Friday, November 11, 2016

Cannabis Is Legal In California; Now what?

What You Have To Know About Marijuana Legalization In California

Last Tuesday, people in California voted in favor of legalizing cannabis in their State and at Zip420 we are very happy about this decision.  

56% to 44% was the result of Proposition 64 voting and California became the 5th State in the US to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.  The other four first States are Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington.  Massachusetts and Nevada, also voted on legalizing recreational cannabis last Tuesday and the results were the same. People want this herb legalized!!

So back to what is now legal in California.  Although there are no cannabis shops or businesses offering marijuana to any adult over 21 available yet, it is now possible to smoke, eat and even grow your own cannabis at home, if you are an adult and a California citizen.  

You cannot go into a medical cannabis dispensary and buy some pot, but the news about marijuana being completely legal in California is enough to celebrate.  

It is likely that stores and businesses offering marijuana to everyone, will start opening their doors until 2018, as there are still some regulations, licenses and other things that need to be adjusted.   At the moment, it is still not possible to legally purchase marijuana in California, as there are no legal establishments yet, but if someone that you know is already growing a cannabis plant in their home, they might be able to give you one or a clone, so you can get started on your own marijuana garden. 

California legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes is an excellent decision and it will make a huge difference all over the world.  Just wait and see!!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting For Recreational Marijuana In California

Will California Legalize Recreational Cannabis Today?

Not only is the US voting for a new President today, but California will also be voting on whether to legalize recreational marijuana or not.  

This is a certainly a very important day for the world, as not only will the President of the most important nation in the world be elected, but one of the largest States in this country, might legalize cannabis for everyone.  

A similar campaign took place in California around six years ago and we were not able to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes in the State.  Today, the polls state a different thing, as young voters will make a huge difference and it is said that 58% of California citizens will vote yes on legalizing this herb.

If this happens, marijuana laws will see a huge change and this will be a leading step for the rest of the US states and countries around the world to do the same.  

Hopefully, marijuana gets legalized for recreational purposes in California today, as this will benefit the world in many ways.  So if you live in California and you are able to vote, get out there today and vote yes on legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes.  It is the right thing to do.  Cannabis is medicine, it can be a textile, it can be fuel and it is certainly fun.  

Vote yes on Cannabis!!!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Colorado Cannabis´ Potency Is Getting Higher

Very Potent Cannabis In Colorado

After two years of legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes in Colorado, reports have found that there is now more potent cannabis there than ever before.  

There are now many different strains to choose from and there are plenty of plants being legally grown, under some very intense lights and inside some fantastic grow rooms.  

There are now some reports about some marijuana plants reaching 32% THC content, which is extremely high and has not been seen elsewhere yet.  There are also many plants ranging around 28% THC content, which are definitely very high and a lot more than to what some people are accustomed to.

Back in the 90´s, the marijuana that was confiscated by police, was reported to have about 3% THC content, which as you can see is very low compared to Colorado´s cannabis today.

Thanks to new laws and reforms, it is now possible for growers and scientists to develop the best that this plant has to give us and hopefully new findings will start appearing soon.  

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

PotCoin is Alive

It Is Still A Good Time To Get Some PotCoins

If you have not heard about PotCoin yet, you should really do a little research or read some of our past blog posts about this cryptocurrency, because it is really an incredible opportunity and many say it is an excellent investment opportunity.

Today, I want to tell you that PotCoin is alive and that its price is rising quite fast.  One of the goals is to make one PotCoin equal to a gram of cannabis, so just imagine what these virtual coins can be worth in the near future.  

After many months of seeing PotCoin stay at the same low price, the past couple of weeks have been amazing for this cryptocurrency, as it has increased its value in more than 200%.  PotCoin's main website, has also made some adjustments and they are now selling PotCoins to everyone.

PotCoin can be used in different cannabis related stores and it can be used to purchase marijuana or cannabis related products.  The stores that accept PotCoin are listed on the main website of this cryptocurrency and more stores are accepting this payment method every day.  

So if you want to have some PotCoins in your hands and wallet, this is a great time to get some.  They are still quite cheap and it is very likely that their price will keep rising in the next few months.  
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Friday, October 7, 2016

Archaeologists Find An Ancient Skeleton Wrapped In Cannabis

Magnificent Ancient Marijuana Find

It is well known, that some people decide to be buried with some of their most precious objects or material things that they owned in life and today, I want to tell you about a magnificent archaeological find.  A group of archaeologists, has recently found a 2400 year old skeleton in northwest China, which was covered in cannabis.  

