Monday, October 13, 2014

Italian Army Will Grow Marijuana

Italy Looks To Grow Cheaper Marijuana

If you did had not heard, Italy legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes last year and although this is great news for us all, they were having problems with the costs of growing this herb, which is why they are now looking for a solution and their government has decided that the army is the best organization to solve this.  

In 2015, a military base in Florence, will start growing cannabis for medicinal use in Italy and their government is pretty certain that this solution, will allow them to provide high quality medical marijuana to all patients, at a very affordable price.  

According to some studies, the new Italian Army cannabis grow, will allow the government to lower medical marijuana prices for patients, as they are currently paying very high prices for their medicine and this is not right.  Some patients, have had to pay up to ten times more, for marijuana imported from Holland and this is one of the main reasons, the Italian government is looking for new ways to grow their own weed and benefit everyone.  

Some authorities in this country, are now also thinking of giving away medical cannabis for free, in order to stop organized crime from selling this herb and thus lowering their impact on society.  Although many are in favor of these new laws, there are some people who are not very happy about them and this is due to Italy's Catholic background and cultural ideas.  

Hopefully, these people soon realize that marijuana is a real medicine for some patients and that legalizing or regulating this herb, is the only way to end some problems with organized crime worldwide.  

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