Sunday, March 31, 2013

The New Medical Marijuana Law Changes Start Tomorrow

Some Of The Most Important Changes To Michigan's Medical Marijuana Law Start This Monday

Tomorrow is the day, when some of the most important changes to the medical marijuana law in Michigan will take place and it is certainly an important step towards the legalization of cannabis around the world. Some of the new changes include, the extension of one-year medical marijuana cards to a two year duration and they also include some changes to the relationship between doctors and patients. 

The use of medical marijuana has been accepted in this State since 2008 and it is meant to help people overcome some of the side effects that some diseases or medical treatments can cause, (chronic pain or cancer). Because some lawmakers were still not comfortable with those medical marijuana laws, these new changes were proposed and they certainly look like they are going to keep everything well regulated. 

It will be tomorrow, Monday April 2nd 2013, when doctors will have to see patients for medical marijuana evaluations face-to-face and they will have to go over their records with their own eyes. Some lawmakers, like Democratic Rep. Phil Cavanagh, believed that medical marijuana cards or certificates were being given away very easily and sometimes even over the phone or the web. These new laws, will prevent people who do not really need medical cannabis to abuse some of the medical marijuana laws. 

The new medical marijuana law, will also require doctors to do a follow-up on those certified patients, to see what the effects have been and if they are really benefiting from medicinal cannabis or not. According to Cavanagh, this will also "prevent some out-of-state doctor from coming in, renting a hotel room, writing these things and the leaving town." Michael Komorn, who is a Michigan attorney and is a specialist in medical marijuana laws also talked about these new changes and stated, "now, we are saying: What is behind the card? Where did you get certified? Who was your doctor? He also agreed that these new changes will help to both patients and doctors, as the certification process, will be easier to understand and focused on true medical marijuana patients. 

More About The New Medical Marijuana Law Changes In Michigan

After tomorrow, the bill that was approved by 75% of voters in December, will hand out two year long medical marijuana cards and those people who apply for one, will be required to prove their residence within the State, (a State ID or driver's license) and pay $100 for the card.

According to some records by the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, there are now more than 131000 people registered as medical marijuana patients in Michigan and at least 27000 caregivers, or those who grow cannabis for a group of no more than five persons. These caregivers, will now be under stricter regulations as well and they will not qualify for a certification, if they have been arrested in the last decade or if they have ever been involved in an assault. In the past, not being arrested for a drug crime, was the only requisite for becoming a certified caregiver in Michigan.

If for some reason a patient loses their caregiver, they will be allowed to find a new one. The new medical marijuana law in Michigan will cause some patients to lose a relationship with their current caregivers, but there will be others available and they will certainly be offering higher quality medicine and services.

It was also during last month, when Republican Rep. Mike Callton made a proposition to legalize the medical cannabis dispensaries, which have not been allowed by the Supreme Court under the current medical marijuana law and this means that more changes might soon be coming to Michigan about medical cannabis.

The New Medical Marijuana Law Will Be Stricter

These new changes, will allow for a better control over the marijuana transactions that happen within Michigan and they will certainly benefit those people who really do need medical cannabis in the long run. Doctors and caregivers, will also benefit from these new laws and even if some do lose their certifications or some of their business associates, the ones that will remain will be fully legit and will offer the best medical cannabis for their patients.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Zip 420 Comic Strip


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Medical Cannabis Dispensaries May Appear In Nevada Within A Year

At Least One Senator Is In Favor Of Medical Cannabis In Nevada

The Las Vegas Sun, (which is one of the most important newspapers in the State of Nevada), recently reported that some politicians are now in favor of some medical cannabis dispensaries within the State of Nevada and that these might start opening their doors to customers in less than one year. The opening of these dispensaries, will depend on what some legislators vote on, when the session to pass this bill arrives. 

At the moment, medical marijuana is already accepted in the State of Nevada, but no dispensaries have been  allowed by the State's government yet. It was just yesterday, when some of the members of the Senate Judiciary Commitee in the State of Nevada, voted in favor of passing this bill, which was proposed and is being sponsored by Tick Segerblom, who is a Democratic State Senator. 

According to Segerblom, lawmakers are due to vote on this bill in just a few weeks and he also stated to the press, that he hopes for the first medical cannabis dispensaries to be fully operational within one year. Segerblom also stated that there are currently around 3500 medical marijuana users, who have registered with the State of Nevada and that the number is expected to grow to 35000, in the next couple of months. 

What Would Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Offer In Nevada

Once a person has been analyzed by their doctor and a medical marijuana recommendation is made to them, they will need to register with the State for a medical marijuana card, which would offer those patients different options at some of the dispensaries, which will be opening very soon in the State of Nevada. Some of these options include a $10 per ounce price and people with these medical marijuana cards, would only have access to two ounces of cannabis every 14 days. 

