Monday, December 1, 2014

Have You Watched The "Grandmas Smoking Weed" Video?

Cannabis Is Less Dangerous Than Alcohol


At Zip 420, we are all about legalizing and regulating marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes worldwide and today, we want to share with you a video, which was recently recorded and published by Cut, as it shows three grandmas smoking weed for the first time and how harmless this herb really is.  

In the video you can see three cute old ladies, talking about how they have never tried cannabis before, as they were too busy taking care of their children, their jobs and other things in life.  Now, they decided to collaborate with Cut and show people how cannabis is no more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco and why it needs to be regulated today.  

While they do have some laughs and seem a little foolish at times, they are simply having fun and not harming anyone.  Marijuana is not dangerous as we have been told and this is why we want you all to see this video too.  

***We did not have anything to do with the recording of this video and we just found a link in YouTube.  We did not upload there either, but go ahead and watch it, we are sure that you will love it too.  

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