Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Medical Marijuana Story Of The Champions

Another Happy Medical Marijuana Story

Like I have written before in this blog, there are many medical benefits from the marijuana plant and there are millions of people who are already benefiting from it right now. I have also written about some of the stories about medical marijuana and how this plant has helped them to have a better life.

Today, I have yet another story related to how cannabis has helped a person and how it will soon be legalized everywhere.  The story of Jim Champion begins with a sad fact, as he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and would have to take a great number of pills throughout his life, in order to try and live a normal life. The 59 pills that he had to take every single day did not help him at all and when his doctors decided to prescribe him some methadone, Jim almost died from an overdose.

The Medical Marijuana Treatment

It was until the year of 2003, when Jim would first try marijuana, thanks to one of his cousins, who recommended it and gave him some. After only ten minutes of having smoked the marijuana, Jim was feeling much better, he was feeling relaxed, his muscles were not contracting, he had a smile on his face and he even felt hungry. These were all feeling that Jim had certainly not experienced altogether for a very long time, if ever in his life.

Sandy Champion, who is Jim’s wife, stated “After all those years, he is down to 24 pills a day, hopefully with the passage of this bill we’ll be down even more.” The Champions live in the State of Illinois, were House Bill 1 might soon be accepted and it will allow for people like Jim to have access to medical marijuana and not to become criminals by purchasing the herb in the black market or from illicit dispensaries.

The proposed bill, would allow patients with “debilitating medical conditions” to possess up to two and half ounces of cannabis within a period of two weeks. This would mean that Jim would not have to visit the streets of Illinois to buy his medicine and that he would not put himself at risk, as well.

The House of Illinois recently passed a proposal for the legalization of marijuana within the State and it had 61 votes in favor, against 57. The Champions were some of the people who regularly promoted this proposal in Springfield and thanks to them, many people in this State, will have access to a much needed medicine.

It Is Time For Medical Marijuana Laws To Be Changed

Scientist, doctors and other experts, are now certain of the many medical benefits of marijuana and there is no reason why people like Jim should be denied access to this herb. Not only is it time for medical marijuana laws to be changed worldwide, but it is also time to abolish the prohibitionist laws that we currently have on cannabis, as they have proven to be a failure and are not benefiting as much as legalization would.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

You Cannot Get Deported Over A Marijuana Joint

We Should Be Able To Share Our Marijuana Joint

According to some, the Supreme Court is the least friendly of all government offices and it has been known to affect both recreational marijuana users and defendants as well.  With the current laws on marijuana, it is actually very hard to decide whether someone should be punished or not, as State and federal laws differ on many cases and this has caused many people to suffer drastically.

Thankfully, it now appears that you cannot be deported from the US, if you are only sharing a marijuana joint with some of your friends and you are not trying to sell the herb or make a profit out of it. Even if it is still not legal to consume marijuana in some parts of the United States, it is still possible for immigrants or tourists to enjoy a joint or two, without being charged with an  is “aggravated felony”, but only with a misdemeanor.

A great example of this is the Moncrieffe v. Holder case, which was handed down by the Court on April 23rd and the results were that a person cannot longer get deported, if they are only bringing in one marijuana joint or a couple of joints, without the intention of selling them to anyone.

More About The Marijuana Joint Case

Adrian Moncrieffe, is a Jamaican citizen, who moved to the US at the age of three and has lived there ever since. It was on 2007, when Moncrieffe was stopped by a police officer at a traffic stop in Georgia and was caught with 1.3 grams of marijuana.  Sonia Sotomayor, who is the author of “Court’s Opinion”, stated that Moncrieffe only had “the equivalent of about two or three marijuana cigarettes.”

After this, Moncrieffe would plead guilty of “possession of marijuana with intent to distribute”, for which he was put in five year probation and was promised a clean record by the state of Georgia, if he was able to stay out of any illegal activities over the next five years.

The problem came when the federal court found out about this case, as they stated that Moncrieffe had to be deported, since he had pleaded guilty of introducing marijuana to the US and had to be sent back to Jamaica instantly. The federal government decided to send Moncrieffe back to a country, which he had never lived in as an adult and where he had no family or friends. The federal government considered his crime an “aggravated felony” and once someone has been deported, it is extremely difficult for them to get back in the country again.

Today, many of us are surprised, as John Roberts and Antonin Scalia, who have never been in favor of marijuana, now decided to join forces with other liberals and Anthony Kennedy as well, to try and revoke the deportation of Moncrieffe as soon as possible.

