Thursday, March 24, 2016

Free Cannabis For Picking Up Trash

Colorado Springs Gives Out Marijuana For Picking Up Trash

A new event recently took place in Colorado Springs, Co. and it was all about making this city more beautiful, while promoting cannabis too.  The event´s goal is to ¨make Colorado Springs more beautiful, one trash bag at a time,¨ and it has a great reward, as it rewards people with one marijuana joint for free.  

Yes you read right, they are giving away some cannabis for free.  Steve Pacheco, who is the owner of The Pothole, stated ¨we are going to go out here on the West side and clean up off of Cimarron and the park off of 26th.  As you bring back bags of trash to me, I am going to give you a joint per bag you bring back.¨ 

The best part about all this is that people are not only doing this for the free marijuana, but because they really want to.  One of the volunteers stated, ¨I hike every day and I see trash on every single trail and it saddens me. So it feels good to actually go pick the trash up.  I don´t mind it because I use the trail.¨

So as you can see here, the main goals are to promote clean cities and a good environment, while promoting the cannabis industry at the same time.  Pacheco also stated, ¨to show that we are a positive impact.  There is nothing wrong with weed and there is nothing wrong with our kind of people.¨   

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Another Cannabis Stock To Invest In

Invest in the Cannabis Industry

Thanks to some new laws and regulations around the world, the cannabis industry is now becoming legal in some parts and this is why we should start thinking about investing in this industry.  Today, we want to tell you about another marijuana stock that will become available to invest in and we think that this is great news for the cannabis industry.  

AusCann, which is a medical cannabis company, has recently agreed to take over TW Holdings, which is known for being involved in the wine industry and is listed in the ASW market.  TW Holdings will allegedly change its name to AusCann Group and they will work together to raise at least three million to start growing cannabis.  

Elaine Darby, who is the managing director at AusCann stated that thanks to some changes during February to the Australian Narcotics Drug Act, it is now possible for them to expand their marijuana grow plans.  

The new amandments allow seriously sick people to have access to cannabis and they also allow the growth of this plant, for medicine and scientific study.  

This is great news for the cannabis industry worldwide and at Zip420 we are very happy about this.  The Australian Share Market also allows investors to trade stock of MMJ Phytotech and MGC Pharmaceuticals, which are also marijuana related businesses.  

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Zip420 Club Is Open for Registration

Become A Zip420 Club Founder Today

Our cannabis club is finally ready to use and although it still needs many improvements, we have already shared the first invitation code with our newsletter followers.  Some  people are now Zip420 Club founders and there are still some free memberships available.  

If you want to become a Zip420 Club founder you will need an invitation code and we will tell you how to get it in this blog post.  Only the first 420 people will be able to sign up to the club with this invitation code, so hurry up if you want to be a member and a founder.

As we told you before, the club is going to be a place to discuss and share stuff about cannabis and founders will have VIP access to some parts of the site, as well as some special deals at the store. 

Since we only want members who are really interested in cannabis and we want to prevent spammers, bots and other unfriednly people, we will give you the invitation code in a sort of treasure hunt way.  The club will also be filled with these little quests and missions, which will give members access to some parts of the site and secret stuff.  So without any further delay, here are the instructions for getting your invitation code and becoming a founder of our cannabis club.  

Step 1 - Visit GalerĂ­as de Arte.  It is an online art gallery, which we really like.  Sometimes after smoking, I spend some time looking at some of the paintings and art at that site.  They add more artists quite frequently and there are some good ones for sure.

Step 2 - Go to the artists section of the site mentioned above and find an artist by the name of Gustav Klimt.  Click on the view button or on his name to view his online art gallery.  There will only be one painting there.  (A pretty good one I might add).  Click on the image and after it has opened on its own in a webpage, then right click on the image and click save picture as.  Save the picture to your computer.  

Step 3 -  Visit Mozaiq to find a very simple decryption tool.  Upload the picture file that you downloaded in step 2 and type 420 as the password.  Click the Decrypt Selected File button and a message with the invitation code will appear in your screen.  

Step 4 - Use the invitation code that you decrypted at  You can register by clicking here 

Hope that you all can find the invitation code and that you do it on time, before the first 420 people use it.  We will be waiting for you in the club.  Cheers!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Is Kief Really Stronger Than Cannabis?

What Is Kief?

When you look at marijuana buds very closely, you will see that they have some very tiny crystal type things on them and these are commonly known as trichomes.  According to some experts, these tiny crystals help to protect the cannabis plant from predators and other problems, but once they dry up and become a resin, they are called Kief and according to most, this resin can produce an intense high.  

Cannabinoids are mainly produced by Trichomes and this is why the high can vary distinctively, depending on how and when the cannabis buds are harvested.  It can be said that Kief is a concentranted type of marijuana, which does give a stronger high.  

If Kief has a light color, then it is purer than if it a little more brownish.  So get out there and find yourself some Kief.  Smoke it and see why it is can give you a powerful high.  

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