Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We Need To Lower Marijuana Taxes

Problems With Marijuana Taxes

Now that some States in the US, have legalized marijuana, people are seeing some problems with the marijuana taxes and these could lead everyone, to keep on buying at the "black market".  The taxes that are being placed on legal cannabis, add to more than double, what people could find in the illegal market and if some changes are not made soon, it will prevent legalization from becoming a real thing. 
Because the government is charging the people who grow this herb, the people who manufacture it, the people who sell it and the people who consume it, the prices go up really fast and it is believed, that the price of an ounce of cannabis, could reach $723.
This is a really high price to pay, for a plant that can easily be grown for free by everyone and would solve all of the problems.  If we are allowed to grow our own, we would not have to deal with all of these things and people who are in real need of medical marijuana, will have all of the medicine that they need. 
It is time, to really legalize marijuana and this can only be done, if the government does not tax excessively for its use, as this will only cause more problems, than we already have.  Some legal marijuana dispensaries, could evade taxes in many ways, consumers would try to keep buying at lower prices from the black market and the quality of the herb, would never be certified properly. 
Americans, must fight against high marijuana taxes today, because this is certainly not the right way to get this herb legalized.  Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can learn about what the American government is doing with marijuana taxes and why it is time to stop this right now.  You can also register for our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will keep you informed about other things related to this herb. 
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Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Gallup Poll Shows 58% Of Americans Favor Legalization

More Than Half Of Americans Want to Legalize Cannabis

There have already been several professional polls and studies around the world, which prove that people are in favor of legalizing marijuana and now, the Gallup Poll, has proved that at least 58% of Americans are ready to legalize this herb.  This has been the largest number of Americans supporting the legalization of cannabis, in the Gallup Poll results and this proves that we are getting closer to our dream. 
According to Gallup, the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington last year, might have been one of the reasons, why more Americans are now supporting this and why so many have changed their minds about this herb.  Gallup also stated, “support for legalization has jumped 10 percentage points since last November and the legal momentum shows no sign of abating,” which is certainly good news, for all of us who support the legalization of marijuana around the world. 


Questions Asked in The Latest Gallup Poll

Some of the questions that were asked in the latest Gallup Poll, include "Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal, or not? and How should this herb be produced?"  This give a better idea of what the people in the US want and it only helps everyone to admit, that marijuana is a herb that need to be legalized as soon as possible. 
According to some of the results in the Gallup Poll, most of the people who oppose the legalization of marijuana are above 65 years old and this proves that they have stuck with their old mentalities and are not willing to change their mind about this herb. 
Although, a large number of senior citizens, are already using cannabis as a medicine, we still need to convince a lot of adults about this herb.  It is obvious that legalization is the answer to many of the current problems in our societies and it is only a matter of time until this happens. 
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Uruguay Will Be The First Country To Legalize Marijuana

Marijuana Will Be Sold At $1 Per Gram

Uruguay, has been looking into the legalization of marijuana for quite some time now and they are surely going to be the first country to legalize this herb.  The population of Uruguay, has not only decided to legalize cannabis, but they are already establishing a general market price for this herb and this shows how serious they are about making marijuana legal in their territory.  

It will be this November, when the new cannabis bill, will be analyzed in Uruguay's senate and many are certain that it will give the government power, to regulate this herb.  According to some studies in this country, legalizing cannabis, could bring more than $40 million into the government's finances and this will help to fund other important things around Uruguay.  

President Jose Mujica and the lower house, have already approved this cannabis related bill and this gives everyone hope, as the senate, will surely opt to follow the President's decision.  This new law, was created, because Uruguay wants to battle illegal drug trade and end drug cartel power as well.  Uruguay's government officials believe, that legalization is the only method for controlling these problems, as prohibition obviously did not work and new measures are needed right now.  

Selling Marijuana At A Standard Price

At the moment, law makers, are proposing to sell marijuana at $1 per gram, as this will make it very competitive for illegal marijuana traders, since they are currently selling their herb at about $1.4 per gram.  According to Jose Calzada, who is the National Drug Board chief, controlling this industry "will provide a safe place to buy, a good quality product and moreover will sell at a standard price.” 

Calzada, also stated, that one gram is enough for three slim joints and one big one, which is more than enough for personal use.  Calzada also mentioned, that the first legal marijuana crop in Uruguay, will be ready by 2014 and at Zip 420, we believe that this will change the world forever.  

The proposed bill, states that citizens of Uruguay, will need to register to a private database and follow other conditions, in order to purchase marijuana legally and be able to consume it, without being harassed by the law.  

People in this country, will also be allowed to grow six cannabis plants for personal use and they will also be able to form groups of up to 45 members, to grow a limit of 99 plants.  The government of Uruguay, will also provide education and other tips, for people who consume this herb and will help anyone who feels are having problems with it.   