There are still some decisions to be made by lawmakers about this bill, as they are still not certain if medical marijuana cards from other States will be valid within the State of Nevada or not. There are also still some doubts about how the medical cannabis dispensaries will get their product and if there should be another type of license for the people who decide to grow and sell their herb to the dispensaries 

Nevada's Police Departments are also concerned about the penalties for those people who consume and sell cannabis outside the new marijuana laws and all of this will surely be talked about when Segerblom's blim is addressed in mid-April.

Hopefully The New Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Do Open Within A Year In Nevada

I really do hope that this bill gets passed in a few weeks and that the new regulations will help entrepreneurs to buils some top notch medical cannabis dispensaries within the State of Nevada, as these would really benefit a lot of people and would be offering cannabis at a very affordable price. This would be a huge opportunity for all of those people who really do benefit from this herb, as they would not have to pay as much for their medicine and they would have a high quality product available to them as well. 

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Friday, March 29, 2013

A New Marijuana Tax Act

Colorado And Other States Are Looking Towards A New Marijuana Tax Act

Cannabis is now being accepted in several States of the US and other countries of the world, but almost none have a marijuana tax act established yet even though, this could really benefit them economically. The legalization of cannabis is happening all over the world and governments only need to establish some new regulations about this herb, as they are badly needed and they will surely make society stronger.

Alcohol and tobacco have been taxed by the government for a couple of decades now and many believe that this should be the fate of marijuana as well. States like Colorado and Washington, which have recently approved the recreational use of cannabis within their borders, are now thinking about taxing this herb and the benefits that it could bring them.

Congressman Rep. Jared Polis, believes that the State of Colorado could earn tens of millions of dollars of extra income every single year, just for taxing marijuana, which is now legal within the State’s borders. According to some studies and surveys, marijuana should be taxed around $50 per ounce, which can be sold for $200 to $400, depending on its quality and the strain that it is

Polis also stated to the press, “I’ve seen some estimates in the high tens of millions, as much as $100 million.” He also stated that marijuana taxation could be a very useful income, as there are many services that need more funding and would benefit society as well.  According to Polis, the taxing of marijuana is a “Substantial dent in needed school improvements, particularly in poorer districts,” and millions of people are already backing him up.

A Marijuana Tax Act That Works For Everyone

According to some reports, there are more than 35 sponsors in Maine’s State legislature, which means that this is not the only State of the US that is looking for a new marijuana tax act. David Boyer, who is a political director in Maine, stated “support for changing our marijuana laws is growing as more and more elected officials realize it makes no sense to maintain a system of prohibition for a substance that is objectively less harmful than alcohol. Maine can and should take agree.”

Other States like California and Washington are also looking into a new marijuana tax act, as some reports state that these States could generate over one billion dollars per year, as there are now many people supporting the legalization of cannabis and who believe that this herb should be available for everyone, just like alcohol is today.

Reports also prove that marijuana users have increased in the last decade and that in 2002 only 1.9% of Americans consumed this herb, while in 2011 the percentage rose to 6%. This clearly proves that more Americans are consuming cannabis and that taxing would generate even more income as well.

We Need A Marijuana Tax Act Now

The legalization of cannabis is happening and the world would really benefit from taxing this herb. Government would have more revenue to work with and the sales of marijuana would also be controlled all of the time. It is time for the legalization of cannabis to take place and at Zip 420 we believe that it would be the best decision ever.

Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to our newsletter, by entering your email in the box to the right, so we can tell you more about the marijuana tax act that will be authorized soon and that will make cannabis as legal as other products and change the world for good.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little History Of Marijuana In Thailand

The History Of Marijuana In Thailand

As we know, cannabis has been a very controversial plant for almost 100 years now and in Thailand, were cannabis is better known as "ganja", it has been no different. Some people believe in the legalization of cannabis and there are still many who are totally against it. Even if there are so many people in need of cannabis as a medicine, there are still many arrests and prosecutions that have to do with this herb and in this article you will get to read  some of the history of marijuana in Thailand. 

The History Of Marijuana And Thailand's Culture

In Thailand, "ganja" has a very long history and it has been used for several purposes throughout the centuries. There are records of cannabis being used as a food ingredient and in some parts of Thailand and Southeast Asia, it is still used as condiment in foods or as medicine. The people from Thailand, also consumed cannabis as a source of fiber and it was a popular ingredient in boat noodle soup, which has been one of the traditional soups in Thailand for a very long time. 

