Monday, August 31, 2015

New Medical Marijuana Pills

A Cannabis Company Has Sold Its First Marijuana Pills

Thanks to new laws and regulations, the first medical marijuana pills have been sold legally and they are now available over the Internet in some parts of Europe as well.  

MMJ Phytotech, is the name of this medical cannabis company and they are located in Australia.  At the moment, marijuana is still not fully legal in this country, but the company found a way around this, by producing their capsules in Switzerland, registering them in Germany and selling them online to people in Europe.  

The medical marijuana pills that this company is now selling, are mainly cannabidoil or CBD capsules, which means that they come from a type of cannabis plant or marijuana strain, which keeps or maintains CBD, but that does not contain THC or tetrahydrocannabidoil, which is the substance in the marijuana plants, that makes us feel a high.  This is why these pills are mainly for medical use and why they are very like to become very popular in the near future.  

According to MMJ Phytotech, these medical marijuana pills, can help fight and control things like diabetes, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, sleep disorders, arthritis and more.  At the moment, a box of these pills, sells for around 89 Euros.  The company's goals include more than one millions sales this year and they have already stated that they have had a good response from the public.  

This is great news for the marijuana regulation movement, because it proves that people do need this herb as a medicine and that it can be a profitable business for others.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about these new medical marijuana pills.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Marijuana Tourism Is A Very Promising Industry

Cannabis Will Increase Tourism Worldwide

It was back in April 20, 2014 when several travel companies, began noticing an increase in the people visiting Denver, Colorado.  At the moment, there were still speculation as to why this was happening, but after realizing that marijuana had become legal in this State, the reason was more than obvious.  

Today, experts are speculating that marijuana tourism is a very promising industry and that it is barely in its developing stages.  It is still unsure how cannabis will be regulated in the United States and across the world, but it is obvious that it will happen sooner than later and that it will be one of the strongest industries as well.  

Online travel companies, also saw an increment on the people travelling to Denver, Colorado this year and this is only more proof that cannabis tourism is a real thing these days.  The number of people travelling to Washington, also increased during both April 2014 and 2015, as it is also a marijuana friendly State.  

This means that not only cannabis related businesses are getting more clients, but that other businesses are doing so too.  Businesses like travelling companies, airplane companies, car rental companies, hotels, restaurants and more, all benefit from the people who visit these States to try some cannabis and this means more income for everyone.  

This is definitely a good thing and since these States now offer both medical cannabis and recreational marijuana, there are many reasons for people to want to travel to these places.  It is only a matter of time, until the rest of the world understand the importance of allowing this herb in their territories, as the current laws on cannabis, have not yielded any positive results.  

It is time to allow marijuana everywhere and let cannabis tourism grow.  Many people will benefit from this and ending the war on cannabis will also allow people everywhere, to live a happier life.  

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Did Shakespeare Smoke Cannabis?

Marijuana Has Been Found In Some Pipes In Shakespeare's Garden

Some recent testing and forensic studies, revealed that Shakespeare might have smoked cannabis and not just tobacco, as it was once believed.  Some scientists from South Africa, have been studying some 400 year old pipes, which were found in Shakespeare's old garden and they have found some cannabis residues in them.  

Gas chromatography, is the technique that was used by these scientists, to study the 24 pieces of pipes that were found in Shakespeare's garden.  Of these 24 pieces, eight of them had cannabis residues and this has led many of us to think that William Shakespeare enjoyed lighting one up, before writing his plays.  

Some of Shakespeare's sonnets,clearly talk about the effects of marijuana, which proves that he knew about this herb.  One example is Sonnet 76, which says "invention in a noted weed" and some have come to believe that this means that Shakespeare consumed marijuana.  

If Shakespeare did use cannabis during his lifetime, we can now promote the innocence of this herb even more and we need to get it regulated worldwide.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Marijuana Use As A Teen, Is Not Linked To Any Issues!

Using Marijuana As A Teenager Is Not That Dangerous

For years, we have been lied about the effects, problems and things related to marijuana.  Today, there are now many professional and medical studies, which prove that cannabis is not as dangerous as we were once told.

A new study, has recently proven that marijuana use as a teenager is not going to cause any issues later in life and this is certainly something that we need to help us reform cannabis worldwide.  Rutgers University and Pittsburgh University, led this study and their research proves that using marijuana frequently as a teenage boy, will not lead to mental health problems or physical issues, later in life.

While many experts, were expecting to find something related here, the study found that we all have the same probability of being affected by physical or mental problems.  This means that it doesn't really matter if we smoked a lot of marijuana when we were young and that we were lied about this too.

It is time to tell the truth about cannabis and how it can do more good, than bad!  The whole campaign against marijuana, has been a fraud and it has already cost millions of lives around the world.  The cannabis plant is really medicine and it has also helped millions of people.

Only a few people have benefited monetarily from the ban on marijuana and these are all reasons why we must stop this now.  

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