Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Cannabis Community Gets Together To Talk About New Medical Marijuana Regulations

Improving The Cannabis Industry

It was this last Thursday, when some cannabis business owners decided to get together to talk about establishing some new medical marijuana regulations for the near future. It will be this Summer, when medical cannabis regulations might change a bit in Colorado and this is why these business owners had to get together.

The event was hosted by Rm3 Labs and several marijuana related business owners from the state were invited. This is certainly a great opportunity for the cannabis community and industry, as many interesting points were discussed, such as the test methods, the best practices to follow and other options for dealing with medical marijuana laboratories and processes.

An example of the topics that were discussed is how medical marijuana will now have to undergo certified testing for different types of chemicals and pesticides that could be harmful to us. At the moment, only recreational cannabis is required to undergo these certifications, but after July 1st, these regulations will also be applying to medical marijuana in the state of Colorado.

These regulations have not been enforced, because there were not as may labs to do this in the past. This is why lawmakers are now more concerned about this and why the cannabis community decided to get together. Ian Barringer, who is the President of Rm3 Labs stated, “many of them were doing it voluntarily before and now they will be required to do it.” Shawn Honaker who is part of Yeti Farms in Pueblo, stated “basically it is for the safety and health of our clients and our customers. Everything that’s sold to a client or customer should be tested to the fullest extent.

While these new tests will certainly increase the cost of producing medical cannabis and the price to the final consumer, they are certainly necessary and we believe that these regulations will benefit the entire marijuana industry in the long run.

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