Thailand, has also used cannabis as a medicine for many centuries now and it has been used in common massages for a long time as well. "Analgesic and sedative to control pain," is the description that the Thai Institute of Healing Arts has given to cannabis and this shows that the herb has been used as medicine before, it is being used as medicine right now and it should be allowed to be used as medicine everywhere.

The country of Thailand has also had some history of marijuana related to clothing and creating rope, as the fibers of the marijuana plant are very strong and easy to acquire. It is now well known that the Hmong ethnic group from Thailand, makes their clothes and other textile products from hemp, which is basically the marijuana plant, but without as much THC, which is the element that makes people high, when the plant is smoked or eaten. What most people might not know, is that Thailand is currently exporting some hemp clothing around the world and that they are one of the top suppliers. 

Muay Thai fighters have also been known for using hemp to keep their hands from getting hurt while they are fighting, as the hemp can easily be placed over each knuckle and helps to protect them. Now, Muay Thai fighters use Western-style gloves and the cannabis plant is no longer used in this sport. (Unless some of them wear some hemp clothing)

Currently, Thailand does not allow the consumption or sale of marijuana, but it can easily be found in Cambodia or Laos, which are neighboring countries and are not hard to reach, most of the time.

The History Of Marijuana Is Very Interesting

There are many facts about marijuana that people do not know about and many even believe that cannabis has been outlawed since the beginning of man kind, while the reality is that cannabis has not been allowed for only a few decades and that people have been using this herb for medicine, clothing, food, products and recreation for a very long time. 

It is time to accept that the current marijuana laws are affecting our society more than they are helping it and that the legalization of cannabis needs to take place now. Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to our newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right, so that we can tell you more about the history of marijuana and what the world is doing about its legalization right now. 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Medical Marijuana Laws Are Changing

New York Might Change Its Medical Marijuana Laws

Just like some of the other 18 States in the US that have decided to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, the State of New York is now thinking of changing some of its laws and making marijuana legal for those people with some serious illnesses. 

Medical marijuana laws might soon be approved in the State of New York and even if Governor Andrew Cuomo is still not in favor of these new regulations, there are millions of people supporting them and there are lots of people who really do need this herb to become medicine right away.

Senator Diane Savino and Assemblyman Richard Gottfried just introduced their new proposals for a medical marijuana bill and they are more positive about it than ever. This new proposal, would allow people who are providing medical marijuana to recommend the herb to those people who are suffering from some serious illnesses and diseases, such as AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, people who are terminally ill and others.

The new bill would allow nurses, doctors, physicians and other specialists to recommend the herb to the people who really need it and this will allow to keep a better control on marijuana. The recommendation would be made to the State’s Health Department, which would create a list of approved patients and would then supply them with a photo ID, which they can use to buy medical marijuana from growers or dispensaries that have been previously certified by the State as well. 

These patients would be able to buy up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis at these medical marijuana dispensaries, which is a perfect amount for personal use or medication. The medical marijuana card that these people would receive, would last for up to a year or sometimes less, depending on the doctor’s recommendations and the state the patient is in.
As said above, the New York Health Department, would be in charge of certifying people for growing marijuana, as well as those who will be selling it. The people or business who decides to grow it, will have to do so in a secure location and indoors. Those businesses or medical marijuana dispensaries that would be selling the herb, would have to follow some strict rules and would only be able to sell to distributors or patients, who have been approved by the State.

The new medical marijuana laws would also tax $250 or less per pound of cannabis that is sold, whether it is a grower or a dispensary. The new proposed laws, do not say anything about those people who try to take advantage of these medical marijuana laws and they also allow children and teenagers to apply for a State approved medical marijuana card.

I really do hope that these new laws get accepted, as there are lots of people who could benefit from marijuana being a medicine and offering the herb to them, would be one of the best things that happens to them. Please support these recently proposed medical marijuana laws and share this article and like it as well. Subscribe to our newsletter by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more information about medical marijuana laws and more.
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Medical Marijuana For Children

You Can Relieve A Lot Of Pain With Medical Marijuana

Although the story that I am going to tell you about in this article, was made public around a year ago, I still believe it to be very interesting and I am sure that it will help to change your perspective about medical marijuana, what it can do for certain patients and why it is sometimes even okay to give it to our children.

In a Los Angeles Times article, which was published during 2012, you can easily read about how Jason David is a father who has decided to provide marijuana as a medicine for his young boy Jayden, who has suffered several health problems at his young age and is now leaving a happier life, thanks to the benefits of cannabis.

