Thursday, September 4, 2014

Two New Zealand Political Parties Support Medical Cannabis Use

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Some of you may be aware of the Internet and Mana Political Parties in New Zealand, but if you are not, you should know that these are separate groups, which have now joined forces for the next elections in this country.  Today we want to talk a little more about them, because they recently made public that they are in favor of people using cannabis for medicinal purposes and that the current laws are unfair and need to be changed soon.  

Some of the people in these political parties, said they want to "focus more on helping people, than penalizing them", which at Zip 420, we think is a great idea, as people who use cannabis as medicine should not be thrown in to jail and those who need it, should be able to grow their own or have a secured place to get their medicine at.  

Hore Harawira, who is one of the leaders and has changed his position on marijuana, (just like millions have around the world), said "we cannot shy away from the task given the number of arrests, convictions and jail time for cannabis use - with ongoing discrimination resulting in Maori making up nearly 50 per cent of convictions."  This means that they are now realizing how the current laws and prohibition settings have not worked and how they have utterly failed around the world.

Laila Harre, who is one of the Internet Party leaders, said "our party members, have strongly supported immediate decriminalization and want us to develop a model for the legalization and proper regulation of cannabis.  She also said that they support people growing marijuana for their own personal use and that possession should be decriminalized.  

Hopefully these parties do get more support for the New Zealand elections and they are able to take some of their plans into effect.  At Zip 420 we fully support them and we believe that this is the path to changing the world's mind about cannabis.

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  1. Their cannabis law like the US, unfairly targets minorities.