Thursday, June 5, 2014

Marijuana Coffee Will Soon Be In A Store Near You

Would You Have A Marijuana Coffee Every Morning?

As the legalization of marijuana keeps moving towards a happy ending, new cannabis based products and edibles are being developed and soon, you may see some marijuana coffee being sold in a store near you.  Yes you read right, it may be a matter of weeks, until you start seeing this kind of coffee in some stores and this is just the beginning.  

Mirth Provisions, is a Washington based company, which will be introducing a marijuana coffee product this summer and maybe people are already very excited about it.  This cold beverage, will have around 20 milligrams of THC, in every 11.5 ounce bottle.  It promises to be a very relaxing and energetic drink for your mornings and it will certainly make people think differently about cannabis.  

Adam Stites, who is the founder of Mirth Provisions, has been testing and creating this marijuana coffee in his kitchen.  After trying several recipes and methods, it seems that he is finally really to launch it in the market and it is very likely that it will taste very good. 

According to their website, the new cannabis based coffee, will be sold at around $9 or $11 per bottle, which is really not that high a price, for a good high.  Only time will tell, how popular this marijuana coffee will become.  

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