Thursday, July 28, 2016

Medical Marijuana Inc. Will Export Cannabis

Exporting Marijuana To Mexico

Medical Marijuana Inc. has recently announced that they are going to be sending some of their cannabis based medicines to Mexico, as this government has just approved 22 more licenses for importing this herb.  

Yes, you read right, marijuana is now going to be sent from the US to Mexico legally, instead of Mexicans trying to smuggle buds into the American territory illegally.   This will generate from 10 to 12000 million Dollars annually for Medical Marijuana Inc., which means that it is going to have some amazing business very soon.  

Stuart Titus, who is the chief executive of this company, stated that Mexico has over 120 million citizens, which is why it represents an enormous market potential for their business.  

It was last August 17, when the Mexican government allowed Grace Elizabeth Benavides, a little girl who suffered from convulsions, to receive imported medical marijuana from the US and the results have been amazing.  The girl's parent claim that their girl is much better and this is only one of the million cases that are taking place all over the world.

Medical Marijuana Inc. will be sending cannabis oil products for people with certain diseases or health problems and the government of Mexico is already passing out some bills and other standards for making this work out for everyone.  

The regulation of marijuana is finally getting here, but there is still a long way to go.  Everyone should be able to grow and consume as they like.  

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

'Altered State: Marijuana in California' Is Now Open To The Public

A Unique Cannabis Exhibition

The Oakland Museum has recently started showcasing its new exhibition titled 'Altered State: Marijuana in California', which is all about the history of this herb, works of art and other interesting documents.  

Our favorite herb is very popular around the world and thanks to new ideals, we are now looking at marijuana differently as a society.  California was one of the first states in the US to legalize cannabis and this new exhibition will be about its recent history and its science.  

This exhibition will be open to the public for the next few months and it is already a sensation among many cannabis enthusiasts. As said before, the exhibition will have works of art, important political papers, discussion about the plant and much more.  

According to the organizers of this event, the exhibition is meant to help everyone understand more about marijuana and how it has affected our communities in the last few decades.  

At the moment, 35 states in the US have legalized medicinal cannabis and four have legalized recreational marijuana, including the capital's state.  

The exhibition is divided into 10 different sections and these are: science of cannabis, medical marijuana, profitable herb, sacred ganja, criminal drug, creative herb, bad herb, political tendencies, herb and youth and the recreational joint.  This project was created over two years of hard work and it has a lot of participants.  

The Oakland Museum will have 'Altered State: Marijuana in California' open to the public until September 25th, so hurry up and try to visit this exhibition before it goes away...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Medical Marijuana Is Reducing Prescription Drug Use

New Study Proves That Medical Cannabis Reduces Prescription Drug Use

According to a new research study, people are now consuming less prescription drugs and this is all because of using cannabis as medicine.  

Researchers from the University of Georgia carried out this study and they found that States that have legalized medical marijuana are now prescribing less drugs.  Not only is this taking place, but according to the study, the government is also saving some money, because they are not having to pay as many prescribed drugs to Medicare patients.  

The study was formed with information from 2010 to 2013 and included patients who can actually benefit from medicinal cannabis.  According to Ashley Bradford and David Bradford, who were the researchers, eight out of nine conditions now have less filled prescriptions, than they did before.

The results also show that medicinal marijuana helped the government to save more than $165 million just in 2013 in Medicare.  David Bradford stated, "Those reductions in expenditures could then be reallocated to other kinds of important and unmet medical needs at the moment.  What our evidence is suggesting is that the response that the patients are having and that physicians are having is that there is a significant amount of actual clinical use at work" 

Overall, this is yet more proof about the benefits of marijuana.  Not only does it help patients, but it also reduces government expenses, it creates new job opportunities, it creates more tax revenues, it promotes tourism and more.  We need to allow marijuana everywhere today!!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Italy's Cannabis Laws Might Change Soon

Italy Might Change Its Laws On Marijuana

It will be this month of July, when the Italian Parliament, will start debating about making some changes to their current cannabis laws, which might legalize this herb and make some historic changes in this country.  

It will be on July 25th, when the draft legislation will be presented for the first time ever.  On the 26th, politicians will start voting on this draft and decide whether the bill will be sent to the Upper House for further analysis and approval.  

The current proposal, will sure need some amendments and changes, but at Zip420 we think that this proposal is great news.  At the moment, the draft proposal would allow the following:

  • Possession - Citizens will have the right to carry up to 5 grams of cannabis when they are out on the streets and up to 15 grams inside their homes.  
  • Cannabis Growth - Citizens will have the right to freely grow up to five marijuana plants inside their homes, but they will not be allowed to sell what they grow.  There will be some new clubs, formed by up to 50 members each, were growers will have the right to swap and share some of their harvest.
  • Sale - The government will open up some licensed stores, which will offer cannabis to citizens. 
  • Restrictions - It will not be permitted for citizens to smoke marijuana in public places, such as parks and streets.  Driving after consuming cannabis, will also be illegal if this new laws are accepted and exporting marijuana will also be restricted.  

The inter parliamentary group, Cannabis Legale, was the one to create this proposal back in July 15th of last year and today they now have 220 MPs and 73 senators in their favor.  

According to some recent polls, at least 83% of Italians agree that the current laws are useless and at least 73% are in favor of completely legalizing cannabis.  At least 58% of citizens in this country, believe that the new laws, could really help the economy of their country.  

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