Monday, December 28, 2015

Ex Cops Are Now Marijuana Entrepreneurs

The Cannabis Industry Draws The Attention of Everyone

If you are reading this, it's is because you probably love marijuana and you may be amazed to read that there are now some ex cops, who are getting involved in the cannabis industry.  Yes, you read right, some retired police officers are now working with marijuana and they are not arresting people for it, but promoting the consumption of this herb.  

According to the Associated Press, there are at least 17 ex law enforcement agents, who are now involved in the medical marijuana industry in Illinois.  While these may not sound as many, there are actually not that many records of who is now working with medical cannabis in Illinois and this means that there may be a few more cops who now approve this plant.  

This is only proof of how some people have entirely changed their views on cannabis and how more people are now in favor of either using cannabis as a medicine or for fun.  A good example is Terrance Gainer, who was a homicide detective in Chicago and even the Illinois State Police director and who is now in favor of cannabis.  

This 68 year old man, says that he was seduced into the marijuana industry, because it is simply good business.  His exact words when interviewed where, "the business people involved in this are very serious about their investments." 

Hopefully, more cops and people start accepting marijuana worldwide and more countries continue to legalize this herb once and for all.  2015 has been an amazing year for marijuana and we are certain that 2016 is going to be even better.  

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Some Tips For Growing Cannabis

Growing Cannabis Tips 

Today we want to share some marijuana growing tips with you, because we believe that the "grow your own" scene is happening soon around the world.  As more governments decide to legalize cannabis, it is time to start learning how to grow your own or at least to have an idea how this is done.  

Making sure that you grow your marijuana correctly, will guarantee that you get some fresh buds and that you smoke some high quality stuff!

Five Tips For Growing Better Marijuana

  1. Make sure that you have enough space - Marijuana plants can get very large, very quickly and if you do not have enough room for your plants, your buds may suffer for it.  So make sure that you plan ahead and that you have enough space for your cannabis plants.  
  2. Find the perfect soil for you - The type of soil that you use, will make a real difference in your cannabis buds, so make sure that you start off your plants with some high quality soil, so that it can have all of the nutrients that it needs.  
  3. Do not use boosters and fertilizers - Away from what many newbie growers and unexperienced growers believe, using boosters and fertilizers on your cannabis plants, is not such a good idea.  Make sure that you know what your cannabis plants need first and at Zip 420, we suggest going organic, in order to protect our planet and environment.  This means, using natural soils and fertilizers, like bat guano or worm castings. 
  4. Read about harvesting time - Making sure that you wait for the right time to pick those cannabis buds, is the perfect way to ensure a better harvest.  Wait at least for 50% of the pistils to start turning brown and make sure that you leave enough free time to harvest your plants.  
  5. Cure your buds - There are many theories on how to cure marijuana buds once they have been harvested and this will all depend on what you have and what you can do.  Make sure that you dry them correctly and do not use the microwave or leave them out directly in the sun, as this will harm your cannabis buds.  
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Monday, December 7, 2015

Canada Moves To Legalize Marijuana

Canada Is Joining The Legal Marijuana Movement

In a recent interview, Clive Weighill, who is the chief of the police force in Saskatoon, the president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and a veteran of the August raids, stated that the war on marijuana has not worked at all.  

Thankfully, times are changing in Canada and all over the world, as more countries are already discussing about how to regulate cannabis and Canada might be fully legalizing this herb very soon.  We have talked about this before, but until now, Canada is only offering medical cannabis to certain people in their country.  

Now, the new Liberal government, has promised to make some changes quickly and that they are working on legalizing marijuana for general use.  If this happens, Canada could join a group of 20 countries, which are working on ending cannabis prohibition at a national level.  

Eugene Oscapella, who is a law professor at the University of Ottawa and a legal marijuana advocate stated, "our system is badly, badly flawed! I keep asking myself a question that I have been asking for 30 years: Could we have done a worse job if we tried? Could we have found a way to create a more dysfunction than we managed to create?"

It is more than obvious that the war on marijuana has failed worldwide and that prohibition needs to end today.  Hopefully the new Liberal government in Canada will fulfill their promises and legalize cannabis for regular use nationwide.  

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Cannabis Coffee In Your Home

Marijuana High With Coffee

Have you ever smoked marijuana and drank a cup of coffee?  In my opinion, it is one of the best combinations that you can make in this world and if you haven't tried it, you really should.

Today, we want to tell you about a new coffee product, which might be in the market real soon and that it is going to have some cannabis too.  Believe it or not, there is now a coffee company, which is looking into creating a cannabis infused coffee, which you can prepare right in your kitchen.  

CannTrust, is a Canadian medical marijuana producer and they have now invented a coffee pod, which is called Canncup.  Just like other pods in the market, you will have the option to choose between tea, coffee or chocolate, but these will be special pods, as they will contain dried cannabis.  

