Tuesday, November 26, 2013

High Hopes For Marijuana In 2014

2014 Is A Promising Year For Marijuana Legalization

As more people support the legalization of marijuana worldwide, 2014 is looking like a better year, for all marijuana activists.  Not only, are some US States already changing their laws about this herb, but more countries are doing the same and more people are now opting to vote in favor of legalizing cannabis everywhere. 
The legalization of cannabis in the States of Colorado and Washington, have increased everyone's hope, on getting this herb legalized and it is certainly opening up the minds of lots of people, who were against this in the past. 
John Hudak, who is part of the Brookings Institution governance studies, stated "We have a bunch of stereotypes about the marijuana movement and lobbying effort as a bunch of college kids who want to smoke weed.  The marijuana lobby is coming out of the shadows from this avant-garde movement to people who are thinking about legalization in a very rational, serious, and empirical way."
The number of people, who now think that legalizing marijuana is not a bad idea at all, has also increased a lot in the last couple of years and this shows, how the majority is now in favor of making cannabis legal worldwide. 
According to Erik Altieri, who is NORML's director of communications, "Marijuana legislation has gone from something very abstract and something you may have supported to something very real and also possible and it’s happening.” 
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Friday, November 22, 2013

How To Buy Cannabis Seeds Anonymously

Buying Cannabis Seeds

In today's world, cannabis or marijuana seeds, are one of the biggest markets out there and some have even compared this industry, to that of rose growing.  It is said by many, that cannabis seeds are some of the most genetically engineered organic products out there and that there are millions of people, who are trying to find the perfect marijuana seeds right now.  The problem comes, when these people want to purchase some of these seeds, as they are still not legal in many parts of the world and this is why we want to tell you more about purchasing them anonymously. 
There are now, many different types of marijuana strains out there and each of them, has its own characteristics and benefits.  The characteristics and attributes of each of these seeds, will help you to pick one that fits better in your lifestyle and one which provides high quality tasting buds in the future.  After you have decided what type of cannabis seed you want to grow, by looking into its THC content and the yield that it might produced, you still need to find a "connoisseur" or person who knows about them, so they can give you some more pointers and possibly an option to purchase some.

Be Careful When Buying Cananbis Seeds

After you have found someone or a respectful company that can sell you high quality marijuana seeds, you will need to talk to them about delivery and ask if they have a discreet delivery system.  This will help to protect your personal information and most of all, not let anyone else know what you have ordered. 
You can now find many reliable cannabis seed vendors out there and many already have years of experience in the industry.  Many countries, do allow their citizens to order marijuana seeds, but they are not allowed to grow the plant, which means that you could do this underground, by having a small indoor garden and not telling anyone about it. 
It is important to remember, that you could get in trouble when ordering marijuana seeds, which is why, you should only trust established companies and try not to give them all of your personal information.  Only provide, the information that is required for you to purchase the seeds and remember to get a package, with no labels about the seeds on it. 
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hanover Might Get A New Medical Marihuana Company

Medical Marihuana Companies Are Increasing Their Reach

As the legalization of marihuana continues to move one, there are now many companies and enterprises, which are looking to form their own medical cannabis section and one of them, is already thinking about moving to the city of Hanover in Canada.  Today, Hanover, has been selected as one of the primary cities to grow marihuana and this is the main reason, why some companies are very interested in moving to this place. 
A business based in Waterloo, is now trying to establish itself in Hanover, with help of the licenses approved by Health Canada.  Neither the company's name or the desired growing location, has been disclosed, but Hanover authorities have already made public this company's interest in their territory and it is very likely, that they will be allowed to establish themselves, in this Canadian city. 
Kathi Maskell, who is the current Mayor of the city of Hanover, declared in an interview on Monday, that there are some interested companies in this industry and that they decided to make their proposals public, as this is not a very common request.  "This is different and perhaps could be controversial.  We want people to be aware this is in the works. It has always been important to the council that we keep citizens informed," were her exact words. 

Waiting For Health Canada's Approval

According to the sources, this medical marihuana company, is only waiting for Health Canada's approval on this and they would then have the right, to establish themselves in Hanover.  The rules specify, that only people who have been approved, will be able to get medical cannabis from this company delivered to their homes and this is why, almost everyone is confident that the approval will come very soon. 
Mike Dunlop, who is Hanover's chief administrative officer, stated that they are still looking at the proposal from this medical marihuana company and that they still need to review some of the information.  This information, was just provided to Hanover's city council on Monday, which is why it should not be long, before we hear something about this medical marihuana establishing itself in this Canadian city. 
We expect Health Canada's and Hanover city council, to provide a response to this company's proposal within the next five weeks, which is certainly not a long time and we hope that their proposal is accepted.  Please, don't forget to click some social buttons below, so that more people can read about this new medical marihuana proposal and support it too.  You can also subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more interesting information about marihuana and its legalization. 