A Marijuana Joint Is Not A Crime

Thousands, if not millions of Americans and people worldwide, share their marijuana on a daily basis and there is really no reason why someone should be deported of their new home country, if they are only in possession of one marijuana joint or a few of them.  It is clear that Moncrieffe is not a criminal and like him, there are millions of other people who have been involved in a similar case and have suffered severe consequences, for something that is really not harming anyone and that is done on a regular basis on US soil every day.

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Judge Wants To Return Confiscated Marijuana

A Judge In Washington Wants Police To Return Confiscated Marijuana

As I have written before in this blog, some judges are now ordering police departments to return confiscated marijuana to some of the people that they took it from and it is now happening again in Washington. Jack Emery, who is a Municipal Court Judge has now ordered police more than once to return some confiscated cannabis to Joseph L. Robertson and they must do so in less than seven days or they will be charged with contempt. 

Judge Emery would have a strong discussion with Tacoma's city attorney John Walker on Thursday and Emery's exact words were "Appeal or comply, or next week, show up, and I would advise you to bring counsel." It was on February 28th, when Emery ordered police to return the marijuana to Robertson, but they have still not done so. 

How Robertson Got His Marijuana Confiscated

It was May of 2012, when a Tacoma police officer decided to pull Robertson over for speeding. After some questioning, Robertson was charged with driving without a license and with possession of a small amount of cannabis. Later in December, prosecutors would dismiss the charges of marijuana possession against Robertson, as Washington is now a State were cannabis is legal and this is when Robertson decided to ask to get his stash back. 

Even though, Robertson proved that he has authorization for medical marijuana, the city did not approve Tacoma's police department to return the pot and this is why Judge Emery made his statement on February 28th. Now, if police do not return the cannabis to Robertson by May 2nd, the matter will be taken to higher courts and this will surely be settled soon. 

Emery also stated that this case is "a quagmire," as there are many conflicts between federal and state laws right now, but I do believe that Judge Emery is doing the right thing and that he will defend, Robertson's right to get his medicinal cannabis back and I hope that he does soon. 

It Is Time To Legalize Marijuana Around The World

Just like Judge Emery is helping Mr. Robertson to get his cannabis back, we should all do what we can to promote the legalization of cannabis around the world, as this is the only way that we will get to change the current prohibitionist laws. 

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Alaska Might Legalize Cannabis Soon

The Next State To Legalize Cannabis

As the legalization of marijuana is taking place, in several states of the US and other parts of the world, we are all expecting great things to start happening soon. The next state that might legalize cannabis soon is Alaska and it will surely help to make people see that marijuana is not harmful at all. Some describe this as the new battleground towards the legalization of cannabis and I am pretty sure that we will see it legalized here very soon. 

Right now, people who are in favor of legalizing marijuana in Alaska, are gathering signatures so that they can present their proposal in the voting ballots, which will take place next year. This means that there are still a few months to convince people about the benefits of marijuana, how it can help our governments to earn more money from taxes and reduces the costs of fighting the herb, as well as an increase in tourism and even industrial benefits too. 

How Alaska Wants To Legalize Cannabis

The proposal that residents of Alaska are making is not very different from that of other States that have already legalized the herb and this is why I truly believe that it will be voted in favor of, next year. According to their propositions, people who are older than 21 years of age, will be able to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, which is certainly more than enough for personal use. 

The propositions, would also ban smoking cannabis in public, which is not a bad idea, as we do not want to encourage underage people and children to consume the herb. The propositions also establish an excise tax and they also establish some ground rules for growing marijuana and the limits to this activity. 

A similar proposal was made in Alaska in 2004, but it was not accepted, as it would allowed a person above 21 to grow and sell marijuana at their pleasure, which is certainly not what governments are seeking, as they want to keep a better control over the herb. 

We Will Legalize Cannabis

Just like some States and countries of the world, we will legalize cannabis everywhere one day, as attitudes towards this herb have softened over the past few years and we are now realizing that prohibitions do not really work. Marijuana is consumed everywhere and even if governments still ban its use, we will not lay down and quit our fight.  

Hopefully Alaska residents do gather enough signatures to pass their proposal and make cannabis legal in that State next year. This would be another huge step towards legalizing cannabis and would help softened attitudes even more. 

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Friday, April 26, 2013

You Can Now Buy Marijuana Online

Are You Looking To Buy Marijuana Online?

