Monday, August 26, 2013

Advertising Marijuana

Marijuana Related Products Will Be Advertised

Entrepreneurs, who are looking to get involved in the marijuana industry, are now looking forward to advertising their cannabis related products and doing it legally.  These entrepreneurs know that advertising is going to be the foundation for making their new businesses profitable and with the new laws appearing everywhere this will now become easier than ever. 

Even though, cannabis distributors will be able to advertise their products, there will surely be some restrictions to do so and this is why many people are interested in this topic right now.  Some are concerned about how they are going to be able to advertise their marijuana related products, while others are concerned about the taxes that they will have to pay and how much it will cost them to complete their marketing strategies. 

Some experts, from the Department of Consumer Protection, are already taking measure towards these types of advertising and it is obvious that they are making the right choices, as many entrepreneurs are already creating their business plans and some are even starting their businesses already. 

Advertising Marijuana Related Products Is A Must

In order for medical and recreational marijuana, to fully become legalized, it is necessary for legal business to advertise their cannabis related products, just as any other business does.  Advertising is of huge importance to any business and when cannabis related entrepreneurs, finally get to sell their products legally this will be the best way to let their clients know about their products and how these can help them to solve some of their physical problems. 

Some of the experts from the Department of Consumer Protection, will soon approve the whole set of regulations for advertising marijuana related products and because this herb is already legal in some States, entrepreneurs will be able to begin their marketing campaigns right away. 

This will surely benefit everyone who loves cannabis and it will also help thousands of patients, who need to know where they can find this herb for their health.  According to William Rubenstein, who is a consumer protection commissioner, the new regulations, should be approved by next summer, which means that we are really getting closer to having a fully legal cannabis market worldwide and that more people are working towards making these changes true. 

After growers, sellers and prices are established, the only thing left to do, will be to create beautiful marketing campaigns, which will promote the sale of cannabis in certain places and help other learn about the benefits of this herb.

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Advertising Marijuana Is Almost Here

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Uruguay’s Questions About Weed

Weed Is Being Legalized In Uruguay

As we have written about before in this blog, Uruguay is very likely to be the first country in the world, to fully legalize marijuana, but there are still some doubts about how this will work and if everything will be properly controlled.  Some people have questions about how much cannabis there will be available to satisfy everyone’s urge for marijuana, as well as how it will be grown and if adults will be able to give their children some weed or not. 

Some are also wondering about who will set the price for this herb and how much it will cost, as it has not been sold legally for many years now and there are still many who believe that drug traffickers might still be involved in this business.  Top officials, from Uruguay’s government, have already been thinking about answers and solutions for these questions, and most of them sound very smart and possible.  

Officials’ Opinion About Weed

According to drug czar, Julio Calzada, “The answer will come.  We’re working out the details.” Although, he was not very specific about those details, the truth is that they are working hard toward getting weed legalized in this country and that they are still looking for the best solutions to the current problems.  There has never been a similar regulation in another country of the world, which is why this could be called an experiment.  There are still many doubts about how much time it will take to get this working properly, but some believe that it may only take a few months and others still think that it might take several years. 

Some of the things that have been established already include three different ways for people to get their cannabis in Uruguay and these include:

  • ·         Growing it in their homes.
  • ·         Joining or creating a cannabis club and getting a government license to grow the herb. 
  • ·         Buy it from a government store.

According to Martin Marquez who is a member of President Jose Mujica’s Movement of Popular Participation party, “In reality, most people will grow it themselves.  Things won’t really change much for people like me.”

Experts also believe that they will be able to leave narcos out of the picture, as Uruguay will have small farms growing weed, it will be sold at government approved stores and it will also be labeled properly.  This will prevent unlicensed weed to be sold and it will also provide useful information for the final consumer. 

When asked about marijuana’s price, experts stated that it is very likely that the price for this herb will fluctuate, depending on the offer and demand for it overtime.  They also stated that growers and different cultivation methods, might set different prices for this herb, but that they do not see many problems figuring this out. 

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Weed Will Be Legal In Uruguay

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Monday, August 19, 2013

New Marijuana Laws In New Jersey

New Jersey Is Making The Right Choice About Their Marijuana Laws

Governor Christie is ready to sign a bill, which will allow children and adults to consume marijuana for medicinal purposes in New Jersey, which is certainly one of the best decisions that he has made during his term.  Not only did Gov. Christie favor the new marijuana laws in New Jersey, but the Senate in this State also voted in favor of it and they got 34 votes in favor against only one. 

