Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The US Should Consider Legalizing Cannabis A National Security Priority

Legalizing Cannabis Will Benefit Millions Of People

According to some recently released press releases, legalizing marijuana, should be one of the main concerns for American national security, as making this herb legal, could in fact reduce border instability and fight terrorism as well.  

Most of you should know, about the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and how many people have died there.  According to CBS News, Afghanistan, is the country that sells the most cannabis in the world and it is even said that farmers get more from this herb, than they do from the poppy flower.  

You should also know that the US is one of the largest cannabis consumers in the world, if not the largest and if marijuana was legalized, it could open a new business opportunity for Americans and farmers in Afghanistan, putting an end to a useless war and actually helping people who need marijuana as a medicine.
Some studies, have also proved that some cannabis sales in Iraq and Afghanistan, have helped to fund The Taliban, which means that they are aiding terrorists and this could be stopped, if marijuana became legal around the world.  

The US border with Mexico, also has plenty of problems and if marijuana would become legal, many of these problems would also go away.  Millions of lives, would be saved by legalizing this herb and millions of dollars, would also be spared.  

Plenty of Americans already use cannabis on a daily basis and they lead responsible lives.  It is obvious that marijuana does not affect people's lives as much as other drugs, like alcohol and tobacco, which is why it is time to legalize this herb.  

Cannabis profits, are mostly ending on the wrong hands (drug cartels and terrorists), who only affect our communities and increase crime rates in our cities.  

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Poll Finds That 88% Are In Favor Of Marijuana In Florida

It Is Time To Legalize Marijuana!!!

The Quinnipiac University, released its poll results this Monday and it leaves no doubt that voters in Florida, are completely in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.  According to the poll's results, 88% of voters in this state, are in favor of using cannabis as a medicine and only 10% are against it.  The poll also found that at least 55% of voters in Florida, are in favor of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes and that only 41% are against it.  

It will be this November, when voters in Florida, will decide whether to legalize marijuana or not and at the moment, everything is looking very promising, for us cannabis supporters.  The issue, requires at least 60% approval, for marijuana to become legal in this state and if everything continues the way it is going, we will surely see cannabis legalized in Florida, before the year ends.  

The poll, also found out that voters between the ages of 18 and 29, are the ones who approve legalization the most, as well as voters over the age of 65.  Results also show that 80% of Republicans, 94% of Democrats and 89% of independent voters, are in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.  

It is great to see that more people are supporting the legalization of marijuana and this proves that we are on the right path.  

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Friday, July 25, 2014

10 Countries That Might Fully Legalize Marijuana Next

More Countries Are Thinking About Marijuana Legalization

You probably already know that there are several countries thinking about fully legalizing marijuana, but you might not know about all the 10 countries that we are going to mention here.  If all of the countries that we are going to mention here, do decide to legalize marijuana, we will certainly have a better world and soon the rest of the countries will follow too.

So without any further delay, here are the 10 countries that might legalize cannabis next

  1. Jamaica - While many think that marijuana is legal on this island, the truth is that it isn't, but its politicians are already considering it and most of its population is in favor of legalizing the herb that Bob Marley loved so much.  
  2. Spain - Although cannabis is still not legal here either, Spain is a little more advance, as they already have an underground culture, where people are allowed to grow, share and consume this herb.  The city of Barcelona, now has many cannabis clubs, which are becoming more popular every single day.  
  3. Czech Republic - It was back in 2013, when this country decided to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, yet, the Czech Republic is very accepting of this herb and before legalizing it for medical reasons, they had already allowed people to grow up to five cannabis plant for personal use.  Today, many people smoke marijuana in the Czech Republic and most do not have any problems with it.  Even tourists are choosing this country as a favorite destination, which means cannabis could become fully legal here very soon.  
  4. Colombia - This South American country, has suffered from the drug war, since it began more than 40 years ago.  Today, President Juan Manuel Santos, has declared the war on drugs to be a complete failure and is seriously considering legalizing marijuana.  
  5. Costa Rica - At the moment, this country does not arrest people for smoking marijuana, but treat them as people who need medical help.  Costa Rica, has also decriminalized the possession and consumption of cannabis, yet people are not allowed to grow it.  Some changes to Costa Rica's cannabis laws, are sure to rise soon.  
  6. Portugal - This country has been treating drug addiction to all drugs, as a health problem since 2001 and they have had tremendous success.  Today, they are considering fully legalizing marijuana, because its population is now aware of the benefits, the risks and almost everything that is involved with this herb. 
  7. Peru - Citizens of this country, are already allowed to consume and posses up to eight grams of marijuana, yet the production and sale of cannabis, is still not legal.  Because their neighbor Uruguay, recently legalized marijuana, Peru might soon make changes to its laws as well.  
  8. Switzerland - People in this country, have been able to grow up to four plants of marijuana, consume and posses small amounts of this herb,  without any legal problems.  Most Swiss are neutral about this and although there are no plans to legalize marijuana here soon, it is as if it is already legal for citizens. 
  9. Mexico - Just like Colombia, Mexico has suffered dramatically from the so called "Drug on Wars" and legalization is right around the corner.  More than 60000 Mexicans have been killed since 2006 and thousands more are missing.  Some politicians, have already proposed two bills, which would make marijuana legal in Mexico, either for recreational or medicinal purposes and if this happens, more countries in South America, will start doing the same too.  
  10. Canada - While this country has accepted medicinal marijuana for a long time and is now involved 100% in the medical cannabis industry, marijuana is not legal for recreational purposes, but this might also change very soon.