While most people believe that the only way to get cannabis is by going underground and contacting their common weed dealer, the fact is that it is now possible to buy marijuana online. This is certainly not legal in many places and I do not encourage anyone who is reading this, to use the service that I am going to tell you about in this post. The service I will tell you about does work and lots of people are already getting some excellent cannabis thanks to this.

Almost everyone is aware about hackers and at least some of the things that they do and to access the marketplace that I am talking about, you will need to go into the "Dark Web", where you can find lots of things that are not available through common browsers like Chrome, Explorer or Firefox and which will allow you to buy some cannabis through the Internet.

Use Silk Road To Buy Marijuana Online

Silk Road is a virtual marketplace, which connects people from around the world and is already helping millions to sell their products online.  But Silk Road, is not your common online marketplace like Ebay or Amazon, as it sells things like marijuana, cocaine, LSD, heroine and more. Yes you read right, Silk Road offers people a place to actually buy marijuana online and it really does work.

The marketplace is only accessible through a browser called Tor and its website changes from time to time. Finding the newest address is not hard at all and there are many videos about this on YouTube. After finding the site, you will need to create a user name and establish a password, but you do not have to worry about being detected, as Tor makes sure that your IP address, location and other personal information is not shared with anyone.

Even the DEA and FBI are having a very hard time trying to put down this site and to catch some of the people who are selling and buying these types of things through it. Silk Road is almost perfect, as it offers consumers an opportunity to get their herb without having to leave their homes and putting themselves at risk, as the people who sell it, will send it directly to your doorstep. 

Receiving the packages from this marketplace at home, might not be the best idea, but there are certainly people who are doing it and have not been caught by the law. Both the sellers and buyers at Silk Road are very discreet most of the time and they all want to stay under the radar, which is why it is having so much success. 

You can buy all times of different cannabis strains through this marketplace and you can certainly find some very affordable prices. The marijuana will be packaged perfectly and it will go through the mail most of the time. Sellers have a reputation and they have been reviewed by their past clients, which makes it possible for customers to trust them and to actually make this marketplace work. All of the ads explain exactly what you need to do to buy marijuana online and they have some very catchy ways of grabbing your attention.

If you are thinking of giving this marketplace a look, make sure to know what the cannabis laws are in the place that you live and I certainly would not place any personal information in the Tor browser, as there are many criminals out there and the "Dark Web" is one of their hangouts. 

All of this only proves that people will always find a way to get what they want and that prohibition is simply not working at all. It has drained our economic systems worldwide and it is only causing people to have to look for black markets and to put themselves at risk, when trying to find some cannabis.  

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Take Precautions If You Do Buy Marijuana Online. You Can Never Be Too Careful!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

You Can Learn About Taxing Marijuana At Harvard

Harvard Law School Teaches About Taxing Marijuana

As most of you know, the legalization of marijuana is closer than ever, as the District of Columbia and 18 other states of the US have already changed their regulations about this herb and there are other countries of the world that are doing the same.  The problem is that most of these states and other countries of the world are still not quite sure about how they should be taxing marijuana, but now with the help of Harvard professors, we just might have a better chance to get this herb legalized worldwide.

According to federal laws in the US, even medical marijuana dispensaries are drug dealers and this has not allowed the states and local laws to establish a tax act that really works for everyone and helps to legalize marijuana everywhere.  According to Section 280E from the federal tax code, these types of businesses do not get any tax deductions, which is why taxes are so high and they are affecting patients, recreational users, dispensaries and other cannabis related businesses. The leading trade publication for the marijuana industry reports stated that “The federal tax situation is the biggest treat to business and could push the entire industry underground again.”

This is why some Harvard professors are now studying the current taxing marijuana acts, as they believe that there are some simple solutions to all of these problems and that they can help both medical and recreational marijuana legalization to continue prospering.

The Ideas That Harvard Professors Have About Taxing Marijuana

According to experts from Harvard, finding some way for dispensaries to deduct some expenses that are not related to the sale of cannabis, would help them to become more profitable and this would also benefit patients and recreational users.  One example that Harvard professors gave was that dispensaries could have a separate business, for example a care-giving business, where they would be able to deduct some taxes from and would lower their expenses every month.  They also stated that if not all of the establishment is used to sell marijuana, dispensaries would also be able to deduct their rent from taxing and they also stated how keeping a perfect record of all transactions is essential for all cannabis related businesses to succeed. (Just like any other business out there.)

