Thursday, May 31, 2012


Legalizing Cannabis Will Change The World

Legalzing Cannabis
Legalizing Cannabis
Many people truly believe the world is about to change and that major events in human history are about to take place. These are the stories of what the citizens of Zip 420 have experienced in the past, what they are experiencing right now and what they expect to happen to this world real soon.
Cannabis has only been penalized for around a century and since it was prohibited by the law, radical changes started happening across the globe. This gave place to what we now know as true nightmares in some parts of the world and a real paradise in others.
To change the world, citizens of Zip 420 need to unite and start making wiser decisions together, if we want to make a difference. Important changes are coming and it is up to each Zip 420 citizen to do their part, so we can get the outcome we are all hoping for.

Cannabis News

It appears cannabis does influence elections

Time to legalize

There are many politicians who still believe that legalizing is not the answer, but there are now some facts that prove otherwise and it now appears it is time to legalize cannabis.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Investigation by National Geographic

The truth about Cannabis

This is an excellent documentary made by National Geographic, which shows us the reality about cannabis and what is going on in the world.  Legalizing is the only way.

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The truth about Cannabis

Lies we've been told about Cannabis

There are many lies about cannabis and if you watch this documentary, (which is very interesting and well organized) you will learn a lot about all the lies we have been told about this plant.  

Bob's Life

The first joint


Bob was so intrigued by the way he had felt when he ate his first pot brownie, he could not stop thinking about it and was trying to decide if he would accept some more if someone offered him some.  Bob was a very good kid, but when he started seeing that many of the things he had been told about cannabis were not true, he started to have a very different perspective of what he was told. 

The day after Bob had eaten the pot brownie with his girlfriend; they both arrived on different buses to their high school and met in front of her locker as they normally did. Another couple also joined them and they started talking about the great time that they had had the day before and how exciting it had been for all of them.  Some of them started telling about how hungry they had felt after a while and all of the things that they had eaten and the girl who, was not Bob’s girlfriend, told the three teenagers how she had to drink some water from her outdoor shower as soon as she got home, because the cotton mouth feeling that she had and thirst was simply out of the ordinary. 

After a few minutes they all had to go to their classes and each couple said goodbye and agreed to see each other later for lunch.  Bob went to his science class, which was related to medicine, as this high school was meant to help students who wanted to become doctors or work in the medical field.  Bob had a friend by the name of Jewel, who had always been into drugs and died a few years later of an acid overdose.  This guy told Bob that he knew he had eaten a brownie the day before and he started asking him how he had felt.  Jewel knew this, because he was also friends with Bob’s girlfriend and he had also given them the pot brownies. 

Bob told Jewel that it was the best experience he had ever had and that he was thinking of doing it again.  Jewel told him that they could both go out to the nearby corn fields, which were planted behind the high school in another property and that they could smoke a joint there.  Bob was not very sure about this, because he did not want to smell like weed all day long in school, but Jewel showed him a Versace Blue Jeans perfume bottle, which he got from one of his baggy pants pocket and told him to meet him in the hall in a few minutes.  Jewel stood up and asked permission to go to the restroom from the teacher and he left. 

After a few minutes of Bob trying to decide if he should leave or not, he finally decided that he wanted to do this and that he did not want to look like a coward to Jewel or anybody else.  He got up from his seat and asked permission from the teacher to go to the restroom as well and the teacher deliberately allowed the boy to leave.  The teacher was not very interested in her students and she would usually seat down at her desk and simply watch as she ordered the kids to write down some essays and other information. 

Bob went out into the hallway and saw that Jewel was near the doors that led to the back part of the school and that he had seen him too.  Bob started walking towards his friend, without making too much noise, but he was not walking slowly either.  He got to the doors rather fast and then the two teenage boys went out of the school and walked towards the corn fields nearby.  When they started walking away from the school they saw that there was nobody watching them and they had no trouble getting to the fields at all.

When the two boys finally got to the field, they saw that Charlie and Victor where there too.  These two boys were friends of Jewel, but they did not like Bob very much.  Charlie and Victor where trouble makers and they were both constantly getting in fights and always beating up other students, to them Bob was a momma’s boy and he had no right to be there with them.  As soon as they saw him, they asked Jewel why he had brought Bob with him and they both stood up very menacing in front of the smaller boy.   Bob was not scared of them and he simply said he wanted to smoke some weed and that he had no problems with them.  

When Charlie heard this, he did not believe Bob was there to smoke with them and he thought he was going to tell the counselors what they were doing.  He got up and with a half lit joint in his hand, stood up right in front of Bob and told him to take a drag in a very mean voice.  Bob grabbed the joint and started puffing on it, like he had done that all his life.  He soon started coughing and his eyes felt very heavy, just like they had the day before.  When the boys finished the two joints that they had, they returned to their classes and soon Bob's adventures with these delinquent kids, would change his life forever.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

