Sunday, January 25, 2015

Legalizing Cannabis On The Reservation

Reservations May Be Legalizing Cannabis Soon!

We are currently on the edge of a new world for cannabis, as many countries are now changing their laws on this herb and it is possible that some Reservations in the US, will be doing so too soon.  There is no doubt about this plant deserving to be regulated and legalized worldwide, which is why we support this cause and hope you do as well.  

It was last December, when the US Department of Justice, announced that they will not be prosecuting for marijuana found in Reservations and that they would allow the tribe leaders and authorities to solve this, as they consider appropriate.  

This means that tribes will need to create their own set of laws and regulations for both cannabis and hemp plants, as these have proven to be helpful for many things and that they can also generate a lot of profits in taxing for governments or societies.  

Hopefully Reservation leaders, see the huge advantage that they have and how they could help their people, by allowing them to consume medicinal marijuana.  It is time to legalize and regulate cannabis worldwide and this is another step towards it.  

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