According to the article and to Jayden’s father, the young boy had been taking lots of very powerful medications to try and control an epilepsy form, that is not very common and that has affected this poor boy’s life. The side effects that the boy experienced are described in that article and they included really bad seizures, which lasted for more than an hour sometimes, occurred more than a few hundred times per day, some muscle contortions and more.  Jayden’s father said, “If he wasn’t sleeping, he was seizing,” which is certainly not a life that any young boy or girl should live.

According to Jayden’s father, he felt really useless and prayed a lot during those days. He even stated that he thought about suicide, but that one day everything would change for his family, when he heard that a teenager had been expelled from his school, because he had been caught with marijuana, which he claimed was being used to control his seizures.

This led young Jayden and his father into the world of medical marijuana and the results have been amazing

The New Jayden, Thanks To Medical Marijuana

Some months have gone by now, and Jayden is living a healthier and more normal life than he ever has. The young boy has been consuming cannabis drops, which include a solution made out of cannabidiol, which is one of marijuana’s top cannabinoids. The difference about these drops and common marijuana is that these drops do not get young Jayden high at all and this allows him to lead a normal life and to consume the drops at least four times per day.

The results have been amazing, as Jayden can now eat solid food, he is able to lead a better relationship with his father, plays and dances like any normal kid does and has been able to reduce the prescription pills that he used to take from 22 per day, to only four drops of cannabis medicine a day.

Cannabidiol Is A Type Of Medical Marijuana That Doesn’t Get You High

Because this type of marijuana extract does not get people high, it is perfect to use as medicine and it has already proven to work on many cases. Martin Lee, who is a writer in San Francisco, stated that “nobody is going to a dispensary for this to get high. With CBD or cannabidiol, it’s clear that it’s just about medicine.” Just like Jayden, there are many other children who are benefiting from medical marijuana and this is why at Zip 420 we believe that the legalization of cannabis needs to take place now. 

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Five Famous Cannabis Smokers

Famous Cannabis Smokers That You Would Want To Do Business With

Most people have a stereotype of the people who smoke or eat cannabis for recreation, but the truth is that there are many responsible cannabis smokers out there and that there are even some, who have become very powerful and successful over time. In this article, I will tell you about five different famous cannabis smokers, who have succeeded in different types of careers and are actually providing something of value to all of society.

These cannabis enthusiasts are nothing like Snoop Lion or Willie Nelson, they have appeared in magazines like Forbes and they have created some very interesting companies over the years.  Continue reading and change your stereotype of those people who consume cannabis on a regular basis.

Five Successful & Famous Cannabis Smokers

  • Sir Richard Branson – According to some resources, this man is now the 236th richest person on the planet and he was able to accomplish this by being the founder of Virgin Empire, which owns businesses such record stores, cell phone companies and even airlines.  Sir Richard managed to make all of his fortune from nothing and he has publicly accepted, smoking cannabis on a regular basis.  He has even stated that he has smoked cannabis with his 21 year old son, that he would sell the herb if it were legal and he has asked for marijuana to become legal several times.

  • Ted Turner – He is one of the richest men in America and the world. He is owner of the Atlanta Braves, he owns television stations, and he owns lots of private properties (turning him into the largest private land owner in America) and helped CNN come up with their 24-hour news system.  Ted also grew marijuana while he was in college, inside his dorm room. He is one of the founders of the Kentucky Hemp Museum and is a Scooby-Doo fan.

  • Stephen King – This man is one of the most successful writers of our time and he deserves to be in our famous cannabis smokers list, because his books are simply out of the ordinary. He has written more than 50 novels and he has sold more than 500 million copies all over the world. He favors the legalization of cannabis and he has publicly stated, “I think marijuana should not only be legal, I think it should be a cottage industry, it makes perfect sense.”

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger – Yes, the ex Governor of California has also smoked cannabis at some point in his life and while he was in office, he was a supporter of the medical marijuana regulations in that State. He has been recorded smoking cannabis in the 70’s and he has even stated, “Marijuana is not a drug, it’s a leaf.”

  • Michael Bloomberg – The Mayor of New York is also one of the responsible and successful people who have smoked cannabis and who will probably continue doing so, right after he retires.  Bloomberg is certainly an example for all those people who enjoy smoking cannabis, since he is very successful and a great politician. When asked about smoking cannabis, Bloomberg has said, “You bet I did, and I enjoyed it!”

Stay Tuned For More Famous Cannabis Smokers

Please remember to share and like this article and to join our newsletter by leaving us your email in the box to the right. I will make sure that you learn more about some famous cannabis smokers and other important cannabis facts.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some Marijuana Facts

Marijuana Facts That You Need To Know

There are many things about cannabis that will probably astonish you, like that it was used by Henry Ford in some of his car models and as fuel for his engines and that even a Queen of England used the herb to calm her menstrual pains, which is why I am going to tell you about some more marijuana facts that you need to know.  