Hopefully, all of these countries decide to fully legalize marijuana soon and others start following too!!!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Patients Will Be Able To Grow Their Own Marijuana In Germany

Some Germans Will Be Allowed To Grow Medical Marijuana

It was just recently that the Cologne court in Germany, decided to allow people who suffer from certain diseases to grow their own medical marijuana and at Zip 420, we think this is an excellent idea.  These new laws, would allow medical cannabis patients, to grow their own herb for medicinal purposes and it would certainly solve many of the problems that they are experiencing right now.  

It all began, thanks to five patients, who complaint to the German court, as they were not allowed to grow their own herb at home and this was affecting their daily lives.  The court, immediately stated that three of the cases needed to be reconsidered and this is certainly fantastic news, for the medical marijuana world.  

All of these medical cannabis patients, want to start growing their own marijuana at home, because they cannot pay for some of the medical marijuana that is being offered in the market.  Most health insurance companies, still do not pay for medical cannabis and this is why these Germans, decided to complaint to the Cologne court.  

According to the court, three of the patients who complaint, should be allowed to grow their own cannabis, as they have the necessary permits and meet all requirements.  "This is not a carte blanche, for everyone to start growing cannabis at home - they have to be seriously ill people for whom nothing else works, other than cannabis", stated court spokesman Stefanie Seifert.  

The other two patients who complaint, did not get permission to grow their own medicinal marijuana, because they did not meet all requirements.  One of them, apparently does not have enough security to protect their plants from strangers and the other one, might have other medical options available to cure their illness.  

Overall, it is great that this German court allowed three people to start growing their own medicinal cannabis at home and that they will now have access to a medicine that they might not otherwise be able to afford.  Hopefully, more courts around the world, start allowing people in need to start growing their own and we finally legalize marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes worldwide.  

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Snoop Dogg Says He Smoked Cannabis In The White House

Could Snoop Dogg Really Have Smoked Marijuana In The White House?

In a recent interview, Snoop Dogg, has stated that he smoked marijuana in the White House, while President Obama was not there.  Even if cannabis is now legal in Washington, I am pretty sure that smoking in the White House is not allowed yet. 

It was in an online show, called "GGN: The Double G News Network", were Snoop Dogg talked about getting a little high in the White House's bathroom.  He said that he was asked by the some of the officials there, about what he was going to do in the bathroom and that he said he had to go "number two".  He also talks about how he always has to have a joint or something to smoke, while he is in the bathroom and that he really does not see what the harm is.   In the interview, he said that the White House officials told him he could light a napkin, to make the stench go away and he hilarious takes a drag of his blunt and starts puffing away live.   

It is obviously impossible to prove, whether Snoop Dogg really smoked marijuana in the White House or not, unless he took a "selfie" or someone else has some evidence about this.  As always, Snoop Dogg continues to promote the legalization of marijuana worldwide and he is one of the most important activists that we have right now.  

Even if some people do not like what he does or how he does it, in the online interview show, he said some very interesting things about marijuana and he also stated, "legalize it and I will advertise it."

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Good Bye James Garner

RIP James Garner

Today, I will sadly have to tell you about the death of James Garner last Sunday.  He was a very famous American actor from the 50's and he was also a cannabis activist.  He appeared in movies such as, "The Rockford Files" and "Maverick", which were two very popular films.  

