Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Marijuana Use As A Teen, Is Not Linked To Any Issues!

Using Marijuana As A Teenager Is Not That Dangerous

For years, we have been lied about the effects, problems and things related to marijuana.  Today, there are now many professional and medical studies, which prove that cannabis is not as dangerous as we were once told.

A new study, has recently proven that marijuana use as a teenager is not going to cause any issues later in life and this is certainly something that we need to help us reform cannabis worldwide.  Rutgers University and Pittsburgh University, led this study and their research proves that using marijuana frequently as a teenage boy, will not lead to mental health problems or physical issues, later in life.

While many experts, were expecting to find something related here, the study found that we all have the same probability of being affected by physical or mental problems.  This means that it doesn't really matter if we smoked a lot of marijuana when we were young and that we were lied about this too.

It is time to tell the truth about cannabis and how it can do more good, than bad!  The whole campaign against marijuana, has been a fraud and it has already cost millions of lives around the world.  The cannabis plant is really medicine and it has also helped millions of people.

Only a few people have benefited monetarily from the ban on marijuana and these are all reasons why we must stop this now.  

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