Saturday, October 15, 2016

PotCoin is Alive

It Is Still A Good Time To Get Some PotCoins

If you have not heard about PotCoin yet, you should really do a little research or read some of our past blog posts about this cryptocurrency, because it is really an incredible opportunity and many say it is an excellent investment opportunity.

Today, I want to tell you that PotCoin is alive and that its price is rising quite fast.  One of the goals is to make one PotCoin equal to a gram of cannabis, so just imagine what these virtual coins can be worth in the near future.  

After many months of seeing PotCoin stay at the same low price, the past couple of weeks have been amazing for this cryptocurrency, as it has increased its value in more than 200%.  PotCoin's main website, has also made some adjustments and they are now selling PotCoins to everyone.

PotCoin can be used in different cannabis related stores and it can be used to purchase marijuana or cannabis related products.  The stores that accept PotCoin are listed on the main website of this cryptocurrency and more stores are accepting this payment method every day.  

So if you want to have some PotCoins in your hands and wallet, this is a great time to get some.  They are still quite cheap and it is very likely that their price will keep rising in the next few months.  
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