It was just this last Friday, when Gov. Christie decided that he would not sign the new marijuana bill, unless lawmakers made some important changes to it and now there are many reasons to believe that these changes will take place.  Christie believes that marijuana edibles should become available within the State, as they are currently prohibited and he believes that these are an excellent way to treat minors who could benefit from cannabis. 

The bill, will now move on to the State’s Assembly, which is currently not in session and this is why there is still not a date set for the new marijuana laws in New Jersey, but things are definitely looking bright for all cannabis enthusiasts in this State.  

Parents Also Want Marijuana Laws In New Jersey To Change

Stories about children being able to live a normal life, thanks to cannabis, are multiplying and this was also one of the most important parts in recent reunions at New Jersey.  A man named Brian Wilson, tried talking to the Governor and told him, “Please don’t let my daughter die, Governor,” as she suffers from seizures and is being benefited by medical marijuana right now. 

Thanks to comments like this, Governor Christie is now changing his mind about marijuana laws in New Jersey and it is very likely that this State will regulate this herb very soon.  Christie is also one of the possible presidential candidates for the Republican Party and he is trying to change people’s point of views on this topic, as it is obvious that he believes that cannabis is more than just an herb and that it can really help out millions of people around the world. 

Senator Nicholas P. Scutari also had some things to say about all this and his exact words were, “These commonsense changes are a small step toward ensuring that children who are suffering from a debilitating condition can get the compassionate care they deserve.  I want to thank the Wilson family for working with us on this legislation.” If this new marijuana laws are accepted in New Jersey, dispensaries would be able to grow more than three marijuana strains, which is the limit right now and the Governor has already accepted these new terms. 

Things are looking good for those people who need marijuana as a medicine and as more governments are changing their laws about this herb, more people will begin to notice the real benefits of cannabis and how it can save our world.  Please remember to share and like this blog post and to subscribe to our mailing list to the right. 

New Jersey Marijuana Laws Will Help To Legalize This Herb Worldwide 

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

New York Marijuana Laws Should Be Changed

Current New York Marijuana Laws Have Failed

There is no doubt that the way cops and courts are treating marijuana possession cases in New York, is a complete waste of time and money for everyone.  Prohibition does not work and the laws that are currently being followed in New York are only making things worse.  This state could save millions of dollars by simply changing the current marijuana laws, as many of the low level prosecutions are really not necessary and are only affecting economics nationwide.  

According to some city reports, if New York marijuana laws are changed, they could bring well over $400 million every single year, which would help to fund other important things, such as education or real crime control.  Not only would this benefit New York economically, but it would also benefit all those people who need marijuana for medicinal purposes and this alone should be a reason to change these laws right now.  

At the moment, if you are caught with a small amount of cannabis in New York, you could be facing some serious problems and this is certainly something that is not helping the current society.  People no longer see cannabis as a hardcore drug and it is time for government to accept that it is not, just like many experts are already changing their points of view about it too.  

New York Marijuana Laws Are A Mistake

As said above, the current New York marijuana laws can really bring some serious problems for those caught in possession of this herb and some of those problems include not being able to apply for some student loans or not being able to get certain jobs.  This not only leads to personal problems for people and their families, but it also affects the city's and State's economy, which is why legalizing marijuana is not a bad idea at all.  

By legalizing this herb in New York, there would be a lot more money flowing around and this means that more people would have jobs and steady incomes.  People with certain diseases, would also be able to find their medicine quite easily and they would not have to contact criminals to get their marijuana.  Cops would also be able to focus on real criminals and not on those people who are smoking a joint in the park or that have grown some plants in their homes, for personal consumption.  

The Obama administration,is now trying to make these types of arrests go away, which is certainly great news for everyone who wants cannabis legalized, but there are still many things to be done to change New York marijuana laws and if more people do not change their point of views about this herb, it will be nearly impossible for us to accomplish this.  

If you want to help the state of New York and other places of the world to legalize this herb, please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to the free Zip 420 mailing list, by leaving your email in the box to the right.  