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Age To Buy Bongs

Good News For Everyone Who Likes Marijuana

Today, we want to tell you about a great decision, made by the City Council of New York.  Now, the minimum age for buying tobacco, will be 21, yet the age for buying bongs, will remain the same.  This means, that young adults, will still be able to buy some of the pipes and bongs that they like best, so they can toke all day long. 
There is no doubt, about young people liking marijuana and today, the National Institute of Drug Abuse, has admitted that the number of young adults that prefer marijuana over tobacco, is rapidly growing.  This was also proved, with one of the last surveys at State colleges and this also means, that there will be more support for the legalization of cannabis in the next couple of years. 
E-cigarettes, will also be sold only to people older than 21 years of age and this means that society is changing their mind about weed everywhere.  We should be happy with these new laws, because this shows how governments are not longer as concerned with cannabis as they used to be and that more people are now opting to legalize this herb. 
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Friday, November 15, 2013

Pot Is In The Air

Can You Believe That People Are Complaining About The Smell Of Pot?

The new cannabis legalization in several US States, has now led to some ridiculous complaints and the government, is already creating some new jobs, to help control this.  According to some people in Colorado and other places were cannabis has been legalized, the air is now filled with the smell of pot and this is why a so called "Nasal Ranger" is on the round. 
You read right, there is now a job called nasal ranger and its purpose is to find those places where the smell of marijuana is the strongest, so they can try and control it.  Although, we believe that everyone has a right to decide whether to have the smell of pot around or not, we really do think that this is taking it way too seriously.

The Facts About The New "Nasal Ranger"

Ben Stiller, is one of the investigators at the Denver Department of Environmental Health and they have come up with a new tool, which actually helps to measure the intensity of odors and it is now being used to detect the amount of pot in the air. 
When you see someone wearing this device, you really cannot control your laugh, as the person really does look silly with it and at Zip 420, we believe this is taking it over the top.  Some people are also calling the nasal ranger, a nose telescope and it is actually a very simple device to use.  The nasal ranger, is simply placed over your face and it helps you to detect odors.  It is now being used by the Denver Department of Environmental Health, to detect if people are growing too many plants of marijuana in their homes or if a cannabis dispensary, has too much product in their warehouse. 
If they do detect that someone has more cannabis than they should, they can be fined and even lose their privilege to continue growing and using cannabis in these States.  While we believe that citizens do have a right to complaint about this and that the government should try and control the amount of legal cannabis that is out there, we also believe that cannabis odors, are the most beautiful thing in the world and we do not think that it affects anyone in a bad way. 
Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can read about the "Nasal Ranger" and its new job.  If you have something interesting to say about this, please leave us your comments below and let others know what you think too.  You can also subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you lots of interesting information about cannabis. 
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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Number Of Dogs That Consume Cannabis Also Increases

Dogs Are Also Enjoying Cannabis

As well all know, the number of people, who are consuming cannabis these days, is on a raise and apparently, so is the number of dogs.  Man's best friend, is also being benefited by some of the new medicinal cannabis laws across the US and the world, which helps prove, that marijuana is more than a medicine and that prohibition needs to be ended once and for all. 
According to some US veterinarians, the number of dogs, that have consumed marijuana is at a raise and this is due, to the fact that US States, like Colorado and California, have decided to make this herb, legal for medicinal purposes.  Some of these vets, believe that dogs are accidentally ingesting some marijuana edibles and that some of them, have actually been given this herb, by their owners. 
While some of these dogs, have had to be treated for consuming too much cannabis, the fact is that it cannot harm them and that we should not really worry about this number being on a rise.  Some studies, have proven that the number of dogs that have been treated for consuming cannabis, has more than doubled in the last couple of years and this can only be due, to the fact that marijuana is now legal in several States of the US and some countries of the world. 
We should not be alarmed about so many dogs, having to be treated for consuming too much cannabis, but instead, we should be celebrating, as this can only mean that the legalization of marijuana is on its way.  If man's best friend, has always been beside us, why not bring dogs along, on the cannabis legalization ride with us. 
If you are one of the people, who likes to share their marijuana with their pets, you should really click on some of the social buttons below this article, so that more people can read about the number of dogs consuming cannabis increasing around the world.  You can also subscribe to our free newsletter, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will keep you informed about other cannabis related news as well. 
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Monday, November 11, 2013

