Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Are You Into Potcoin Yet?

The Price Of Potcoin Is Increasing

If you love cannabis as much as we do, you should already have heard about Potcoin and if you haven't, it is still the perfect time to start getting your hands on some of these.  Potcoin is a crypto-currency similar to Bitcoin, but it was made thinking about the cannabis community.  

Since it was created about a year ago, Potcoin has been gaining popularity in the crypto currency world and for the last few days, its price seems to keep increasing.  If more people start using this coin and more businesses start accepting it, the price is sure to go up and this is what most cannabis fans like us, are hoping for!

Potcoin 3.0 has already been announced and this is going to bring more features, which are sure to make this virtual coin more popular all over the world.  If you are not using Potcoin yet, it is time for you to do so, as this is the only way that this virtual currency will really get going.  

The more people that we get to use Potcoins, the easier it will be to make this coin a reality.  Some cannabis stores and marijuana retailers, are already accepting this currency and there are new rules coming soon, thanks to Potcoin 3.0.  

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