The team of archaeologists from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, found the tomb in China's 240 grave Jiayi cementary, which is close to Turpan.  This place, was once in the Silk Road route, which is why there is a lot of history here.

Once the team unearthed the tomb, they found a body with 13 cannabis plants, which were carefully placed above his body and formed a sort of burial shroud.  According to the scientists, the marijuana plants were grown near by and there are also other graves in the Jiayi area, which have cannabis leaves and  marijuana seeds.  

This is proof that this town was growing marijuana a very long time ago and that they probably sold it to people who passed through the Silk Road.   Although similar graves have been discovered, this is the first time that archaeologists have found a body that used marijuana plants as a burial shroud. 

Scientists also found that the cannabis plants had been harvested at their THC ripeness peak, which is proof that our ancestors really know how to grow this plant.  

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

5 States In The US Might Legalize Recreational Cannabis Before The Year Ends

These States Might Legalize Marijuana For Recreational Purposes

There are now many states in the United States, which have decided to legalize cannabis for either medicinal or recreational purposes and before this year ends, there might be five other states that will legalize this herb for recreational purposes within their territory.  

Four other states are going to vote on legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes and this is more than proof, that more than half of the US is now in favor of cannabis.

One of the most important things about this, is that California might legalize cannabis for recreational use and this would be a great step towards full legalization.  

The initiatives will be vote on this next November and this means that there could be many more places to smoke pot legally at very soon.

The states that will vote on legalizing marijuana for recreational use are:

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Maine
  3. Arizona
  4. California
  5. Nevada
Just imagine how it would be like to be able to almost freely smoke and consume marijuana in all of these states.  Just imagine what this will mean and what other governments will do in the near future.  
Hopefully this November will mark a huge change in cannabis laws and hopefully these five states approve marijuana for recreational use.  

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Friday, September 9, 2016

3 Business Ideas For Cashing In On The Cannabis Industry

Business Ideas For Joining The Green Revolution

Marijuana has created a new "Gold Rush" and today we want to tell you about some entrepreneurial opportunities related to cannabis, which could turn you into a successful business person.  Today, there are now many potpreneurs around the world and they are growing, curing and cooking this plant legally.  

The businesses that can be created around this industry are endless and this is why we want to share a few ideas with you.  

  1. Marijuana Friendly Bed & Breakfast - People love travelling and if you happen to live in a city where cannabis is now legit, you could open your very own bed & breakfast, which allows its guests to consume pot.  This type of B&B, can really increase your income and your place could become one of the most places to stay at.  
  2. Medical Marijuana Delivery Service -  There are now many medical cannabis dispensaries around the US and other countries of the world, which means that a delivery service is a good way to earn some bucks.  The investment is not that high and if you already have a car, this could be the business for you.  
  3. Cannabis Painting or Music Classes - If you are an artist or a musician and you also happen to love marijuana, you could open up your very own marijuana friendly painting or music classes.  Consuming this plant is said to open up our artistic and creative sides, which is why we are certain that your students will have a great time.  
Cannabis is here to stay and soon we will see more businesses related to this plant all around us.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about these business ideas and get involved in the marijuana industry today.  

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

The First Legal Cannabis Display in the US

Living Marijuana Plants Are Placed on Display

The Oregon State Fair in Salem, Oregon made the records books this week, as they displayed some living cannabis plants for everyone to see.  This is the first time that this happens in the US.  

Oregon voted in favor of legalizing this plant back in 2014 and this display, will surely help the public to learn more about marijuana and why it is not harmful as we were thought to believe once.  

Last year, the Oregon State Fair only had a display about cannabis, but they did not have any living plants.  This year, things have changed and it is obvious that everyone is now more open to this plant.  
The display includes nine beautiful cannabis plants and only people who are over 21 can enter the translucent tent.  

The State of Oregon now allows the sale of marijuana edibles, such as cannabis infused brownies and candies.  According to a recent report, the State of Oregon generated more than $25.5 million in tax revenue from recreational marijuana, since January of 2016.  

This is proof that marijuana will soon be legal everywhere and that it is time to take the taboo off of this plant.  

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Monday, August 15, 2016

WikiLeaf Brings Price Transparency For Marijuana

Knowing Your Cannabis Prices

It was in 2014, when Daniel Nelson, decided to create WikiLeaf, claiming that he wanted to know more about the prices of medical marijuana in his area, as he uses this herb to forget about his lower back pain.

“I originally built Wikileaf for myself in 2014, really to find transparency in a marketplace that was so in the shadows”, stated Nelson to the press. His main goal is to let other people know how much cannabis costs around them, so they can get their money’s worth.

Today, Wikileaf is used by more than 150000 people every month and it now includes recreational cannabis dispensaries that are located around the US.