Miley Cyrus Lights A Joint In MTV European Music Awards

Miley Cyrus Is A True Marijuana Activist

While some people, might still be criticizing Miley Cyrus for some of her recent performances, the young star, has given everybody a little more to talk about.  It was just this last Sunday, when Miley Cyrus went on stage, at the MTV European Music Awards and decided to light up a marijuana joint, after receiving her award.  This certainly caused a lot of controversy, but it also gained her a lot of cheering and applause. 
"I couldn't fit this award in my bag, but I did find this, so thank you guys very much," were Miley's exact words, before she reached into her bag and got out a marijuana joint, to light up.   According to some resources, MTV, decided to block some of the footage, when this was televised in the US, but millions of people were able to see Miley light up her joint on stage and this shows, that more people are not really worried about the legalization of marijuana becoming a reality. 
Although, nobody has confirmed, that what Miley got out on stage, was in fact a marijuana joint, many do believe that it was and this is why her actions, have created a lot of controversy around the world.  Not even Miley's representatives, have talked about the event, nor have they denied it. 
Miley, has been related to marijuana, since her 19th birthday, when she talked about being a stoner and also joked about it.  Today, her current webpage, has a cigarette with a marijuana leaf and this should prove, that Miley is in favor of legalizing cannabis worldwide. 
In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Miley stated, "I think weed is the best drug on Earth.  Hollywood is a coke town, but weed is much better." If this does not give you an idea, of what Miley really thinks about this herb, nothing really will.
The MTV European Music Awards, were hosted in Amsterdam this year, which is a place known for its marijuana legalization for a very long time.  This, surely encouraged Miley to lit up a joint on stage and at Zip 420, we are very glad that she did.  Great job Miley!
Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about what Miley did, during the MTV European Music Awards this year in Amsterdam and so that we can promote the legalization of cannabis worldwide.  You should also take a few moments, to subscribe to our free mailing list on the right, so you can receive some more interesting information about marijuana in your inbox. 
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Some Families Move To Places With Legalized Marijuana

States With Legal Marijuana Get New Citizens

As most of us know, US States, like Colorado and Washington, have legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational purposes, which is why, many families are now deciding to move to these States.  These families are not moving to these places, because they want to use marijuana for recreational purposes, but because some of their family members really need this herb as a medicine and the States were they currently live, do not allow the use of cannabis for any purpose.
Although, many experts had already predicted this, the number of families who are deciding to move to cannabis friendly States, is a lot larger than expected and this only helps to prove, that more people are in favor of the legalization of marijuana and that more States will soon have to look into changing their laws too. 
According to some physicians from Colorado, like Margaret Gadde, this is only the "first wave" of families that will be moving to cannabis friendly States and that numbers are sure to keep growing in the next few months. 
Not only do these places offer these families a safe place to purchase their medicine, but they also offer some of the highest quality marijuana in the world and this means they have better chances of alleviating their illnesses. 
There is now more than triple the number, of children under the age of 14, who have a medical marijuana card in one of these cannabis friendly States and this also proves, how more families are looking towards marijuana for curing their children's' diseases. 
It is time for the world to realize, that marijuana is a real medicine and that families do need this herb to be legalized.  Feel free to register to our mailing list, so you can stay informed about the latest marijuana news and to share and like this blog post, so that more people can know about the number of families who are deciding to move to cannabis friendly US States. 

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Will Florida Legalize Cannabis Soon?

Florida May Be The Next US State To Legalize Cannabis

It was just this last Tuesday, when Miami Beach, Florida voters approved legalizing marijuana.  This may very well mean, that the US State of Florida, may become the next State to decriminalize the use of this herb and that we are getting closer to a worldwide cannabis legalization. 
The percentage of Miami Beach voters who wants cannabis legalized in the State was, 64 to 36, which clearly shows that there is a majority and it also coincides with the national and international polls about getting marijuana legalized.
The poll, was very popular in Miami Beach and it is has been confirmed, that it gathered a lot more voters than what the current leading candidate for mayor has gathered.    Some pro cannabis groups in the State of Florida, like the group of People United for Medical Marijuana, have already proposed different ideas for making Florida the next US State to legalize cannabis and with Tuesday's results in Miami Beach, hopes are high as ever. 
The treasurer of this group, Benjamin Pollara, stated "It speaks pretty positively to our chances next November.  This was a very low turnout election in Miami Beach, it's a relatively old electorate, and yet it still got close to 65 percent of the vote."  This means, that there is a lot of hope for other parts of Florida voting in favor of the legalization of marijuana, as many people are now realizing that prohibition is one of the worst ideas ever. 
There are also some who believe legalizing marijuana s not good and one of these people is Calvina Fay, who is the executive director of the Clearwater-based Drug Free America Foundation, stated "Florida's initiative, like efforts in other states, is about the legalization of marijuana cultivation, marketing, sales, distribution, and use.  It's about creating a 'Big Marijuana' industry like the 'Big Tobacco' industry.  Once voters understand this, they are less likely to support such a dangerous concept. "
Although the marijuana industry, might become as powerful as the 'Big Tobacco' industry, this herb is a medicine and it is already helping millions of people to survive.  Not creating this industry, is a crime against humanity and this is why, at Zip 420 we hope that Florida becomes the next State of the US to legalize cannabis, so the world can follow. 
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