According to Eric Paul, who is the CEO of CannTrust, you will be able to put one of these pods in your coffee brewing machine and it will brew a very tasty and hot drink, which will have "a standardized dose of medical marijuana".

The pod will cost around $3 to $4, which is what a high quality brand coffee goes for and CannTrust is already working towards establishing some business relationships with US businesses that are already in the pot pods industry.  

CannTrust has also applied for a license, which will allow them to produce and sell these cannabis pods to medical cannabis users in Canada.  According to Paul, "we are ready to go, other than the fact we need approval from Health Canada."

Hopefully this Canadian company will get its license soon, so it can start selling cannabis pods to medical marijuana patients in Canada and maybe one day to people all over the world.  Please share and like this post, to let others know about the new marijuana pods that will be in the market soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rihanna May Get Her Own Cannabis Line

Celebs Get Involved In The Marijuana Industry

At Zip 420, we have written about Rihanna's love for cannabis before and today we want to tell you that she might be getting even more involved in the marijuana industry. Some reports state that famous singer Rihanna, might be investing in her own cannabis products and she has even announced this at the Cannabis Cup in Negril, Jamaica.

The new products, will include things like marijuana edibles and cannabis concentrates.  These will be made out from cannabis strains such as Haitian Haze, Karibbean Kush and Jamaican High Grade.

According to some people, the new business will be named MaRihanna and it will start its sales in Colorado, during the first months of 2016.  If this is true, Rihanna's new marijuana company, will be competing against companies like Snoop Dogg's, who also just got involved in the cannabis industry a few months ago.

This is even more proof that our cannabis movement is more on it's way than ever and that celebrities will help to make this one of the most important industries in the world.

Here is a short video clip, of Rihanna smoking some cannabis and dancing in a very nice bikini.  What else can we ask for?

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Monday, November 16, 2015

A Marijuana Social Network App

Tell Your Friends About Cannabis 

As the cannabis legalization movement continues to prosper worldwide, so is the marijuana industry and many other things related to this herb.  Today, we want to tell you about a now very famous social network app, which is all about cannabis.  

Massroots is the name of this social network.  It already has more than 625,000 users and it is expected to reach at least one million users by the end of the year.  Investors are already noticing this social network and more people are joining every single day.  

Massroots was thought of by Isaac Dietrich, who claims he came up with this idea, when he was smoking a joint with his best friend.  "We thought of all our friends who smoke.  Almost no one posted about it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, because that's where their families, bosses and coworkers are connected to them.  I wouldn't want my grandmother to see a picture of me taking a bong rip every time she logs into Facebook."

When Dietrich got the idea for Massroots, he decided to go "All In" and maxed out some of his credit cards, charging at least $17000 to them.  Today, Massroots is now the first marijuana related company to go public and it is now possible to get some shares on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.  

According to Dietrich, "one of the core things about Massroots - why we love doing what we do - is because we have a real opportunity to push legalization forward.  We have a social network of a half-million cannabis consumers, all of which are very pro-marijuana and want to do everything possible to push the movement forward.  We are in a very unique position in which just by developing new tools, new features for our app and pushing it out to a half-million people, hopefully we can push the conversation."

Dietrich also talked about how users are now posting more within the app and how they are losing care on who sees them smoking cannabis online.  "Now people are more than willing to post pics of themselves smoking and not necessarily are who sees it.  Investors are also looking into this industry. Two years ago, they would't even considered it and that's because there's so much money about to flow into this sector.  That's what's really going to move things forward."

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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Marijuana Is Now Legal In Mexico

Recreational Cannabis In Mexico

The Ministers of the SCJN in Mexico, Jose Ramon Cossio Diaz, Olga Sanchez Cordero, Alfredo Gutierrez Ortiz Mena and Arturo Zaldivar Lelo de Larrea, decided to vote in favor of the recreational use of marijuana TODAY.  

They also determined that four Mexican citizens will have protection or will be allowed to consume marijuana for recreational purposes, they will be allowed to grow cannabis and they will also be allowed to transport it.  This will lead to Jurisprudence or Jurisprudencia, which after 5 legal cases are ruled the same, then the same applies for all Mexican citizens.  

This basically means that marijuana is finally legal in Mexico.  

According to Olga Sanchez, "Prohibition is excessive and it does not protect the right of free people".  Ministers agreed that in order for the government to talk about medical marijuana, cannabis must be legal first, as there would be no place for patients to acquire or purchase this herb legally and there is no point in allowing cannabis for medical purposes, if people are going to have to commit a crime to buy this herb.  

This is really a huge step towards marijuana legalization worldwide and at Zip420 we are extremely happy that Mexico decided to legalize cannabis today.  

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A "Radical Cultural Shift" in Ireland

Ireland Might "Decriminalize" Cannabis, Cocaine & Heroin

The Drug Minister in Ireland, recently stated that Ireland will decriminalize substances like marijuana, heroin and cocaine, as part of their new "Radical Cultural Shift".

