Friday, April 15, 2016

The First Marijuana Farm In Australia Is Hidden Away

A Secret Cannabis Farm In Australia

There has been some recent talk, about a huge marijuana farm located in a secret place in Australia, which will grow tons of cannabis in many hectares.  The Australian government is keeping this farm secret and it is very unlikely that any of us who like marijuana, will ever find it.

Although this sounds like a dream story, the truth is that last Wednesday, the Australian State of Victoria, became the first state in this country to legalize medical marijuana and this is why the government will now have a  huge hidden cannabis farm in the countryside.

The Narcotics Drugs Act, was amended last February by the Australian government, which allowed the creation of medical marijuana licenses and the cultivation of this herb.  Recreational cannabis use has not yet been approved here, but many are certain that this will happen very soon.

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said that the new marijuana farm will be located on 47 hectares and that it will near Tamworth.  Apparently, the owner of these 47 hectares is Lucy Haslam, who is the mother of a 25 year old, named Dan Haslam, who sadly passed away from bowel cancer.

Lucy state, "we have been able to bring Australian political views up to date with current world views to change laws. We have begun the process of re-educating Australian health providers around the use of medical cannabis."

This medical marijuana farm is great news for the entire world, as this is proof that governments are ending their war on cannabis and that more people will have access to this medicine.

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