Below you can read 10 interesting things about cannabis, which will certainly change your point of view about it and how its being used all over the world.

10 Marijuana Facts

  1.  People, who use marijuana, almost never consume another drug that is not considered legal.  Those who believe that cannabis leads to using harder drugs are simply not well informed about the herb. This is a decision that each person makes
  2. Marijuana does not cause dependency. A study that was realized by the Federal Institute of Medicine back in 1999, proved that only 10% of people who consume marijuana fall under  a dependence clinical criteria, while alcohol had a 15% result and tobacco a 32%.
  3.  The stories of the increase in marijuana’s potency or THC levels are overly exaggerated. Even if there has been an increase in the herb’s potency, due to more knowledgeable and work addicted marijuana growers, the levels of THC are still not that high and even if they were this would not affect our health at all. Data that was made public by the US federal government states that the levels of THC in cannabis which is available in the US market are around 5% and that this number has not changed since the early 80's.
  4.   There is no medical or scientific study that has proven that marijuana consumption can cause mental illness.
  5. There is no scientific proof that marijuana can increase the risk of lung cancer for smoking the herb or any other type of cancer.
  6. Marijuana is useful for relieving people who are feeling nausea after going through a chemotherapy treatment, it helps people with AIDS to feel hungry, it reduces spasms in muscles, helps with neurological disorders and it helps people with glaucoma to reduce the pressure in their eyes.
  7. The percentages of people who consume marijuana are very similar in the Netherlands and the US, even though the laws and regulations are completely different.
  8.  There is no proof that marijuana can cause long term cognitive impairment
  9. There are still no studies that have proven that cannabis has increased the number of traffic accidents around the world.
  10. More than 800000 are arrested in the US for marijuana related offenses; most of them are for possessing a small amount of the herb.

Marijuana Facts Are important To Know

If you are interested in cannabis, it is important for you to know about the marijuana facts that matter the most and at Zip 420 you will be able to read them all. Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to our newsletter by leaving us your email in the box to the right. (Those who have subscribed please check your spam folders, our newsletter may be staying there) Become our follower by signing up in the box to the right as well and you will learn even more marijuana facts

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some Seniors Say, “Lets Get High”

Lets Get High Tonight!

Some senior citizens are now admitting that they smoke cannabis regularly and some even admit that they do it as a social thing. In an article that I read in the New York Times, I found out about Cher Neufer, who is a 65 years woman, who lives in Ohio (where cannabis is not consider a major offense) and has admitted to smoking marijuana frequently with her friends for recreational purposes only.  She talks about how she has been smoking the herb since she was around 21 years old and that her friends and she get together at least once a week to play some Texas Hold Em Poker and to smoke a joint or two.

The author of this article describes how Ms. Neufer receiver her visitors into her home, by offering them a joint and saying “lets get high”. They also talk about how she celebrates someone’s birthday by lighting up a bong. They also describe how Ms. Neufer likes to organize some campfires during the summer months, where they all listen to some Led Zeppelin, The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

“It’s just a social thing. It’s like when people get together, and they crack open their beers,” is what Ms. Neufer had to say about smoking cannabis with her friends and on her own. This is just a short story about how more senior citizens are starting to use marijuana for recreational purposes and how they are forgetting about the idea of not tolerating the herb in society.

The article at The New York Times, also talks about some recent statistics, which were researched by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health and proved that at least 6% of people between 50 and 59 years of age, are now smoking the herb and it also shows how in 2002, the percentage was only a little above 2.5%, which means that the number of senior citizens who are smoking cannabis regularly, has risen quite a bit.

Baby Boomers Are Saying “Lets Get High”

It is not unusual for more baby boomers and senior citizens to be thinking about smoking cannabis and telling their friends “lets get high”, as they were around in the 60s and 70s and most certainly know a lot about the herb.

Stories like Ms. Neufer’s are repeating itself all over the world and more people are now realizing that there is nothing wrong with something a little cannabis and having some fun. Whether they choose to smoke it or eat it, they are noticing that it only helps them to relax and that they will not go out there and do something crazy.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Hosting A “Lets Get High” Event

Just like Ms Neufer, more seniors and baby boomers should start hosting events like the ones she does and you will soon realize how this herb is more beneficial than you think. Please remember to share and like this article and to register to our newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right. I will make sure to tell you more about similar “lets get high” events and more about the cannabis related world. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

More Than 100 Companies Will Present Their Cannabis Related Products

Valencia Will Be The Host Of A Cannabis Show

The Grow Med Medicinal Cannabis Show will be taking place during April 19th to April 21st in the Valencia Fair. At least 100 hundred different companies will be presenting their latest innovations on their marijuana related products and there will even be a conference program, some debates and much more information about the therapeutic uses of this plant and what is being done to make it legal for medical use all over the world.

