Friday, October 7, 2016

Archaeologists Find An Ancient Skeleton Wrapped In Cannabis

Magnificent Ancient Marijuana Find

It is well known, that some people decide to be buried with some of their most precious objects or material things that they owned in life and today, I want to tell you about a magnificent archaeological find.  A group of archaeologists, has recently found a 2400 year old skeleton in northwest China, which was covered in cannabis.  

The team of archaeologists from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, found the tomb in China's 240 grave Jiayi cementary, which is close to Turpan.  This place, was once in the Silk Road route, which is why there is a lot of history here.

Once the team unearthed the tomb, they found a body with 13 cannabis plants, which were carefully placed above his body and formed a sort of burial shroud.  According to the scientists, the marijuana plants were grown near by and there are also other graves in the Jiayi area, which have cannabis leaves and  marijuana seeds.  

This is proof that this town was growing marijuana a very long time ago and that they probably sold it to people who passed through the Silk Road.   Although similar graves have been discovered, this is the first time that archaeologists have found a body that used marijuana plants as a burial shroud. 

Scientists also found that the cannabis plants had been harvested at their THC ripeness peak, which is proof that our ancestors really know how to grow this plant.  

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