Friday, October 30, 2015

Legalizing Marijuana in Mexico

Cannabis Is Very Likely Going To Be Legal In Mexico Soon

As we have been telling you for the past few weeks here, a little girl named Grace from Monterrey, Mexico, has recently received some cannabis oil for her severe epilepsy and seizures.  According to her parents, they are already seeing some improvements in her and this is not only excellent news for them, but for everyone in the world who could benefit from medical marijuana too.  

Raul Elizalde, who is Grace's father, recently stated to the press, "We're very happy because what we are seeing is that Grace is sleeping continuously through the nights, something that she had not done in months."

This week, there was a plan to talk about legalizing cannabis in Mexico for recreational purposes, but it has been rescheduled for another week or maybe longer.  Although people like the Elizaldes are not looking to regulate marijuana for recreational purposes, they are still in favor of doing so, becuase this would benefit their child and many others too.  

Dr. Carlos Aguirre Velazquez, who is the chief of pediatric neurology at Monterrey's Children's Hospital, stated "we know that there are at least 40 families right now, that have been organizing around Grace's parents." as there are now more families interested in trying medical marijuana on their loved ones.  "We don't know what the final result will be, but I believe it is time to set aside our positions and have debates about this" continued Dr. Aguirre.  

It is obvious that marijuana can help some people with certain diseases and Grace will surely see more positive results in the near future.  Hopefully Mexico's court does not keep postponing the hearing for legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, so that these laws final can change and people like Grace can benefit from this herb.  

The War on Drugs has not worked either, so it is time to end the War on Marijuana at least.  

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Medical Marijuana Oil Reaches Mexico Legally

Grace Is Now Taking Medical Cannabis Oil

A few weeks ago, we told you about this little girl named Grace, from Monterrey, Mexico, who was going to be able to get medical marijuana oil legally, to help her with her disease.  The poor girl has been suffering from a type of epilepsy, which causes her to have more than 400 spasm attacks per day.  

As said above, just a few weeks ago, a federal judge allowed her parents to import some medical cannabis oils, which is already being used successfully, in the US and other countries to treat children with similar diseases.  Grace's parents were able to import the marijuana oil from the UK and it finally arrived in Mexico yesterday.

Grace is now being treated with this cannabis oil, which is simply put in her food and does not change anything else in her life.  Hopefully, this will work out for her and her spasm attacks will stop for sure.

If this medical marijuana oil does help out Grace, (and we are certain that it will) Mexico will surely change its cannabis laws very soon.  Politicians in this country have already been talking about it and this is definitely the next step to take.  

There is no doubt about the benefits of medical cannabis and there are also no doubts about the unsuccessful results of the war against drugs.  This is why some governments are already deciding that marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational purposes.  

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Monday, October 12, 2015

More Celebrities Are Getting Involved In The New Marijuana Industry

The Cannabis Industry Has Gained The Interest of Many Celebrities

Almost all of us know that some celebrities enjoy smoking marijuana and that some have even made it public, with no regret.  Cases like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, are no surprise, but as the new cannabis industry gets going, new celebrities are also getting involved and this is certainly good news for all of us.  

Since there are great promises in this industry and since many celebrities are already consuming cannabis on a daily basis, they are deciding to invest some of their money in this and they will surely see some positive results soon.  

Nich Lachley, who was Jessica Simpson's husband, Oscar Robertson a former NBA star, Montel Williams and Frostee Rucker, are only some of the celebrities who are not very known for being involved in the marijuana industry, but they are certainly investing a lot in it and they are doing their part for getting this herb regulated worldwide.  

Chris Walsh, who is the managing editor at Marijuana Business Daily stated, "a lot of celebrities that have invested so far, this has been their hobby for a long time.  Many are tied to cannabis on a personal level."

The manager of Marley Natural, which is a business owned by the family of Bob Marley, stated "there's this very close link with the Marley family and cannabis.  It's part of their heritage and culture."

According to some marijuana dispensary owners in the US, there are plenty of celebrities investing in their businesses and there are also some very high profile people, who have invested in some of these places or who are already doing some negotiations to get into this industry.

Oscar Robertson, is a former NBA player, who is now also supporting marijuana and who has claimed that he is part of Responsible Ohio, because he wants to help people with cancer to have the opportunity to have medical marijuana.    

Although it is not a guarantee, it is very likely that celebrity approval, will also help the marijuana industry to grow at a faster pace and this is why at Zip420 we are very happy that more celebrities are getting involved in this.  

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The First Cannabis Theme Park In The World

The US Will Have The First Marijuana Theme Park Ever

According to some statements and recent news, some Native American tribes are now thinking about other businesses, rather than casinos and one of their ideas includes the world's first cannabis theme park.  

The Santee Sioux tribe, which is located in South Dakota, are now considering a new enterprise and they are considering adding a marijuana smoking room to it. According to Anthony Reider, who is the Tribe's President, "We want it to be an adult playground.  There's nowhere else in the US that has something like this."

Some of their investigations, have yielded fantastic results and they believe that this new project could earn them around $2 million every single month.  The facility is already being worked on and this means taht the project is already on its way.  

The tribe's members are hoping that this will generate more income, so that they do not have to depend on casinos only.  

Marijuana has been legal on Santee Sioux territory since this past June and this is why some tribe leaders are already working on getting involved in the new cannabis industry.  

Hopefully this new project suceeds, as we expect it to and more people start realizing that marijuana is really harmless.  

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Friday, October 2, 2015

You Can Now Consume Cannabis In Oregon Legally

Oregon's New Recreational Marijuana Industry

If you haven't heard already, you should know that today is the day when marijuana becomes legal for recreational purposes in Oregon.  This will certainly be part of marijuana's history and it is a very important day for all of us who enjoy consuming this herb.  

Although cannabis has been officially legal in Oregon for about a year now, yesterday was the first day that people in this part of the US, finally got to purchase it legally.  There are now 203 marijuana dispensaries all over the State and they are now all allowed to sell cannabis for recreational purposes.  
Most of these cannabis dispensaries, are located in the Portland area and it is expected that most of them will have very long lines throughout this weekend.  There are already some people talking about the potency of the cannabis strains being sold in these dispensaries and if you are not a frequent consumer, you should definitely take it slow, until you can withstand some of that THC.  

So hands up for Oregon and congratulations to all the people from this State, as this is a huge step towards cannabis regulation worldwide and at Zip 420, we are very happy about this.  

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