Professor Benajmin Leff, from Harvard as well, presented his idea about this topic yesterday and the title of his report is quite interesting: “Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers.” According to this study, which was featured in the Harvard’s Tax Policy Seminar, businesses that sell marijuana could have a social welfare organization, which does not generate any profits and which will help them to deduct taxes at the end of every month.  This would make Section 280E of the Federal Tax Act inapplicable for these types of businesses and would really benefit everybody.

Taxing Marijuana Needs To Be Changed Now

In order for the legalization of marijuana to continue its process, we must find a way to reduce the taxes that both state and federal laws are applying right now, as these will not allow these businesses to flourish and they will also affect the consumer in the end.  If Harvard professors are already paying attention to this, it can only mean that we are in fact getting closer to abolishing marijuana prohibition worldwide and we need to follow their example and keep promoting our cause.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Regulating Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In LA

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Might Increase Its Prices In LA

It will be on May 21st, when people in Los Angeles, California will head out to the polls and vote on three different regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries. These new regulations, are supposed to help keep a better control of the marijuana that is being sold for medicinal purposes within the limits of the city and they might also increase the taxes that patients have to pay to get this herb. 

Proposition D and ordinances E and F are to be examined during these polls and most hope that these new regulations will help to settle down all of the problems that dispensaries are experiencing right now. Even if the new regulations might reduce the number of dispensaries that will be operating within the city limits or increase the taxes on the herb, they will surely help to legalize medicinal marijuana in LA, as they will also keep dispensaries far away from schools, childcare centers and other similar areas. The new regulations will also keep a standarized working hours schedule for dispensaries and this will make it easier for people to accept this herb. 

While some are in complete favor of these new regulations, there are also some who believe that these might affect the dispensaries that are already operating within city limits and some feel that this will also affect the medical marijuana accomplishments in LA. 

How Will The New Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Change Things In LA?

According to some experts, there is now no way to remove ordinance E from the ballots, as the current election rules establish that it has to be there. Bradley Herts, who is an attorney for Sutton Law Firm stated, "There's no way to remove ordinace E from the May 21 ballot or the voter guide...and that may lead to some confusion. It's up to campaigners to help explain that."

Proposition D and Ordinance F are what could increase taxes in medical marijuana dispensaries, as they would not make it a $60 tax instead of a $50 tax for every $1000 of sales. This means that the tax rate would be increased by 20%, which is certainly a lot and this will affect all dispensaries within the city limits of Los Angeles. 

Proposition D would also reduce the number of dispensaries that are allowed in LA to 135, which is a lot less than there are currently right now and will affect a lot of people for sure. Ordinance F would also allow marijuana collectives to operate freely and there would be no limit to the number that can operate within city limits. They would have to meet certain rules, but they would not be as hard to comply and many should be able to operate under LA's new rules. 

Paul Koretz, who is a council member of the city and proclaims to be an ally of medicinal cannabis stated, "Ordinance F would allow the remaining 1700 to 1800 clinics not approved by the city to stay open. That may very well increase to 2000 dispensaries, many of which are nuisances in their neighborhoods." Koretz also said that Proposition D is, "a compromise between the two ordinances," as they will help both medicinal marijuana patients and creating a better image about the herb. 

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In LA Will Operate One Way Or Another

While these new propositions and regulations, might change how some of the dispensaries in LA operate, patients will still have access to the herb and these new rules might help to keep a better control over this. Althought the raise of taxes is not something that I agree with, this will surely help to create a better background for medical marijuana dispensaries, as the new regulations are not only about taxing the herb, but about keeping it away from minors and having everything in order.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Creation Of Medical Marijuana Jobs

Arizona Will Have Many Medical Marijuana Jobs

People in Arizona, decided in 2010 that marijuana should become available for medicinal purposes and with these new laws, the creation of many medical marijuana jobs is on its way. Not only will the herb be able to help those people in need, but it will also give others the opportunity to have a job, as there are tons of things to do in a dispensary, in laboratories and other places where this herb will become available to people who really need it to cure an illness.

The Regulated Dispensaries of Arizona Association, recently published a study where they state that the new medical marijuana laws in Arizona, will help to create at least 1500 new job opportunities within the State, which is certainly a large number and will benefit many families economically too.

Legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes is one of the wisest things that governments can do today, as it is being proven that it does benefit people with certain diseases and that it also helps people's finances as well.

Two Examples Of Medical Marijuana Jobs In Arizona

As I said above, jobs related to medicinal cannabis will start to be more common in Arizona and in other States of the US. Now I am going to tell you about two medical marijuana jobs that are already creating a difference in this State and which will surely help people to see marijuana differently.

