tell you that she might be getting even more involved in the marijuana industry. Some reports state that famous singer Rihanna, might be investing in her own cannabis products and she has even announced this at the Cannabis Cup in Negril, Jamaica.

The new products, will include things like marijuana edibles and cannabis concentrates.  These will be made out from cannabis strains such as Haitian Haze, Karibbean Kush and Jamaican High Grade.

According to some people, the new business will be named MaRihanna and it will start its sales in Colorado, during the first months of 2016.  If this is true, Rihanna's new marijuana company, will be competing against companies like Snoop Dogg's, who also just got involved in the cannabis industry a few months ago.

This is even more proof that our cannabis movement is more on it's way than ever and that celebrities will help to make this one of the most important industries in the world.

Here is a short video clip, of Rihanna smoking some cannabis and dancing in a very nice bikini.  What else can we ask for?

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Monday, November 16, 2015

A Marijuana Social Network App

Tell Your Friends About Cannabis 

As the cannabis legalization movement continues to prosper worldwide, so is the marijuana industry and many other things related to this herb.  Today, we want to tell you about a now very famous social network app, which is all about cannabis.  

Massroots is the name of this social network.  It already has more than 625,000 users and it is expected to reach at least one million users by the end of the year.  Investors are already noticing this social network and more people are joining every single day.  

Massroots was thought of by Isaac Dietrich, who claims he came up with this idea, when he was smoking a joint with his best friend.  "We thought of all our friends who smoke.  Almost no one posted about it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, because that's where their families, bosses and coworkers are connected to them.  I wouldn't want my grandmother to see a picture of me taking a bong rip every time she logs into Facebook."

When Dietrich got the idea for Massroots, he decided to go "All In" and maxed out some of his credit cards, charging at least $17000 to them.  Today, Massroots is now the first marijuana related company to go public and it is now possible to get some shares on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.  

According to Dietrich, "one of the core things about Massroots - why we love doing what we do - is because we have a real opportunity to push legalization forward.  We have a social network of a half-million cannabis consumers, all of which are very pro-marijuana and want to do everything possible to push the movement forward.  We are in a very unique position in which just by developing new tools, new features for our app and pushing it out to a half-million people, hopefully we can push the conversation."

Dietrich also talked about how users are now posting more within the app and how they are losing care on who sees them smoking cannabis online.  "Now people are more than willing to post pics of themselves smoking and not necessarily are who sees it.  Investors are also looking into this industry. Two years ago, they would't even considered it and that's because there's so much money about to flow into this sector.  That's what's really going to move things forward."

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Marijuana Is Now Legal In Mexico

Recreational Cannabis In Mexico

The Ministers of the SCJN in Mexico, Jose Ramon Cossio Diaz, Olga Sanchez Cordero, Alfredo Gutierrez Ortiz Mena and Arturo Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea, decided to vote in favor of the recreational use of marijuana TODAY.  

They also determined that four Mexican citizens will have protection or will be allowed to consume marijuana for recreational purposes, they will be allowed to grow cannabis and they will also be allowed to transport it.  This will lead to Jurisprudence or Jurisprudencia, which after 5 legal cases are ruled the same, then the same applies for all Mexican citizens.  

This basically means that marijuana is finally legal in Mexico.  

According to Olga Sanchez, "Prohibition is excessive and it does not protect the right of free people".  Ministers agreed that in order for the government to talk about medical marijuana, cannabis must be legal first, as there would be no place for patients to acquire or purchase this herb legally and there is no point in allowing cannabis for medical purposes, if people are going to have to commit a crime to buy this herb.  

This is really a huge step towards marijuana legalization worldwide and at Zip420 we are extremely happy that Mexico decided to legalize cannabis today.  

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A "Radical Cultural Shift" in Ireland

Ireland Might "Decriminalize" Cannabis, Cocaine & Heroin

The Drug Minister in Ireland, recently stated that Ireland will decriminalize substances like marijuana, heroin and cocaine, as part of their new "Radical Cultural Shift".

According to Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, who is the chief of Ireland's National Drugs Strategy, stated that people who consume the drugs mentioned above, will have the opportunity to assist to special designated rooms around Dublin, where they will be able to inject themselves or consume marijuana or cocaine. 

The minister believes that the attitude towards these drugs needs to be forgotten, as we should not look at addicts as bad people and he also talked about the difference in decriminalization and legalization.  

It would still be a crime to sell any of these substances and make a profit from the, but people who consume these substances, will not be penalized or criminalized for their addictions.  

Ó Ríordáin said, "I am firmly of the view that there needs to be a cultural shift in how we regards substance misuse, if we are to break this cycle and make a serious attempt to tackle drug and alcohol addiction."

Unfortunately, the decriminalization of marijuana in Ireland, will have to wait until next year, as a new government will be in power, but they still have the same ideas on this new "Radical Cultural Shift".

The United Nations Calls For Worldwide Decriminalization

It was this past October 19, when the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, made a call for all countries to decriminalize marijuana and other substances,but the report was supposedly withdrawn, because there were some allegations by the representatives of one country.

Hopefully this report from the United Nations will soon be a reality and encourage governments around the world to decriminalize cannabis.  

Ireland is already on its way and so are Canada, Mexico and the UK.  This is only proof that the decriminalization, legalization and regulation of marijuana is right around the corner.  

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