In his memoirs, James talks a lot about marijuana and this is one of the reasons we want to mention him in this blog.  Some people have wrote about this too and they believe that he probably spent his last few minutes on this planet, smoking some herb, which we at Zip 420 think is an excellent way to go.  

James wrote, "I started smoking marijuana in my late teens.  I drank to get drunk, but ultimately didn't like the effect.  Not so with grass.  Grass is smooth.  It had the opposite effect from alcohol: it made me more tolerant and forgiving.  I smoked marijuana for 50 years.  I don't know where I'd be without it.  It opened my mind to a lot of things and now it's active ingredient, THC, relaxes me and eases my arthritis pain.  I've concluded that marijuana should be legal and alcohol should be illegal.  But, good luck with that."

We are sure that James is now entertaining others in a better place and we are glad that he left his memoirs behind.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that others can read about James Garner and what he thought about cannabis.  You can also subscribe to our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more interesting news and information about marijuana, directly to your inbox.  

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Marijuana Honey Tincture

Making Your Own Marijuana Medicine

As some of you may already know, marijuana can be made  into tinctures, which will make some patients feel much better and give some people an incredible high as well.  Cannabis tinctures, are not that hard to make, (although you will have to wait some  time for them to be ready), and the results can really be amazing.  

This is why, we want to share a marijuana honey tincture recipe with you all today and we really hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.  

How To Make Marijuana Honey Tincture

While some people use a lot of kitchen utensils to make this sort of cannabis tincture, there are also plenty of ways to do this, without as many tools and in a shorter  period of time.  We must remember that medicines from plants, have been extracted for a very long time and our ancestors, certainly did not have some candy thermometers, high class ovens and  more.  

You can use some trims, leaves or marijuana buds, to create your honey tincture and you can even use a crock pot, to slowly extract all of the benefits from the cannabis plant.  You will  also learn in the process and you will need to test how much cannabis to add to your honey and how much of it to consume per day.  

All of our bodies function differently and this is why, marijuana honey tincture will also work differently on each of us.  

Cannabis Honey Tincture Recipe

Ingredients Needed

  • Crock pot

  • Cheese cloth

  • 2 cups pod of marijuana buds or 1 cup of cannabis trims

  • 5 lb. of honey


  1. Put the marijuana buds or trims in the cheese cloth and tied it securely.  Put this bundle in the crock pot and cover it with honey.  Cover the pot with a lid and set to low.  
  2. Let the cannabis steep for approximately four hours and don't forget to stir, every hour or so.  The tincture, should not come to a boil and only simmer during this time.  If the tincture does start to boil, turn off the heat and wait for it to cool off a bit, before starting over again.  (This does not have to be perfect.  You only need to worry about not burning your tincture, so you can extract the best cannabis medicine possible.)
  3. After four hours, turn off the heat and let the pot cool.  The color, taste and smell, should already be different and you should be able to notice it. After it has cooled off, you can use it right away as a normal tincture or let it sit over night, to get  an even stronger tincture.  
  4. You can now place your cannabis honey tincture in dark jars or a mason jar.  You should remember to label them correctly, so nobody confuses them with something else.  
You can use your marijuana honey tincture in tea, cookies, bread and many other beverages and foods. Enjoy and please do not forget to share and like this article, so that more people can learn how to make some cannabis honey tincture in their home.  You can also sign up for our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more interesting information about cannabis.  

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Medical Marijuana Is Now Legal In New York

New York Has Legalized Medical Marijuana

It was earlier this week, when history was made, as New York became the 23rd US State to legalize medical marijuana.  This is not just great news for all of us who love cannabis, but it is amazing news, for all those patients in New York, who really need this herb.  

Governor Andrew Cuomo, signed the Compassionate Care Act, which allows people to consume marijuana for medicinal purposes and everybody at Zip 420, is really glad that he made this choice.  People who suffer from certain diseases and can benefit from marijuana, should be allowed to consume this herb, as it is a medicine and will help them in many ways.  

The new cannabis laws in New York, will allow people with terminal illnesses and other serious diseases, to consume marijuana, via edibles, vaporizers, oils and more.  Cuomo's exact words about these new laws were, "an important step toward bringing relief to patients living with extraordinary pain and illness.  The best that medical marijuana has to offer in the most protected, controlled way possible."  