According to Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, who is the chief of Ireland's National Drugs Strategy, stated that people who consume the drugs mentioned above, will have the opportunity to assist to special designated rooms around Dublin, where they will be able to inject themselves or consume marijuana or cocaine. 

The minister believes that the attitude towards these drugs needs to be forgotten, as we should not look at addicts as bad people and he also talked about the difference in decriminalization and legalization.  

It would still be a crime to sell any of these substances and make a profit from the, but people who consume these substances, will not be penalized or criminalized for their addictions.  

Ó Ríordáin said, "I am firmly of the view that there needs to be a cultural shift in how we regards substance misuse, if we are to break this cycle and make a serious attempt to tackle drug and alcohol addiction."

Unfortunately, the decriminalization of marijuana in Ireland, will have to wait until next year, as a new government will be in power, but they still have the same ideas on this new "Radical Cultural Shift".

The United Nations Calls For Worldwide Decriminalization

It was this past October 19, when the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, made a call for all countries to decriminalize marijuana and other substances,but the report was supposedly withdrawn, because there were some allegations by the representatives of one country.

Hopefully this report from the United Nations will soon be a reality and encourage governments around the world to decriminalize cannabis.  

Ireland is already on its way and so are Canada, Mexico and the UK.  This is only proof that the decriminalization, legalization and regulation of marijuana is right around the corner.  

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Friday, October 30, 2015

Legalizing Marijuana in Mexico

Cannabis Is Very Likely Going To Be Legal In Mexico Soon

As we have been telling you for the past few weeks here, a little girl named Grace from Monterrey, Mexico, has recently received some cannabis oil for her severe epilepsy and seizures.  According to her parents, they are already seeing some improvements in her and this is not only excellent news for them, but for everyone in the world who could benefit from medical marijuana too.  

Raul Elizalde, who is Grace's father, recently stated to the press, "We're very happy because what we are seeing is that Grace is sleeping continuously through the nights, something that she had not done in months."

This week, there was a plan to talk about legalizing cannabis in Mexico for recreational purposes, but it has been rescheduled for another week or maybe longer.  Although people like the Elizaldes are not looking to regulate marijuana for recreational purposes, they are still in favor of doing so, becuase this would benefit their child and many others too.  

Dr. Carlos Aguirre Velazquez, who is the chief of pediatric neurology at Monterrey's Children's Hospital, stated "we know that there are at least 40 families right now, that have been organizing around Grace's parents." as there are now more families interested in trying medical marijuana on their loved ones.  "We don't know what the final result will be, but I believe it is time to set aside our positions and have debates about this" continued Dr. Aguirre.  

It is obvious that marijuana can help some people with certain diseases and Grace will surely see more positive results in the near future.  Hopefully Mexico's court does not keep postponing the hearing for legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, so that these laws final can change and people like Grace can benefit from this herb.  

The War on Drugs has not worked either, so it is time to end the War on Marijuana at least.  

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Medical Marijuana Oil Reaches Mexico Legally

Grace Is Now Taking Medical Cannabis Oil

A few weeks ago, we told you about this little girl named Grace, from Monterrey, Mexico, who was going to be able to get medical marijuana oil legally, to help her with her disease.  The poor girl has been suffering from a type of epilepsy, which causes her to have more than 400 spasm attacks per day.  

As said above, just a few weeks ago, a federal judge allowed her parents to import some medical cannabis oils, which is already being used successfully, in the US and other countries to treat children with similar diseases.  Grace's parents were able to import the marijuana oil from the UK and it finally arrived in Mexico yesterday.

Grace is now being treated with this cannabis oil, which is simply put in her food and does not change anything else in her life.  Hopefully, this will work out for her and her spasm attacks will stop for sure.

If this medical marijuana oil does help out Grace, (and we are certain that it will) Mexico will surely change its cannabis laws very soon.  Politicians in this country have already been talking about it and this is definitely the next step to take.  

There is no doubt about the benefits of medical cannabis and there are also no doubts about the unsuccessful results of the war against drugs.  This is why some governments are already deciding that marijuana should be legal for both medical and recreational purposes.  

Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about medical marijuana reaching Mexico legally and to say a prayer for little Grace.  We really do hope that she feels better soon and at Zip 420, we will continue to tell you all about her case. 

Monday, October 12, 2015

More Celebrities Are Getting Involved In The New Marijuana Industry

The Cannabis Industry Has Gained The Interest of Many Celebrities

Almost all of us know that some celebrities enjoy smoking marijuana and that some have even made it public, with no regret.  Cases like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, are no surprise, but as the new cannabis industry gets going, new celebrities are also getting involved and this is certainly good news for all of us.  

Since there are great promises in this industry and since many celebrities are already consuming cannabis on a daily basis, they are deciding to invest some of their money in this and they will surely see some positive results soon.  

