Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Try Some Cannabis Chocolate

Eating Cannabis Chocolate Is Delicious And Fun

Just as we talked about cannabis pizza a few days ago, today we want to tell you about a new cannabis chocolate product available in medical marijuana dispensaries in South California.  Yes you read right, now you can satisfy that sugar craving of yours, while getting stoned at the same time.
What else could anyone ask for!!!

Kiva, is the name of the company that decided to start producing this marijuana chocolate bar and many believe it is a great idea.  Some people have claimed that this cannabis chocolate bar, is perfect for those marijuana patients, who know a lot about high quality food and who are looking for something sweet and tasty.  

This marijuana chocolate bar, includes 15mg of THC per serving or 60mg in the entire bar. It does not matter how much you want to eat, you should be careful at first, because lots of patients are saying these bars are potent.  

Thanks to new laws and people who support the legalization of cannabis, this is now a reality and soon we will see more cannabis products out there.  

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