Saturday, January 30, 2016

Two Legal Marijuana Jobs You Can Get Involved In Today

Check Out These Cannabis Jobs

Thanks to the legal marijuana revolution, it is now possible to find some marijuana jobs that will not land you in jail.  As more cities, States and countries start regulating cannabis, more job openings will start to open and today we want to tell you about two cannabis jobs, which you can get involved in today.

The first marijuana related job that we want to tell you about today is offered by the Drug Policy Alliance, which is an organization that is working very hard on getting cannabis legalized.    According to its website and job page, they are currently hiring and they are offering some full time positions, as well as some internships.  

This is organization is currently searching for deputy state director in New York and a policy coordinator in New Jersey.  So if you are in favor of legalizing marijuana and you are unemployed and you live in one of these cities, you should really consider applying for one of these jobs.  We really do need to make cannabis legal worldwide today!

The other opportunity in the marijuana industry that we want to tell you about is really amazing and I would certainly love to be hired for this position.  Believe it or not, there are now some cannabis companies that are hiring people to test their marijuana edibles.  Yes you read right, you may be able to work as a marijuana tester and this means that you will eat cannabis infused foods to see if they really work or not.  This would be the perfect job for anyone who loves marijuana and if you do a little research, you may find one of these marijuana jobs near where you live.  

So get out there and start looking to see what other cannabis jobs there are in your community and do something to promote the regulation of marijuana today!  

Sunday, January 24, 2016

NYC Has A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Now!

Medical Cannabis in New York City

After a long wait and many debates, some citizens of NYC, will finally get the opportunity to buy some medical marijuana in a local dispensary.  Columbia Care is the first medical cannabis dispensary to open its doors in this city and this is a great step towards the regulation of marijuana all over the world.  

This is only the first of three other dispensaries that will be opening in this region and at Zip420 we are very glad that this is happening.  It was completely absurb that people who need marijuana as medicine, would be arrested in New York City and we can only hope that more dispensaries start opening everywhere.  

As we have mentioned many times, marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs have failed and legalizing marijuana is a step towards changing this.  

The new medical marijuana dispensary in NYC, is located on near Union Square and it is said to have some very stylish decorations.  Although the dispensaries in New York City will not be selling marijuana as other dispensaries do around the country, they will have a nice variety of pills and THC oils.  

It is also still hard to get a medical marijuana card in New York City and not many patients have had access to them.  The most logic thing to do, would be to fully legalize this herb and stop lying about this herb.  

The Department of Health has stated that there are only 150 doctors who can provide people with a medical cannabis card in this State.  Medical marijuana is also not covered by insurances yet, so this is something that needs to be changed today. 

Overall, we are happy that some people will be able to buy marijuana legally for medicine in NYC and we can only hope that this is soon moderated, so that more people can have access to this herb.  

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

5 Facts About Marijuana That You Probably Didn't Know About

5 Facts About Cannabis That You Should Know About

The marijuana movement is getting better results every day and we are now seeing more countries looking to legalize this herb.  Thanks to some recent recommendations by the World Nations, it is very likely that cannabis will be accepted once more all over the world.  

Today, we want to share 5 facts about marijuana that you should really know of.  These are important facts and they are also some interesting trivia.  So keep on reading and find out about five things about marijuana that you probably did not know about.  

5 Facts About Cannabis

  1. There are some 19th century reports, which claim that marijuana was being recommended to everyone, instead of drinking alcohol.  
  2. The State of Washington, has collected more than million in cannabis related taxes, since this herb was regulated in this state.  The State of Colorado, has also benefited by collection more than $53 million in tax revenue related to marijuana.  
  3. The cannabis industry in the United States, has recently been valued at more than $3.5 billion, which means that this is one of the most important industries in the country.  
  4. Growing cannabis, requires a lot of things and according to some reports, the marijuana that is grown in the State of California, spends a lot more water during its growing season, than what the entire city of San Francisco spends in a year.  
  5. You can get involved in the marijuana industry, without actually growing any cannabis plants or without selling any marijuana buds.  You can do this by investing in medical marijuana companies or by investing in cannabis related crypto currencies, like Cannabiscoin and Potcoin.  
As you can see, marijuana is definitely here to stay and 2016 will be an amazing year for the cannabis industry. Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about these 5 facts about marijuana and promote the full legalization of this herb worldwide.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

Marijuana Art Projects

Some Great Cannabis Art Ideas

At Zip420 we love marijuana and we like this plant so much that we even enjoy decorating some of our rooms with cannabis leaves, hemp made products or marijuana art.  Today, we want to show you some fantastic creations, which have something to do with the marijuana plant.  So keep on reading and get some inspiration for decorating your home or office with some cannabis art.  