The New York Marijuana Laws Will Be Changed One Day

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Doritos Will Be Handed Out By Cops At Hempfest

Wahington’s First Post Legalization Cannabis Fest Will Include Doritos

Things are really changing when it comes to marijuana and now that US States like Washington have legalized its use, even cops are acting different about it.  Cops have stopped arresting cannabis users in the State of Washington and during this year’s “Hempfest”, they will be handing out Doritos to people who are at the event. 

Cops will also be informing the assistants about the new laws and they will surely be helping them out with their munchies, as Doritos are a great snack.  The Doritos bags, will also include a short message, encouraging people to visit the police department’s website, so they can learn more about the new marijuana laws and how they should act about them.  The site’s name is “Marijwhatnow? A Guide to Legal Marijuana Use in Seattle.”

Doritos Can’t Be Left Out Of A Hempfest

Sergeant Sean Whitcomb, who is the spokesman for the police, told the press, “Distributing salty snacks at a festival celebrating hemp, I think, is deliberately ironic enough that people will accept them in good humor. We want to make sure people learn the rules and that they respect the vote.”

The idea of informing people about the latest marijuana laws in this State is an excellent choice, because this will really help to open up everyone’s mind about this herb and to prove that these new rules will help to keep this herb under control. 

The festival will attract tens of thousands of people and this is why lots of companies and even the police are trying to promote some of their latest news about this herb.  This festival, has been held since 1991 in Seattle and this year, it will be the first time that pot is legal.

Now, speakers will try to convince the festival’s attendees about changing federal marijuana laws, which is really all that we need to fully, legalize this herb and to encourage other countries to do so too. 

Vivian McPeak, who is the executive director of this marijuana festival, also stated that this year, they are mainly going to celebrate pot being legalized in this state, which is something that we should all be doing, because this is truly a huge victor for all cannabis enthusiasts. 

There is no cost for attending the Hempfest and even though organizers are trying to get some return on the more than $800000 that it cost to organize this festival, it will surely be a very exciting day and many people will learn a lot about this herb. 

Thanks to events like these, we will soon see marijuana legalized in other places of the world and this is why we should all try to promote them as much as we can.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can learn about how cops are going to be giving out Doritos at the Hempfest and how marijuana laws are changing around the world.  You can also subscribe to our free newsletter, by leaving us your email to the right and we will keep you updated about the latest marijuana news.

Doritos Are Great Snacks For Our Munchies  

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Man Who Grew Cannabis Is Spared From Jail

Jail Is No Longer An Option For Marijuana Enthusiasts

There have now been several cases, where judges decide to spare cannabis users or growers from jail and a man named Glen Bellamy was recently spared as well.  This proves that judges are now being more forgiving about people who grow marijuana for medicinal purposes and that societies do no longer want to keep cannabis users behind bars. 

According to some newspapers from England, Glen Bellamy, who is a 53 year old man, who lives in Limestone Grange, Ideford, Devon, was growing marijuana to help his wife and because he believes it is far more dangerous going out to the black market and trying to score some weed there. 

The information that was provided to the Exeter Crown Court, stated that Bellamy was growing at least 40 marijuana plants and that his harvest would of have been at least two kilograms of this herb.  The information also stated that Bellamy was growing marijuana, because he wanted to help his sick wife and that he was providing the herb for her in a tea form. 

Cannabis Users Should Not Be In Jail

People, who consume marijuana, should not be placed in jail, because most can really behave themselves and the majority never commits a crime.  Those statements about weed making people act irrationally, are completely false and this is why Recorder Mr. James Tindal, decided to spare Mr. Bellamy this time.    
Mr. Tindal told Mr. Bellamy, “When I was told the cannabis was being grown for personal use I was cynical, if not skeptical, but having heard from you and your wife I accept entirely your account.”

It was also stated that Bellamy was using the herb to make cannabis tea and edibles for her wife, who suffers from terrible pain and a chronic medical condition, which has placed her in the hospital more than once. 

According to Bellamy, he had no idea that his crop was worth at least 25000 Pounds and that he was only growing it for personal use.  Bellamy also stated that his wife and him, decided to grow that number of plants, because they do not like smoking marijuana and edibles require larger amounts of herb.

The judge finally accepted that Bellamy was not trying to sell his crop and that he was only doing this to help his wife.  This means that Bellamy will not end up serving some time behind bars, but the judge did decided to punish him in some way.  Bellamy’s punishment will include a three month curfew and a 424 Pounds fine. 