Nich Lachley, who was Jessica Simpson's husband, Oscar Robertson a former NBA star, Montel Williams and Frostee Rucker, are only some of the celebrities who are not very known for being involved in the marijuana industry, but they are certainly investing a lot in it and they are doing their part for getting this herb regulated worldwide.  

Chris Walsh, who is the managing editor at Marijuana Business Daily stated, "a lot of celebrities that have invested so far, this has been their hobby for a long time.  Many are tied to cannabis on a personal level."

The manager of Marley Natural, which is a business owned by the family of Bob Marley, stated "there's this very close link with the Marley family and cannabis.  It's part of their heritage and culture."

According to some marijuana dispensary owners in the US, there are plenty of celebrities investing in their businesses and there are also some very high profile people, who have invested in some of these places or who are already doing some negotiations to get into this industry.

Oscar Robertson, is a former NBA player, who is now also supporting marijuana and who has claimed that he is part of Responsible Ohio, because he wants to help people with cancer to have the opportunity to have medical marijuana.    

Although it is not a guarantee, it is very likely that celebrity approval, will also help the marijuana industry to grow at a faster pace and this is why at Zip420 we are very happy that more celebrities are getting involved in this.  

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The First Cannabis Theme Park In The World

The US Will Have The First Marijuana Theme Park Ever

According to some statements and recent news, some Native American tribes are now thinking about other businesses, rather than casinos and one of their ideas includes the world's first cannabis theme park.  

The Santee Sioux tribe, which is located in South Dakota, are now considering a new enterprise and they are considering adding a marijuana smoking room to it. According to Anthony Reider, who is the Tribe's President, "We want it to be an adult playground.  There's nowhere else in the US that has something like this."

Some of their investigations, have yielded fantastic results and they believe that this new project could earn them around $2 million every single month.  The facility is already being worked on and this means taht the project is already on its way.  

The tribe's members are hoping that this will generate more income, so that they do not have to depend on casinos only.  

Marijuana has been legal on Santee Sioux territory since this past June and this is why some tribe leaders are already working on getting involved in the new cannabis industry.  

Hopefully this new project suceeds, as we expect it to and more people start realizing that marijuana is really harmless.  

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Friday, October 2, 2015

You Can Now Consume Cannabis In Oregon Legally

Oregon's New Recreational Marijuana Industry

If you haven't heard already, you should know that today is the day when marijuana becomes legal for recreational purposes in Oregon.  This will certainly be part of marijuana's history and it is a very important day for all of us who enjoy consuming this herb.  

Although cannabis has been officially legal in Oregon for about a year now, yesterday was the first day that people in this part of the US, finally got to purchase it legally.  There are now 203 marijuana dispensaries all over the State and they are now all allowed to sell cannabis for recreational purposes.  
Most of these cannabis dispensaries, are located in the Portland area and it is expected that most of them will have very long lines throughout this weekend.  There are already some people talking about the potency of the cannabis strains being sold in these dispensaries and if you are not a frequent consumer, you should definitely take it slow, until you can withstand some of that THC.  

So hands up for Oregon and congratulations to all the people from this State, as this is a huge step towards cannabis regulation worldwide and at Zip 420, we are very happy about this.  

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Towanda Citizens Want Medical Marijuana

A Rally For Medical Cannabis

Rebecca Roth, who is a 36 year old suffering of brain cancer, has admitted that she uses cannabis oil and that she feels a whole lot better.  "I am surviving at 23 months past my surgery.  I do use cannabis oil.  I have had no active cancer at all now. It's definitely a blessing for me."

Roth, was only one of the many citizens from Towanda, who joined the rally in favor of medical marijuana this Saturday.  Sen. Mike Folmer and Rep. Mike Regan, were also at this rally and they are also in favor of legalizing or regulating cannabis.  

According to some of the people at this rally, it is very likely that a bill will be passed for regulating medical cannabis in Pennsylvania very soon and this is excellent news for all of us.  

Commissioner Janet Lewis, was also at the rally and she said, "I think medical marijuana should be legalized.  I have heard too many cases where it has helped people.  I think that the Legislature is afraid of the Stigma, They visualize hippies smoking pot.  The Legislature should look beyond the Stigma and do research.  There are people who are actually being helped by medical marijuana."  

The rally was planned and organized by local Towanda people and this is proof that more of us are in favor or regulating medical marijuana and cannabis for recreational purposes.  Hopefully the lawmakers start changing their minds soon and finally realize that marijuana needs to be regulated and not prohibited anymore.  

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Monday, September 14, 2015

8 Year Old Mexican Girl Will Get Medical Marijuana

Medicinal Cannabis Will Help A Little Mexican Girl

Grace Elizalde, is an eight year old Mexican girl, who suffers from epileptic seizures every day.  These "brain quakes", leave her entire body hurting and exhausted.  Her family has tried many medications and treatments, but none have worked until now.  