The companies will be presenting products such as substrates, cleaning products, fertilizers, marijuana seeds, lighting equipment, humidifiers, some associations related to the plant, clubs, grow shops and much more. There will only be companies related to this herb and it is certainly going to be an interesting place to visit.  
The fair will also have a medical study about the use of marijuana, which will be presented to the attendees as a conference. The study is going to talk about the benefits that each of the marijuana seed varieties has on a person and it will also explain how this herb can be used to control insomnia, lack of appetite, nausea and much more.

Some Conferences About Cannabis

During this fair, the BESFES OR Best Specimen For Each Symptom study, will be presented by doctor Jose Pedraza, who is a high ranking member of the Cannabinoids Spanish Society and he is also the coordinator for the conferences that will be taking place during this fair.

Doctor Fernando Caudevilla, will also be talking in a conference during this fair and he will be accompanied by psychologist Jose Carlos Bouso and who will be talking about the responsible use of cannabis.  “Use Responsibly” is the name of this conference and it will certainly have some interesting topics about the use of this herb and how it should be consumed or transformed into other products.

Other experts will also be talking about the healing and therapeutic benefits of marijuana and how it will be used worldwide to cure some diseases. These conferences will surely help many people to understand more about what marijuana can do for a person and why it should become legal everywhere.  

There are now more people who believe in the medicinal benefits of marijuana and this is be ing scene all over the world. The United States, Uruguay, some parts of Australia and other countries already starting to legalize this herb in some of their States and the results are really wonderful.

There are thousands who are benefiting from eating or smoking cannabis and if it helps people to forget about their disease or to cure it, then nobody should be able to prohibit them from using it.

Cannabis Is A Medicine Not A Drug

If you look at some of the studies about the uses of marijuana and see the results, you will see that this is really a medicine and that it does help people. Please share and like this article and remember to leave us your email in the box to the right, so we can send you our newsletter, which comes out once every one week or two and is filled with interesting stuff about cannabis and more. 

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Why Should Marijuana Be Legal In Chile Again?

People In Chile, Ask Why Should Marijuana Be Legal?

It is likely that you did not know that the use of marijuana in Chile was not prohibited for personal use until the year of 1995 and that it has only been about 28 years, since the consumption of the herb, started to be controlled in public places in this country.

According to a law that was established in this South American country during 1985, drug trafficking involves a series of acts or conducts such as buying, transporting, subtracting, possession, selling and more; unless the use of those drugs is proven to be for personal or medicinal use. 

Later in 1995 that law would be changed to have some fragments added to it. Now, the person caught with the herb, would need to have only a small amount, which can be proven that it is for personal use and that it will not last for a very long time.  So why should marijuana be legal, many people ask and the answer is simple, because it is a medicine that will help people with certain diseases and because it is not dangerous like alcohol or tobacco.

Since 1995, the growth of cannabis for personal use, has been penalized in Chile, while before this year, it was possible for people to grow this herb and to consume it freely. These are just some of the things that Chile has been doing to meet up with world standards and follow the prohibition ideas that have been established by other countries.

Important People From Chile, Talk About Why Should Marijuana Be Legal

There are now many politicians and other important people in Chile, who have their own points of view about the marijuana regulations that were changed in 1995 and many gave some interesting ideas about why should marijuana be legal in Chile and the world. People like Senator Avila, Laura Soto, presidential candidate Marco Henriquez-Ominami, Senator Lagos, Senator Letellier, Senator Rossi and more, are now talking about legalizing cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes and they have even started some organizations, groups and associations, which have helped to promote their ideals and are gaining acceptance all around Chile and the world.

Laura Soto, who is an important politician in Chile, has created a project to help the legalization of medicinal cannabis take place and her points of view are really interesting. The project that Senators Lagos, Letellier and Rossi are promoting, involves legalizing the growth of cannabis and its personal use, which shows how people in this country have learned to accept the herb and want to use it respectfully.

Why Should Marijuana Be Legal All Around The World?

Are you still not certain about why should marijuana be legal? If this is so, you should only take a look at some of the documentaries that we have shared here and learn more about the benefits of medicinal cannabis and its real effects on people who use it for recreation.  Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can now about what Chileans think about cannabis. Remember to join the Zip 420 followers club and to leave us your email in the box to the right, so that I can send you the Zip 420 newsletter, with tons of interesting stuff about cannabis. 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Celebrities Smoking Weed

A Great Story About Celebrities Smoking Weed

This might be old news for some of you, but I really believe it’s worth writing about Rihanna and her love for cannabis.  This famous singer, actor and model, has been seen smoking cannabis in public several times in the last few months and she has even Tweeted about it many times as well. Not only is she beautiful, sings amazingly great and dances incredibly well too, but she also likes to smoke cannabis. 