More Facts about Cannabis

Learn about cannabis

Since the beginning of time, cannabis has been used in many cultures and today even though it is a prohibited substance, it is used more than many legal ones.  The history of cannabis is huge and the uses that we could give to it are endless.  There is still a lot to be discovered about cannabis, but one thing is for sure, it is helpful for humanity, this is why it was placed on this Earth.
As early as 105 AD, the Chinese had already invented a paper made out of hemp.  This is one of the earliest records of the use of cannabis in any culture, but it is certainly not the earliest one.  In late 1700s Napoleon discovered that the ancient Egyptians used cannabis on a regular basis, but he was not in favor of his men or people in France using it.  A little earlier, in the late 1400s the Pope admitted that smoking cannabis was a sacrilegious act and that it was good for everyone. 
Some Americans are not aware that the Declaration of Independence was made out of hemp paper, which is basically cannabis and was almost the same method used by Chinese people centuries before.  According to experts from the United Nations, more than 170 countries grow marijuana today and this is used in many different ways. Even if this activity is illegal in most of these countries, people still continue to fill their lands with this plant’s seeds. 
Smoking cannabis does transform people into demons and even though it is illegal, millions of people smoke it today.  Knowing more about cannabis and how this plant became illegal only around a century ago, is the only way we can make this plant legal again.  Growing marijuana could help the world in many different ways.  If our ancestors used it, there is no reason why it should be illegal today.   

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bob's Life

The beginning


Marijuana was something that he was always told to stay away from.  The campaigns in his school and the advice from his parents and other adults pressured him to stay away from cannabis and to say no to drugs.  At age 13, he had decided that he would never drink or smoke tobacco and above all, he would never try cannabis or any other drug. The problem was that he had no idea what his destiny had planned out for him.  

As soon as he reached high school, he realized that a lot of his classmates smoked cannabis and that even girls where into it. Many of them would smoke and seemed to be fine, while others would smoke and only laughed, having a good time.  He began to realize that none of the things that he had been told before about marijuana were true and his curiosity began to grow a little more every day. 

One day, there was a football rally in his high school and all classes were cancelled for this event.  There was music in the football field, students were walking all around the school having some fun and everyone was minding their own business.  The young teenage boy had been going out with a beautiful girl for a few weeks now, but he never imagined what she would propose to him that day.

Right after every class was cancelled, the young couple got together with a few other friends, in a corner of the football field and one of them got out a bag filled with brownies.  Each one of them grabbed a brownie and the boy’s girlfriend picked out two from the bag and gave one to her boyfriend.  She told him exactly what these brownies had in them and she also told him that they would have a great time together.  Without any peer pressure or any other comments from the group, the young boy looked at everyone else eating their brownies and his girlfriend taking a bite out of hers.  He immediately placed his brownie in his mouth and started munching on it too. 

The group of teenagers stayed in that corner of the football field for quite some while and then the young couple finally went to spend some time alone, in another part of the field.  The young boy and his girlfriend sat down on the grass and they started talking like they normally did every day.   After forty minutes or so, the young boy started feeling a little different, as his first pot brownie was starting to make effect.

A little more than an hour had gone by, since the young boy had eaten the brownie and he was now feeling the full effects of what he had eaten.  His legs started to feel very numb, yet the feeling was truly amazing and he remembers never feeling anything like it before or ever since. He began to feel like everything was a dream and his eyes were getting smaller, every single second that went by.  His mout started feeling very dry and his whole body entered a state that would change his life forever. 

When he looked at his girlfriend, he thought she looked even prettier than she usually did and after a few minutes, they were both laying on their backs, watching the bright blue sky filled with wonderful white cotton looking clouds, which where floating all over.  He could hear the music of the football rally in the background and the hand of his girlfriend between his fingers.  There was really nothing else that mattered at that moment and he had never felt as relaxed as he did that day. 

Everyone knew this young boy as Bob and even though he had promised himself that he would never get involved with marijuana, one of his first girlfriends introduced him to this wonderful herb and his life would never be the same.  

A few facts about Cannabis

Things you need to know

Cannabis or marijuana is a plant, which was either created by nature or by a higher force.  This plant has been around since the first day of the creation of Earth and there are archeological finds, which prove that humans have been using it as early as 2700 BC.  A shaman’s tomb from ancient China revealed that the ancient Chinese used hemp for different purposes and that they used it on a regular basis.

By the early 500 AD, Cannabis had already made its way to Europe and it was used in many ways as well.  When Christopher Columbus made his voyage to the Americas, he brought cannabis with him and it started to be grown in the New World.  When colonies and other settlements where flourishing around 1600 and 1700, many settlers grew cannabis as a crop and some where even obliged to do it. 

Since those early times, until the early 1900s, cannabis was used as medicine, in fabrics, for recreation and even in the first cars.  In 1919 Holland accepts the Opium Act, which has led to the current acceptance of cannabis in this country.  In 1928, the United Kingdom prohibited the use of marijuana for recreational purposes and in 1937 the US also banned it.  In 1961, most of the countries members of the United Nations vote against cannabis and decide to make it an illegal substance. 

Millions of people around the globe still use cannabis, some for medicinal purposes other for religious purposes and some for recreation or entertainment.  The number of people using cannabis only seems to keep growing and today this crop generates billions of dollars every year, whether it is grown legally or not. 

Many believe cannabis will be legalized soon and if this is a plant, which was given to all of us by nature or a higher force, there is no reason why anybody should be able to make it illegal and prohibit its use to others.  If you feel like cannabis should be made legal once again, (just like it was before the early 1900s), you are part of the Zip 420 population and should do anything that is in your hands to help this become a reality.