The website allows visitors to easily find dispensaries by their prices and to compare prices as well. There is an option for users to type in how much cannabis they want to buy and the average price in a certain area, will show up n your screen.

The site also allows users to find a specific strain or to browse marijuana based on its effect, while comparing prices in different dispensaries. The strains that show up on the screen, will also include a basic information section, such asits normal effects and how much THC content it has.

Nelson also stated, “we’re really in it for everybody, whether its your first experience with cannabis or your five-hundredth experience with cannabis. We’re all in for transparency and educating the consumer on any level. That’s kind of our ultimate goal.

Thanks to people like Nelson, the cannabis industry will surely be more transparent in upcoming years and we will finally have more marijuana businesses all around us. Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about Wikileaf.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Marijuana Grow Operations Are Increasing

DEA Believes Marijuana Grow Operations Will Become The New Meth Houses

The DEA is now worrying about a new "problem", (according to them), which is that cannabis grow operations are increasing and that they will most likely become the new meth houses around the world.  

According to the DEA, large marijuana farms are being established indoors in residential areas of Colorado and other parts of the US.  The report states that some cannabis growers are taking advantage of some loopholes in the current laws and are exceeding their marijuana grow limits.  

In Colorado:

Amendment 64, the law allowing people to grow and consume marijuana in their homes, also allows any adult in Colorado to "assist" any other adult in "possessing, growing, processing, or transporting" marijuana. Another provision, Amendment 20, allows caregivers — who grow marijuana for medical purposes — the ability to grow up to 99 plants for their patients. 
These are the loopholes that have allowed some cannabis growers to create large operations in residential areas and this is certainly something that the DEA does not like.

Some experts believe that just like meth houses, some of these grow operations will also leave some of these houses unusable and that they are affecting the community in more than one way.  

We should certainly not encourage large grow operations in residential areas and we hope that people start being more responsible, as we need to fully legalize or regulate marijuana worldwide and actions like these will not help the movement.  We have come a long way and we are certain that cannabis will be fully legal everywhere very soon.  

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Medical Marijuana Inc. Will Export Cannabis

Exporting Marijuana To Mexico

Medical Marijuana Inc. has recently announced that they are going to be sending some of their cannabis based medicines to Mexico, as this government has just approved 22 more licenses for importing this herb.  

Yes, you read right, marijuana is now going to be sent from the US to Mexico legally, instead of Mexicans trying to smuggle buds into the American territory illegally.   This will generate from 10 to 12000 million Dollars annually for Medical Marijuana Inc., which means that it is going to have some amazing business very soon.  

Stuart Titus, who is the chief executive of this company, stated that Mexico has over 120 million citizens, which is why it represents an enormous market potential for their business.  

It was last August 17, when the Mexican government allowed Grace Elizabeth Benavides, a little girl who suffered from convulsions, to receive imported medical marijuana from the US and the results have been amazing.  The girl's parent claim that their girl is much better and this is only one of the million cases that are taking place all over the world.

Medical Marijuana Inc. will be sending cannabis oil products for people with certain diseases or health problems and the government of Mexico is already passing out some bills and other standards for making this work out for everyone.  

The regulation of marijuana is finally getting here, but there is still a long way to go.  Everyone should be able to grow and consume as they like.  

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

'Altered State: Marijuana in California' Is Now Open To The Public

A Unique Cannabis Exhibition

The Oakland Museum has recently started showcasing its new exhibition titled 'Altered State: Marijuana in California', which is all about the history of this herb, works of art and other interesting documents.  

Our favorite herb is very popular around the world and thanks to new ideals, we are now looking at marijuana differently as a society.  California was one of the first states in the US to legalize cannabis and this new exhibition will be about its recent history and its science.  

This exhibition will be open to the public for the next few months and it is already a sensation among many cannabis enthusiasts. As said before, the exhibition will have works of art, important political papers, discussion about the plant and much more.  

According to the organizers of this event, the exhibition is meant to help everyone understand more about marijuana and how it has affected our communities in the last few decades.  

At the moment, 35 states in the US have legalized medicinal cannabis and four have legalized recreational marijuana, including the capital's state.  

The exhibition is divided into 10 different sections and these are: science of cannabis, medical marijuana, profitable herb, sacred ganja, criminal drug, creative herb, bad herb, political tendencies, herb and youth and the recreational joint.  This project was created over two years of hard work and it has a lot of participants.  

The Oakland Museum will have 'Altered State: Marijuana in California' open to the public until September 25th, so hurry up and try to visit this exhibition before it goes away...

