Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Uruguay And Its Marijuana Legalization

Legalizing Marijuana In Uruguay

You should already know that marijuana is being legalized in Uruguay, but if you didn't,  you can always use our search feature to the right and find some of the past articles that we have written about this. 

Thankfully,  the legalization of cannabis in Uruguay is still taking place and in this blog post,  we are going to tell you more about it. 

Facts About The Legalization Of Cannabis In Uruguay

Now that marijuana is going to be legal in Uruguay,  people will have the right to purchase enough cannabis to roll up to 20 joints per week and it will also be available for a price, lower than what you can currently find it in the streets.

The government of Uruguay, stated this just yesterday and it is proof that they are working towards a new legal cannabis market in their country. 

It was this last December that the Congress of Uruguay approved a law, which allows people to grow and sell marijuana. It was President Jose Mujica who turned Uruguay into the first country to legalize cannabis like this.

According to the recent statements, ten grams of marijuana will cost around $0.85 to $1 Dollar.  This price is meant to eliminate the black market and they also said that cannabis will have a high quality.

This is great news for the entire cannabis community and at Zip 420,  we hope that other countries,  follow on the footsteps of the government of Uruguay. 

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