Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bob's Life

The beginning


Marijuana was something that he was always told to stay away from.  The campaigns in his school and the advice from his parents and other adults pressured him to stay away from cannabis and to say no to drugs.  At age 13, he had decided that he would never drink or smoke tobacco and above all, he would never try cannabis or any other drug. The problem was that he had no idea what his destiny had planned out for him.  

As soon as he reached high school, he realized that a lot of his classmates smoked cannabis and that even girls where into it. Many of them would smoke and seemed to be fine, while others would smoke and only laughed, having a good time.  He began to realize that none of the things that he had been told before about marijuana were true and his curiosity began to grow a little more every day. 

One day, there was a football rally in his high school and all classes were cancelled for this event.  There was music in the football field, students were walking all around the school having some fun and everyone was minding their own business.  The young teenage boy had been going out with a beautiful girl for a few weeks now, but he never imagined what she would propose to him that day.

Right after every class was cancelled, the young couple got together with a few other friends, in a corner of the football field and one of them got out a bag filled with brownies.  Each one of them grabbed a brownie and the boy’s girlfriend picked out two from the bag and gave one to her boyfriend.  She told him exactly what these brownies had in them and she also told him that they would have a great time together.  Without any peer pressure or any other comments from the group, the young boy looked at everyone else eating their brownies and his girlfriend taking a bite out of hers.  He immediately placed his brownie in his mouth and started munching on it too. 

The group of teenagers stayed in that corner of the football field for quite some while and then the young couple finally went to spend some time alone, in another part of the field.  The young boy and his girlfriend sat down on the grass and they started talking like they normally did every day.   After forty minutes or so, the young boy started feeling a little different, as his first pot brownie was starting to make effect.

A little more than an hour had gone by, since the young boy had eaten the brownie and he was now feeling the full effects of what he had eaten.  His legs started to feel very numb, yet the feeling was truly amazing and he remembers never feeling anything like it before or ever since. He began to feel like everything was a dream and his eyes were getting smaller, every single second that went by.  His mout started feeling very dry and his whole body entered a state that would change his life forever. 

When he looked at his girlfriend, he thought she looked even prettier than she usually did and after a few minutes, they were both laying on their backs, watching the bright blue sky filled with wonderful white cotton looking clouds, which where floating all over.  He could hear the music of the football rally in the background and the hand of his girlfriend between his fingers.  There was really nothing else that mattered at that moment and he had never felt as relaxed as he did that day. 

Everyone knew this young boy as Bob and even though he had promised himself that he would never get involved with marijuana, one of his first girlfriends introduced him to this wonderful herb and his life would never be the same.  

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