The judge’s exact words were, “The exceptional circumstances of your wife’s illness led to this offence and since then you and your wife have found alternative ways of dealing with that illness.” This proves that people, who really need cannabis, will find it no matter what and that it really makes no sense, placing cannabis users in jail for consuming this herb. Please remember to share and like this article and to subscribe to the Zip 420 mailing list to the right.    

Don’t Send Cannabis Consumers To Jail

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Rob Kampia Believes In Legalizing Cannabis

Rob Kampia Believes Alaska Might Be The Next State To Legalize Marijuana

The number of people who now support the legalization of cannabis, is growing substantially every single day and Rob Kampia, who is the executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project, now believes that Alaska might be changing its laws on cannabis very soon, as well as other States in the US and countries of the world. 

Kampia was recently interviewed by “Reason” and he had some very interesting things to say about the legalization of marijuana around the world.  “I think the next state to legalize will be Alaska, through a ballot initiative that we’re running in August of 2014. Through state legislatures, I think the first state is going to be Rhode Island.”

Mr. Kampia, has also predicted that other states of the US will be voting in favor of marijuana and that this will all happen on the same day, during 2016.  He believes that some of the states that will make huge changes to their current marijuana laws are Nevada, Maine, Arizona, California and Massachusetts.

Rob Kampia Is Right About Legalizing Marijuana

There is no doubt about the people in Alaska and Rhode Island wanting to legalize marijuana within their state and there are even some professional polls, which prove this.  The Public Policy Polling in Alaska, recently found out that at least 54% of the people living in that State, want to legalize cannabis and that most don’t see anything wrong with consuming this herb. 

In April, the state of Rhode Island decided to decriminalize marijuana possession of up to one ounce of herb and another bill, has also been made public in this state, which would allow people in this state, to consume marijuana for recreational purposes.  A poll in this state, also found that at least 52% of the people living in Rhode Island are in favor of legalizing weed and that they believe it is not more harmful than alcohol is to our societies.    

The best comment that Rob Kampia made during his interview was what he thought about the federal marijuana law in the US, as he also predicted that these laws will be changed within the next decade.  “My prediction, changing federal law will be 2019, but we’re going to have to deal with a lot of difficult states after 2019, like Mississippi and Alabama”, said Rob Kampia to the press. 

Whether some people are still in doubt about legalizing marijuana worldwide, the fact is that more people are supporting it these days and that Rob Kampia might be right about the things that he predicted.  There is no doubt that marijuana will be legalized one day, but the dates that Kampia talked about in his interview, certainly make a lot of sense and at Zip 420 we really believe that his predictions will come true and some may come earlier than others. 

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Rob Kampia Is Right About Marijuana Legalization

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Famous Doctor Sanjay Gupta Changes His View On Cannabis

Famous Doctor Sanjay Gupta Now Approves Marijuana

Like millions of people around the world, famous doctor Sanjay Gupta has also changed his point of view on the benefits of medicinal cannabis and this only proves how we have all been lied to for the past century.  Marijuana is definitely not a drug and we are now seeing the great benefits that this herb can have for some patients.  When famous doctors like Sanjay Gupta begin to change their point of view, we can only assume that he has also learned about the benefit of this herb throughout the years and that it is time for cannabis to become legal everywhere.   

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is also the chief medical correspondent at CNN and CBS News, and today, he wrote about why he does no longer think that cannabis is drug. Gupta also filmed a documentary titled “Weed” recently, which is why he has changed his point of views on this herb and this is definitely a point of favor of marijuana legalization around the world. 

Famous Doctor Sanjay Gupta Admits He Was Wrong About Cannabis

In an interview, Dr. Gupta stated the following, “Long before I began this project, (the documentary titled “Weed”) I had steadily reviewed the scientific literature on medical marijuana from the United States and thought it was fairly unimpressive. Well, I am here to apologize.”

Dr. Gupta now admits, that he had not paid attention to all of the legitimate patients, who are really benefiting from medical marijuana and he now says, “I mistakenly believed the Drug Enforcement Agency listed marijuana as a schedule one substance, because of sound scientific proof. They didn’t have the science to support that claim, and I now know that when it comes to marijuana neither of those things are true.”

According to Dr. Gupta and many other sources, marijuana is not nearly as addictive as tobacco and cocaine, which is why it cannot be compared to these drugs and should be in another different category completely. Famous doctor Sanjay Gupta is also one of the faculty members at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta and there are people who say that he was offered job by President Barack Obama, back in 2009, which proves that he is one of the most respected doctors in the US and that his point of views, really do matter. 

