Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Voting For Recreational Marijuana In California

Will California Legalize Recreational Cannabis Today?

Not only is the US voting for a new President today, but California will also be voting on whether to legalize recreational marijuana or not.  

This is a certainly a very important day for the world, as not only will the President of the most important nation in the world be elected, but one of the largest States in this country, might legalize cannabis for everyone.  

A similar campaign took place in California around six years ago and we were not able to legalize cannabis for recreational purposes in the State.  Today, the polls state a different thing, as young voters will make a huge difference and it is said that 58% of California citizens will vote yes on legalizing this herb.

If this happens, marijuana laws will see a huge change and this will be a leading step for the rest of the US states and countries around the world to do the same.  

Hopefully, marijuana gets legalized for recreational purposes in California today, as this will benefit the world in many ways.  So if you live in California and you are able to vote, get out there today and vote yes on legalizing cannabis for recreational purposes.  It is the right thing to do.  Cannabis is medicine, it can be a textile, it can be fuel and it is certainly fun.  

Vote yes on Cannabis!!!

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