Marijuana Art Ideas

A Simple Duct Tape Marijuana Plant Pen

This is a very simple project if you are a little creative and it will certainly come in handy, when wanting to write something down.  This requires a common pen and some duct tape.  You will also need some permanent green markers or something to turn that duct tape into a nice green color.  Then simply turn the duct tape into a marijuana leave or plant and stick it to your pen.  It can really look fantastic.  

Marijuana Pumpkin Lantern

This project can work even when it is not Halloween, as it looks lovely and can make any room or space more interesting.  This is also a very simple project, as you will only need a pumpkins some cutting tools and a candle.  You simply hallow out a pumpkin, draw a cannabis leave or plant on your pumpkin and cut it out.  You will then place the lamp or candle inside your pumpkin and the light will make that marijuana plant look amazing.  

Cannabis Cake 

This is a harder type of project and it is definitely not something that most of us can do.  This cake is fantastic.  It will take some cooking experience and some creativity, but as you can see, you can come up with a great looking marijuana cake, which does not only grab the attention of everyone, but it will also taste great.  (Add some cannabutter to it and make it taste even better,if you know what I mean)

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

3 DIY Homemade Marijuana Grow Boxes

Build Your Own Homemade Cannabis Grow Box

If you like cannabis, you have probably dreamed about growing your own buds and smoking herb all day long.  Well today, if you have a little imagination and do a little research, you can certainly grow your own marijuana inside your home and you can even do it, without anyone knowing it.  

In this blog post, we are going to tell you about three different cannabis grow boxes that you can build right in your home.  These grow boxes will allow you to harvest a few ounces of marijuana every few months and they are certainly nice looking too.  So keep on reading and find out how you can build your own homemade marijuana grow box today.  

Basic Wood Frame Grow Box - This one requires some carpentry skills and some work, but it is certainly one of the best marijuana grow boxes that you can build on your own, as it is rather inexpensive, it will fit almost anywhere and it will certainly keep your cannabis plants in an environmentally controlled space.    You will need: 

2 - MDF sheets. 4' x8' x 1/2" 
7 - 2" x 2" x 8' pieces
MDF pieces are:

1'11" x 4'11" (x2) front panels
2' x 5' (x2) side panels
2' x 1'11" (x2) top and bottom panels

As far as the 2"x2" cuts go here they are:

1'8" (19") x12
5" (60") x4

All you need then are some screws, some cutting tools and some carpentry skills.  Take a look at the pictures below and see how this is built.  

Toolbox Grow Box - This is a very easy project and almost anyone can do it today.  Just get an old tool box or any other kind of box and wrap it up in tin foil or Mylar.  You will then have to add some lights to the top and use some fans, if it gets too hot were you are at.  This simple marijuana grow box, can be made out of different types of materials, as mentioned above, you just need to be a little creative.  This tool box marijuana grow box, is also perfect for starting seedlings or clones.    

Take a look at the pictures and see how this can be built.

PC Grow Box - This is one of the geekiest, sleekest and coolest stealth grow boxes out there.  Although you will not be able to grow some super large marijuana plants, you will certainly get some buds out of it and you will be smoking in just a few weeks. 

For this project, you will need to find a computer case, which is obviously empty and can be used as a grow box.  You will then just have to add some lights, fans, tin foil and some love.  Your plants will love this little space and you can certainly adapt them to grow as many buds as possible.  

So start this 2016 right and start growing your own cannabis.  But remember that marijuana is not fully legal in most places yet, so check out your local laws and see if you can start building one of these marijuana stealth grow boxes right in your home.  Breaking laws is not good, so we do not encourage you to do this, if your local laws do not allow it.  This is why we must keep fighting and working towards full marijuana legalization worldwide.  

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