Friday, May 2, 2014

Another Reason For Legalizing Cannabis

Violence Is An Obvious Reason For Legalizing Cannabis

This last couple of weeks, have been a complete war zone in the Mexican northern State of Tamaulipas.  Dozens have been killed, gunfights have started in front of schools, hospitals and innocent people's homes.  People, who have nothing to do with cannabis, drugs or violence, have been living with fear for years, are no longer happy to go out of their homes and some have even been shot or killed.    You can find some information and videos about these violent events in YouTube and the web, but most of it, appears to be left out by the local media, as most are still scared of publishing things related to drug cartels.  

As we all know now, there have been plenty of negative impacts, thanks to the ongoing war on drugs and this is why we believe that cannabis needs to be legalized today.  There has been racial and massive incarceration, which has only lead to millions spent from taxpayers and has solved nothing.  

Cannabis demand, has now increased like never before and there is also a lot of supply everywhere.  Mexican cartels, have outgrown the government and gang violence has increased in many places as well.  People are growing their own herb in many communities and many are doing it, without the consent of the government.  

All of this, could be solved, by simply legalizing cannabis and regulating this plant.  Millions would be saved and the police, could focus on crimes that really affect our communities and not arrest people who are using marijuana for medicinal and recreational purposes.  

The money that would be saved from legalizing marijuana, could be used on education and improving services for the people in the country.  There would also be a lot more profits, for government offices, as taxes would be placed on cannabis and this would also help many institutions.  

We need to stop violence worldwide and if legalizing cannabis can help a bit, then there should be no reason for not making this herb legal.  Please remember to share and like this article, so that more people can read about the drug related violence that is going on out there and why we should all try to legalize marijuana today.  

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