Thursday, March 19, 2015

US Federal Medical Marijuana Bill Might Be Approved

Medical Cannabis Bill Is Gaining Popularity

Although 23 American states, have already decided to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, this herb is still classified as a Schedule I drug, according to Federal US laws, but this might change soon, as a new medical cannabis bill was recently presented and it is gaining lots of followers very quickly.  
This is certainly great news for the medical marijuana industry and for everyone who needs cannabis to survive.  One of the people who decided to sign onto this new proposal, is Senator Dean Heller, who stated "the time has come, for the federal government to stop impeding the doctor-patient relationship in the states that have decided their own medical marijuana policies."

Heller also stated, "this bipartisan legislation puts Americans who are suffering first by allowing Nevada's medical marijuana patients, providers and businesses that are in compliance with state law, to no longer be in violation of federal law and vulnerable to federal prosecution."

Senator Barbara Boxer, is another supporter of this new medical cannabis proposal and she is a believer of patients, doctors and caregivers, being able to use marijuana as a medicine, without having to worry about being prosecuted under federal law.  

President Obama has also stated that Congress might decriminalize marijuana and change its classification, if more states decide to allow its people to use this herb as medicine and there are certainly millions more, who are in favor of this new medical marijuana bill.  

Hopefully this bill will gain more momentum in the next few days and it will be approved soon. It is time to decriminalize marijuana worldwide and to allow patients to use cannabis as medicine everywhere.  

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