This is why they are now considering something that it is still not legal in Mexico, but that they believe will help their daughter.  We are talking about a marijuana oil, which has already been used for treating American children with similar diagnosis and has yielded amazing results.  

Unfortunately, as mentioned above, Mexico has still not legalized marijuana for either medicinal or recreational purposes and this is one of the reasons why there have been so many deaths and problems over the last few years.  

Thankfully, a federal judge in Mexico, declared that he cannot prohibit Grace's parents from finding, purchasing and importing the cannabis oil into Mexico.  This means that if Grace's parents can buy the cannabidiol, Grace might become the first Mexican to use cannabis legally as a medicine.  

Grace's father talked to the media and he stated, "We're up against time.  The seizure's keep getting stronger."  In the past, Grace's father has driven to Laredo, Texas, which is around three hours away from Monterrey, Mexico, to purchase some Cortrosyn, for more than $5000, only to find out that it did not work.  

This is why they are willing to give cannabis oil a try and we certainly hope that it works.  Not only because this would promote the legalization of medical marijuana in Mexico, but because we really wish Grace to feel better.  

Hopefully Grace's parents can find the cannabidiol products soon or maybe even make their own!!  

Monday, August 31, 2015

New Medical Marijuana Pills

A Cannabis Company Has Sold Its First Marijuana Pills

Thanks to new laws and regulations, the first medical marijuana pills have been sold legally and they are now available over the Internet in some parts of Europe as well.  

MMJ Phytotech, is the name of this medical cannabis company and they are located in Australia.  At the moment, marijuana is still not fully legal in this country, but the company found a way around this, by producing their capsules in Switzerland, registering them in Germany and selling them online to people in Europe.  

The medical marijuana pills that this company is now selling, are mainly cannabidoil or CBD capsules, which means that they come from a type of cannabis plant or marijuana strain, which keeps or maintains CBD, but that does not contain THC or tetrahydrocannabidoil, which is the substance in the marijuana plants, that makes us feel a high.  This is why these pills are mainly for medical use and why they are very like to become very popular in the near future.  

According to MMJ Phytotech, these medical marijuana pills, can help fight and control things like diabetes, anxiety, cancer, chronic pain, epilepsy, sleep disorders, arthritis and more.  At the moment, a box of these pills, sells for around 89 Euros.  The company's goals include more than one millions sales this year and they have already stated that they have had a good response from the public.  

This is great news for the marijuana regulation movement, because it proves that people do need this herb as a medicine and that it can be a profitable business for others.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about these new medical marijuana pills.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Marijuana Tourism Is A Very Promising Industry

Cannabis Will Increase Tourism Worldwide

It was back in April 20, 2014 when several travel companies, began noticing an increase in the people visiting Denver, Colorado.  At the moment, there were still speculation as to why this was happening, but after realizing that marijuana had become legal in this State, the reason was more than obvious.  

Today, experts are speculating that marijuana tourism is a very promising industry and that it is barely in its developing stages.  It is still unsure how cannabis will be regulated in the United States and across the world, but it is obvious that it will happen sooner than later and that it will be one of the strongest industries as well.  

Online travel companies, also saw an increment on the people travelling to Denver, Colorado this year and this is only more proof that cannabis tourism is a real thing these days.  The number of people travelling to Washington, also increased during both April 2014 and 2015, as it is also a marijuana friendly State.  

This means that not only cannabis related businesses are getting more clients, but that other businesses are doing so too.  Businesses like travelling companies, airplane companies, car rental companies, hotels, restaurants and more, all benefit from the people who visit these States to try some cannabis and this means more income for everyone.  

This is definitely a good thing and since these States now offer both medical cannabis and recreational marijuana, there are many reasons for people to want to travel to these places.  It is only a matter of time, until the rest of the world understand the importance of allowing this herb in their territories, as the current laws on cannabis, have not yielded any positive results.  

It is time to allow marijuana everywhere and let cannabis tourism grow.  Many people will benefit from this and ending the war on cannabis will also allow people everywhere, to live a happier life.  

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Did Shakespeare Smoke Cannabis?

Marijuana Has Been Found In Some Pipes In Shakespeare's Garden

Some recent testing and forensic studies, revealed that Shakespeare might have smoked cannabis and not just tobacco, as it was once believed.  Some scientists from South Africa, have been studying some 400 year old pipes, which were found in Shakespeare's old garden and they have found some cannabis residues in them.  

Gas chromatography, is the technique that was used by these scientists, to study the 24 pieces of pipes that were found in Shakespeare's garden.  Of these 24 pieces, eight of them had cannabis residues and this has led many of us to think that William Shakespeare enjoyed lighting one up, before writing his plays.  

Some of Shakespeare's sonnets,clearly talk about the effects of marijuana, which proves that he knew about this herb.  One example is Sonnet 76, which says "invention in a noted weed" and some have come to believe that this means that Shakespeare consumed marijuana.  

