Monday, April 14, 2014

First Marijuana Vending Machine In Colorado

A Marijuana Vending Machine Is Now Working In Colorado

The cannabis friendly state of Colorado, is now working towards introducing even more haze into its territory and it will do so, by giving its citizens the ability to get their weed, from a recently installed vending machine.  Some entrepreneurs are calling all of this, "the future of marijuana in Colorado," and the unveiling of the marijuana vending machine in the town of Avon in Eagle County last Friday, is just the start.  

The machine will be known as ZAZZZ and it will have some high quality weed, as well as some edibles to people passing by.  American Green, revealed their new cannabis vending machine, at the Montana's Smokehouse barbecue, which is located on Beaver Creek Blvd.  A test run, was given to the machine just yesterday and everything seems to be working perfectly fine.  

According to Stephen Shearing, who is the chief operating officer of American Green, "it is great for shy folks."  Although it will not be as simple as getting some change from your car to put it into this vending machine and get some weed, the fact that these companies are starting things like this, is a great thing for the legalization of cannabis around the world.  

It has been said that only "budtenders" will get the chance to purchase some weed at this new vending machine, which means that you will need a valid ID and some licensing as well.  According to the City of Buds report, "the machine will maintain medical stock from medical cannabis collective and dispensary Herbal Elements, which operates out of Eagle Vail, Colorado."

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