There is almost no one who knows for sure when Rihanna first started smoking the herb, but it is certain that she likes it and she is not hiding it anymore. In the artwork of her recent song “Diamonds”, one can see a hand filled with some beautiful and very shiny diamonds, as well as some nice looking rolling papers in the front part of the picture.

I really believe that Rihanna is in favor of the legalization of cannabis and this is why she is one my favorite celebrities. Celebrities smoking weed is nothing new, but I am really glad that Rihanna is letting everybody know how much she loves the herb. In this article you will be able to see a few pictures of Rihanna smoking cannabis and she has been caught doing it in Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles and who knows where else.

More About Celebrities Smoking Weed

If more celebrities would start promoting the use of cannabis, we would have legalization much sooner and I hope more start doing what Rihanna did.  When she was in Hawaii, she was caught smoking a blunt and she even Tweeted “Kush rolled, glass full… I prefer the better things!”  This is a lyric from a famous rap song and it shows how much she really loves the herb.

Rhianna probably chose to smoke cannabis freely while on her holiday in Hawaii, because this State has made the possession of cannabis one of the lowest priorities for the police and other law enforcers in the State.   Since 2008, a ballot was accepted within the State and it allows people who are over 21 years of age to have up to 24 plants or 24 ounces of cannabis within their private property.

For those who are caught with cannabis in public, the State of Hawaii considers having up to one ounce of this herb a misdemeanor and might get you 30 days in jail or a fine of up to $1000. If someone is caught with more than one once of cannabis, the fine may raise to $2000 and the person might end up having to serve at least one year in jail.

Rihanna Is One Of Our Favorite Celebrities Smoking Weed

More celebrities smoking weed will be shown in the future here at Zip 420 and this is why you should come back and read our articles every day. Please remember to share and like this article and to join our newsletter by leaving us your email in the box to the right. I will send you information about celebrities smoking weed and much more. 

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Judge In Barbados Doubts Current Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Laws Need To Be Changed Now

There are now many judges, politicians, scientific experts and common citizens who are very convinced that the current marijuana laws are not working and Barbados’s Attorney General and Minister of Home Affair Adriel Brathwaite has stated recently that he has been having some doubts about Barbados is leading a successful war against the herb and if the current laws are effective at all.

Brathwaite spoke at the National Consultation on the Anti-Drug Plan, which was a surprise to some, as nobody expected to hear the judge talk about the current marijuana laws the way that he did. The High Court judge recommended the legalization of cannabis and the regulation of some drugs for personal use.

According to the judge’s speech, he is certain that legalizing is the best option now, as the wide scale use of marijuana is now visible everywhere and it is obvious that it is not going away ever.  Cannabis has been used for millennia and it has helped a lot of people to continue with a normal life, even after being diagnosed with a severe disease or illness; this is why there is very little chance that the use of cannabis will stop all of a sudden.

The Marijuana Laws Need A Reform

During his speech, Brathwaite talked about several of his points of view and they all seem very smart and logical. Some of the things that the Barbados judge said were, “now it is not just the boys on the block (smoking marijuana) but the girls on the block too. If you go to football games across Barbados, it is almost the norm. There was a time when the boys used to hide but now boys and girls are openly smoking. There was a time I thought we were losing the fight when I used to see marijuana being used openly in communities, but I am not sure how I feel about it this morning.”

These words prove how Brathwaite no longer believes in the current marijuana laws and how he is only one of the millions who are already convinced about this. What Brathwaite stated about marijuana being consumed by both boys and girls openly in public, is not only true in Barbados, as this scene repeats itself all over the world.

While there might be some leaner or tougher laws in each country, the use of cannabis is increasing all over the world and it is obvious that the current regulations have not helped at all. The legalization of cannabis could help the economy, tourism and most important of all, it can be used as a medicine and it has been scientifically proven that it does benefit some patients.

So let’s start to change our points of view about cannabis and admit that what has been done by our governments and police enforcers has simply not worked. Please remember to share and like this article and to join our followers club to the right. Also, leave us your email in the box to the right, so that we can send you the Zip420 Newsletter, which will have lots of things about marijuana laws and more. 

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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Illawara Region Of Australia Wants Medicinal Marijuana

Medicinal Marijuana May Soon Come To Illawara

People in Illawara, which is a region of Australia, are now grouping up to try and get medicinal marijuana approved for medicinal purpose, as they are certain that it can help those residents of the region who suffer from cancer and that it can also help to alleviate their chronic pains.