If Shakespeare did use cannabis during his lifetime, we can now promote the innocence of this herb even more and we need to get it regulated worldwide.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Marijuana Use As A Teen, Is Not Linked To Any Issues!

Using Marijuana As A Teenager Is Not That Dangerous

For years, we have been lied about the effects, problems and things related to marijuana.  Today, there are now many professional and medical studies, which prove that cannabis is not as dangerous as we were once told.

A new study, has recently proven that marijuana use as a teenager is not going to cause any issues later in life and this is certainly something that we need to help us reform cannabis worldwide.  Rutgers University and Pittsburgh University, led this study and their research proves that using marijuana frequently as a teenage boy, will not lead to mental health problems or physical issues, later in life.

While many experts, were expecting to find something related here, the study found that we all have the same probability of being affected by physical or mental problems.  This means that it doesn't really matter if we smoked a lot of marijuana when we were young and that we were lied about this too.

It is time to tell the truth about cannabis and how it can do more good, than bad!  The whole campaign against marijuana, has been a fraud and it has already cost millions of lives around the world.  The cannabis plant is really medicine and it has also helped millions of people.

Only a few people have benefited monetarily from the ban on marijuana and these are all reasons why we must stop this now.  

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Friday, July 31, 2015

The First Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Nevada Will Open Today

Nevada Will Get Its Own Medical Cannabis Dispensary

The marijuana legalization and regulation movement continues to move forward every single day.  More States in the US and more countries around the world, are now changing their laws on cannabis and we are finally getting somewhere.  

Today is going to be an important day for marijuana regulation worldwide, as the first medical cannabis dispensary in Nevada, will open its doors.  This is not just a huge step for the State of Nevada, but it is also a huge step for everyone who is in favor of cannabis.  

The dispensary has been planning for this day for around two years now and we are very glad that they are finally ready.  They now have at least 200 marijuana plants ready and they well all gathered from different parts of the State.  

Legit cannabis growers, have provided these plants and they guarantee some high quality medical marijuana buds.  

According to the dispensary's manager, they will only be able to sell around 12 to 14 pounds of cannabis on opening day, but they are expecting to grow very soon.  

Some sources state that this new medical cannabis dispensary, will be harvesting many different strains of marijuana in the near future and this is certainly good news for the people who need this herb in Nevada.  

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Friday, July 17, 2015

A Marijuana Contest in D.C State

The D.C State Fair Will Hold A Best Marijuana Bud Contest

The US hosts many different types of contests and fairs all of the time, but the D.C State Fair is certainly one of the most popular.  This fair has been held for many years now and it is an American custom now.  What many probably don't know is that this year, the D.C State Fair will be hosting a "best marijuana bud contest", which proves that cannabis is now legal in this State.  

This contest will recognize the top marijuana flower in the State and it will also promote the regulation of this herb worldwide.  Cannabis has been legal in D.C, since last February and the new laws allow citizens to have up to two ounces of weed with them and to grow up to six marijuana plants inside their homes.  

The Marijuana Contest

The fair will take place on September 12 and the cannabis contest that will be held there, will categorize marijuana buds in different ways.

  1. Appearance
  2. Odor
  3. Touch
  4. How was it grown
The judges will not smoke cannabis buds to test them, which means that the high of each bud, will not influence in the contest results.  The plants must be grown inside the district and they must have been started from seed.  No clones will be accepted and marijuana plants from other States will also be banned.  

There will only be 50 participants in this contest and the submissions need to be in by September 12, between 2 pm and 3 pm.  The contest will take place that same day at 4:20.  

Hopefully more districts and states around the US and the World start doing the same, as marijuana needs to be regulated and legalized.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about the best marijuana bud contest in D.C.  Don't forget to sign up for our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Marijuana Has Been Found In Space

Cannabis Found On A Meteorite

Experts from the University of Hawaii, analyzed a meteorite that was found in the desert of Nevada, back in 2010 and they have found THC in it.  The scientists and researchers, were analyzing some parts of the fallen meteorite and they were amazed to find Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is widely known to be found in the marijuana plant.  

James Hun, who is the astrophysicist in charge of this study, said "the discovery of THC on meteorite fragments, will have huge impact on the science of astrobiology.  If chemical substances, that change brain functions and result in alteration in perception, mood, or consciousness in humans, find their origin in outer space, what role then has cometary impacts played on the human species? Or on life on the planet as whole? This discovery ultimately leaves us with more questions than answers. It gives a whole new meaning to the term getting high".

Hun's last sentence, was told to the press with a bit of humor and we certainly had a short laugh. 

Back in 2009. some researchers from the University of Mexico, were also analyzing some meteorite fragments and they also found some THC.  The discovery was cataloged as "controversial" and there wasn't much fuzz made about it. 

At the moment, there is still no answer or proof as to why there was THC on these pieces of meteorite, but scientists and researchers are certainly already working on the case.  It will be very interesting to see what they come up with and what this thing really means.  