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Medical Marijuana Is Reducing Prescription Drug Use

New Study Proves That Medical Cannabis Reduces Prescription Drug Use

According to a new research study, people are now consuming less prescription drugs and this is all because of using cannabis as medicine.  

Researchers from the University of Georgia carried out this study and they found that States that have legalized medical marijuana are now prescribing less drugs.  Not only is this taking place, but according to the study, the government is also saving some money, because they are not having to pay as many prescribed drugs to Medicare patients.  

The study was formed with information from 2010 to 2013 and included patients who can actually benefit from medicinal cannabis.  According to Ashley Bradford and David Bradford, who were the researchers, eight out of nine conditions now have less filled prescriptions, than they did before.

The results also show that medicinal marijuana helped the government to save more than $165 million just in 2013 in Medicare.  David Bradford stated, "Those reductions in expenditures could then be reallocated to other kinds of important and unmet medical needs at the moment.  What our evidence is suggesting is that the response that the patients are having and that physicians are having is that there is a significant amount of actual clinical use at work" 

Overall, this is yet more proof about the benefits of marijuana.  Not only does it help patients, but it also reduces government expenses, it creates new job opportunities, it creates more tax revenues, it promotes tourism and more.  We need to allow marijuana everywhere today!!

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Italy's Cannabis Laws Might Change Soon

Italy Might Change Its Laws On Marijuana

It will be this month of July, when the Italian Parliament, will start debating about making some changes to their current cannabis laws, which might legalize this herb and make some historic changes in this country.  

It will be on July 25th, when the draft legislation will be presented for the first time ever.  On the 26th, politicians will start voting on this draft and decide whether the bill will be sent to the Upper House for further analysis and approval.  

The current proposal, will sure need some amendments and changes, but at Zip420 we think that this proposal is great news.  At the moment, the draft proposal would allow the following:

  • Possession - Citizens will have the right to carry up to 5 grams of cannabis when they are out on the streets and up to 15 grams inside their homes.  
  • Cannabis Growth - Citizens will have the right to freely grow up to five marijuana plants inside their homes, but they will not be allowed to sell what they grow.  There will be some new clubs, formed by up to 50 members each, were growers will have the right to swap and share some of their harvest.
  • Sale - The government will open up some licensed stores, which will offer cannabis to citizens. 
  • Restrictions - It will not be permitted for citizens to smoke marijuana in public places, such as parks and streets.  Driving after consuming cannabis, will also be illegal if this new laws are accepted and exporting marijuana will also be restricted.  

The inter parliamentary group, Cannabis Legale, was the one to create this proposal back in July 15th of last year and today they now have 220 MPs and 73 senators in their favor.  

According to some recent polls, at least 83% of Italians agree that the current laws are useless and at least 73% are in favor of completely legalizing cannabis.  At least 58% of citizens in this country, believe that the new laws, could really help the economy of their country.  

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Monday, June 27, 2016

A Cannabis Golf Tournament

The Second Annaul Fore Twenty Golf Tournament

It will be this June 30th, when the Second Annual Fore Twenty Golf Tournament will take place in Oregon, Portland.  Many entrepreneurs and professionals who are involved in the cannabis industry, will be playing in this tournament and lighting up too.  

This tournament is meant to become a tradition, were cannabis entrepreneurs can make new business relationships and have some fun playing golf.  55 different brands will be involved in this year's tournament and they will compete against the defending champions, MRX Labs.  

This golf tournament is a private event and it is already sold out.  Some celebrities are already interested in being part of it and this is certainly helping cannabis to become more accepted in the US and all over the world.  

Cliff Robinson, who is a former NBA All Star and in favor of marijuana, will be participating in this golf tournament.  This event will not only promote the legalization of marijuana, but it will also give a very deserving break to all the cannabis entrepreneurs who are doing something to change the current marijuana laws.

There are more similar tournaments planned for September and this will give other cannabis enthusiasts the opportunity to sign up and be part of this.  The specific dates have not yet been established, but Fore Twenty Sports is expecting to release them very soon.  

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

The US Government Is Legalizing Marijuana on August 1st & Mexico Follows

Cannabis Will Be Legalized on August 1st

The DEA, is planning to reclassify cannabis as a "Schedule Two" drug on August 1st, 2016.  This basically means that medical marijuana will be legal in all 50 States of the US, with a doctor's prescription.  

This was announced by one of the DEA's lawyers and his exact words were, "whatever the law may be in California, Arizona or Utah or any other State, because of Federal preemption this will have the effect of making THC products legal with a prescription, in all 50 States.  There are five DEA schedules.  Nothing on Schedule One is ever legal, and that is where cannabis is today.  Schedule Two drugs are available with a prescription."