As said above, Zip 420 is really glad that New York has now become a medical marijuana friendly State and we hope that more States and countries do too.  

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Legal Marijuana Will Be Sold In Uruguay Until 2015

Marijuana Laws Will Become Available In Uruguay Until 2015

We have talked about Uruguay legalizing cannabis in the past and although this country has already stated that they will make this herb legal, marijuana will not be legally sold in this country, until 2015.  It was last December, when authorities in Uruguay, announced the new cannabis laws, but now they are saying that they have not been able to settle on some of these laws, which is why they will delay legal marijuana sales until next year.  

Jose Mujica, who is Uruguay's President and is 79 years old at the moment, told the press, "direct marijuana sales to consumers, will go to next year.  There are practical difficulties. If we want to do this sloppily, it's not hard to do that.  That's what the United States is doing. But if we want to do this right, we are going to have to do it slowly.  We are not just going to say, 'hands off' and let the market take care of it, because if the market is in charge, it is going to seek to sell the greatest possible amount."

At Zip 420, we believe that President Mujica is doing the right thing and that every country, needs to come up with a plan that will actually help them to make marijuana useful to its population, once legal.  At the moment, the government of Uruguay has decided that the marijuana that will be sold, will not have more than 15% of THC content, it will not be sold to be people under 18 years of age, it will only be sold to Uruguay citizens and they must be registered with the government.  

Although these may seem like some tough laws and requisites to some, it will certainly help the government of Uruguay to have better control over the people involved with this herb and we think this is a good thing. These types of laws, will change our world and it is time to apply them everywhere.  

Legalizing marijuana, is the right thing to do and Uruguay is on the right path!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

The First Medical Marijuana Farmers Market Is Opening Its Doors This Weekend In LA

This 4th Of July Weekend Will Bring The First Medical Cannabis Farmers Market To LA

Like we have said many times in this blog, the marijuana legalization movement is only gaining more territory every day and today we want to tell you about the first medical marijuana farmers market in LA.  Yes, you read right!  There will be a medical cannabis farmers market in Los Angeles. 

It will be this Fourth of July weekend, when the California Heritage Market, first opens its doors to the public, at the Boyle Heights’ West Coast Collective.  This place, will allow people with official ID to offer their fresh medicinal marijuana to patients and people who really do need this plant to survive. 

Paizley Bradbury, who is the executive director of the West Coast Collective, said “what we’re doing is giving patients in L.A access to better, more affordable medicine.  With dispensaries, the medicine can get pretty pricey.  By removing the middle man, patients will be getting medicine direct from vendors for what is essentially a wholesale price.” 

Bradbury also talked about the 50 vendors who will be part of this new medicinal cannabis farmers market and who will be offering some of their freshest buds and edibles to patients.  The market will be located on a 15000 square foot space in Boyle Heights, at 1500 Esperanza Street and it will be open from 10 am to 8 pm this Fourth of July Weekend.

Bradbury also stated that they are doing everything that the California law requires them to do and that all medical marijuana cards will be checked. 

It is nice that some entrepreneurs are thinking of getting better prices for medical marijuana patients and it is great to hear that farmer markets like this one are going to start appearing everywhere soon. 

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Marijuana Business Is Booming In Colorado

Colorado Is Earning Millions Thanks To Marijuana

It has been a little more than six months, since marijuana is being sold for recreational purposes in Colorado and the results are really astonishing, as these businesses are booming.  It is now known that at least $11 million have been generated in taxes for Colorado and it is all thanks to the legalization of cannabis.  

Strawberry Diesel, is one of the most popular cannabis strains in this State right now and it got its name, due to its strawberry and diesel like smell.  People enjoy this strain so much, because it gives an euphoric high and because "it feels like sunshine", according to some of the smokers.  This strain, is only one example of the thousands that are now around and that will start showing up in future years.  

Now that Colorado has legalized marijuana for recreational purposes for a little over six months, cannabis business owners still believe that there is room for growth and that they will have more sales.  According to one of the cannabis business owners, his store gets more than 10000 customers per month and at least 15% of them, are from other parts of the US.

Today, most people in Colorado, agree that legalizing marijuana was a very good decision and that it is an excellent way to get more money from taxes.  As this boom continues in Colorado, other States and countries want to do the same and this is surely the begging of the end of marijuana prohibition.  

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