Friday, June 20, 2014

Philadelphia Votes To Decriminalize Marijuana

New Cannabis Laws Coming To Philadelphia

As we talked about it yesterday, the City Council of Philadelphia, had a meeting to vote on whether or not they should decriminalize marijuana and you will be glad to know that they decided to vote in favor of this bill.  The legalizing cannabis movement is multiplying like a virus everywhere and at Zip 420, we are very glad that this meeting had a positive result. 

More than 12 City Council members, agreed on allowing people to carry up to an ounce of cannabis, without being arrested and although changes to these laws in Philadelphia, may not take place until late September, it is great to hear that we are moving forward.  

We still need to wait for the Mayor to decide whether to vote in favor of these new laws or not, but we are very hopeful that they will decide on decriminalizing marijuana as well.  It is obvious that this is the right thing to do, not only for economic reasons, but for social and medical reasons as well.  The Mayor of Philadelphia will be deciding the future of cannabis in this city, during the next three months, so we will keep you updated about this.   

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