Thursday, April 24, 2014

Puerto Rico Is Considering To Legalize Marijuana Too!

Legal Marijuana May Come To Puerto Rico Soon

Just as other communities, states and countries around the world, Puerto Rico is now considering to legalize marijuana, as they are in desperate need of giving their economy a big boost. Puerto Rico has been in an economic recession for over eight years now and they are now looking at different proposals, for solving this problem or at least making it less severe.  Some of these proposals include legalizing cannabis, which we at Zip 420, think is an excellent idea.  

According to, there is around 15% unemployment and at least 45% of the population is living in poverty.  At the moment, Puerto Rico's government, has been listening to proposals from experts in the field and even from the general public, as they are really not certain what could help them to end their economic problems.  

Puerto Rico's government has a $70 billion debt and some of the 370 proposals that have been made public, are meant to help lower this number, as fast as possible and without having to do much.  Senator Maria Teresa Gonzalez said, "we are studying all alternatives and all possibilities.  Change always brings inconvenience.  I'm convinced that before we talk about something as dramatic and disastrous as layoffs, we have to consider other ideas." 

At least 450000 Puerto Ricans, have now decided to pack all of their things and move to the US mainland, but there are still many left behind, who have to deal with the economic problems and are trying to find an easy way out.  

While it is still not certain if the government of Puerto Rico will legalize marijuana or not, the proposal is already on the table and we believe that it is one of the most viable solutions for their problems.  Others have proposed to legalize prostitution in Puerto Rico as well, but we believe that legalizing cannabis is a much simpler and clean solution.  Not only will it not harm society as much, but it will also work as medicine and could even be used for some industrial purposes, if some hemp is grown too.  

Hopefully the Puerto Rican authorities make the right decision and legalize marijuana there soon!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hope You Had An Excellent 420

Lets Keep Celebrating 420 All Year Long

As April 20, or 420 comes to an end, we hope that you have had an excellent day and have been able to celebrate this cannabis holiday, however you like best.  If it was possible for you to promote the legalization of this herb, we congratulate you and if you just stayed home, rolling and smoking a bowl, we congratulate you too.  

We have said that legalizing marijuana is one of the best things that can happen to this world and we will keep saying it, until all the government acknowledge it and make some true changes about these outrageous and useless prohibition laws.  

There are many ways to be an activist and all you have to do, is find one thing that you are good at and use it to promote the legalization of cannabis around the world.  Whether you are a natural born entertainer or are more of a behind the scenes event planner, you could certainly be doing something to legalize this herb and we encourage you to do so.  

You can start by sharing our blog posts and telling your friends about Zip 420, as we will have more news and information related to marijuana and don't want you to miss it.  

Happy 420 You All!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

First Marijuana Vending Machine In Colorado

A Marijuana Vending Machine Is Now Working In Colorado

The cannabis friendly state of Colorado, is now working towards introducing even more haze into its territory and it will do so, by giving its citizens the ability to get their weed, from a recently installed vending machine.  Some entrepreneurs are calling all of this, "the future of marijuana in Colorado," and the unveiling of the marijuana vending machine in the town of Avon in Eagle County last Friday, is just the start.  

The machine will be known as ZAZZZ and it will have some high quality weed, as well as some edibles to people passing by.  American Green, revealed their new cannabis vending machine, at the Montana's Smokehouse barbecue, which is located on Beaver Creek Blvd.  A test run, was given to the machine just yesterday and everything seems to be working perfectly fine.  

According to Stephen Shearing, who is the chief operating officer of American Green, "it is great for shy folks."  Although it will not be as simple as getting some change from your car to put it into this vending machine and get some weed, the fact that these companies are starting things like this, is a great thing for the legalization of cannabis around the world.  

It has been said that only "budtenders" will get the chance to purchase some weed at this new vending machine, which means that you will need a valid ID and some licensing as well.  According to the City of Buds report, "the machine will maintain medical stock from medical cannabis collective and dispensary Herbal Elements, which operates out of Eagle Vail, Colorado."

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Monday, April 7, 2014

President Obama Makes Huge Decision Towards Legalizing Cannabis

President Obama Wants To Legalize Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana, is getting closer every day and President Obama now seems to be on track with it too.  It was just this past Friday, when Attorney General Eric Holder, stated that the Obama administration is ready to sit with Congress and try to come to an agreement, to remove marijuana from the list of most dangerous drugs.  

Holder's exact words, during a House Appropriations Committee hearing were, "We'd be more than glad to work with Congress if there is a desire to look at and reexamine how the drug is scheduled, as I said there is a great degree of expertise that exists in Congress.  It is something that ultimately Congress would have to change, and I think that our administration would be glad to work with Congress if such a proposal were made."

While the Attorney General, does have the power to remove a drug from the most dangerous drugs list and Holder could simply make this happen, he seems like he wants to work with Congress to make marijuana legal and we can only hope that members of Congress have similar points of view.  Holder's declaration is certainly a huge thing and it can make tons of difference towards legalizing cannabis these next couple of months.  

There are many Congressman, who have already stated their approval for marijuana legalization and this means that the Obama administration could finally make this happen very soon.  There is no doubt that legalizing cannabis is the way to go here, as the war on drugs has failed miserably and it is obvious that marijuana has some medical benefits and will not disappear from the streets any time soon.  

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