AZ Med Testing is owned by Steve Cotrell, who has a laboratory background and has been interested in the benefits of medical cannabis since his 11 year old son died from cancer a few years ago. Today, his lab is focused on studying marijuana and how it can be used to help people with certain diseases. Not only are Cotrell and his partner Brenda Perkins doing some mold and pesticide testing on the marijuana that reaches some dispensaries, but they are also creating new job opportunities for young lab technicians and other marijuana entrepreneurs. 

With their help, marijuana will have a higher quality when it is sold to patients and it will also allow entrepreneurs with other ideas to create edibles and other marijuana related products to reach more people and to change their lives positively as well. 

Medical Marijuana Jobs Will Help The Economy

Soon, marijuana will be used for medicinal purposes in more places and we will start seeing more medical marijuana jobs available everywhere. This will surely benefit our economies and it will help many people to have a decent job, where they can help others and help to change their lives for the better. 

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Medicinal Cannabis Laws In Connecticut Must Be Readjusted

A Woman Admits To Using Medicinal Cannabis

It was barely last year when the state of Connecticut joined the other states and Washington, who have already legalized medicinal cannabis, yet the laws in Connecticut still need to be modified, as they are leaving patients in a hard spot, since there are still no dispensaries or places to buy the herb legally.

People in Connecticut are not even allowed to grow their own, so this leaves really no place for the people who really need cannabis to get the herb, but the black market. This also means that patients are at risk of being arrested and this is certainly not a way for them to be treated. 

It was on CBS News, where   Tracey Gamer Fanning, who is a 42 year old mother, admitted to using medicinal cannabis to treat her cancer illnesses, even though this could put her at risk of being arrested.

A Connecticut Medicinal Cannabis Story

According to CBS News, it was in 2006, when Tracey would be diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.  She would then start experiencing some severe headaches, seizures and would have to take pain pills, which would mostly put her in bed and not allow her to get on with her life.

It was when Tracey found marijuana that her life started to change in a positive way. Her exact words about it were, “The first time I ever did I; it gave me my life back.” Her doctor, Andrew Salner, was the one to recommend marijuana to her and she was still skeptical about the idea, as the herb was still not legal in the state for medicinal purposes.

Today, both Tracey and her doctor are spreading the word to others, about the benefits of marijuana and why the current laws in Connecticut need to be modified, as there is no place to legally buy the herb and this is something that no medical patient should need to go through.

“I would not be this and this is what everybody hopes to have six and a half years later, after being diagnosed,” stated Tracey.  It will be today, when Tracey will appear in a public hearing, to promote the legalization of medicinal cannabis for people who really need it, as real changes need to happen in Connecticut and the world today. Tracey even postponed her honeymoon to appear in this public hearing, as she got married this weekend and this only proves her conviction to really make a difference.

We Need To Help People Like Tracey To Get Their Medicinal Cannabis

It is time to stop being childish and simply admit that cannabis is nothing more than a plant, which can really help people with cancer and other diseases. Tracey is only one of the millions of people who have benefited from this plant and who would have surely had a very different life, if they had not found cannabis on time.  

Nobody should have the power to be able to deny someone the right to have a better life and to feel better after being diagnosed with a terminal disease. The prohibition of cannabis has not worked and it is time for both recreational and medicinal cannabis to be legal around the world.

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Little More About Medical Marijuana

Growing Medical Marijuana To Use In Labs 

Well, 420 has come and gone! Hopefully everyone had an excellent day yesterday and incidents like the gunshots in Colorado do not repeat themselves again. Today, I want to tell you about a marijuana growing operation that is supposedly being operated by the government and it has been so, since the late 1960's. According to Men's Health Magazine and to Manhmoud ElSohly, Ph.D., who is the head of the University of Mississippi's Marijuana Project, there is a very large complex filled with marijuana plants and they now know a lot more about the herb and how medical marijuana can help people. 

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has declared that the marijuana farm that ElSohly takes care of, is the only legal place for scientists and scientific studies to get their herb. Since it was first created, the farm has been doing everything from growing, to harvesting, to transforming it into other products and using it for medical studies. This marijuana farm, is supposedly growing many different types of cannabis and they all have different amounts of THC.

According to Dr. ElSohly and some of their studies, marijuana can be made out of more than 500 chemical compounds and THC and cannabidol are two of them. These are now known to help the human body in some way and it has also been found out, that cannabidol does not give people that "high" feeling when consumed.  

