Friday, September 9, 2016

3 Business Ideas For Cashing In On The Cannabis Industry

Business Ideas For Joining The Green Revolution

Marijuana has created a new "Gold Rush" and today we want to tell you about some entrepreneurial opportunities related to cannabis, which could turn you into a successful business person.  Today, there are now many potpreneurs around the world and they are growing, curing and cooking this plant legally.  

The businesses that can be created around this industry are endless and this is why we want to share a few ideas with you.  

  1. Marijuana Friendly Bed & Breakfast - People love travelling and if you happen to live in a city where cannabis is now legit, you could open your very own bed & breakfast, which allows its guests to consume pot.  This type of B&B, can really increase your income and your place could become one of the most places to stay at.  
  2. Medical Marijuana Delivery Service -  There are now many medical cannabis dispensaries around the US and other countries of the world, which means that a delivery service is a good way to earn some bucks.  The investment is not that high and if you already have a car, this could be the business for you.  
  3. Cannabis Painting or Music Classes - If you are an artist or a musician and you also happen to love marijuana, you could open up your very own marijuana friendly painting or music classes.  Consuming this plant is said to open up our artistic and creative sides, which is why we are certain that your students will have a great time.  
Cannabis is here to stay and soon we will see more businesses related to this plant all around us.  Please remember to share and like this blog post, so that more people can read about these business ideas and get involved in the marijuana industry today.  

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