Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Some Tips For Growing Cannabis

Growing Cannabis Tips 

Today we want to share some marijuana growing tips with you, because we believe that the "grow your own" scene is happening soon around the world.  As more governments decide to legalize cannabis, it is time to start learning how to grow your own or at least to have an idea how this is done.  

Making sure that you grow your marijuana correctly, will guarantee that you get some fresh buds and that you smoke some high quality stuff!

Five Tips For Growing Better Marijuana

  1. Make sure that you have enough space - Marijuana plants can get very large, very quickly and if you do not have enough room for your plants, your buds may suffer for it.  So make sure that you plan ahead and that you have enough space for your cannabis plants.  
  2. Find the perfect soil for you - The type of soil that you use, will make a real difference in your cannabis buds, so make sure that you start off your plants with some high quality soil, so that it can have all of the nutrients that it needs.  
  3. Do not use boosters and fertilizers - Away from what many newbie growers and unexperienced growers believe, using boosters and fertilizers on your cannabis plants, is not such a good idea.  Make sure that you know what your cannabis plants need first and at Zip 420, we suggest going organic, in order to protect our planet and environment.  This means, using natural soils and fertilizers, like bat guano or worm castings. 
  4. Read about harvesting time - Making sure that you wait for the right time to pick those cannabis buds, is the perfect way to ensure a better harvest.  Wait at least for 50% of the pistils to start turning brown and make sure that you leave enough free time to harvest your plants.  
  5. Cure your buds - There are many theories on how to cure marijuana buds once they have been harvested and this will all depend on what you have and what you can do.  Make sure that you dry them correctly and do not use the microwave or leave them out directly in the sun, as this will harm your cannabis buds.  
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