German Expert Believes In The Legalization of Marijuana

The Legalization of Marijuana Is Now Supported By Millions

Hans Jorg Albrecht, who is the director of the Max Planck Institute, stated that in Europe, each country has its own criteria over legalizing cannabis, but that most countries are not very strict with its consumption, which only proves that this herb is soon to be legalized. 
He also stated that marijuana is the most popular substance amongst young people and that this is something that will probably never change. Most of  Europe's territory, is ideal for growing marijuana and there is also tons of information, which can be of aid, to those people who have never grown this herb in the past.  Albrecht also stated, that marijuana is now being grown indoors mostly and that there is no proof, about the consumption of marijuana leading to harder drug consumption or any "craziness".   
Albrecht also said that international convention, need to be open minded about change and that the liberty to experiment, should exist. Albrecht, was invited to speak at  a conference in Uruguay, which is set to become the first country to fully legalize marijuana very soon and he did make some very good points. 

What Some Uruguay Government Officials Think

Sebastian Sabini, who is a high rank Uruguay government official, stated that the current marijuana traffic actions are "absolutely inefficient" and that the new marijuana legalization project, will help to regulate this, as well as the herb's quality and its price.  With the new cannabis legalization in Uruguay, the government will also be able to control the sale to minors and that there will not be any marketing allowed. 
According to Juan Vaz, who is part of the Cannabis Study Center in Uruguay, the number of people who consume marijuana, is underestimated and that the number is sure to grow, once this herb is fully legalized.  Raquel Pey-raube, who is a toxicologist, stated that there are no clues or evidence, which proves that marijuana is the so called "door" to other substances and she also stated, that there is proof about marijuana alleviating many illnesses and pains. 
It is time to follow Uruguay's leadership and legalize marijuana all over the world.  There is really no reason for keeping it illegal, if many people can benefit from it and even government can make tons of money.  Marijuana will be legal worldwide one day and Zip 420 will be here to inform you. 
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Cannabis Industry Will Continue To Grow

The Cannabis Market Is Growing More Every Day

First of all, we are sorry for not having a new posts in the last couple of days, but we were out of town and did not have an Internet connection. Fortunately, there are many good news about the legalization of marijuana around the world and today, we are certain that the cannabis market, will grow at a faster pace, than the smartphone market. 
The medical potential of cannabis, is already being accepted in many places of the world and there are now plenty, who are certain that legalizing this herb, is the smartest decision right now.   According to the Huffington Post, the marijuana market is growing incredibly fast in the US and the world as well.  This only proves, that people are accepting this herb and that they want to end prohibition once and for all. 

The Huffington Post Cannabis Report

According to the investigators from the Huffington Post, the US marijuana market, should collect around $1.4 million in revenue this year, which is a very high profit margin and is certainly higher than many of the other legal industries in the world.  Different surveys were conducted, in order to get this information and dispensaries, marijuana processors, growers and other cannabis related business, were part of the investigation. 
Steve Berg, who was a manager director at Wells Fargo Bank, "Cannabis is one of the fastest growing industries. Domestically, we weren't able to find any market that is growing as quickly." According to some research groups, the smartphone market is only growing at a 7.3% annual rate, which is a lot lower than the marijuana market right now. 
As more States of the US begin to legalize this herb and more countries are doing the same, more entrepreneurs will begin to try and get in this market, which is why it has an incredible potential and it will continue to grow over the next couple of years. 
We need to continue fighting against cannabis prohibition and admit that the current laws are not doing any good.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can know about the marijuana market and how it is growing at a faster rate, than the smartphone market.  You can also subscribe to our free mailing list, by leaving us your email in the box to the right and we will send you more information about the marijuana industry and its legalization. 

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