Yet Another Story About The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

This is a well know story and it happened during 1967. It was during this year that Dr. Lester Grinspoon from Harvard University, experienced one of the worst things in life. His son, would be diagnosed with lymphocytic leukemia and no medicine that was given to him, would help to alleviate his pain. This is when Dr. Grinspoon decided to find some of his son's friends and got him some marijuana. After the teenage boy smoked some of the cannabis, he was able to regain his appetite, he stopped vomiting, the nausea disappeared and he was able to start living a better life.  Dr. Grinspoon would say in public, "We never -for as long as he lived - had to deal with that awful experience of seeing what he went through again."

The only problem with medical marijuana is that smoking it is not very well accepted today either, as many believe that this can cause cancer, yet it has not been proven that cannabis smoke can increase the chances of someone getting this disease. People just associate smoke with lung cancer and other similar diseases, which is why the University of Mississippi and some labs that are studying the benefits of medicinal marijuana are now trying to determine, whether smoking this herb is really dangerous or not. 

We are now certain that smoking tobacco is a cancer and disease causing habit, which is why it has now been banned from many public places and millions have stopped doing it. Fortunately, there are many other ways to consume cannabis and obtaining the medical benefits that it provides to an ill person. These methods include vaporizers, cannabis oils, certain cannabis infused medicines and even edibles, which are much safer than smoking and provide enough THC and other cannabis contents, to help a person in need. 

When Dr. ElSohly was interviewed about the benefits of medical marijuana he answered very plainly and here is part of that interview, "Does it lower interocular pressure for glaucoma patients? Yes it does. Does it reduce anxiety? Yes it does. Does it stimulate appetite? Yes it does." If Dr. ElSohly, who runs the only marijuana farm that is accepted by the US government, admits that the herb is beneficial in many ways, why is it not legal everywhere yet?

It Is Time For Both Medical Marijuana And Recreational Marijuana To Be Legalized

Even if smoking cannabis can affect a person's health in one way or another, the benefits of medical marijuana are definitely there and those who do not accept them, are simply hurting others, as they are not being able to benefit from this plant. Because we can consume cannabis in other ways rather than smoking, there is really no reason why someone should not be able to benefit from this plant. It is time to get this herb legalized worldwide, because it will not only benefit a lot of sick people, but it will also stop a lot of the problems that we have in our world right now. Problems like illegal trafficking, violence, crimes and more, could definitely be reduced if cannabis is legalized and controlled by our governments. It worked with alcohol, it will work with cannabis too!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Celebrating 420

Know More About The 420 Holiday

Well, today is finally April 20th and it is the most important day for all those involved in the cannabis culture. Today, people are celebrating 420 in many different ways, but the best part about this day, is that people are now celebrating openly in many places of the world and that we are closer to the legalization of marijuana, which is certainly something that we need everywhere.

For those of you who might not know what 420 is or how it got started, this was a code that some students invented during the 1970's in San Rafael, California.This group of students was called "The Waldos", because they would always gather near a wall in the back part of the school and they would use their time together to smoke marijuana. "The Waldos" would usually go to their gathering spot at exactly 4:20, as they would get out of school around four and this is why today is "International Marijuana Day".

Since then, there have been many changes to marijuana laws and most people's ideas about this herb, have also changed dramatically. According to CNN, 2011 was one of the years with more marijuana related arrests in history. There were at least 750000 people arrested for either being in possession of marijuana or selling some of this herb and this has also brought some huge financial costs. More than one trillion dollars have been spent in trying to prohibit marijuana from the public and the ideas that President Nixon had back in 1971, have certainly not been the best for the US and the whole world.

Prohibition Has Failed And Today We Celebrate 420 Around The World

Today, we can see how some people are celebrating the legalization of marijuana, as states like Colorado and Washington are having some fabulous cannabis related events and the herb is being smoked everywhere. Some places, where marijuana is still not legalized, but that certainly appears to be so, like California and Oregon, are also having some great events today and people are going to be seen smoking the herb in public, without the authorities giving it much importance at all.

People in many places of the world, will get to know more about this herb today, as the 420 events usually have spokespeople and other people who show their pride for marijuana.  While some people may not be able to smoke marijuana in public and celebrate today, there are certainly many who will also be having parties in the privacy of their homes and who will be celebrating big time as well.

If you are a member of the cannabis culture, then you need to be celebrating today. It does not matter whether you do it in public, whether you do it in a big private party or if you do it on your own in the comfort of your home. Today is 420 and we need to get out there and let people know that marijuana is not nearly as harmful as Nixon once said and that prohibitions simply do not work. We have had these before and we know how they end. The legalization of cannabis is really getting closer and we will promote it, until it comes!