Calzada, also talked about vaporizing, instead of smoking marijuana in a regular joint, as he believes that this is much safer, than smoking a normal marijuana cigarette.  This is certainly great news and we cannot wait for Uruguay to start their new marijuana law.  

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

University Of Toledo Hosts Medical Cannabis Debate

It has now been several years, since we are hearing about all these medical cannabis debates around the world and many of them, have received some positive comments, towards the legalization of this herb.  It is now more than obvious, that marijuana prohibition does not work and that it never will.  These sorts of debates, will help people to understand, that cannabis is a medicine and that we must end its prohibition around the world.  

The University of Toledo, was now the host of one of these medical cannabis debates and it took place last October 11th.  The lecture and debate, took place in the university's Nitschke Auditorium, which added some professionalism to this event.  

Cheryl Shuman, was only one of the physicians, who spoke at this event and just like many others, she told the public about her experience with medical marijuana and why she believes that this herb needs to be legalized right now.  

We have all seen, people change their minds and this usually happens, when they listen to experts talk about certain topics and learn more about them.  Shuman, has been called by many, "The Martha Stewart of Marijuana" and she is one of the people, who now uses marijuana as a medicine, to battle cancer.

Shuman, is also an international supporter of the legalization of marijuana and during her speech at the University of Toledo, she made some very interesting points, about why this herb need to be legalized worldwide.  "We are putting a face to the movement.  As goes Ohio, so goes the nation. It works for me. It works as a medicine.  As I said in my speech, it was legal for thousands of years, and then prohibition came along and it ruined it for everybody.  This is about re-education and a re-legalization campaign," were Shuman's exact words after the debate.  

It is good that we are having these kinds of debates all over the world, because this is the only way, that people will understand how valuable cannabis is and how it can help people with certain diseases.  It is time to end prohibition and people like Cheryl Shuman are helping us to make our point.  We want to thank her and all international cannabis supporters, because without them, we would not be able to re-educate people about how useful marijuana really is.  

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Woman Spends All Her Compensation On Cannabis

Spending 130K On Cannabis

It was in 2003, when Sally Smith, was hit by a car, while she was trying to cross a street.  This accident, left her very vulnerable and in a wheel chair.  After going to trial and a lot of discussions, Sally was given a 130K compensation for the accident, but the courts now found out, that she has spent it all on cannabis.  

It was after the accident, that Sally started feeling a lot of pain and this is when she decided to develop a 40-joint per day habit.  This caused her to spend a lot of money on marijuana and soon she was trying to supply some of her friends and people that she knows.  

On July of this year, Sally, was caught supplying some marijuana and this is how she was taken back to court.  It was here, that the judges found out about her spending all of her compensation money on this herb and she was sentenced to some time in jail, as supplying marijuana, is still not legal in this part of England.  

Should Sally Be Jailed For Supplying Cannabis?

While many people disagree with people like Sally being jailed, we are still obliged to follow the law and if it is not legal to supply this herb in England, she really must pay for her crime.  At Zip 420, we believe that cannabis should be legalized and that people like Sally should not be jailed, as there are plenty of other crimes, which are more dangerous to our societies, than supplying some herb to another person. 

We now know, that marijuana is a medicine and Sally proved it, when she spent all of her compensation money on this herb.  When Sally was taken to court for supplying marijuana to other people, her lawyer stated "she turned to smoking cannabis as a way of dealing with those demons and making her day to day life all the more tolerable.  She couldn't cope with having that much money and it all went far too soon.  It wasn't a desire to make money or a profit. It was about making sure that pain was not so acute."

Many people, have experienced things similar to what Sally experienced and many of them are jailed as well.  At Zip 420, we believe that this should not be a cause to be sent to jail, as they were only trying to improve their daily lives and trying to help other as well.  It is time, for the world to understand that marijuana is a medicine and not a herb.  It is time to stop jailing people for supplying, growing or consuming cannabis, as this is only affecting our societies and it is certainly affecting our governments funds.  

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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Story Of A Family Sustained By Marijuana

Growing Marijuana In The Forest

It has been a long time, since people have been emigrating to the US and some have really taken advantage of this opportunity.  There are many stories, of entire families joining forces and earning tons of money and there are some, which even involve growing marijuana. 

According to some stories, there are some parts of the US, where the soil is perfect for growing this herb and it was a few decades ago, when an entire family, decided to move from Mexico to one of these parts of the US.  It was here, that they began working for some of the forest protection services in their town and it was this job, that gave them the opportunity to know the land, as well as they know the palm of their hands.