While this may be good news for people who really do need marijuana as a medicine, it will not be very good news for medicinal cannabis dispensaries and clinics, as this new rescheduling will also means that stores or pharmacies like Walgreen's and Rite-Aid, will also be able to sell THC products, like the famous marijuana edibles that we are seeing now.  However, these stores will not be able to sell cannabis buds that can be smoked.  

Mexico Is Allowing Medicinal Marijuana Nationwide Too!!

On another note; Mexican authorities and Senators, had a meeting this week, where they proclaimed medicinal cannabis legal nationwide.  They are still to establish who will be allowed to grow this herb, who will process it, how it will be sold or if THC products will be imported from countries like the US.  

The next meeting is set to take place on September, which means that Mexico will follow the US in its rescheduling marijuana and allowing its citizens to consume this herb as a medicine with a doctor's prescription.  

These are two great news, although authorities are working on this very slow and marijuana should of have never been made illegal at all.  

Cannabis is a plant and we should all be able to grow it and consume it as we like!!!

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

This Is What Happens To Your Brain When You Consume Coffee, Wine or Cannabis

Effects Of Coffee, Wine & Marijuana

These three substances are present in the lives of many people around the world and they do affect both work and leisure time.  But how do these substances really affect our bodies?  Well, a recent study by Wine Folly, identifies how our bodies react when we consume one or some of these substances.

According to Wine Folly:

  • A coffee drinker explains things profoundly.  
  • A wine drinker worries about the importance of health and living a long life.  
  • A cannabis user enjoys feeling happy on a regular basis. 

Wine Folly's study also states that:

  • Coffee allows us to have things more or less under control.  It also creates a vital impulse.  
  • Wine enhances our creativity, which seems to flow from nowhere.  
  • Marijuana makes our vision wider and we tend to see farther or more into things, than we usually do.  
General Beliefs

  • Coffee is a substance that helps to prevent sleep or helps us to stay awake.  Its effect can last around six hours.  
  • Wine stimulates a part of our brain, which Wine Folly calls "the primitive brain" and it affects our corporal conducts, our sense of fear and our desire for sex.  Its effect can last up to an hour per cup or glass.  
  • Cannabis affects all of the neurotransmitters in our brains.  This creates a positive and relaxing feeling.  Consuming too much marijuana may affect our nerves and could cause a little paranoia.  Cannabis can last up to 36 hours in our bodies, after we have smoked it. 

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

89% Of US Voters Wants Medical Cannabis Legalized

More US Voters Are In Favor Of Legal Medical Marijuana

A recent poll that was carried out by the Quinnipiac University, found out that almost every US voter wants medical cannabis legalized.  This poll was just released yesterday and it shows that voters in the United States want to legalize this herb for medical purposes, when it is prescribed by a doctor.  

People from the Democratic Party and from the Republican Party agree that this herb needs to be legalized now and that it is helpful as a medicine for many people.  This poll also found that 87% of US voters want doctors to prescribe medical marijuana pills to veterans who are having problems with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  

According to the poll, 54% of voters in the US, are in favor of fully legalizing cannabis and this is certainly a very large number.  

The Quinnipiac University Poll interviewed 1561 registered voters from different parts of the US and they completed their entire survey between May 24 and May 30 of this year.

This is proof that voters have changed their views on medical marijuana and that we are going to see more states legalizing this herb very soon.  

According to some experts,"these results and similar ones before them are exactly why, for the first time ever, every remaining presidential candidate has voiced support for letting states legalize marijuana without federal interference."

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting High At The Gym

Cannabis To Be Allowed In A Gym

It will be this next fall, when San Francisco will get a new gym that will allow its members to consume marijuana while they exercise.  

The new gym will be named Power Plant Fitness and as said just above, it will allow its members to consume cannabis wile they are working out or inside the gym.  According to some, this will be the world's first marijuana friendly gym.  

Jim McAlpine, who is the founder of 420 Games and also a co-founder of Power Plant Fitness, stated "It won't be a place to get high and just screw around.  We are focused on the athletic side, not the cannabis side."

The 420 Games that were created by McAlpine, can be compared to the Olympics, but for people who enjoy marijuana.  The company is now hosting athletic events being held all around the county and people who approve marijuana are the ones who are joining the triathlons, obstacle courses, golf tournaments, mountain bike races and even a 4.20 mile race.  420 Games had its first event in San Francisco in 2014.  

The new gym, is already working on a lease contract and one of its main goals is to change the stereotype of cannabis users being lazy.  According to McAlpine, the gym will also help its members to identify what is the best way for them to ingest their marijuana and they will also allow edibles and vaping.  