While Dr. Gupta is still not in favor of allowing children and teenagers to consume cannabis, he does admit that this herb can help underage people too.  Gupta also talks about, how he feels that more research on medical marijuana is needed and he also said, “We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that.”

 Famous Doctor Sanjay Gupta Now Has It Right

If we could more famous doctors, politicians and celebrities admitting to the lies that we have been told for more than 70 years, we will soon be able to legalize marijuana around the world.  Famous doctor Sanjay Gupta has taken a huge step and we must appreciate his courage to come forward and admit that he was wrong about medical marijuana.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Young Girl Relieves Her Seizures With Marijuana

Seizures Can Be Relieved With Cannabis

Marijuana has been a major issue in the world for the past century and now, medical marijuana may be coming everywhere, as more signs of its benefits are showing up today and more people are realizing how useful it can really be.  Seizures have been one of the worst medical problems for humankind and those who suffer from them, can state that they cannot live a normal life most of the time. 

Now, a little girl has proven that marijuana can be used to relieve this sort of illness and this will surely help everyone to know more about the medical benefits of cannabis and why it should become legal right now.

The Story Of A Little Girl With Seizures And Marijuana

Matt and Paige Figi, are the proud parents of Charlotte Figi and they live in Colorado.  Charlotte was born with a strange form of epilepsy, which has caused her to suffer many seizures over the years.  These first started when she was barely three months old and there is no doubt that this was very hard for both her and her parents. 

The scientific name for this syndrome is “Dravet Syndrome” and it causes children of young ages to suffer some repetitive and very intense seizures.  The Figi’s tried everything in their hands, to find a treatment or useful medicine for their daughter, but after several treatments and advice from Dravet specialists, the results were not that positive.

The Figi’s were almost out of hope and options, but then Colorado voters decided to approve their medical marijuana laws and these included seizures as one of the illnesses that this herb can cure.  Plenty of doctors denied the Figi’s the permission to give medical cannabis to their daughter, but after several tries, they were finally able to get Charlotte her medical marijuana card. 

After Charlotte began consuming cannabis, she did not suffer any type of seizure for seven days, which was a drastic improvement, from the 300 seizures that she was experiencing every week.  The Figi’s knew right then and there, that marijuana was the perfect medicine for their daughter and she has been consuming it ever since.  Now, Charlotte is able to learn, play, ride her bicycle, speak normally and she really seems like she will have a normal life after all. 

While some still argue that this is only making Charlotte high, the truth is that she is only given two drops of cannabis oil every day in her food and that the THC content in the strain that her parents use is extremely low. 

This medical cannabis story is only one of many and even though marijuana might not work as a medicine for all of us, it can certainly help millions of people around the world and this is why we must all fight for cannabis legalization right now. 

Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can know about Charlotte Figi’s story and learn more about medicinal cannabis too.  You should also subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more information about marijuana to your inbox. 

Seizures Can Be Stopped With Marijuana

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Robin Thicke Makes His Love For Cannabis Public

How Much Weed Has Robin Thicke Bought?

It is not uncommon for singers and movie artists, to get involved with cannabis at some point of their lives and Robin Thicke is no different.  Thicke is an American-Canadian singer, who was born in Los Angeles and who has recently made public his love for cannabis.  He recently told the press that he is now convinced that he has spent over $500000 on marijuana and that he does not expect this sum to stop there. 

Just like many other singers and people around the world, Thicke is moved by the power of cannabis and he has stated that it does help him work, unlike what many non cannabis activists have stated before.  Thicke, was arrested for possession of marijuana in New York City, only last year and since then, he has told the press how much he has spent on this herb and that it has not really affected his career up until now. 

Robin Thicke Loves Cannabis

According to “The Sun” from Britain, Robin Thicke has been consuming marijuana for quite some time now and he has made some very positive statements about this herb throughout the years.   “I do smoke. I do everything I’m not supposed to do.  Weed is my crutch, my muse, the lesser of all evil.  I’ve spent a good $500000 on pot.  I’ve tried to quit smoking.  I’ve quit everything once.  My buddy runs a store, I can get medical marijuana. When I’m at home, I’m a non-stop chimney,” said Thicke to “The Sun”.