Are there marijuana plants growing in other parts of the Universe? Is marijuana or THC an essential thing for living somewhere in space?  Is there plant life outside our planet?  Or did simply someone who smoked some cannabis touch the fragments of meteorite and left some residues behind.  Lot's of questions come to mind and hopefully someone finds the right answer soon.  

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Marijuana Legalization May Come To Germany Soon

Regulating Cannabis In Germany

Joachim Pfeiffer, who is a German politician and lawmaker, has recently joined the German Green Party, which is in favor of legalizing marijuana in this country.  The campaign to legalize cannabis, has now revived in Germany and there is soon to be a debate on whether to regulate this herb or not. 

The lower house of parliament in Germany, has also approved the new legislation, which would lift the ban on marijuana and regulate it, just like tobacco and alcohol are regulated in this part of Europe.  

Mr. Pfeiffer said "The current restrictive drug policy failed because, despite the ban, the number of consumers hasn’t dropped.  More than two million Germans use weed regularly, making it the most commonly used illicit drug.”

Cannabis users in Germany, are very happy about these news and we should all be as well, as this is a huge step towards regulating cannabis worldwide.

At the moment, there are different marijuana laws in Germany and these depend on each of its states. Some are still prohibiting the herb, while others, like Berlin, allow its citizens to carry up to 15 grams of marijuana, without having to worry about prosecution.

The 19th Hemp Parade, will be held on August 8th in Berlin, which is Europe's largest event promoting cannabis. At least 6500 people are expected to be part of this year's Hemp Parade and this is proof of how important this industry will be in the near future.
At least 51% of the people who participated in a recent poll in this European country, are in favor of fully legalizing marijuana and this is also proof that more people now believe that cannabis should be regulated and not banned.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

Learn More About Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

At Zip 420, we not only fight for cannabis legalization worldwide, but we also want to teach everyone a bit more about this herb, its benefits and what it can do for all of us.  Today, we want to tell you more about marijuana use during pregnancy and we want to clear the smoke about this.  

There are studies related to cannabis use during pregnancy, since the 1960's and this means that there is now plenty of useful and reliable information about this.  Some people state, that these studies cannot be trusted completely, as some women may of have lied or not told the entire truth, about how much marijuana they consumed or if they tried other drugs during their pregnancy, but most experts and professionals, now believe that there is not an association with marijuana use and birth defects.  

In one of the largest studies, at least 12800 women were interviewed and analyzed after pregnancy and the statistics proved that there is no relation between using marijuana during pregnancy and birth defects.  This is certainly great news and it also proves that cannabis is not as dangerous as alcohol, tobacco or other substances out there.  

It is important to note, that using cannabis during pregnancy is certainly not recommended, as it does come with some risks, such as lower birth weight and growth restriction, especially in those women who keep smoking marijuana in the final stages of pregnancy or over do it.  

There are still studies going on about this and scientists are trying to find out if exposing embryos or unborn children to cannabis, is dangerous in the long term or not.  Some studies claim that children who were exposed to marijuana before being born, have some problems learning, concentrating and are a bit more irritable, but there is still not much proof about this and there is proof that this happens to children, even if they were not exposed to cannabis before they were born.  

Overall, it can be said that marijuana use during pregnancy is not as dangerous as other drugs, but that it does have some risks, so it is better if future mothers try to not consume cannabis while they are pregnant or at least not use it as much or as frequently.  

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cannabiscoin: A Cryptocurrency Based On Cannabis

Is Cannabiscoin The Future?

We have recently been talking about cryptocurrencies and especially about Potcoin in this blog and today we want to tell you about another marijuana related virtual coin, which goes by the name of Cannabiscoin.  

This virtual currency, is very special as every coin is said to be equal to a gram of CANNdy.  According to, "CANNdy is a supply of meds that consists of strains grown specifically for CannabisCoin purchases and/or strains that can be purchased at the rate of 1 Cannabis Coin (CANN) to approx. 1 GRAM of medication."  This means that this cryptocurrency is very different from the rest, as it will actually be worth something that we can touch and feel.  Not only that, but it will be worth real grams of marijuana!

Cannabiscoin was created as a payment solution for medical marijuana dispensaries, cannabis retailers, marijuana merchants, marijuana growers and more.  This cryptocurrency, is based on the Bitcoin protocol, but it is slightly different, as mining these coins, does not require very expensive hardware.  

Cannabiscoin, is also part of the Yes We Cann Movement, which "is about medical marijuana dispensaries and shop owners that participate in providing safe, affordable, and quality medicine utilizing CannabisCoin as payment. This movement is a way for dispensaries and shop owners to show their appreciation to their patients by donating some medication into the “CANNdy” inventory."  As said above, some marijuana growers are also now focusing on a special strain just for CANNdy inventory and this is surely going to increase the price of Cannabiscoin in the future.  