The gym will also start producing their own cannabis edibles, which will be specially designed for helping get focused before your work out and to recover after you work out.  We can easily say that this is going to be one of the best gyms ever!

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cannabis & Seduction

How Does Marijuana Affect Seduction?

According to some experts, it is difficult for many of us to establish a relationship and it is even harder for us to meet someone.  Sometimes we may be shy or we may not have the guts to go out there and talk to someone or we might not know where to invite them, but some experts are also saying that cannabis can help with seduction.

Yes it is true, cannabis can help you to start a relationship in many ways.  One example would be if you invite someone to smoke with you and you create the perfect mood in your apartment or home to smoke a joint.  Lets say that you put out a comfortable mat, play some nice music and get out your nicest glass bong, pipe or roll a big fat joint.  You smoke with your new friend and I can bet this will be a huge ice breaker.

You will both get to know more about each other and it is very likely that you will both have a nice time.  Seduction is all about creating a comfortable environment for both and it is also about creating a sexy mood.

In the past, having a large bong or a grinder, would not make you look very good, but today there are more people who enjoy these kinds of things and who might grab a interest in you, if you lay out your nicest cannabis smoking accessories.

There are also a few studies that claim that a sexual relationship can be more intense after consuming marijuana and there are also many couples that claim this to be true.  So if you are trying to meet someone and invite them on date, you could try inviting them over for a joint or a very nice puff,  If you say the right things and set the right mood, I am sure you will have a very nice date and a very nice time.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

DEA Quietly Announces Its Position On Rescheduling Cannabis

What Will Happen When The DEA Reschedules Marijuana

It was last month, when the DEA quietly presented a 25 page memo to Congress, were it announces its plans on rescheduling cannabis. This means that instead of having marijuana as a Schedule I drug, it would be lowered to a different Schedule and this is fantastic news for all of us. 

This will basically prove that cannabis can be used as medicine or for recreation and that it should have never been placed on the dangerous drug list. Hopefully, the 25 page memo that the DEA sent to Congress, does reschedule marijuana to a lower level, so that new things can happen in the cannabis industry. 

Bill Piper, who is the Senior Director of National Affairs at the Drug Policy Alliance, stated “I believe at the very least, the DEA will reschedule non-psychoactive CBD – if not remove it from scheduling altogether, and chances are good that they will also reschedule THC.” 

The problems between the federal government and states, will still continue even if the DEA reschedules marijuana, but it would certainly help to change the federal government´s position on this herb. 

So what would happen if the DEA does reschedule marijuana later this year?

-First of all, it would allow scientists and medical institutes to do a lot more research on this herb and to come up with even more uses for it. 

-Criminal justice would not be affected much yet, as some laws would still prosecute certain activities related to cannabis and this would need to be changed by each state or by the federal government. 

-When it comes to business, rescheduling cannabis would certainly benefit a lot of entrepreneurs and it would open new opportunities in the medicinal and recreational marijuana industries. 

-The medical community would be benefited incredibly, as they would have more options to get their medicine and more ways of feeling better ore ven curing themselves. 

Overall, it can be said that this is great news for the cannabis community and that we are very glad that DEA is finally working towards a change in their position on marijuana. 

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Recreational Marijuana Licenses Have Been Approved in Oregon

Oregon Approves Recreational Cannabis Licenses

It appears that a new recreational marijuana industry will be available in Oregon on January 2017, as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission has just approved its first recreational cannabis licenses last Friday.  

Eight growing licenses have been awarded under the new regulation system, as the OLCC is now in charge of the recreational cannabis industry in Oregon.  

Rob Patridge, who is Chariman of OLCC stated on Friday, "these licensesreflect the pioneering spirit Oregon is known for.  They come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences and possess the entrepreneurial spirit of this industry."

The eight growing licenses that were awarded, include a variety of large, medium and small growing facilities, as well as some indoor and outdoor facilities.  According to the new rules, these licensed growers will have to pay their annual licensing fee, in order to start operating.  

The OLCC will be meeting every week until early July, to analyze and approve more marijuana growing licenses.  

Since Friday, the OLCC has received more than 900 recreational cannabis license applications, which is proof of the interest of people in this industry.  

Many of the currently active marijuana dispensaries in Oregon, will be part of the early recreational marijuana sales and you should be ready for it too.  

We are finally legalizing marijuana one state and country at a time.  

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Friday, April 15, 2016

The First Marijuana Farm In Australia Is Hidden Away

A Secret Cannabis Farm In Australia

There has been some recent talk, about a huge marijuana farm located in a secret place in Australia, which will grow tons of cannabis in many hectares.  The Australian government is keeping this farm secret and it is very unlikely that any of us who like marijuana, will ever find it.