It was last year in Manhattan, when Thicke was supposedly sitting in his car, with a join in his hand and was arrested by police.  The “Blurred Lines” singer had to spend some time fixing this problem, but since he did not have a large amount of marijuana, he did not get in any more trouble. 

Robin Thicke Is Not The Only One Spending A Fortune On Cannabis

All around the world, there are millions of people who consume marijuana every single day and there are plenty, who have spent as much money on weed, as Robin Thicke has.  Listening to people talk about the fortunes that they have spent on this herb, should not be a surprise to anyone anymore, but the fact that we are not able to grow our own yet, should. 

If cannabis laws were change all over the world and we were allowed to grow our own marijuana plants, we would be able to consume this herb, at almost no costs at all, which would benefit many of us and would certainly benefit all those patients, who really need cannabis to live. 

It is time for the world to realize that cannabis is only a plant and that people will continue to consume it, whether others like it or not.  Please remember to click the like and share buttons at the bottom of this article, so that more people can learn about the amount of money that Robin Thicke has spent on cannabis and to subscribe to our mailing list in the box to the right, so that we can send you more useful information about this herb.  

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mobile Companies Start Promoting Marijuana Legalization

Marijuana Legalization In Chile

Today, I have some more great news for all those cannabis lovers out there, as a mobile company is now apparently helping to promote the legalization of marijuana in Chile and this is something that we should all celebrate about.  When more legal companies begin to promote marijuana legalization, we will start seeing more changes in our communities and what Virgin Mobile is doing in Chile is certainly something important for all of us.  

In the past, companies and marketers, have been skeptical about using any marijuana related topics on their advertisements and marketing campaigns, because they believe this can get them in trouble and maybe not have the effect that they wish to have on their clients.  Today, Virgin Mobile has completely forgotten about those fears and it has featured a beautiful advertisement with a cannabis plant in it.  

Virgin Mobile Promotes Marijuana Legalization

While not many other companies are doing this yet, Virgin Mobile has taken a first step, towards adding marijuana images to their marketing campaigns and they will surely get a better response from the public, than what most marketers expected in the past.  In their latest marketing campaign, Virgin Mobile decided to make public, a beautiful picture of a silhouette and a cannabis plant.  The cartoonish character, is watering the marijuana plant and it is certainly one of the best ads that I have seen in a while. (You can see the picture in this blog post)

The ad, invites users to log in to Twitter freely, from their own mobile web application and it appears to be a really good decision.  In some of their latest Tweets, Virgin Mobile has also posted about marijuana legalization and they admit that they are in favor of legalizing this plant.  

Celebrities, like Rhianna, are already promoting the legalization of cannabis in their work and at Zip 420, we believe that Virgin Mobile has made a great decision to include this in their marketing campaign.  If more companies start using marijuana in their ads, we will surely see more people agreeing with the legalization of cannabis and this is something that we really want.  

We All Need To Promote Marijuana Legalization

The only way that the we will convince skeptics about marijuana legalization being the right choice for the world, is if we all help to promote it and do something about it now.  We are closer than ever to getting this done and at Zip 420, we believe it is only a matter of time, for the world to realize that marijuana needs to be legalized.  

Please remember to click the like and share buttons at the bottom of this article and to subscribe to our mailing list, by entering your email in the box to the right.  We will send you some interesting information about cannabis and how marijuana legalization is happening around the world.    

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Debating About Cannabis Mexican Laws

Mexican Laws Might Be Changed Soon

At Zip 420, we want to keep you informed about what countries around the world are doing to legalize marijuana and now it appears that Mexico is also looking to legalize this herb.  In the past couple of weeks, the ex Mexican President, Vicente Fox, has been publicly speaking about legalizing cannabis worldwide and other Mexican politicians have followed him as well. 

 One of these politicians is Fernando Belaunzaran, who is a member of the PRD political party and is also a federal deputy, which means that his ideas will be heard in the Mexican capital and they might also be approved soon.  According to Belaunzaran, there are still many people who say false things about marijuana, which is why he believes a thorough analysis needs to be done on this herb and let everyone know about it. 

He also stated that Mexico is ready for its lawmakers to analyze the possibility of regulating cannabis and that it could be one of the best things that could happen for this country.  “Things are changing around the world, Mexico needs to discuss this, as we are the country that has paid the highest price, due to the current prohibitionist laws and being the neighbor to the number one drug consumer country in the world.”

