Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting High At The Gym

Cannabis To Be Allowed In A Gym

It will be this next fall, when San Francisco will get a new gym that will allow its members to consume marijuana while they exercise.  

The new gym will be named Power Plant Fitness and as said just above, it will allow its members to consume cannabis wile they are working out or inside the gym.  According to some, this will be the world's first marijuana friendly gym.  

Jim McAlpine, who is the founder of 420 Games and also a co-founder of Power Plant Fitness, stated "It won't be a place to get high and just screw around.  We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side."

The 420 Games that were created by McAlpine, can be compared to the Olympics, but for people who enjoy marijuana.  The company is now hosting athletic events being held all around the county and people who approve marijuana are the ones who are joining the triathlons, obstacle courses, golf tournaments, mountain bike races and even a 4.20 mile race.  420 Games had its first event in San Francisco in 2014.  

The new gym, is already working on a lease contract and one of its main goals is to change the stereotype of cannabis users being lazy.  According to McAlpine, the gym will also help its members to identify what is the best way for them to ingest their marijuana and they will also allow edibles and vaping.  

The gym will also start producing their own cannabis edibles, which will be specially designed for helping get focused before your work out and to recover after you work out.  We can easily say that this is going to be one of the best gyms ever!

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cannabis & Seduction

How Does Marijuana Affect Seduction?

According to some experts, it is difficult for many of us to establish a relationship and it is even harder for us to meet someone.  Sometimes we may be shy or we may not have the guts to go out there and talk to someone or we might not know where to invite them, but some experts are also saying that cannabis can help with seduction.

Yes it is true, cannabis can help you to start a relationship in many ways.  One example would be if you invite someone to smoke with you and you create the perfect mood in your apartment or home to smoke a joint.  Lets say that you put out a comfortable mat, play some nice music and get out your nicest glass bong, pipe or roll a big fat joint.  You smoke with your new friend and I can bet this will be a huge ice breaker.

You will both get to know more about each other and it is very likely that you will both have a nice time.  Seduction is all about creating a comfortable environment for both and it is also about creating a sexy mood.

In the past, having a large bong or a grinder, would not make you look very good, but today there are more people who enjoy these kinds of things and who might grab a interest in you, if you lay out your nicest cannabis smoking accessories.

There are also a few studies that claim that a sexual relationship can be more intense after consuming marijuana and there are also many couples that claim this to be true.  So if you are trying to meet someone and invite them on date, you could try inviting them over for a joint or a very nice puff,  If you say the right things and set the right mood, I am sure you will have a very nice date and a very nice time.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

DEA Quietly Announces Its Position On Rescheduling Cannabis

What Will Happen When The DEA Reschedules Marijuana

It was last month, when the DEA quietly presented a 25 page memo to Congress, were it announces its plans on rescheduling cannabis. This means that instead of having marijuana as a Schedule I drug, it would be lowered to a different Schedule and this is fantastic news for all of us. 

This will basically prove that cannabis can be used as medicine or for recreation and that it should have never been placed on the dangerous drug list. Hopefully, the 25 page memo that the DEA sent to Congress, does reschedule marijuana to a lower level, so that new things can happen in the cannabis industry. 

Bill Piper, who is the Senior Director of National Affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance, stated “I believe at the very least, the DEA will reschedule non-psychoactive CBD – if not remove it from scheduling altogether, and chances are good that they will also reschedule THC.” 

The problems between the federal government and states, will still continue even if the DEA reschedules marijuana, but it would certainly help to change the federal government´s position on this herb. 

So what would happen if the DEA does reschedule marijuana later this year?

-First of all, it would allow scientists and medical institutes to do a lot more research on this herb and to come up with even more uses for it. 

-Criminal justice would not be affected much yet, as some laws would still prosecute certain activities related to cannabis and this would need to be changed by each state or by the federal government. 

-When it comes to business, rescheduling cannabis would certainly benefit a lot of entrepreneurs and it would open new opportunities in the medicinal and recreational marijuana industries. 

-The medical community would be benefited incredibly, as they would have more options to get their medicine and more ways of feeling better ore ven curing themselves. 

Overall, it can be said that this is great news for the cannabis community and that we are very glad that DEA is finally working towards a change in their position on marijuana. 

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Recreational Marijuana Licenses Have Been Approved in Oregon

Oregon Approves Recreational Cannabis Licenses

It appears that a new recreational marijuana industry will be available in Oregon on January 2017, as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has just approved its first recreational cannabis licenses last Friday.  

Eight growing licenses have been awarded under the new regulation system, as the OLCC is now in charge of the recreational cannabis industry in Oregon.  

Rob Patridge, who is Chariman of OLCC stated on Friday, "these licensesreflect the pioneering spirit Oregon is known for.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and possess the entrepreneurial spirit of this industry."

The eight growing licenses that were awarded, include a variety of large, medium and small growing facilities, as well as some indoor and outdoor facilities.  According to the new rules, these licensed growers will have to pay their annual licensing fee, in order to start operating.  

The OLCC will be meeting every week until early July, to analyze and approve more marijuana growing licenses.  

Since Friday, the OLCC has received more than 900 recreational cannabis license applications, which is proof of the interest of people in this industry.  

Many of the currently active marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, will be part of the early recreational marijuana sales and you should be ready for it too.  

We are finally legalizing marijuana one state and country at a time.  

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