Although this sounds like a dream story, the truth is that last Wednesday, the Australian State of Victoria, became the first state in this country to legalize medical marijuana and this is why the government will now have a  huge hidden cannabis farm in the countryside.

The Narcotics Drugs Act, was amended last February by the Australian government, which allowed the creation of medical marijuana licenses and the cultivation of this herb.  Recreational cannabis use has not yet been approved here, but many are certain that this will happen very soon.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said that the new marijuana farm will be located on 47 hectares and that it will near Tamworth.  Apparently, the owner of these 47 hectares is Lucy Haslam, who is the mother of a 25 year old, named Dan Haslam, who sadly passed away from bowel cancer.

Lucy state, "we have been able to bring Australian political views up to date with current world views to change laws. We have begun the process of re-educating Australian health providers around the use of medical cannabis."

This medical marijuana farm is great news for the entire world, as this is proof that governments are ending their war on cannabis and that more people will have access to this medicine.

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Cannabis Community Gets Together To Talk About New Medical Marijuana Regulations

Improving The Cannabis Industry

It was this last Thursday, when some cannabis business owners decided to get together to talk about establishing some new medical marijuana regulations for the near future. It will be this Summer, when medical cannabis regulations might change a bit in Colorado and this is why these business owners had to get together.

The event was hosted by Rm3 Labs and several marijuana related business owners from the state were invited. This is certainly a great opportunity for the cannabis community and industry, as many interesting points were discussed, such as the test methods, the best practices to follow and other options for dealing with medical marijuana laboratories and processes.

An example of the topics that were discussed is how medical marijuana will now have to undergo certified testing for different types of chemicals and pesticides that could be harmful to us. At the moment, only recreational cannabis is required to undergo these certifications, but after July 1st, these regulations will also be applying to medical marijuana in the state of Colorado.

These regulations have not been enforced, because there were not as may labs to do this in the past. This is why lawmakers are now more concerned about this and why the cannabis community decided to get together. Ian Barringer, who is the President of Rm3 Labs stated, “many of them were doing it voluntarily before and now they will be required to do it.” Shawn Honaker who is part of Yeti Farms in Pueblo, stated “basically it is for the safety and health of our clients and our customers. Everything that’s sold to a client or customer should be tested to the fullest extent.

While these new tests will certainly increase the cost of producing medical cannabis and the price to the final consumer, they are certainly necessary and we believe that these regulations will benefit the entire marijuana industry in the long run.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Free Cannabis For Picking Up Trash

Colorado Springs Gives Out Marijuana For Picking Up Trash

A new event recently took place in Colorado Springs, Co. and it was all about making this city more beautiful, while promoting cannabis too.  The event´s goal is to ¨make Colorado Springs more beautiful, one trash bag at a time,¨ and it has a great reward, as it rewards people with one marijuana joint for free.  

Yes you read right, they are giving away some cannabis for free.  Steve Pacheco, who is the owner of The Pothole, stated ¨we are going to go out here on the West side and clean up off of Cimarron and the park off of 26th.  As you bring back bags of trash to me, I am going to give you a joint per bag you bring back.¨ 

The best part about all this is that people are not only doing this for the free marijuana, but because they really want to.  One of the volunteers stated, ¨I hike every day and I see trash on every single trail and it saddens me. So it feels good to actually go pick the trash up.  I don´t mind it because I use the trail.¨

So as you can see here, the main goals are to promote clean cities and a good environment, while promoting the cannabis industry at the same time.  Pacheco also stated, ¨to show that we are a positive impact.  There is nothing wrong with weed and there is nothing wrong with our kind of people.¨   

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Another Cannabis Stock To Invest In

Invest in the Cannabis Industry

Thanks to some new laws and regulations around the world, the cannabis industry is now becoming legal in some parts and this is why we should start thinking about investing in this industry.  Today, we want to tell you about another marijuana stock that will become available to invest in and we think that this is great news for the cannabis industry.  

AusCann, which is a medical cannabis company, has recently agreed to take over TW Holdings, which is known for being involved in the wine industry and is listed in the ASW market.  TW Holdings will allegedly change its name to AusCann Group and they will work together to raise at least three million to start growing cannabis.  

Elaine Darby, who is the managing director at AusCann stated that thanks to some changes during February to the Australian Narcotics Drug Act, it is now possible for them to expand their marijuana grow plans.  

The new amandments allow seriously sick people to have access to cannabis and they also allow the growth of this plant, for medicine and scientific study.  

