Saturday, August 27, 2016

The First Legal Cannabis Display in the US

Living Marijuana Plants Are Placed on Display

The Oregon State Fair in Salem, Oregon made the records books this week, as they displayed some living cannabis plants for everyone to see.  This is the first time that this happens in the US.  

Oregon voted in favor of legalizing this plant back in 2014 and this display, will surely help the public to learn more about marijuana and why it is not harmful as we were thought to believe once.  

Last year, the Oregon State Fair only had a display about cannabis, but they did not have any living plants.  This year, things have changed and it is obvious that everyone is now more open to this plant.  
The display includes nine beautiful cannabis plants and only people who are over 21 can enter the translucent tent.  

The State of Oregon now allows the sale of marijuana edibles, such as cannabis infused brownies and candies.  According to a recent report, the State of Oregon generated more than $25.5 million in tax revenue from recreational marijuana, since January of 2016.  

This is proof that marijuana will soon be legal everywhere and that it is time to take the taboo off of this plant.  

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