Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Did Shakespeare Smoke Cannabis?

Marijuana Has Been Found In Some Pipes In Shakespeare's Garden

Some recent testing and forensic studies, revealed that Shakespeare might have smoked cannabis and not just tobacco, as it was once believed.  Some scientists from South Africa, have been studying some 400 year old pipes, which were found in Shakespeare's old garden and they have found some cannabis residues in them.  

Gas chromatography, is the technique that was used by these scientists, to study the 24 pieces of pipes that were found in Shakespeare's garden.  Of these 24 pieces, eight of them had cannabis residues and this has led many of us to think that William Shakespeare enjoyed lighting one up, before writing his plays.  

Some of Shakespeare's sonnets,clearly talk about the effects of marijuana, which proves that he knew about this herb.  One example is Sonnet 76, which says "invention in a noted weed" and some have come to believe that this means that Shakespeare consumed marijuana.  

If Shakespeare did use cannabis during his lifetime, we can now promote the innocence of this herb even more and we need to get it regulated worldwide.

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