Sally Crossing, who is a cancer survivor, told one of the New South Wales parliamentary committees that it really “seemed self-evident” what cannabis can do for people who suffer from certain diseases and pains. She also stated that “enabling the medical use of cannabis is commonsense and kindness.” Ms. Crossing is also the leader of the Cancer Voices New South Wales voluntary action group and they are certainly getting the attention of most of the Illawarra residents.

During her speech, Sally also said, “while we watch the Americas and Europe gradually seeing the benefits of treating cannabis like alcohol, let’s focus on this present compelling matter-allowing cannabis to be used as a medical drug for those symptoms it can alleviate.”

Right now, this group and the committee is trying to establish how medicinal marijuana should be dealt with, as well as how it should supplied to patients and people who need it the most.  The group that is being led by Ms. Crossing already has a large list of followers and it is in favor of medicinal cannabis, only if it can be properly regulated and certain medical protocols are followed.

Medicinal Marijuana Is An Excellent Option

Ms. Crossing also talked about how some harder or stronger drugs have been declassified from illegal drugs to legal and are now being used for medicinal purposes. She really doesn’t believe that cannabis can hurt anybody and she also thinks that other drugs are far worse than marijuana.  “Too many people think it’s the thin end of the wedge or the beginning of the slippery slope,” said Ms. Crossing. She also stated that there are many pain killers in the market, which produce side effects and that cannabis will work as well as those pain killers, but it will not produce the side effects that these do and she talked about how this was being proven in the US.

 “We see major benefits, specifically for relief of symptoms and side effects which are often not well managed now. We fully support the placement of controls to ensure appropriate prescribing protocols and safe and efficient delivery to people for whom it has been prescribed. I am speaking today for a lot of people, those who have cancer. Some of us will die of our disease and some won’t. Regardless, the comfort of knowing that a helpful drug has been added to the fairly limited offerings we have now would be very welcome,” were some of Ms. Crossing’s last words in her speech.

Medicinal Marijuana Needs To Be Approved Everywhere

People who have tried cannabis for medicinal purposes, know exactly how effective this herb can be and this is why it needs to be approved and prescribed to these people. Please remember to share and like this article, to join our Google Followers list and to subscribe to our newsletter by leaving us your email to the right. I will make sure you receive some interesting news about medicinal marijuana and other cool things.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

North Carolina Wants To Legalize Marijuana

Voters Want To Legalize Marijuana In North Carolina

As I have been telling you since I created this blog, the legalization of marijuana is coming soon and several States in the US have already passed a few bills to decriminalize marijuana for medical use and some have even allowed it for recreational purposes. Now, the State of North Carolina has more voters who want to legalize marijuana, than those who want to keep it just the way it is. This only proves that what I have been writing about is true and that more people want to make this herb legal all over the world.

According to some recent polls in the State of North Carolina, at least six out of ten voters,  believe that prosecutors and police should not give priority to any marijuana offense and only one out of three voters believe that those people caught in possession of cannabis, should be processed just like they have been for the past few decades.

This poll’s results showed that more than 60% of the people who answered the questions believe in making cannabis a “low priority” offense, while only 30% believes that cannabis should remain a “high priority” for the State of North Carolina.  The poll’s results also proved that only 35% of the State’s voters believe in keeping the possession of small amounts of cannabis, as a criminal offense, while more than 56% voted on making the possession of small amounts of cannabis a low priority and that those who are caught with the herb, should only pay a fine.  The poll also proved that 60% of the people who are under the age of 65 want to make the possession of marijuana a non criminal offense and this only tells us that the new generations are now aware of the benefits of cannabis and the things that does not do to you.

How Should The State Of North Carolina Legalize Marijuana?

Distribution to adults was also questioned in this poll to North Carolina voters and the results were that 58% of the people in this State think marijuana should be sold in stored that are owned by the State, similar to how liquor stores operate.  The sale of marijuana in private establishments only had 19% votes in favor and this proves that people are not looking to legalize marijuana because they want to get stoned or high, but that they are more interested in the medicinal purposes of this herb.

Legalize Marijuana And Let’s Have A Better World

Whether you want to admit it or not, when the legalization of cannabis happens, the entire world will be a different place. Not only will the herb benefit people with certain diseases, but it will also collect more taxes for governments and it will lower crime as well.

Please remember to share and like this article and to follow us with Google Connect to the right and to leave us your email in the box to right as well, so that we can send your own newsletter and tell you more about what will happen when all the world decides to legalize marijuana

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