Friday, July 31, 2015

The First Medical Marijuana Dispensary In Nevada Will Open Today

Nevada Will Get Its Own Medical Cannabis Dispensary

The marijuana legalization and regulation movement continues to move forward every single day.  More States in the US and more countries around the world, are now changing their laws on cannabis and we are finally getting somewhere.  

Today is going to be an important day for marijuana regulation worldwide, as the first medical cannabis dispensary in Nevada, will open its doors.  This is not just a huge step for the State of Nevada, but it is also a huge step for everyone who is in favor of cannabis.  

The dispensary has been planning for this day for around two years now and we are very glad that they are finally ready.  They now have at least 200 marijuana plants ready and they well all gathered from different parts of the State.  

Legit cannabis growers, have provided these plants and they guarantee some high quality medical marijuana buds.  

According to the dispensary's manager, they will only be able to sell around 12 to 14 pounds of cannabis on opening day, but they are expecting to grow very soon.  

Some sources state that this new medical cannabis dispensary, will be harvesting many different strains of marijuana in the near future and this is certainly good news for the people who need this herb in Nevada.  

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