There have been more than 60000 murders and 26000 missing people in Mexico, during the last six years and these are numbers which can be compared to a civil war and they have all been caused by organized crime and drug trafficking.

Mexican Laws On Cannabis Will Be Changed One Day

Just as ex President, Vicente Fox stated, some new Mexican laws on cannabis, would help to take away some of the profits that illegal drug traffickers make every year and this would certainly help to reduce the criminal activity in this country a lot.  Politicians in Mexico are now stating how important it is to have a debate about this herb and that everyone should unite to change marijuana laws in Mexico today. 

Those politicians, who are still giving out false information about cannabis, are simply not well informed and are not having an open mind about this at all.  This causes entire countries to stay behind and if these ideas are not changed soon, we will surely keep seeing the problems that we currently have right now. 

Belaunzaran, will be the moderator for the “Legal cannabis situation in Mexico” movement and he stated that marijuana needs to be regulated, not liberalize it, as regulating means controlling and this is certainly what Mexico and other countries in the world need.  

He also stated that a substance that is prohibited does not mean that people do not consume it and that regulating a substance, does not mean that its consumption will be promoted.   According to the National Addiction Poll, the consumption of marijuana has increased in Mexico over the last few years and substances like tobacco, which is legal, have decreased its consumption, which prove that regulating a substance does not promote consumption.  It will be in September, when the capital State of Mexico, will discuss the new Mexican laws on marijuana and if they are going to be approved or not. 

Hopefully, the people of Mexico and its politicians make the right decision and we finally get marijuana legalized in this country and all over the world.  Remember to click the share and like buttons at the bottom of this article and to subscribe to the Zip 420 free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right.

Mexican Laws On Marijuana Will Be Approved

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Legalization Of Weed In Uruguay

Uruguay Is Ahead Of Other Countries With Their Legalization Of Weed

Recent news, have identified Uruguay, as probably the first country in the world to legalize marijuana and to change its laws to end the prohibition of this herb.  It is now believed, that Uruguay will be the first country to regulate the cannabis market and to encourage people to start growing and selling this plant.  They believe that this is the only way to protect users from having to purchase their herb from illegal drug traffickers and it will certainly be an example for other countries that are looking into the legalization of weed, within their borders.

Uruguay’s President, Jose Mujica, has been looking for new alternatives to end the global war against drugs and now that the legal marijuana market has made its way to congress, he is looking forward to a great victory for his government and country as well.  “I’m an old man… I never smoked marijuana, but I have come to notice what the life of young people is like.  The consumption is already happening – it’s around every corner, and it comes from a clandestine market that by nature has ferocious rules.  It’s a monopoly of mafias,” stated Mujica on a radio show last week. 

The Reality Of The Legalization Of Weed In Uruguay

Not only is President Mujica convinced about the benefits of legalization, but he is also aware of the many problems that will be solved after approving the new marijuana laws in this country.  According to him, there are at least 100 murdered people by drug traffickers, for every 10 deaths caused by a drug overdose, (which is something that has never happened to anyone who consumes cannabis, in the history of humankind).

President Mujica also said, “The worst thing of all is that it never ends! How many keep falling? And drugs are still out there – why? Because the profits are enormous!”  This is something that more people have become aware of and the best part about this is that many politicians have the same idea and this means that the legalization of weed is right around the corner.       

Now, 50 lawmakers in the lower house congress, voted in favor of legalizing marijuana in Uruguay and only 46 voted against, which meant that the marijuana laws will be modified here very soon and that other countries will start following on their footsteps soon too.  It is now up to Uruguay’s Senate to complete the approval of these new laws and things are really looking good, for everyone who wants to legalize weed. 

The Legalization Of Weed Has Been Around For Some Time In Uruguay

Smoking cannabis has been allowed in Uruguay for some time now, but the possession, purchasing, selling and growing of this plant, is still illegal right now, which is why people are now fighting for the complete legalization of weed in this country.  Once cannabis is legal in Uruguay, adults will be able to use it for any purpose, whether it is medical, recreational or for industrial purposes. 

Please don’t forget to click the like and share buttons on the bottom of this post, so that more people can learn about what Uruguay is doing to legalize weed and don’t forget to leave us your email in the box to the right, so you can receive our free mailing list and find out more about the legalization of weed around the world.  

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