Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cannabis & Seduction

How Does Marijuana Affect Seduction?

According to some experts, it is difficult for many of us to establish a relationship and it is even harder for us to meet someone.  Sometimes we may be shy or we may not have the guts to go out there and talk to someone or we might not know where to invite them, but some experts are also saying that cannabis can help with seduction.

Yes it is true, cannabis can help you to start a relationship in many ways.  One example would be if you invite someone to smoke with you and you create the perfect mood in your apartment or home to smoke a joint.  Lets say that you put out a comfortable mat, play some nice music and get out your nicest glass bong, pipe or roll a big fat joint.  You smoke with your new friend and I can bet this will be a huge ice breaker.

You will both get to know more about each other and it is very likely that you will both have a nice time.  Seduction is all about creating a comfortable environment for both and it is also about creating a sexy mood.

In the past, having a large bong or a grinder, would not make you look very good, but today there are more people who enjoy these kinds of things and who might grab a interest in you, if you lay out your nicest cannabis smoking accessories.

There are also a few studies that claim that a sexual relationship can be more intense after consuming marijuana and there are also many couples that claim this to be true.  So if you are trying to meet someone and invite them on date, you could try inviting them over for a joint or a very nice puff,  If you say the right things and set the right mood, I am sure you will have a very nice date and a very nice time.

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