This is great news for the cannabis industry worldwide and at Zip420 we are very happy about this.  The Australian Share Market also allows investors to trade stock of MMJ Phytotech and MGC Pharmaceuticals, which are also marijuana related businesses.  

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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Zip420 Club Is Open for Registration

Become A Zip420 Club Founder Today

Our cannabis club is finally ready to use and although it still needs many improvements, we have already shared the first invitation code with our newsletter followers.  Some  people are now Zip420 Club founders and there are still some free memberships available.  

If you want to become a Zip420 Club founder you will need an invitation code and we will tell you how to get it in this blog post.  Only the first 420 people will be able to sign up to the club with this invitation code, so hurry up if you want to be a member and a founder.

As we told you before, the club is going to be a place to discuss and share stuff about cannabis and founders will have VIP access to some parts of the site, as well as some special deals at the store. 

Since we only want members who are really interested in cannabis and we want to prevent spammers, bots and other unfriednly people, we will give you the invitation code in a sort of treasure hunt way.  The club will also be filled with these little quests and missions, which will give members access to some parts of the site and secret stuff.  So without any further delay, here are the instructions for getting your invitation code and becoming a founder of our cannabis club.  

Step 1 - Visit GalerĂ­as de Arte.  It is an online art gallery, which we really like.  Sometimes after smoking, I spend some time looking at some of the paintings and art at that site.  They add more artists quite frequently and there are some good ones for sure.

Step 2 - Go to the artists section of the site mentioned above and find an artist by the name of Gustav Klimt.  Click on the view button or on his name to view his online art gallery.  There will only be one painting there.  (A pretty good one I might add).  Click on the image and after it has opened on its own in a webpage, then right click on the image and click save picture as.  Save the picture to your computer.  

Step 3 -  Visit Mozaiq to find a very simple decryption tool.  Upload the picture file that you downloaded in step 2 and type 420 as the password.  Click the Decrypt Selected File button and a message with the invitation code will appear in your screen.  

Step 4 - Use the invitation code that you decrypted at  You can register by clicking here 

Hope that you all can find the invitation code and that you do it on time, before the first 420 people use it.  We will be waiting for you in the club.  Cheers!!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Is Kief Really Stronger Than Cannabis?

What Is Kief?

When you look at marijuana buds very closely, you will see that they have some very tiny crystal type things on them and these are commonly known as trichomes.  According to some experts, these tiny crystals help to protect the cannabis plant from predators and other problems, but once they dry up and become a resin, they are called Kief and according to most, this resin can produce an intense high.  

Cannabinoids are mainly produced by Trichomes and this is why the high can vary distinctively, depending on how and when the cannabis buds are harvested.  It can be said that Kief is a concentranted type of marijuana, which does give a stronger high.  

If Kief has a light color, then it is purer than if it a little more brownish.  So get out there and find yourself some Kief.  Smoke it and see why it is can give you a powerful high.  

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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Zip420 Club Is Coming Soon

A Place For Cannabis Enthusiasts

If you are reading this, you probably love marijuana as much as we do and this is why we want to tell you about the new Zip420 Club.  This club is going to be all about cannabis and we want you to be part of it. 

Zip420 Club will give you access to tons of useful cannabis related information and materials.  The club will also feature a community for members to post their opinions, contribute some of their knowledge and share marijuana related stuff between each other.  There will also be a marketplace inside the community, so members can trade, sell or buy cannabis related items.   

The new Zip420 Club will be completely FREE, but in order to become a member you will need an invitation code.  This is meant to keep our cannabis club safe and with real members who are interested in the marijuana industry.  These invitation codes will help to keep out people who are not interested in cannabis, unfriendly cops and trolls, as this will be a community for cannabis enthusiasts.  "We only want members who love cannabis as much as we do and who can contribute one way or another."  

We will be creating different invitation codes over the next few months and we will accept some people depending on their personal stories, their contributions to the cannabis industry or their views on the legalization of marijuana worldwide.   Members will also be able to invite their trustworthy friends at some point.  

In the next few days, the first invitation code will become available and it will allow you to register as a Zip420 Club member for FREE.  The first invitation code will only work for 420 people and these members will become Zip420 Club founders.  These founding club members, will have access to special parts of the community, they will have access to special opportunities and more.  Founding members will also receive special coupons for the new Zip420 Store, which will also be available inside the club.  The new Zip420 Store will have some of the best marijuana related products available for sale and it will only be accessible to members of the new Zip420 Club.  

People who are currently receiving our newsletters, will receive the first invitation code before everyone else.  They will receive an email a few hours before we post the invitation code for club founders here, so if you are not a Zip420 newsletter member yet, we recommend that you sign up for free in the box to the right.