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Zip 420 Wishes You A Great Holiday!   

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Friday, April 19, 2013

A Man Donates $1 Million Towards The Legalization Of Cannabis

Lottery Winner Really Wants The Legalization Of Cannabis ToTake Place

It was just last November, when Bob Erb, a farmer and grandfather, (who has been playing the lottery since he was part of the cannabis culture back in the 1970s), finally got his reward and became a multi-millionaire. Mr. Erb won a $25 million jackpot and he has used his money for all different types of things. One of the most notorious and the one I like the most is, that he recently donated $1 million towards the legalization of cannabis and this will surely help the cause.

Mr. Erb says that he has been smoking cannabis since he was 16 years old and that he usually smokes around 15 joints a day. Legalizing marijuana is something that he would certainly love to see and he has now become one of the biggest financial supporters of 420 Day, which is a cannabis related festival that takes place tomorrow in Canada and will surely raise the attention of millions of people across that nation.

What Mr. Erb Thinks About The Legalization Of Cannabis

Sarah Boesveld, who is a journalist for the National Post in Canada, got to interview Mr. Erb and they had quite an interesting conversation. Below, I will quote a couple of questions from the interview that Sarah had with the new multi-millionaire, about the legalization of cannabis.   

Sarah: Erb is a great name for a marijuana activist.
Mr. Erb: I’ve heard that before. I’ve got a couple of buddies and their last name is ‘Joynt.’ They hung around together, they’d be walking down the street and we’d say ‘Oh, that’s just what we were looking for, a couple of Joynts!’

 Sarah: Why is legalization such a crucial issue? 
Mr. Erb:  Marijuana legalization would result in income taxes collected, increased spending on home mortgages, municipal infrastructure upgrades, more money for healthcare, education, pensions — all without raising taxes. The  revenue from B.C.’s marijuana industry’s estimated at $12-billion annually. Not only that, there would be a huge drop in crime of all types. Of course that’s not good news for police because pot crime is their bread and butter. Several medical studies show that people who use pot regularly are usually of higher education and IQ. Pot smokers may be dope-heads, but they’re not dopey people. Prohibition is the biggest social injustice of my lifetime. 
 Sara: Have you always been a dope smoker? 
Mr. Erb : I started smoking pot in 1968 at age 16 and by the time I was 21, five years later, I was probably smoking 15 joints a day — still do. I’m usually up at 4 a.m. and smoking my first one by 4:20 a.m.

As you can see, Mr. Erb has quite an interesting view on the legalization of cannabis and I do agree with most of his ideas. I definitely agree with the fact that not all people who smoke marijuana are “dopey” and I know for a fact that there are many people who have built successful businesses and some who are even working for very large corporations and who smoke as much herb as Mr. Erb does. Please remember to share and like this article and to join our mailing list by leaving us your email in the box to the right.

The Legalization Of Cannabis Is Really Getting Closer!

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Medical Marijuana Laws Are Approved In Illinois

The Illinois House Accepts New Medical Marijuana Laws

It was barely yesterday, when the House of Illinois, went through a very moving debate and came to the decision of approving some new medical marijuana laws, which will not only benefit lots of patients, but it will also help to keep the herb under a stricter control. I say that the debate was very moving, because lawmakers revealed some emotional stories about how marijuana has helped some of their family members or friends and why it is finally time to legalize cannabis all around the world.

The House of Illinois had a 61 to 57 vote in favor of the new laws on medical marijuana, which means that a new pilot program will be starting soon and it is said it will last for at least four years, so things can be tested out and see how all works. Even Gov. pat Quinn, gave some positive comments about the new laws on cannabis, as he stated yesterday that he had an "open-mind" about the new bill.

With this approval, Illinois will now become the 19th state in the US to accept medical marijuana, yet some believe it might be one of the strictest programs in the country, as it will include conditions on approving doctors, patient qualification and how the herb is grown. Rep. Lou Lang had some wise words about this new bill, as he said "Ladies and gentlemen, this is not about getting high, it's not about dope, it's not about what our mothers told us when we went to college, this is about providing a product at no expense to the taxpayers to provide better healthcare to people who desperately need this product."

What Are People Saying About The New Medical Marijuana Laws In Illinois

There are now many National opinion polls that have proven that more than half of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes and the number of people who want this herb legalized for recreational purposes is increasing as well.