After knowing the land, this family began noticing, that the soil in their new home and region, was ideal for growing more than just trees and other eatables, but that it was perfect for growing marijuana too.  They also started noticing the right plots of lands for growing this herb, without being noticed and they also started remembering the forest rangers' schedule, as well as some as parts of the forest, which had the most sunlight per day.  


Growing Quality Marijuana For Money

It did not take long for them to start growing some excellent herb and to sell it, in some of the towns nearby. One of the family members, had learned how to grow "sin semilla" marijuana, which involves taking out the male plants, before they can spill their pollen into the female plants and it was this kind of herb, which earned them tons of money in the towns nearby. 

After a few seasons, they began investing in other businesses in their town and it was not long after, that they were seen as a respected family, not as they had been seen before.  Although, they were able to hide their marijuana plantations for a long time, as there were still not many people going into the forests and not many helicopters were available, it did not take long for some government offices, to notice their immense fortune and it was this, what finally brought them down. 

When the raid took place, some of the main members of the family were supervising the harvest and they were easily arrested.  After a long trial, the judge decided to sentence them to more than twenty years in jail and their sentence was recently completed. 

It is now said, that one of the main members lives in one of the US States, where marijuana is now legal and that he has received a medical approval, for purchasing cannabis legally.  He is now smoking this herb, to alleviate his back pain and this is certainly very ironic. 
Marijuana is a medicine and we should not be putting people in jail for it.  Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. 
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lib Dem Shake Up, May Help To Legalize Marijuana

The Legalization Of Marijuana Is Getting Closer Every Day

According to The Sunday Times, some ministers from the Liberal and Democrat parties in the US, have proposed to legalize marijuana in the recent government shake up.  Many now believe, that this herb needs to be legalized, as it will help the country to raise some money, in order to pay the debt and continue prospering. 
This recent government shake up, could very well mean the legalization of marijuana is closer than we expect and that some radical changes are about to happen.  Not many people are certain of what might happen after this next week and if the Liberal Democrat shake up continues, we might very well see some changes in cannabis laws.


Marijuana Will Be Legalized Very Soon

Many believe, that only Theresa May, who is the Home Secretary, will be opposed to many of the new proposals for legalizing cannabis and we can only hope that she has opened up her mind and opted for the only option left.  It is obvious that fighting the war on drugs is not giving any results and that it is a major factor of the US being in dept. 
If we legalize marijuana, we would not need to keep funding police officials, who fight against cannabis and we would not have to keep sustaining prisoners who have been arrested for possessing this herb.  It is time to open up our minds and accept that cannabis is more than just a herb, it is a medicine and if we continue with the laws that we currently have, many countries will continue to suffer some consequences.
Legalizing marijuana will allow patients to really benefit from this herb and to not have to go to a black market, in order to get their medicine.  Governments will be able to tax it, just as they normally do with other products in the market and stop investing in ridiculous prohibitionist laws.  Recreational use of marijuana, is not as dangerous as we have been told in the past and many professionals, scientific studies and physicians are agreeing with this now. 
More countries are looking into the legalization of this herb and this only proves we are on the right path.  Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can know about how close we are to legalizing marijuana around the world.  You can also subscribe to our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right.  We will send you some interesting stuff about marijuana and keep you informed about this herb. 

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Cannabis May Help Fight Multiple Sclerosis

Can Cannabis Cure Multiple Sclerosis?

It is now obvious, that marijuana can benefit people with certain diseases and a new study from Israel, is now stating that cannabis may in fact, help control and cure multiple sclerosis.  The researchers from Israel, have found that the white blood cells that affect a similar disease in mice, can be controlled with marijuana and this is certainly an amazing outbreak. 
According to some of the scientists who are working on this research, they are only using some of the compounds that can be found in cannabis, as these is what can really help to fight a disease and prevent the getting very high symptoms.  “Our study looks at how compounds isolated from marijuana can be used to regulate inflammation to protect the nervous system and its functions,” stated Dr. Ewa Kosela. 
When someone suffers from multiple sclerosis, the immune system of our bodies, tries to fight this disease, but this is not enough to protect the nervous system of a person, which is why other compounds and cures, need to be found. 

How Cannabis Fights This Disease

During the research, the scientists took some affected mice cells and fought them with some of the compounds in marijuana.  This caused a liquid that the affected cell secrete, to become less fluent, which means that it can indeed fight multiple sclerosis.
The scientists also found out, that if they use a higher dose, they will get better results, which may in fact mean, that the full cannabis compounds could also help to produce better results in the long term.  According to Dr. Kozela, they still need to do more research on this, but the initial results are really looking good for cannabis and this will help more people to realize that this herb is a medicine and not a drug. 
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Cannabis May Cure Multiple Sclerosis And Many Other Diseases

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