This virtual coin, will be a great decentralized solution, which is also fast, secure, simple and legal. It will remove third parties from transactions between medical marijuana patients, growers and dispensaries.  It will also reduce expenses and costs for everyone in the market and this is why its price has been rising, since it was released less than a year ago.  

There will only be 92000000 Cannabiscoin available, which makes them very interesting and a good investment too.  So if you still haven't got your hands on some cryptocurrency, it is time for you to try Cannabiscoin and start earning some CANNdy.  

To learn more about Cannabiscoin and how to get some, you can visit or join the community at or at

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Try Your Luck At Potcoin Lotto

Take Advantage Of Potcoin Lotto

We have already talked about Potcoin before and if you are still not into this cryptocurrency, it is time for you to do so, because you can take advantage of many different promotions related to cannabis or marijuana.  

Today, we want to tell you a little more about Potcoin and how you can get your hands on a lot of them, without really spending much!  There is a new opportunity called Potcoin Lotto and it is basically a lottery were the jackpot is made out of Potcoins. 

The good thing is that you can buy your Potcoin Lottery tickets with either Potcoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocoins, which will make it easy for anyone to try their luck at Potcoin Lotto and maybe win a huge jackpot.  You can buy a Potcoin Lotto ticket for as low as $0.10, which is certainly a great deal for an opportunity to earn a lot of Potcoins.  

Every person has the option to buy up to ten Potcoin Lottery ticket, in order to have more chances of winning the jackpot and the winner or winners, will be notified via Reddit @ reddit/r/Potcoin.  The winner or winners, will be selected based on the UK National Lottery results of every Saturday, which will make Potcoin Lotto legit and safe.  The winning Potcoin Lottery tickets, will be those that match the bonus ball on the UK National Lottery.  

The results will be found on the Potcon Lotto website and at their Reddit channel too.  

So if you like cannabis and you also like to gamble a bit, playing this lottery might be a great opportunity for you.  The jackpot winner will add a lot of Potcoins to their wallet and this person could be you, if you buy some Potcoin Lotto tickets soon!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Morocco Is The Number One Exporter Of Cannabis

Most Marijuana In The World, Might Be From Africa

According to some recent reports by international authorities and which where released today in Morocco, this country earns a lot of income from the sale of cannabis and it is also the main exporter of this herb in the world.  The reports state that this country exports most of the marijuana that is grown there, to Europe, which is one of the top markets consuming this herb.  

The reports also state that Morocco is still exporting more cannabis than Afghanistan and Jamaica, which are said to produce around 12000 tons of hash per year.  The reports also state that even though production of cannabis is lower than in previous year, Morocco still produces around 38000 tons per year, which is certainly a lot of weed.  

It is suspected that around 57000 hectares of Morocco are used to grow marijuana and that most of these plantations are located in the Ketama Mountains. There are also speculations about more than 89000 families in this country, living off the growth or exportation of cannabis, which means that it is critical for the economy of the country.  

Even if some farmers know that they are being used by organized crime and that they are not getting paid nearly as much as what the final consumer pays for this herb in Europe or the US, they are still growing cannabis and they will surely keep growing it for years to come.  

This is yet another reason for regulating marijuana worldwide and allowing farmers in Morocco and other countries, to actually make a living, providing medicine and recreation to others.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about this and promote the regulation of cannabis worldwide.  Don't forget to sign up for our free newsletter, so you can receive more interesting news about marijuana, directly in your mail.      

Thursday, March 19, 2015

US Federal Medical Marijuana Bill Might Be Approved

Medical Cannabis Bill Is Gaining Popularity

Although 23 American states, have already decided to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, this herb is still classified as a Schedule I drug, according to Federal US laws, but this might change soon, as a new medical cannabis bill was recently presented and it is gaining lots of followers very quickly.  
This is certainly great news for the medical marijuana industry and for everyone who needs cannabis to survive.  One of the people who decided to sign onto this new proposal, is Senator Dean Heller, who stated "the time has come, for the federal government to stop impeding the doctor-patient relationship in the states that have decided their own medical marijuana policies."

Heller also stated, "this bipartisan legislation puts Americans who are suffering first by allowing Nevada's medical marijuana patients, providers and businesses that are in compliance with state law, to no longer be in violation of federal law and vulnerable to federal prosecution."

Senator Barbara Boxer, is another supporter of this new medical cannabis proposal and she is a believer of patients, doctors and caregivers, being able to use marijuana as a medicine, without having to worry about being prosecuted under federal law.  

President Obama has also stated that Congress might decriminalize marijuana and change its classification, if more states decide to allow its people to use this herb as medicine and there are certainly millions more, who are in favor of this new medical marijuana bill.  

Hopefully this bill will gain more momentum in the next few days and it will be approved soon. It is time to decriminalize marijuana worldwide and to allow patients to use cannabis as medicine everywhere.  

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