People like Rep. JoAnn Osmond, who once opposed the legalization of marijuana, talked about how she has come to believe that this herb is actually very useful, as one of her friends died from cancer complications and she never allowed him to use cannabis in her house. Today, she is not sure if she made the right choice and remembers how her friend had to consume prescribed painkillers, which not only made him feel worse, but they made him very sick.

Another person who has changed their mind about medical marijuana laws as well is, North Side Democratic Rep. Kelly Cassidy, who also spoke during yesterday's debate and told the story of one of her brother-in-laws, who is currently suffering from terminal cancer . Cassidy's exact words were, "he would not be with us, if not for making use of cannabis. Pain pills were sucking the life out of him, but now he can enjoy what will be his last days. My sister and my brother-in-law, who I love dearly, are able to make the best of an absolutely horrific situation as a result of this product."

More About The New Medical Marijuana Laws In Illinois

The new bill, would prohibit a person from being prescribed more than 2.5 ounces of cannabis in a period of two weeks. Doctors who are able to prescribe marijuana, must have a background history with the patient they are prescribing the herb to and should make some valid recommendations.

The new medical marijuana laws in Illinois also state that there would be 60 marijuana dispensaries around the state and that these are the only places where patients can buy their herb, as growing their own will not be allowed. The people working in medical marijuana dispensaries will be checked for criminal records, surveillance in the dispensaries would be required 24/7 and patients will need to have valid medical marijuana cards, as these will allow dispensaries to know how much cannabis a person has bought during a certain period of time and prevent them from exceeding the legal limits.

Even if Illinois had already accepted a similar bill in 2009, where patients could grow their own, these new medical marijuana laws are going to be a little stricter, but they will also benefit the people who need it the most.

Marijuana is a medicine and if used for recreational purposes it does not cause a gateway to other drugs, as some people have stated and it is certainly not any more dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. It is time to legalize cannabis around the world and Illinois just took a huge step towards it.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Looking For Ways To Spend A Happy 420?

Millions Of People Around The World Are Preparing For A Happy 420

As most of you know, April 20th is a very special day in the cannabis world and it is finally right around the corner. Millions of people and businesses are preparing for a very happy 420 this weekend and there are certainly some great events ready for this day.  Not only will states like Colorado and Washington be celebrating 420 big time, but there are also other countries, states and cities that will join in on the fun and that will help with the legalization of cannabis all over the world.

San Francisco and its Bay Area will be one of the places in America where this holiday will be celebrated in complete grandeur and in this article I will tell you about some of the events that are already prepared for this weekend.

Have A Happy 420 In California

Not only is the first 420, (after some states in America legalized cannabis) taking place on a Saturday, but it will allow everyone to start the celebration on Friday right after work.  The Regency Ballroom will be one of the places for getting the part started, as they will be hosting a pre-party event with Cypress Hill and rapper Berner, (who is now popular because of the Girl Scout Cookies strain). This event will surely gather lots of cannabis friendly people and it will be a great start to a happy 420 weekend.

This next Friday, you can also enjoy Doug Benson’s show at the Cobbs Comedy Club in San Francisco as well, which will most likely be hilarious and is going to be a great countdown to 420, as the show begins at 10:30 pm.

Those who are interested can visit the Hemp Con expo, where tons of marijuana related businesses and entrepreneurs will be presenting their products and services. This expo will last all weekend long and it will take place in San Jose, California.

On 420, almost every single one of the marijuana dispensaries in the Bay Area, will be celebrating this holiday with free prizes, cannabis deals and special strains. It would be a good idea to get there early, because there will probably be some very long lines and the best cannabis will disappear very fast.

The San Francisco Patient and Resource Center, will also be offering some great deals to celebrate 420, as they will be giving away some edibles, some lighters, some t-shirts and even a half-gram of cannabis for free, to the first 250 patients that visit them on Saturday.  

In Oakland, marijuana dispensaries will also be celebrating 420 with some special promotions and some, even start giving away some prizes on April 18 and end on April 21st.  The Oakland Organics’ Mothership Organicann, which is located in Santa Rosa, will host another of its famous harvest, which is basically like a farmers market for all those people who love this herb.

Hippie Hill, which is the name given to an area of the Golden Gate Park, will be the main 420 reunion point and there will be tons of things going on here during this weekend.  If you want to spend a happy 420 this year and are around the Bay Area, you can certainly visit some of the places mentioned here and have some fun. If you are not lucky enough to be here, there will certainly be many other 420 celebrations taking place near you or maybe your friends and yourself can create a celebration of your own. 

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Have A Happy 420 This Weekend Everyone!

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